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lashes with seconds to go dancing on a defensive error gave his side a narrow victory however with their two away goal advantage benfica coach george bush says there's everything to play for the next one's return i. know you know it was a hard game and we were playing on a hard pitch the aerial game wasn't going well and we conceded three goals which means we played badly defense but we scored twice away from home that is an achievement for our midfield and attack i want to emphasize again that the conditions were hard but we were still playing well in attack and in the midfield the final result will be set in the second leg game in lisbon at our home ground. to have a good chance of progressing also with cornell as ac milan resilience striker robineau scored either side of half time as the syriac champions dominated the game seven friends but i'm open to the stunning strike after fifty minutes was nothing in britain which added a late fall after was asked the manager aceveda said the defeat was a disaster while his opposite number nothing in the other leg really believed the
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one they scored all. good maybe two percent of five percent stuck to strictly chances but. we have. to show a completely different performance and you never know what that's a really strict lever is. really really be out of this competition about what a lot of us are with i'm very sorry the score was greater because we had many chances to score and we did make it so when you can score you should score especially in a champions league two legged much we have a good lead but we have to be more clinical promt. and in the meantime the europa league returns this thursday evening kicking off here in moscow with lokomotiv moscow hosting athletic bilbao for their first leg in the last thirty two new signing amount of a chain goes cup side although that doesn't lessen the home side confidence is constant get up off the court. due to the russian winter break or committee if will be playing their first competitive match since mid december but subzero
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temperatures forced them to move them match with their lead to good morrow or across the capital to the artificial beach of delusion to steady i'm as they look to steam past their bones and put one foot in the second knockout round of the europa league however the railway man's coach says neither side is the favorite the chances are fifty fifty we've prepared well both physically and tactically but athletic have an advantage as they're on a good run and in the middle of their season playing too much is week look i'm a team's biggest signing during this break roman pavlyuchenko will not be able to help his side as he has already played for talking to ham in the europa league this season however locust top scorer at me teresa church has already netted six goals in europe so far the second highest in the tournament yet the reading greens have a disaster as record against spanish clubs with just a solitary big three in twelve matches and that win was against real madrid educate
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ago the muscovites side has not played in the spring face of a u.f.o. can petition since two thousand and six after being knocked out by another spanish club c.v. but are confident they can succeed this time. our coaches have provided enough information about our opponents we have studied their strengths and weaknesses now we have to use that knowledge on the pitch which is much harder but we can do it well i thought it would have reached the round of thirty two for the third time the basque side may only line ninth in spain's lie leader but remain a formidable prospect the lions have also reached the final of the cup with hillary where they will face holders barcelona they bilbao a team have scored in their last stand games and i eager to increase their tale in this their first ever meeting. against lokomotiv the winners of the time will take on manchester united in the round of sixteen next month and athletics manager
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former agent tina defender marcella be also ironically nicknamed. says that neither snow nor plastic beach skiers his chargers. both teams are in the same boat and any defeat can be excused by the weather conditions all the edge of fishel pitch there are no key factors it's a match just like any other will play the way we do in spain and used to seems quite this by force that is to say again spanish sides and the lack of match practice but i meant it will be king to take forward one page of familiar weather conditions and the artificial bish of the stereo ahead of next week's away arg concerned about out of. moscow when they won another rightfully tice's thursday manchester city travel to portugal to take on defending champions porto but the build up hasn't been ideal for the english premier league leaders with manager at about a month cheney hitting back at derogatory claims by controversial strike almost as
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well the twenty eight year old isn't with his teammates after a returning to the club this week following three months of self-imposed exile you know watching tina that followed a falling out with lunch in the last september when he allegedly refused to warm up in city's ten year old champions league defeated by munich however ahead of his return tethers told argentinian television he'd been treated like a dog by mancini that was something the italian delight was adding thursday's match with porto is one of the biggest in the round. not that i disagree with carlos what they say because i have never treated him badly. maybe is the opposite that he did the too well for us i think that is the one of the big game in this stage because. he. thought the emmy used to play champions league. many times seeing everybody going generally is very difficult to play because i don't want to be very is very strong. well like manchester city porter i
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have also dropped down from the champions league and have a couple of selection issues brazil strike a club is a major dance due to illness and left back in media f.a.l. is out with a long term injury but it's just by these absentees what i believe they have the quality to progress. us we're aware of how powerful they were but they have excellent players an excellent we want to contradict that because we also have our weapons and as our prayer says it's inside the pitch that we'll have to show which team is the best and we're going to work to be the best while meanwhile manchester united are also preparing for life in europe's second tier club competition i go to dutch giants i aks after i also flopped in the champions league this competition is the only one in which surrounds ferguson has never led united to a victory drawing for previous encounters however the scot has embraced the coming challenge. we have an opportunity to do better than this second half this
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season and the europa league is you look at the teams that it is a challenge some very good teams and. and hopefully we can do well. for me while striker the me again is in the right form to help by x. overcome their stiff opposition and says he wants to put at least two passed united so to two year old former russia star opened for the amsterdam side in saturday's two know when struggling breda are currently just sixth in the dutch league despite this coach frank you a fuck up when i himself a nine hundred ninety two believes his side can beat anyone when they play the i.x. way. we can play our philosophy you know include to try to pressure problem and john brown of and try to create chances of course i'm technically. capable to do that when we do that i think we're going to beat everybody almost nothing on to ice hockey in our joint. fought back from three ones
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and to win five three in a stroller it has got moscow well it has got started well that looks a budget go off with the first of the night before the nomination time to find themselves through our second split practice fight back began a couple of effort needed three two. and then just off found the equaliser after a sweeping move well that set things up for a frantic final period but it was dr who ploughed on one thousand year old you again it was in itself five his side into the lead and went on to finish with an impressive eleven shots on goal before had three that netted two seconds to make it five three to wrap up an incredible turnaround back to remain the runaway leaders in the same conference. today eight in the west. and finally promised me a putin has taken a ride in a bobsled during his visit to the problem out of the truck just outside moscow as the venue prepares to host more international competitions next week well mr putin
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did not state of the ball the training course but still said he liked the experience while on a more serious note the prime minister also hailed the outdoor track of one of the is due to host the season's finale in the luge world cup circuit next weekend the competition will also decide the european champions in the high speed sport i'm here all the hoping to retain his title despite having had a mediocre season however the forty year olds don't prevail at last year's world cup start out but i'm one of them. and that's all the sports news i can.
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any match one still lives is bound. to burn for ever more eternal fire is on think about the possible future. do we all wants to see this on forever.
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top stories on our team violence in syria escalates as a high ranking religious leader is assassinated in damascus allegedly for his pro-government stands our correspondent is a part of events in the syrian capital. builds the last of the news bailout the balance but many greeks feel the nation won't recover from a certain measures with their health care system while leaving the military and. fierce of pending confrontation between tel aviv and tehran growth following reports that a ring of arrested over recent talat bombings were targeting israeli diplomats.
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and in business we're looking at u.s. plans to remove the run for the world's financial clearing system this move backfire on americans themselves. just after five pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. and now to our top story the syrian opposition have accused the government of stepping up attacks on rebel held areas with the city of daraa the latest target meanwhile a high ranking religious leader was assassinated and the capital damascus reportedly for his political views now this comes after the president's announcement of a referendum on a new constitution which could create a multi-party system in the country but the proposal doesn't seem to have helped curb the violence but if the notion of reports now from syria. so there's a damascus has started within you so this is the nation the shake of one of the
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mosques over done one of the districts of the capital was killed as far as local me days reported he was shot dad was five scholz this area may dawn is known to be very conservative people living here supporting a very much pro-government procession but at the same time there are many office issues people living in this neighborhood as well and tensions between these two sides have been very hard specially recently just last month this area saw as suicide bomber a type one twenty six people were killed and more than sixty all those injured speculations appeared as well that they say was killed because of his political views people we have been able to speak to here on the ground have been telling us that this man has been supporter of president bashar al assad policies continuing in the southern part of the country we are hearing from the opposition activists that the army of bashar al assad has attacked the city of daraa targeting free syrian army soldiers altie has actually just traveled to the city of daraa on
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wednesday and we've been able to speak to the governor over this area on the ground and with many military there and they've told us that there is no free syrian army in this region right now and actually in generally they say that it doesn't exist such a thing as a well coordinated opposition military force they've confirmed that they're fighting over every day the military a ration but they're fighting against separate groups which are. mostly consisted they say of army defectors and foreign soldiers. well the u.n. general assembly is to vote on a non-binding resolution on syria sponsored by arab nations to put pressure on the ruling regime of the texas thought to be similar to the one vetoed by russia and china at the security council more than a week ago when moscow was warned it won't back the new document unless it stops putting all the blame for violence on the authorities making no mention of armed
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opposition groups operating in syria which you wish those we've been asked to vote on a resolution that only asks government forces to withdraw from cities and basically hundred them over to armed groups but it's very unclear who these groups are there are muslim brotherhood members army desert yours but there's also al qaida it's not by chance that al qaeda leader has called on everyone to unite in a fight against syrian president assad's regime. who would hand syria over if such an approach won you can always find a compromise in conflict but only through carrying out negotiations this is what some from syria's opposition refuse to do being dissuaded by some external players who bear a huge responsibility for the ongoing violence for the deaths of peaceful civilians . well the u.s. has criticized the syrian government's promise of a new constitutional vote describing it as laughable and accusing the regime of making a mockery of the unrest well that's amid a growing chorus within the u.s.
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calling on washington to supply and to assad fighters with weapons and. reports it's a move that many believe would make peace and possible. hawks in washington calling for the arming of things surgeons in syria we should start thinking all options including arming the opposition i give them training i give them communications equipment and then ultimately i give them weapons. experts say arming the fighting groups among the opposition is a sure way to drag the country into a protracted civil war it will also further marginalize those in the opposition who have advocated nonviolence or who advance political strategies that the more. plied to the to the factions of the syrian opposition the more that happens the less likely it is that they'll be a negotiated solution leading to a cease to be still settlement they're encouraged i think very much by the united
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states the civil war in lebanon went on for fifteen years absolutely appalling bloodshed and you can easily see that that could happen in syria like the u.s. all qaida has indorse the rebels fighting in syria under president assad syria has been a secular state some analysts argue that one of the reasons why al qaeda supports the violent uprising in syria is that in a less secular environment it's easier to recruit new terrorists if the government holds he'll be looking forward to just a very long period of complete disintegration and they will be able to attract more and more fanatical recruits look at the civil war in iraq in two thousand and six and seven it was absolutely appalling the calls to arm fighting groups in syria sound even more alarming given the u.s. history of arming radicals afghanistan one example that it was a placing itself in alliance with the mujahideen including osama bin laden and
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these people who now of course it is lately been deploring as fanatical fanatical enemies that the united states said these these alliances. totally cynical and totally opportunistic there's not a shred of prince william you know but despite the hawks outcry the obama administration is taking a more cautious stance with regards to syria we don't think more arms into syria is the right answer some analysts say arming the very much fractured syrian opposition would contribute to its for the radicalization and would make a political solution virtually impossible a number say washington might support arm supplies in directly so its arab allies as of now the administration denies having such plans but will that position hold. down reporting from washington our team. and the shelter sadowski from the center for research and globalization says foreign intelligence operatives on the ground are helping to stir up political chaos in syria
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i certainly know it's the fact that the government. that's its commitment to swallowed by the constitution that introduced politic a multi-party system but it's the gay people who are while fighting the government are not interested in multi-party democracy and of the art they are directly as we know they are directly backed by doing so i believe six and see i. offer terms which are present most of the crowd collaborating with the rebels the free syrian army is not something which is representative of the opposition the purpose of of this of it's of action is to create political instability which will subsequently lead to a jew dealing gentil by the syrian government destabilizing
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syria as a nation state what they don't like about syria is that syria is not a proxy us state it's still the line with what she did so it's not a big all those oh it's a secular government it's a country of tremendous religious tolerance. and still ahead on r t if the arab spring has already run its course in libya but a year on claims of post missionary atrocities casts a dark cloud over anniversary celebrations. the thai police say it's israeli diplomats were the target of a group of iranians arrested after prematurely setting off explosives in bangkok where the claims are expected to further fuel and the range of rhetoric the television has ratcheted up after a bomb attacks targeted israelis in georgia and india and israel has also called at the international community to impose quote unquote paralyzing sanctions against tehran in response to against iran that is in response to terror and demonstrating the progress of its atomic projects on wednesday that we brought in turn says it's
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one hundred percent ready to resume six party talks on its controversial program which the islamic state insists is peaceful now while concerns that easy might strike terror as nuclear facilities grow some experts believe that such an attack would only achieve a full scale confrontation the real problem here is that there is this escalation towards this military action that's not going to actually take out the nuclear capabilities of iran if israel bombs iran it sets the program back a couple years and then they have to go in and bomb again and then they have to go in and bomb again and you just have this cycle that really the end of the day this and in full scale occupation and total war there's no clean stright that happens this is if this happens it's the beginning of a long confrontation that really it's going to make you rock in afghanistan look like a cakewalk and it's going to plunge us into a very long term military engagement. meanwhile tehran house postponed stopping oil
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supplies to some e.u. states due to the extremely cold winter in europe where the measure had long been contemplated response of the blocks of borgo iranian crude exports is due to come into force in july but the founder of the trans research institute gerald celente says that imposing such sanctions in the first place is equal to a declaration of war well here's a taste of his interview coming up in full next hour. the united states again with the national defense authorization act part of that was there president obama affectively has declared war against iran the latest legislation put sanctions on foreign companies dealing with iranian banks defectively putting in a bar go. wrong it's an act of war go back to world war two it's like when the united states stopped japan for being able to buy oil now the iranians. that if they lose just twenty percent of their of
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their ability to sell oil you're looking at this sixty percent of their g.d.p. comes from oil sales you're putting a bad a business. now greece has fulfilled the last conditions demanded by the e.u. in exchange for the second bailout but still there's no rush in brussels to release further aid as the decision has been postponed until monday and athens push through final cut someone's day and committed to a written response promised that is to stick to the assertive plan after election however frustration is growing among greeks and other european politicians the greek president lashed out at the e.u. questioning what right countries like germany holland finland have to criticize athens british nigel farage says brussels is trying to bring out that sticky. what are you is now doing it's trying to him. and the outcome of the greek general election not satisfied with getting rid of the last democratically elected prime
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minister and putting in a puppet in the form of us to papademos it now says it's now saying to the greek people unless you vote for the right parties the less you vote for parties that are happy to be subjugated do you control we will not give you the rest of the money and you will go bankrupt i suspect that despite the dissatisfaction that is felt by many german politicians i think the german parliament just as the greek parliament did last sunday will continue to toe the line and continue to say that buy it out so the answer as far as i'm concerned it's rather like saving the cancer and not saving the patients we saw one of the commissioners. commissioners and he cruz said the other day that if greece left it wouldn't be a man overboard situation so even at the top there is now a crack beginning to appear and very interesting really what i've seen in the european parliament is for the first time in years we're hearing real criticism and the big socialist criticism is that these austerity cuts are damaging living
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standards to such an extent that they now want to acceptable so i'm beginning you know i'm not the lone voice anymore in this place that these policies are mad well this therapy measures accepted by greece in the face of public outrage have hit the health care system pensions as well as public sector workers and while the human cost of cuts keeps rising nato secretary-general anders fogh rasmussen heads to athens to secure the country's military spending or the nation has one of the largest military budgets compared to its g.d.p. but only the u.k. is spending more but as artie's jacob greece reports the nato chief visit to greece suggests the military may remain a largely immune. the mini athens has been a battleground in recent years fighting against unpopular stare to sunday's events are showing there's little hope for a cease fire one shot being fired by those discontent is a discrepancy in spending when it comes to the military something serving m.p.'s
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from a defensive on relations with turkey remain for some as ever present a threat as a current debt crisis nato partners don't seem very keen to help us not to need to spend so much i mean think about it we have been through we are being threatened from a member of the alliance that we belong and the alliance doesn't do anything. so we have to spend huge amounts of money but there is the nato chief arise in athens the talks other things may be on the table among them weapons for cure meant i believe i mean there is a kind of negotiation if i may say sure between the major partners which are german of course in france. if we spend really big nor and you procurement of course a major part will probably be french and german origin france since the major group which was talks remain afloat another threat looms it be may nice but what we've
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been advised to do is to sell copies of medicine relations of patients are being forced to put their hand in their pockets for treatment this problem persists in other hospitals i've worked in dimitri's account comes on the back of cuts slashed medical staff pay a letter desperate shortage of equipment including affordable prescription drugs this is the very human face the term austerity measure and increasing number of people on the treatment need the current health care system and desperation to turn to aid agencies like this regime nova care into athens immigrant population the midday queue at this center shows just how sort. after the treatment is first of all are seeing more and more people coming to us that are there is that we might see up to three hundred people and the numbers of the greeks are increasing the present many greeks remain too ashamed of the situation to be filmed those wanting
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to be heard paint a grim picture of. greece cannot recover from what's going on right now if you ask me greece is finished. it's a situation that has a country verging on implosion all during a time of peace not war but was the nation remains sick cuts have a real damaging impact on the people's well being despite the sizeable military defenses protecting them to greece happens. well it's been no secret that from the onset of the euro crisis germany has spearheaded the drive of the original argument was that cuts were necessary and pain a consequence what fifteen thirty g.m.t. the issue gets the kaiser treatment with max and stacey. germany's carthaginian terms for greece now ambrose evans pritchard of the telegraph says the last time germany needed a bailout from world creditors it secured better terms.


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