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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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he strapped his dog cage with the dog inside it to the top of his car during a twelve hour road trip you know peta has not been my stand over the years and they're not happy that my dog likes fresh air. the group now has its very own blog website also offers a variety of merchandise for sale including i ride inside cars stickers and mitt is mean t. shirts canines of dogs against romney and their owners are appearing tonight at madison square garden in new york city say this year's westminster dog show they're staging a pawed protest to mitt romney's treatment of animals not certain how much effect dogs against romney's message will have on the general public ahead of this year's election one thing is for sure they really are a super pac. after the break republicans are trying to stick the keystone x.l. pipeline project into crucial transportation legislation how did americans decide to stand up to this latest hostage taking and can we kill the keystone pipeline for good.
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any match. to. ever. turtles are is going to be. simple. do we only want to see this on forever.
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russia's foreign minister has said the risk of repeating a lib installed scenarios as foreign intervention in syria also tolson the ones that the west as a side regime that could be used to join to justify military on. top in the euro crisis as the eurozone achieves says assurances assume a way to the greek finance committee does and how they had to implement in a station program to respond via hold one hundred. dollars to save the country from to hold responses in these raising of agency downgrades and even stay. on as russia's new true predicts the west m i decide on a strike against the country with. these photos because asians that the islamic
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state was behind in monday's stronger state senator says the. losses in boston called it's. time to go back to washington for the big picture. brighton if you need some from phones to question these. stunts on t.v. don't come. back to the big picture i'm tom arbonne coming up in this half hour republicans are keen
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to still pass the keystone x.l. pipeline project hundred americans show their opposition to the project and will their voices be heard also since adam and eve everyone has tried to understand the nature of love what this new research suggests about what really brings us together and telecom giants love to pinch every penny from american consumers how does europe avoid this thievery and can the american system change. is the best of the rest of the news republicans in congress are trying to resurrect the keystone x.l. pipeline one month after president obama officially rejected it or at least over the short term in the house republicans approved legislation to force approval of the pipeline and plan to stick that legislation into a transportation bill that's going to be voted on this week publicans in the senate are also working on attaching the pipeline to a transportation bill that has
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a little chance of sticking in the democratically controlled opportunity remember this is the same pipeline that would be carrying tar sands oil some of the most toxic stuff on the planet from canada all the way down to ten. service across some of america's most precious natural resources including the largest aqua for in the nation and this is the same pipeline that greenpeace is filing suit against the company trans canada which is in charge of building a pipeline for overhyping job creation numbers bogans claim the pipeline is going to create twenty thousand new jobs the actual numbers are probably closer to four thousand temporary jobs and this is the same pipeline that will not be used to boost domestic energy production but instead be used for trans national oil corporations to ship oil to asia and south america. by the way our number one export today in america is gasoline so we don't even really need the damn thing but if republicans thought they could do the bidding of texas oil billionaires without
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the american people noticing they thought wrong especially over when over twelve hundred people were arrested last year in front of the white house for protesting against that very same keystone x.l. pipeline yesterday the environmentalist site three fifty dot org launched a twenty four hour effort to create to collect a half million emails calling on the side to hold firm and not give in to big oil republicans joining me now for more on how this effort went and what else needs to be done to kill keystone for good i'm joined by environmentalist bill cabot founder of three fifty dot org author of numerous books including is latest earth with two ways making a life on a tough new planet bill welcome back brother good to be with you is all of us thank you for trade thank you for joining us bill how many people as of now have signed the petition at three fifty dot org well this was kind of amazing we him we set this high bar we said we're going to try to collect half a million signatures in twenty four hours half a million messages to the senate we had no idea if we could do it we enlisted
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everybody in the environmental movement every group and then a lot of other parts of the progressive community change dot org and move on and democracy for america and so on and so forth we loop past the five hundred thousand message mark after about six hours and fifty four minutes last night i think the final tally was eight hundred two thousand messages to congress in twenty four hours that's something like one in every four hundred americans on a single issue that no one even heard about eight months ago i think we've made it pretty clear this is the environmental litmus test for additional years this is the thing that's prime people to put their bodies on the line and then to go on line in massive numbers. it's pretty amazing part of me kind of wishes we were still back in the telegram eric because this would have been you know one of those jimmy
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stewart scenes where they're bringing them in by the creek to the senate offices bill the in the pipeline pieces of the pipeline are already in place up in the northern part of the united states they're expanding the ports and the refineries down in texas in anticipation of the oil arriving there there be expanding the size of the panama canal and they're building super tankers to carry more of that gasoline that that is now the number one manufacturer export of our nation through the panama canal and off to asia as well to to south america and europe. and these guys as you say seven months ago nobody even knew what this was and they were not just well into the planning but well into the implementation of it you have put a significant log in the road in front of them. i'm guessing they're not going to give up easily no i think not big oil is not used to losing they almost never lose
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and they're mad about this when the president denied the permit the head of the american petroleum institute said there will be quote huge political consequences unquote i mean he's mr big oil and he has the resources to back up his threats so good on the white house for being willing to just stay brave in the face of that kind of threat now we need the democrats in the senate to do the same thing and one of the pieces of good news today was that chuck schumer from new york one of the people we were worried about because he hadn't said that he was going to really stand firm on this he came out to souter noone in said you know what. i'm going to work hard with harry reid to make sure that no amendment about keystone makes its way through. meanwhile to sefton newman the white house issued basically a veto threat to the house transportation bill citing their plans to revive
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keystone as one of the reasons so. god knows how this will come out if we win in the lifetime run it'll be a minor miracle maybe a kind of major miracle but what we're showing today is that the environmental movement has found its voice again anyone who thought it was kind of graying into irrelevance is wrong in twenty four hours all the environmental groups in the country working together have managed to produce a real groundswell. were able to show what it is that we care about and how passionately we care about it and the biggest reason of course for that is simply that the impact on the planet's climate we have not been able to get serious legislation through washington i'm addressing the climate crisis for twenty years and given the current congress we won't get it through so we're reduced to fighting
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global warming one project at a time it's not the ideal method but it's what we've got and by god we're going to do it as hard as we can build recap for us why the stakes are so high with regard to the keystone sure i've been the biggest reason is that these tar sands in alberta are the second largest pool of carbon on earth second only to saudi arabia now burning the oil fields of saudi arabia is what's raised the temperature of the earth a degree already we do not want to find the next saudi arabia and do the same thing with it now that we know about climate change that's why we had the largest civil disobedience action in this country in thirty years with twelve hundred fifty three people arrested that's why we were able to surround the white house. with people five deep in november that's why we just had the most concentrated burst of environmental advocacy maybe since the fight to save the grand canyon from being
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flooded back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. this was a big day and it was a big day for every environmental group in the country that unity is really what made it happen so where do you go from here bill well we'll keep monitoring this fight and hope that we're able to drive a stake through the heart of this thing we're also going on the offensive one of the things we really have to get across to people is how absurd it is that the new federal budget not the president's budget but but the budget that congress is likely to approve will have billions of dollars in subsidies for the fossil fuel industry why this industry makes more money than any industry on earth you know it doesn't need subsidies we don't need to be finding out how to burn coal and gas not only learned to burn him for two hundred fifty years all this is is. big fossil fuel companies giving small presents to legislators and getting big presents back
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with our money so we're going to try to disrupt if we kenan in if people will know they should go to three fifty done we're going julian in the display there you go three fifty dot org bill mckibben bill thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you very much tom take care because they are the keystone x.l. pipeline being attached to it this transportation bill being jammed through congress by republicans is frankly a terrible piece of legislation one that if enact it will take america backwards not forwards for example it's called house resolution seventy seven the house version of it and at its heart it's just profoundly flawed with bad ideas and shoddy pricing the bill is costing two hundred sixty billion dollars that's a nine percent cut from the last transportation spending package we're cutting money for transportation seventy five thousand bridges in america right now are structurally deficient like the one in minnesota that fell down and killed thirty
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some odd people transportation secretary ray la hood who as i recall was a republican has labeled this the most partisan and worst transportation bill that he's ever seen here's why as a twenty five percent cut in subsidies for amtrak the republican have always tried to destroy am track but ridership on amtrak is growing so why why put out the bill and ns dedicated funding to mass transit with twenty percent of revenues from the federal gas tax which traditionally a funded best transit going away why well because the rich republicans have their own private jets and limos so they don't need those think on mass transit it's twenty percent from the gas tax that goes to mass transit to help move people around that's been we've been doing this since one thousand nine hundred two. i mean in two thousand and ten the last year that we've got you know solid figures for it brought in forty billion dollars that was spent on mass transit under this
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resolution of this under this bill h.r. seven mass transit is going to be paid for by a one time appropriation so they can say you know see we're not cutting so much there's a big chunk of money right here it's a one time appropriation when it a one time appropriation than what we've been doing this it's a two year to bring it to a screeching halt next year h.r. seven bars funding for california's proposed high speed rail system you know it's bizarre to me when you think about where they're going to cut high speed rail that is moving people around at high speeds but they want to move or oil at high speeds from alberta to the gulf of mexico. this is absolute insane this covers the lack of funding from the federal gas tax by taking royalties from oil drilling on public lands in other words if you want to make some of that money back up there where the republicans are pulling out of the gas tax what you know open up more national
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forests for drilling it allows for longer and have your trucks which both the fact the environment and destroyed broad's bridges exam some already underpaid transportation workers in the fair labor standards act structures are going to get overtime so this is that's a seventy four year old law by the way guarantees basic worker rights the u.s. needs a far sighted future focus transportation bill not house resolution seven as i said senator i move quickly from border borders republicans want to do with this bill we should be focusing on moving people. coming up in tonight's daily take the telecommunications industry gallagher's americans for every last penny how are europeans escaping this kind of poll for an alcove merican say no to the corporate greed.
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it is valentine's day it is celebrate we have a special geeky science for you since the dawn of time people have been studying
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the very nature of love asking the question what causes a person to be attracted to another and what helps to keep that love going is love something accidental or are we indeed programmed for the new research conducted by rutgers university by professor helen fisher using m.r. eyes to look into the brain activity of those who are in love suggests that a combination of hormones and neurotransmitters actually creates and promotes a state of what we call love for example the neurotransmitter dopamine makes an individual more focused on the object of their life and to some extent addicted to them. is released in the brain when a person is doing something very pleasurable so it makes sense that it would appear in the brains of those in love sarah tony another type of neurochemical which creates feelings of call was found to be in lower levels in the brains of those newly in love this is seem to explain the anxiety in anxiousness people feel in those initial stages of love since there's not enough serotonin present to provide
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a calming effect also men who are in love had less testosterone than single men while women in love had more testosterone than single women which fischer said give some biological credence to the popular notion the men in love are tamed while women in love are a little wilder. another neuro chemical oxytocin which is released in the brains of both men and women during sex and is essentially the hormone in the body that promotes attachment and emotional empathy is present in higher levels in those in love there actually is a chemical keeping those in love together beyond the research conducted at rutgers prior research has also shown that sent has a great deal of influence when it comes to love for example research done at the university of kentucky at florida state university shows that men who smell the t. shirts of women who are obvious lading had higher levels of testosterone and were more likely to use sexual language than men who smelled the t. shirts of non obviating with similarly men who were in the presence of obviously
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women were more likely to act macho and manly around them and for years. there there has been the common belief that pheromones play a large role in attraction and love so much so that many perfumes and colognes are infused with it so there really is a science to being in law one that is largely beyond our control unless we know the right foods to eat to boost the right chemicals in our brain the spirit is for example which will serve to bridegrooms during their pre-nuptial dinners and one nine hundred centuries france is known to contain large quantities of fully cassatt which an answer is orgasms avocados are known to be aphrodesiac the catholic priests in spain banning their consumption because of how powerfully seductive they were other foods like basal garlic and oysters produce similar effects but the most powerful aphrodesiac is chocolate which releases incredible amounts of dopamine in the brain that same chemical we were talking about earlier that makes people more focused on each other and gives us a pleasurable sensation so now that you know the science and the right chemicals
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behind love you're ready to go and tonight when you're celebrating with us special someone just remember there's a little more to your love than meets the eye. it's the good the bad out of a very very hard day she was fully ugly the good know all of eight after hearing that is grandma could lose her house from defaulting on her mortgage the twelve year old may decide to take action in one month he was able to raise ten thousand five hundred dollars enough to save his grandma's house a home that had been in the family for three generations from foreclosure and a february fifteenth auction date when asked about his extraordinary act of kindness. i want to help so it was very dear to me my grandma has fallen on hard times was going to lose her home before the maid's efforts his grandma had turned to the government for help with payment programs and the banks or neither did
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anything to help a big pat on the back of the boat to our local representatives state representative the governor governor and to the president not asking for money asking to help me find a program and they couldn't do a twelve year old save the south. a big pat on the back to know for his generosity and for not abandoning his grandmother to bed the same can't be said for our government or the bank strippers the bad arizona state republicans republicans in the arizona state senate of introduced a bill that states it says that educators in the state's public schools and universities can be fined or suspended or even fired if they quote engage in speech or conduct that would violate the standards adopted by the federal communications commission concerning obscenity indecency and for a fantasy that speech or conduct were broadcast on television and radio basically teachers would not be allowed to teach or use any book with profanity and polluting the dictionary with laws so pathetically read that underage teachers would also not
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be able to go to the bathroom or have sex or shower ever the matter where they are this bill is another example frivolous legislation which republicans try to show just how conservative they can be at the cost of people's freedoms and their education. and the very very ugly g.o.p. t.v.'s liz trotta in an interview on fox so-called news sunday contributor lou's trot i was asked about her thoughts on the pentagon's new rules easing the ban on women serving in combat relation their high numbers of sexual assaults on women military here's what she had to say we have women once more the fact that it's going wanting to be warriors and victims at the same time now what did they expect that's right in a matter of seconds trotta said that women in the military both want to be victims of social sexual assault and should expect to be raked over the course of the last decade and really history many women have valiantly paid the ultimate price in the
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name of protecting our country and to suggest that they want to be victims and expect to be raped when they decide to defend our nation well that's just barely fair. given just trying to check my e-mail here it normally takes like two seconds but for people who have used too much data the wireless providers are throttling down their connections basically giving us dial up speeds should take just a few more minutes you know my service provider says it's necessary so they can manage data usage on their network. so why is it that in the united states which is supposed to be the best in everything especially connecting to the internet people
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had to wait two minutes for data to load on the internet especially when they pay a penny a pretty penny for the so-called unlimited data plan the answer is because our government has coddled the major telecommunications corporations in america for far too long giving them monopolies in the marketplace and we know competition consumers are screwed having to choose between one plan that cost too much or another plans far too slow or any one is both too slow and cost too much without competition there's no real drive in america to produce faster connection speeds at lower costs as a result the united states is rapidly falling behind the rest of the developed world in two thousand and nine our average connection speed which is three point nine minutes that puts the united states comfortably in eighteenth place in the world yeah we're number eighteen oh and here's something else you might find interesting we pay a lot more for our shoddy internet connections and pretty much anyone else in the
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world we pay about forty dollars a month just for a crummy three point nine minutes connection that's just internet no t.v. no phone just internet forty bucks a month but in france guess what customers get for forty dollars a month try internet a blazing twenty to thirty minutes plus unlimited phone service plus h.d. t.v. with over one hundred channels and a d.v.r. all included you'd be looking at close to two hundred dollars a month for a package like that in the united states but it's just forty dollars a month in france and in japan and south korea download speeds are reaching one hundred minutes again you know the states averages about five that make any sense to you check this here. still no e-mail so what are france and japan doing that we're not doing well they're forcing their telecom giants to compete. basically they're telling their providers that they have to share their internet infrastructure so that multiple competing companies can use the same wires
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the same cables and the same satellite towers that blows open the market for competition since a startup company then doesn't have to make a massive investment to lay wire or put a satellite towers all over the place it then comes down to who can deliver the faster speeds on that wire offer more channels and who can give lower prices and better customer service when the internet first started we were all using dial up regulators in the united states forced the phone companies to allow competing internet service providers to use the same telephone lines the phone companies couldn't walk companies out as much as they wanted to and they tried and that's why we had an explosion in telecom competition compu serve a well to the little startup by a speed in the basement down the street there were literally thousands of them but once broadband came around and bush's f.c.c. regulators jumped in and handed the telecom giants like sprint verizon monopoly
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power over their wires and infrastructure so they could be exclusive providers on that infrastructure with no competition of consequence as paul krugman pointed out in new york times article titled the french connections if the companies controlling these passageways can behave like the robber barons of your levene whatever tolls they like on those who passed by commerce suffers and so also do our internet connections. it's time for our government regulators to stop giving monopolies to these giant corporations something by the way that's pretty much only done here in third world countries like mexico and force open the marketplace to competition like most european countries to our broadband infrastructure even though privately built is a part of our commons including the wires passing under and above our common streets in the satellite towers broadcasting over our common airwaves big telco and cable companies.


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