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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2012 12:18pm-12:48pm EST

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i in a few moments. and hero for villain for others the u.s. army private accused by washington of treason received a nomination for the nobel peace price. stories to come first fair and transparent that's help people in russia want to see the upcoming presidential election in march polling stations across the country have been equipped with web cams to avoid any wrongdoing but a group of proactive citizens has decided using technology alone is not enough you know to this kind of explains how they're planning to secure honest voting. it doesn't take long to find videos of alleged violations during the recent parliamentary vote in russia just a couple of clicks is enough of these files have flooded the internet and even though most of the allegations are still to be proven in courts tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets demanding fair elections with marches
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presidential votes just around the corner events are unfolding quickly where. people want to vote responsibly and to know where their votes go what they want political competition independent courts and media forming voters league is not meant the idea was floating in the air the voters league was officially founded in january by a group of journalists bloggers activists all artists writers and other public figures and statements wayne g.d.s. blake t.v. host and now activist. the lady. or the head of a charity fund and blogger. also known as dr lisa. or other school martha ordinator of the blue book its movement fighting for equal rights on roads for everyone. our league is an opportunity to gather people who are not indifferent to what's happening the more people with a civil position their. better the league's main goal is to ensure fair elections
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is published a list of initiatives on the web divided into groups that everyone can be a part of public discussions and online votes are the key instruments and letters have been sent to all presidential candidates asking them to cooperate with the league and even though the project is less than a month old everyone has so far agreed including pledging little to another candidate businessman mikhail prokhorov has already struck a deal with the leak years ago and willing to authorize one hundred fifty thousand league observers was also arranged to put together a unified database to keep the check on the election points because according to its founders around ten thousand observers are needed to ensure a fair election in moscow alone. it's great that the civil society wants to be more active but it's clearly important not to cross the line and observers not only are positioned it is serious so for the mutations not to take sides in the political
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process. the league's founders say they'll shut the organisation down if it ever starts turning into a political movement gleaming they are keen to work with all candidates equally there's no doubt society has changed more people want to have more influence on russia's political life perhaps that's why it took less than one month for the voters league to establish ties with both the authorities and the opposition and with the help promise from candidates the league just may secure enough access to effectively monitor the vote in march as long as it avoids taking sides and protects its neutrality is going off r t moscow. the afghan president hamid karzai accused nato of killing eight children in an airstrike on wednesday officials launched an investigation later claiming foreign forces wrongly targeted civilians after receiving an incorrect report that all men were preparing an attack in the area the bombing came just a week after the united states announced it might stop combat operations in
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afghanistan earlier than expected but this strike could stoke already strained relations between karzai and his western backers over a mounting death toll journalist gareth porter thinks that foreign expansion is to blame for the growing number of casualties. this is the price that afghanistan pays for having foreign troops on its soil troops which carry out operations that are based on at best imperfect intelligence and worse simply lack of fundamental knowledge of local situations and mistakes that are made which will result in innocent people being killed completely unnecessarily the numbers are growing clearly because the telephone has continued to expand its operations in response to the growth of u.s. nato troops part of the taliban response and i would say the single biggest part of the response has been to lay more and more i d's this is the primary way that the
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taliban has been able to find to kill u.s. nato troops and even more so to wound seriously u.s. and nato troops. more expert opinion on u.s. actions in afghanistan is on our website for you r.t. dot com and there you can also find out about america's massive defense costs the u.s. congress has approved eighty million dollars to build a new bunker busting super bomb with the order from pentagon marked urgent. and brussels farland pour cold water on plans to raise their retirement age as they soak policeman in front of the prime minister's office. well that story in plenty of others a lot dot com and be sure to catch all our best videos on you tube channel. is.
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the official auntie application to your i phone i pod touch from the top story. on the go. video on demand. an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. some other international news and briefly this era to very nearly twenty five minutes past the hour in the russian capital israeli air strikes on me gaza strip have left one civilian dead and four others injured the man killed was a guard at the farm the israeli army confirmed the bombings saying they were aimed
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at sites to terror groups and were a response to a short range rocket attack from gaza. but asia has deported a young saudi blogger he's wanted in his home country for his remarks on twitter the journalist outrage in the kingdom last week after he tweeted that he would not pray for the prophet muhammad clerics condemned his thoughts as blasphemous the twenty three year old could now face execution. pop legend and actress whitney houston has died at the age of forty eight the performer. was found in the beverly hills hotel room on the eve of the grammy awards in los angeles a career was marred by a turbulent marriage and drug abuse authorities have yet to determine the exact cause of that.
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u.s. army private bradley manning accused of passing secret documents and evidence of war crimes to wiki leaks has been nominated for the nobel peace prize he's been put forward by a peace research center in the u.s. and an icelandic parliamentary group the twenty four year old is awaiting a court martial in the u.s. and faces life in prison activist kluck stokely believes that manning would be a much was a recipient of the prize in the current u.s. president what he is accused of is leaking documents and video that has led to the end of the iraq war has led to pro-democracy rallies and uprisings all over the world and i think it's much deserved that he receives this nobel peace prize if obama gets it why should he. has done very little for peace even though he promised it and obama is also taking credit for ending the iraq war when actually that's not the truth the truth is the iraqi government did not want to allow legal immunity
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for u.s. troops after january first and the reason that they didn't want immunity is because of what they saw in the cables in the videos showing civilian. covered up in the corruption by the u.s. government. don't miss our special report on the multi-skilled far off places in los angeles known as doctors in a box that'll be coming your way in just a few minutes from now before that's i'll be back with headlines stay with us here on our team were life here in moscow.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough department beds and not enough nurses commandos there to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture as a firefighter i didn't want to do your mass and i started out going to just do firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the florida problem is medical but we had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for a bit i waited sometimes three hours but i was it's
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a same francis and we went for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with a patient and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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time to update you on our main news stories here in r.t. the arab league is expected to call on the un to create a joint peacekeeping force for syria as a group aims to mount pressure on president assad the free syrian army says it expects official recognition from arab gulf states. policing grease fire to gas into crowds of protesters who are once again running outside parliament lawmakers are set for a tough choice some more public cuts to secure a one hundred thirty billion euro bailout. and iran's president promises to reveal
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major advances in its nuclear program saying tehran would never stop enriching uranium it insists it's only pursuing atomic energy for peaceful purposes despite the long list of western sanctions imposed against it. brings up to date for the mojave but with more new stories and other developments in half an hour from now in the meantime it's the first part of a special report on how los angeles fighters of firefighters i should say have had to adapt their skill set to become paramedics as well. all right i know it's a part of arm with the other problems they've already been in the restaurant there and i was going to i think i read that with a remark it wasn't a part of karma has been this bad down there on the way are you are you with her now on hold is it. ok is she conscious. a minute. ago and i am a round right now i am going to audit and. get.
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with the merchant her fellow well the elder brown oh and when it bursts it will mom i am also looking at her face all of a look at her claim i mean i mean yes this was definitely a way that the babbit lawyer the old woman duke remember that there was out at the pentagon where with them at a point where you're at not you're at the hospital ma'am i am i am ma'am i cannot only speak for you for the quality of life of the hospital there give champagne just like i want to use for mercy purposes only i'm going most of it out of the merchant ma'am it is it is not a merchant just blank i want is used for mercy purposes only there for like threatening emergencies that is not.
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since. you. got it let's do everything we can to help b.m.s. thirteen standards. today is the parade thoughts christmas parade ten
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o'clock i suppose till about the twelve thirty three engine six five and rescue two six by. people going you guys that know you got. the better going on. i know you got it all right you didn't say anything so much i mean when you are not right now going right up to them but you know what i'm going to get. there are aware of. this merger of the amateurs already on the way. out is telling the truth. it's about a twenty five foot tall. consumers think that there's
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a lot of things that i think i know i'll see about the way through on the floor. particularly your job numbers and the whole thing ok. let's get. lucky. you know you don't act fast enough and get into the silly season and get in there fast and. take a deep breath. again. but i first came down here four years ago we were averaging nine fifty a day. over average you know it well under thirteen hundred calls i run today there could well have first. got yes. we handle six hundred thousand
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and we're to see calls a year but the calls are on the inside there's been an explosion in color it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire department is medical at seven roger around hitler did i give a discontinuation never saw him at home is the address of your emergency here or is there any please is there believing. i just don't believe you are the strong one year deal kay i want your time her rescuer emotions running high and say i want to know our medical records are you there with the right now your ok listen very carefully and it's already on the way what i need to find out from you right now is she conscious. conscious beings awake the rising demand for ema services increasing every year are you nice runs are going up two percent and hospitals are closing in the last four years about ten hospitals close so it's less and less hospitals for us to take our five hundred seventeen patients every day the rest you get there they evaluate your situation has been referred to as the perfect storm in the county of los angeles just getting bigger and bigger in this there's no no relief
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in sight if you're having a health crisis you'd like to think you can count on getting quick treatment in a hospital emergency rooms across the country today many emergency rooms were packed e.r. visits have grown thirty two percent in the last decade but there are seven percent fewer emergency rooms from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe if you know what's happening in the city of los angeles and in southern california is ground zero for what we're seeing nationwide with the crisis with emergency services. and the inpatient beds per capita lowest in the country and what we've seen recently is the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department and because we have become the de facto health care system. this is the canary in the mauling of health care throughout the united states and outstanding
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thank you. for all of their. quarterly statistical information this is the big stuff right here oh yeah. mr chambre you miss incident. kurdish. eight hundred twenty seven. john. but the look was a real popular. vote for the shortest route for the case it was still really breathing for all those the number one to call the. station sixty five is in the south los angeles area of our city. they actually have to paramedic rescues down there one of our busiest engine companies we have in the city of los angeles and unfortunately can't keep personnel that long there they come there they gather a lot of experience in a relatively short period of time and they want to go on to
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a better place. people will. still be a. thief three x. . firefighters at first were even e.m.t. and then they became e m t's and from my understanding it's a lot of firefighters pocket that maybe one of the many e.m.'s in fact when i started my venture as a firefighter i didn't want to do me a mass and i started out want to just do firefighting and they told us go get your empty license i said i can't hear you and can't do it and i took an e.m.t.
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course and i thought all right i'll do it took the class just to get a license to try to get hired i was only thing i was planning on doing it was just using the license to get out and it turned out that i thoroughly enjoyed the events aspect of it as well with my job where it was that it started with an ambulance company making those five bucks an hour for about four years five years which a lot of us had to do. i think. our fire code has played an important role in driving down the volume and spirit of fires and because that is the reality that we need is more ambulances. ten years ago with half the evidence is that we have now now we have all of them see medical services in the city of los angeles. from the time you dial nine one one here in our dispatch center tell the time you get to the hospital it's one service the one you want to family member to come with you to the hospital we want him to know.
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that you're. here. because this. is. really cool and you know. there are emergency room is very important. we see about three thousand patients a month through demurred city park but. we had a day the other day where we saw hundred ten in one day and it was exciting and your name is stephanie said just reach your sorry buddy the late you looking for a thing or my mom ok i've had a lot of pain and it's laying where my legs get now in the news it's that
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you're in a doctor's office today and she was can certainly have blood by the way he had one before you're pregnant there's a pressure right now so when you were increasing the staff in and trying to find a room where there's never been room like you know closets hallways there's like a. sardine exam in the hallway that we could use about three times yes. ursula there. is her kindness the problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses to members that to take care of all the people who are here. we may have a hospital full of patients no beds upstairs were patients in our yard because there's no beds upstairs and we do the best we can we're we can't turn them away. and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an
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emergency room. the reality is is that these people don't have primary care physicians that they can call so you're going to end up in the emergency room and i think that if we had a system where everyone had. access to care they would. this would not be happening because they would they would call their doctor. rescue researchers for using a rescue. like person i love or. rather . right right very. wrong. really sees a way too much that we are. what we're saying now that sort of breath just being
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there for this bank really. because playing it just makes little difference or whatever so you went for the great thing with your heart he was going all right right now let's do it with your rhythm i want to make sure for you. very question but never take any sex leniency drugs in the last twenty four hours that you are ok . to feel sorry for the you know to treat me you know just on a more clear you know work in his heart ok high that sickness number on those patients b. as in boy you two six six five four four six five he is now adamantly refusing the hospital there were rising on the wrists complication up to and including down i'm . willing to accept those responsibilities. i miss the hospital i want to speak with you. know the team by the on talk to.
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yeah hello. yeah i feel good. some people are just like that you know they get the tree man they don't want to they don't want to go yeah a lot of the point. as precious but. a lot of times they don't have the medicine they can't get the medicine they can't afford the medicine or they sell it for that so. this is it up and take it back to the doctor. so because of that a lot of them tell us more primary care than fresh emergencies. for individuals don't have access to health care or ambulance to show up with our paramedics on there and that's it that's the closest thing those people see the doctor over here so we're actually a doctor in a box if you will and our ambulance service. there are going to. i'm not really. i make sure
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everybody stops and. you want to be more. just resigned ok we're going to hear martin luther king ok they're not going to go . you should go we're strongly recommending it we can't force you to go one have a good healthy baby right. let's go to hospital maybe you know fifty. you know you need to you know only go you know who's a mom or not right you know as a family what you going to have already let me do this is the first time for him with crack and yeah and she could meet contracting and just. as a young man to do this it was that it was you know goodness if she doesn't want to go with us well the worst possible case scenario is the baby can come out good and that's just being we're not going to sugarcoat it that's just being blunt i've been wanting to have a look around here leaders have you had three and i pass it off so i'm not from
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just that you haven't enough. to do that yet i think that you actually have a woman think once you stand up in front walk forth. you can do that but your blood pressure is already. or you feel standing. there not telling you not to run sweetie. so you need to do the right thing for your baby that's. going to go through. ok ok ok we're going to your money particular. quest right the king is the greatest hospital for it only really as they say me and my babies like they are really really good. this is because i will pick them up on raw samples county supervisor. that opens the door. monday morning.


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