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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2012 4:18am-4:48am EST

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to create pressure on iran carry out over our covert operations economic sanctions and now these new sanctions are not really even a like the old sanctions they are saying to the rest of the world if you dear do business with iran central bank if you buy iranian oil which constitutes half of the runs g.n.p. if you have any business with iran whatsoever you will not have access to american banks to american corporations to the american market this is in fact a blockade. russia is a legal vote is demanding that the country's central channels drop their an edge pro putin but this much is presidential election the standing for a fair election doesn't like positive tone of reports about the prime minister saying it undermines others' chances but as our reports every candidate makes good use of their a lot of their time. the
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most eccentric media in russia's presidential campaign. the country's top populist let initially not see his showmanship and occasional this. is. so you see this little mangy donkey has become a symbol of our country the whole country has come to a standstill like this animal. will get moving again. i less than a month to go and five candidates have plastered the streets with election boosters doesn't view is what t.v. promos heated discussions have become part of everyday life. i doubt course in the race the billionaire businessman make a lot of promises they arrive all over new russia president known for his heights riches and playboy past is the only new face of russia's political scene formally and it's always party animal his reputation was once dented by an international sex
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scandal which has come back to haunt him. related to how long it will our body and soul as for the elections will win them anyway you can buy anything so you can buy your victory to the remaining candidates are similarly a crowd united to band of the in time communist party leader has always relied on the bench and is a form about one third of russia's population now his laurels all contest is once again all of that from a payroll ship quality is the notion of things you can't even afford to milk now whether pensions. the competition has made you gonna reach out to younger generation and offer them a brand new slogan there's always a choice bludgeon of putin running for his that time has refrained from getting involved in the campaign directly he has controversially refused to take part in any t.v. debates sending his representatives instead and he's promised never to show his
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face. when he doesn't go to the towers or when he is a part of three politics where he is a part of the television coverage though it's our job as prime minister he is there is the only one that say he could be only a candidate with so many resources so much media attention i think that he wants to show that he's the only real candidate precisely buying or going. there as the campaign picks up steam it's expected so will the number of street protests both for and against putin and it's likely election twenty twelve will be remembered as one that got russians on their feet all of the latest opinion polls also show the level of foods and supports keeps rolling across the country despite the wave of opposition protests i think brought us then to morrow i can score a letter because when people like brought her up are saying that you know that
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social benefits will be caught the factories that are inefficient will be closed that space for not interfere so much i think that the message that people got across russia is that we should keep with him there's even a song a recent online secession praising the prime minister's virtues sung by supposedly migrant worker it claims well you know putting all d.d.p. by his initials was sent to russia by gawd. and the list. by ls. of the many say this song is clearly too much and is just a club to hanks in the meantime the electoral campaign will be sewn with more surprises likely along the way danny pushed up r.t. will stay home. now let's look at some other stories making headlines around the world the south a radical muslim cleric could alleged links to al qaida and said to have been bin
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laden's right hand man has been released from prison on bail in the u.k. extremist a creature that was a target not merely jail for six years now last week a trial balloon when he should be freed but issue officials say he poses a threat to the country's security but attempts to the point him back to jordan to face terrorism charges have been blocked in repeating court of human rights. they say fired tear gas and stun grenades at protest rings. probably the first anniversary of the pro-democracy demonstrations the crowds were attending illegal anti government rally heading for pearl roundabout on the country's economic agenda and the sixty people have died since the scene of the protests began last spring but the money a constitutional monarchy and very. serbs in northern courses are holding a referendum on whether they accept the current through the self-proclaimed republic i hope results of the two day intimacy to
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a struggle to reunite in serbia belgrade there was condemned the referendum saying this will complicate goddaughter the breakaway state because of a declared independence and mature as an eight status is still not recognized by many countries. next really brings this latest business. hello and welcome to residents here on i'd say it was russian crops were mother nature is once again playing tricks just a year after a severe drought the country sponsons are facing a cold. business analyst bushell has more. up to home for some russian troops may have been damaged by the extreme cold weather say boring formas its lead germany france and poland are also risk from sustained low temperatures which if it's minus thirty three in some polls that's expected to spoil rocket prices for things like bread wheat futures have been off the ukraine russian government warns they may
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limits exports to guarantee the mystics supply both countries are usually big exporters of grain global wheat procedure eleven percent in the second half of january alone we will russia's top port never received because suspended loaded at its grain terminal several times after the black sea froze over for the first time in thirty years a drop from july to november last year had already weakened crops that of russia's one company says fifty percent of the country's great crop could be damaged by heavy winds and the worst weather in a quarter of a century first. show one in three great points have already been lost. let's take a look at the markets now we'll start with the exchange rates the euro is trading for us against the dollar this suzanne that's after being down and early asian trading due to raising downgrades by moody's investor service we'll have more macro a bit later but the move by the rating agency reigns on the rule which is some word
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games against the world no currency as we want to the oil crude prices are in the next this hour very strong very around one one five el paso after the austerity plan approved by the greek parliament and tighten sanctions on iran peters climbed over two percent african countries in control of more than one hundred tankers that would stop loading cargo from iran. far in europe stocks are mixed this hour with sentiment weighed by a fresh crop of downgrades and rates in scots thinks there is an agency no two notions of spain's our very best trading and cuts out loads on the u.k. and france to negative. i was in that axis nearly escaping negative territory. and here in russia trading is also makes the r.t.s. is losing a third of the size one of my six is struggling to stay in positive territory let's take a look at the movers their energy majors are driving and look slow work out google has managed to sustain the pressure traders say investors are moving their stock
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from last night for not softer the company increased crime capital expenditures for this new year to be has managed to reverse earlier losses and is out over of the signs are looking ahead to the rest of the week so money before this is russian investors really waiting for new economic data from europe and the us. us rates our styles as well as trying to bust real production coming off. some numbers on the market trying to. look at those numbers as a reflection of kind of you know who are going to be of them i'm the implication that it's all started three and in europe there will be running in china i'm not stuff and some of the tribes which markets are numbers are i would expect he's still remains a bit circulates around it. and will use all rosol the world's largest diamond mine or by output may sell forty percent in an i.p.o. that's according to commerce on daily which has the flow through still worth over one billion dollars may take part in the second half of the year. in germany beer
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lovers will soon have the opportunity to enjoy a new brand of their favorite beverage and that's because russia's six largest brewer i charge a lot has decided to set up with auction in the european country and the company plans to increase its presence in the german market for health all this year by brewing five million liters of beer and the talk of us says it's forced to expand abroad these are increasing right to say a pressure on russia's your market. that was all business looks the sound all back with more about the five minutes from now in the meantime season for the headlines with carol. the book. the book.
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of any man who once lived to supply. the book from the tunnels logs among the big. old ones to see the song forever. and. the by. the book. the
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bold. technology innovation the fall the balance of the round sunshine we've got the huge area covered. booking headlines for you down. put to the test at the u.n. general assembly scrutinizes the syrian crisis movie seen by some as an attempt to tighten the screws on russia and china and push through a new resolution two nations consider one sided. europe gets hit with yet another wave of downgrades as confidence collapses and the blocks future of this impresses ahead it's all still to proceed against productive greece. john as long as
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presidents arise in the u.s. as the two john struggle to find common ground and the ground can literally build up in the civil asia. right now not a chance to get more about the incredibly diverse spectrum of culture and religion in russia today our special reports comes from the republic of mary l. community culture class overcome through a shared faith. this is help people of many ethnic groups prayed ancient times. today this is the sort of worship that can only be felt in this russian region. of the earth they were not allowed to worship in soviet so it's people like us who deeds which on trial we hope to have prayers will avert floods earthquakes and manmade disasters. services like these
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a rooted in ancient history these words were first spoken in the early a thousand years ago but the worship is gathering here now the thoughts to be europe's last eight games. are not on one. in his family to says out on a journey one that's been a thousand years in the making. many others living in this republic will do the same just as their ancestors have done over the centuries. and his wife and vera live in a small village called. republic about eight hundred kilometers
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east of moscow. was. the most live in russia and iran. there are two main groups highlanders and los angeles. i. believe they belong to the same ethnic group they speak different languages and live in different regions of the republic. these people spend most of their learners behind desks in the city. the monotony is too much and they decided to take a trip to get away from it all and dozens of like minded folk find them over to an internet site calling themselves the rumors that explore their land and study its history. this eventually will take the traveling local historians to the most
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mysterious places in the local republic. the story and. joins the neighborhoods on the freeway as they leave the city has promised to show the most fascination some of. the lol i haven't seen you for ages where did you bring this cold from it was minus one celsius yesterday and now it's minus a team if you please show us our route. we go here and then we will start to feed signs then we have to go off the roads here and you could get yourself marketer's if. you're so extreme coming here in such cold weather. now we're going to try to reach the most interesting places our chief destination is the top most point of marielle where we will look for cousins and cars caves. the republic's
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highest point is. only a few people have succeeded in reaching its peak it's thought that this smells and often leads people astray during this expedition street vehicles lost their way the drivers went missing and the walkie talkies weren't working. people often get lost in this area they just lose their bearings there is something odd going on when we can't establish contact with one another either by phone or walkie talkie. however all the explorers eventually will unite a coup. them. and arielle is considered a zone of abnormal activity local people often see unidentified flying objects here . mario is at the ulti two hundred eighty four meters above sea level is the true apex of the more he wore a large. landscape. on
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her own it was only eve of the old maria press service vera. visit. the capital of mary l. the convention of some musicians facing laurie folk songs to entertain and residents with their traditional melodies centuries ago. it was a fortress now it's an old tell but large scale development has recently begun. a large swamp has been replaced with an embankment buildings looking like casals complete with towers and ramparts sprang up here just a short time ago with us. this is a kind of. this place is
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incorporated many aspects of venice. and here we see a northern influence with danish and dutch elements. similar buildings went up in a very old republic quite a long time ago one example is a magnificent old castle standing on the banks of the volga two hundred kilometers from york. it was built amidst a fixed forest by russian eristic reps of the shura much of. the council was built not only by russian masters but also by foreign ones. they do lend a style to the council. here you can see the rock is them time and drama. as well as an old russian style. in soviet times the culture was turned into
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a holiday resort for tourists what apprehensive about the building local people spoke of ghostly inhabitants who they believed to be the casals guardians. today the castle is as imposing as it ever was a mess of doors leading into hollow rooms still produce a sinister creak. the road goes no castle. we hear the door screw came as i move from room to room. but they don't bother us we share a common grounds and get along with them quite well. in the village of where you have jennie and derek a mensch a coffee if everybody is getting ready for the or marie press office. can measure cough cleans his body of both else before facing one of the most important events
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in his life that's daybreak he will take part in one of the most ancient of sacred rights for the murray people. to moral take a candle to the secret group the mist weeks for such candles are made of him candles bought from shops are no good for this purpose they should be homemade. candle symbolizes the link between me and god it will take my prayer to him. your is my body is your from giving a mother a blessing in her son's life giving god. unlike christians who pray in church these worshipers go to a grove where they seek communion with nature but before setting elves they say a brief prayer and.
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everybody coming to the grove brings domestic waterfowl with them they serve as food for both the gods and the people yevgeny to mention the office decided to sacrifice the fattest divots in his household a maori regard geese and ducks as symbols of harmony between three basic elements these creatures walk on earth swim in water and fly through the air. eight hundred animals were sacrificed here including a blue car and around as well as decent docks. one woman from the team has a good knowledge of the area and she provides a running commentary for all that said of the place service is taking place near the five sacred trees each tree is dedicated to a particular diety. everyone carefully follows the guy's words as they take in the
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sights along the way. i rolled over on his on the left hand side people are in this sacred place as soon as we get to their religion for so long that. the special day that the committee of couple has been looking forward to is arrived at last. verity of getting a breach to the sacred grove situated a hundred kilometers from your. they thought was a fellow the sacrifice birds have also been brought by mary from all over the republic also to offer prayers to their gods. at first the grove resonates with goose oaks soon after or only the echoes of priestly prayers.
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these pagan priests know how to communicate with god's people praying in a growth last amidst pines burgess have strong beliefs in the forces of nature they insist their faith is the world's oldest. people come with what we call sacrificial waterfowl. bring our desires he's in grievances along. with i discuss their problems with a priest. and communicate by means of this tree it will prove the boarding pass the requests and wishes on that this table are. enormous parts suspended if a bone finds there's a little side by side with the old cells there used to make porridge and the ceremonial makes broth. take a look at the ducks and geese aboard and here. break up the bread into chunks and
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toss the pieces into the fire. has been brought by washington. this is help people in russia worship before the arrival of christianity the maori have prayed the same way to their gods for several millennia. old east people are offering prayers to many gods which is this where the five spots have been set aside for bonfires in this group for example the wall morgue. in this one they pray to the god showed she loved us so should i would have thought they were asking for his grace in childbirth and happiness. and. the scale of the organs of the birds are criminy to in the bond funds it's forbidden to take any leftovers from the sacrificial offerings from the growth of.
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the. ah. politics culture. could.
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cultures of resistance no longer marci. british style. because of. market finance. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap. district in the southwest is full of historic sites and rich and legends of the shortest road there is on the shore of the volga the great russian river. from here
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a ferris natives local pigeons have even memorised the boats. as a flux of regularly hitches a ride from one shores of olga to the other. i am. was. people here take pride in the fact that nearly all of the women learn to play the fool from a young age it's a very ancient and traditional musical instrument in the old days it strings were made from animal entrails or foursquare locals insist that the sleeve music reveals the full character of the maori people on the. plane has been handed down from
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generation to generation there are very many music players here we call this place the land. rover is a well known village in murray hill the road that ran right through the village used to be called the shackle road it was a route well. taken along to siberia as a result it was also named the siberia route. it. formed a link between russia's capital and its siberian park thus it connected the country's western and eastern region it's. russian poet alexander pushkin once travelled along it it was used by stage coaches with.


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