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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2012 12:18am-12:48am EST

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eurozone ministers and are the first acknowledgement from a high level you are official that portugal may need more time and money to get its economy back on track the country received a seventy eight billion euro bailout last april and has since fallen into a deep recession. that of human rights judge both us or garson has been convicted for ordering the illegal recording of corruption suspects talking to their lawyers and has now been barred from practicing for eleven years with no chance of appeal against the decision the spaniard gained international fame for his attempts to extradite chile's former dictator augusto pinochet in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. stranded cruise ships off the ukrainian coast have had to be airlifted to safety after their vessels became trapped in a path ukraine's emergency services say one hundred twenty six ships on the sea of are currently stranded temperatures are fluctuating between minus eleven and minus seventy degrees celsius the severe weather is part of
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a cold snap in europe to has caused dozens of deaths. a dossier on apple founder steve jobs released by the f.b.i. includes allegations of drug use and former friends describing him as deceptive and not honest the previously classified files were put together when jobs was being considered for a sensitive job as a consultant to president george w. bush the computing pioneer who died in october last year after a long struggle with cancer had also received bomb threats according to the report . now israeli citizenship law is denying sauza of palestinians the right to permanently sell down with their israeli spouses and children the government says the law was designed for security reasons but as opposed to reports it seems the battle against terror could be doing more harm than good tearing apart families. this is the document that's ruining lana's life it makes no mention of a university degree a husband or two children it's simply states she's palestinian and therefore
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illegal and wanted in israel i have a stay here now. just to breathe. and drink and for me it's not allowed but lorna chooses the nonlife because it's where her husband and children live by law very israeli whereas the rest of her family live across the border in janine palestine. during the week. long ago through rip of. what. i have to walk. until now known as move between the two worlds with temporary visas issued by television but she's afraid they could stop as a government tightens its grip on an eight year old law denying permanent citizenship to palestinians married to israelis it's trying to limit the graphic in
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growth of the arab citizens encourage. citizens who marry palestinians from the west bank in gaza or from jordan to actually immigrate to actually leave israel israel says the law is for security purposes and it's trying to prevent palestinians from taking advantage of being able to get an israeli id through marriage and then carry out attacks on israeli citizens but human rights groups don't buy that they petitioned the law arguing that in the last fourteen years more than one hundred fifty thousand palestinians entered israel because of family ties with israelis only fifty four of them were ever found to be a security risk. in upholding the so-called citizenship law the israeli supreme court president said it was one of the most difficult questions in the state's history the battle against terror while at the same time maintaining the nation's democratic nature we are talking about thousands of family that as a result of the decision of the supreme court validated upheld the law they are now
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living under the tangible threat of being forcibly separated from their spouses from their children from their parents so we are indeed talking about a huge issue with a huge effect on thousands of people this law is thinking about it. i mean one. of degree before having your very clear a jewish. but in the meantime it threatens to tear families apart as lawn interests now face the very real danger that they might not be able to continue living together policy r.t. israel. well when winter comes to town moscow can look like a fairy tale city albeit a cold one so our moscow team went to try selling winter seemed to ease on the outskirts of the russian capital for a magical forest and husky dogs to snowplows and tiny villages here's
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a preview. well kareena is next with the business news here on r t.
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it's twenty three past nine am here in moscow welcome to business here and some of russia's richest people may soon find themselves subject to one off tax prime minister putin says a way must be found to close the subject of unfair privatization in the ninety's he suggests that tycoons who took control of the country's resources should pay something back and acknowledges that the process of privatization after the collapse of the soviet union was designed there of one hundred fourteen billionaires in russia may have made their fortunes. i would say more the shell of a steel magnate says his idea will be difficult to implement. most recently but really it's very important to understand how this idea can be implemented in reality who should pay the tax current who want to privatize the assets back in the ninety's plus many login surprises the private millions of people this issue must
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be addressed the question is though how exactly this can be done. companies operating in russia may get a new tax benefits the finance ministry has suggested attacks on movable assets this would make it more profitable for enterprises to buy new equipment as part of russia's modernization drive to move costs the russian budget and i knew all four point seven billion dollars however finance minister says state like compensate by waiting real estate tax. let's take a look at the markets now while first crude is falling for three weeks high as concerns about europe's debt crisis outweigh signs of an economic recovery in the west trend blenders trading at over one hundred eighteen dollars about one guy is over ninety nine dollars a barrel. asian markets dipped down after greece approved a long awaited austerity package make its news in any point three percent and saying is down half a percent the naturals are broadly lower carb. because they're also losing ground
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in tokyo. on the rise after the u.s. approved construction of its first new nuclear plant in three decades were set to build. its one hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow the russian market saw some profit taking on thursday with both and this is ending in the red they are just lost around a third of a percent m i six was down almost half a set. slowing growth in asia and europe is threatening to weaken the core of the russian economy standard bank expects no recovery in demand for all materials until late two thousand and thirteen when the bulk of china's stimulus policy should be felt the chairman of the board of russia's biggest mine an oilskin to kill is aware of the problem but says his company is well set for sure. we expect new significant drop in the price of nickel the cost of nickel production is now at twenty thousand per tonne if the price is lower it will not be profitable to produce it so plans to develop output would definitely be frozen somebody auction lines may even become
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too close to how inventories are not rising in the we've sold almost or in time for this year the amount we said in china hasn't changed so i'm seeing a decline in demand from europe and america. well that's all for this hour back in about fifteen minutes with more. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since
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two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not on the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses to man those that is to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture as a firefighter i didn't want to do your house and i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical but they had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for a bit i waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a same francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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the official publication. from the. video. feed.
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welcome back to what you want to live from moscow these are the top stories american gathers a coalition of nations to help bring down the syrian regime directly as u.s. weapons reportedly find their way to awesome forces with no agreement reached on syria at the u.n. america and its allies are piling pressure on damascus while supporting the opposition. greek labor union stage a two day strike in response to the latest wave of which they say is pushing workers and the economy towards a financial abyss the measures where you course will step toward securing
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a desperately needed one hundred thirty billion euro bailout package. and a group of public figures from russia's civil society gather widespread support in their quest to keep the presidential elections they are and transparent after succeeding in establishing ties with both the authorities and the opposition they are planning to monitor the vote in march. those are the outlines of next the first part of a special report on the american paramedics known as doctors in a box who treat everything from heart attacks to stomach aches. i know it's a part of arm with the other concerns they've already written in the restroom and i was getting i think i'm forty eight i mean i look it wasn't a part of armor has been this bad down there on the way are you are you with her now potholders days. of casey contest with. a man again and i'm
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a democrat right now i am going on holiday. with a merchant photo album l a ground zero and when it bursts it will mom i am also looking at her face all of a look at her play i mean i mean if this was a special take a look at the babbitt law and the drama duke remember that there was that he had a pet goat where with him at a point where you're at the grip that awful man i am i am damn i cannot wait for you for the quality of the of the hospital there to give champagne just like i want to just for mercy purposes only going much of it out of the murky ma'am idiot that is not a merchant the plank i want is used for mercy purposes only after like threatening emergencies that is not.
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god let's do everything we can to help b.m.s. thirteen stats most of the news today is the parade thoughts christmas parade ten
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o'clock goes til about twelve thirty three engine six five and rescue two six by. people going you guys that know you got. the betting on i. thought you got it all right with him. and he thinks so much of me and you are now right now going right to tell you not to put them up. there are aware of. this merger of the amateur radio on the way. out is telling the truth. it's
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about a twenty five foot tall. consumer thing there is a lot of things. i think i know i'll see about the way through on the floor. on the human here till next week the whole thing ok. let's clear. that. you know we don't act fast enough to get into the silly season and get in there fast and. take a deep breath. again. but i first came here four years ago we were averaging nine fifty a day. ever average you know it well under thirty one hundred calls i run today there could well have first. got yes. we handle six hundred thousand
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and we're to see calls a year but the calls are on the inside there's been an explosion in color it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire department is medical at seven roger push that route you may discontinue several finale is the address of your emergency or is there any please but is there bleed. time just don't believe you are the strong one year deal k i want your time her rescuer emotions running high i want to test our medical records are you there with the right now your ok listen very carefully and it's already on the way what i need to find out from you right now is she conscious. conscious beings awake the rising demand for ema services increasing every year our u.s. runs are going up two percent and hospitals are closing in the last four years about ten hospitals close so it's less and less hospitals for us to take our five hundred seventeen patients every day the rest you get there they evaluate your situation has been referred to as the perfect storm in the county of los angeles
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just getting bigger and bigger in this there's no no relief in sight if you're having a health crisis you'd like to think you can count on getting quick treatment in a hospital emergency room across the country today many emergency rooms were packed e.r. visits have grown thirty two percent in the last decade but there are seven percent fewer emergency rooms from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe if you know what's happening in the city of los angeles and in southern california is ground zero for what we're seeing nationwide with the crisis with emergency services. the inpatient beds per capita lowest in the country and what we've seen recently is the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department and because we have become the de facto health care system. this is the canary in the mauling of health care throughout the united states and outstanding
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thank you. their. quarterly statistical to me this is to get stuff right here oh yeah. mr chambre you miss incident. kurdish. eight hundred twenty seven. john. that's a look that's a real popular one. to vote for the sure this is really the case if you're still really breathing from those the number one call the. station sixty five is in the south los angeles area of our city. they actually have to paramedic rescues down there one of our busiest engine companies we have in the city of los angeles and unfortunately can't keep personnel that long there or they come there they gather
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a lot of experience in a relatively short period of time and they want to go on to a better place. before. they see the a. thief three and three. firefighters at first were even e m t's and then they became e m t's and from my understanding it's a lot of firefighters pocket that they knew one of the many e.m.'s in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to do your mass and i started out i want to just do firefighting and they told us go get your mt license i said i can't hear you can't
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do it and i took an e.m.t. course and i thought all right i'll do it took the class just to get a license to try to get hired i was only thing i was planning on doing it was just using the license to get high and it turned out that i truly enjoyed your miss aspect of it as well my job where it was that it started with emulous company making those five bucks an hour for about four years five years which a lot of us had to do. i think. our fire code has played an important role in driving down the volume and spirit of fires and because that is the reality where we need is more ambulances. ten years ago with half the analysts is that we have now we know now we have all of them see medical services in the city of los angeles. from the time you dial nine one one here in our dispatch center tell the time you get to the hospital it's one service the one
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you want to family member to come with you to the hospital who you want him to know . that you're. here. to go see this leg. and. leave him know it's. urgent soon is very important. we see about three thousand patients a month through demurred city park but. we had a day the other day where we saw hundred ten in one day and it was exciting and your name is stephanie said just reach your sorry buddy the lady you looking for and i think you're her my mom ok i've had a lot of pain and it's where my legs get now in the news it's that you
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were in a doctor's office today and she was concerned he had blood by the way you had one before you're pregnant there's a pressure right now so when you were increasing staffing and trying to find a room where there's never been a room like you know closets hallways things like that. starting examining the hallways because about three times it's. personal there. are certain things the problem is not enough in-patient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses to man those deaths to take care of all the people who are here. we may have a hospital full of patients no beds upstairs were patients in our yard because there's no beds upstairs and we do the best we can we're we can't turn them away. and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an
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emergency room. but the reality is is that these people don't have primary care physicians that they can call so you're going to end up in the emergency room and i think that if we had a system where everyone had access to care they would this would not be happening because they would they would call their doctor. the rest listen to please a resolution but there's not one more. rather . than there are. no problems. with the weeks and months that we're. what's worse i know that should read just me
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or does bank really. you can play just me which look different than what we want to see us for the granting of your heart she was going all right right now let's do it with your rhythm i want to make sure for you. very question but you haven't taken any such leniency drugs in the last twenty four hours that you are ok. oh. dear i'm sorry for believing that it remain your mother son and more clear you know work in his heart ok high that sickness number on the spacious b. as in boy you two six six five four four six five he is now adamantly refusing the hospital there were rising on the wrists complication up to and including down. he's willing to accept those responsibilities. i miss the hospital i want to speak with you. know every team body on talk to.
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yeah hello. yeah i feel good. some people are just like that you know they get the tree man they don't want to they don't want to go yeah a lot of the point. as precious but. a lot of times they don't have the medicine they can't get the medicine they kind of for the medicine or they sell it for other things. but this is it up and take it back to the doctor. so because of that a lot of them tell us more primary care the fresh emergencies. for individuals don't have access to health care or ambulance to show up with our paramedics on there and that's it that's the closest thing those people see a doctor over here so we're actually a doctor in a box if you will and i remember the service. there are
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going to. really. make sure everybody stops and starts. to want to be more. just resigned ok we're going to hear martin luther king ok they're not going to go . you should go we're strongly recommending it we can't force you to go when i have a good healthy baby right here that's going to hospital let you know fifty. you know you need to you only go with your daughter who's a mom or not right your family what you're going to have. to let me do this is the first time for him with crack and yeah and she could meet contracting and just. as a young man to do this it was that it was you know great listen if she doesn't want to go with us well the worst possible case scenario is the baby can come out good and that's just being we're not going to sugarcoat it that's just being blunt i've
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been wanting to have a growth our leaders have you had three and i pass it off so i'm on next project that you have. if you think that you have a woman think once you stand up and try to walk forth. that look we can do that but your blood pressure is already. you feel standing. there not telling you not to run sweetie. so you need to do the right thing for your baby that's. going to go to look. good ok ok ok we're going to take your money ok quest all right the king is the greatest hospital for it only really as they say me and my babies like they are really missing. this is because i'm looking upon rock samples county supervisor. that opens the door.


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