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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2012 10:18pm-10:48pm EST

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for its customers and unprecedented range of eco products what started as an attempt to bring organic food to the masses turned out to be almost impossible in reality no russian farmers can produce all this let alone in quantities needed for a large city so anything truly eco and bio friendly remains a luxury only a few people in russia can afford despite soaring prices for anything organic individual farmers find it hard to make their businesses profitable beaten by the supermarkets with their cheap processed food by the sec human founded and online organic store trying to help small pharma survive and at the same time improve the quality of life while food conscious customers just like him. initially we simply wanted healthy stuff for our families and friends now we hand pick each person involved in the production of meat or bread that we sell so that we know where the food has come from and the business is growing. some going as far as saying russia
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with its plenty of land could eventually become an organic food basket for the whole world a very few europe in one hundred fourteen russia fed half of the world and we could easily get back to that but the state needs to start investing in agriculture. and while city dwellers are only starting to go back to their roots milledge is in russia's most organic far away corners are probably unaware of the treasures they could offer the russian klondike to be discovered. r.t. scary. our web site r t dot com is the place where you can find all of the latest news and analysis including this. two iranian warships have a sailed through the suez canal into the mediterranean about where they're headed plus. they're said to be as fast and furious as a ferrari or mazda roddy in their own way turtles nicknamed after the super cars
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will take part in a special right to make our car for more. is he. the official. talks from the. video. and. now in the palm of your.
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question on the dot com in the u.s. a defense secretary has welcomed afghanistan's involvement in peace talks with the taliban president hamid karzai has confirmed his country along with the u.s. are trying to negotiate an agreement with the militant group but artie's a military contributor says karzai continues to avoid the real issues that cause instability in the country. interview to a wall street journal was the most important public relations event for the president of afghanistan it was rather strange when mr karzai during this interview quoted unwittingly the former soviet president gorbachev referring to evgeny stand as the leading war in full display of poetical correctness mr karzai was careful the spared from
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answering two most important challenges facing afghanistan right now that is there rampant corruption. that is suffocating the country. and the narco aggression. two leading factors there precipitated the implosion of five then a stand from within. russia and china have come under heavy criticism after their veto of a u.n. security council resolution on syria it's just the most recent example of the two standing largely on their own parties the resident asks people in the big apple why the two countries seem to be so feared and mistrusted. if you believe the news media you should fear china and russia this week let's talk
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about why if they wanted to china could wipe out the us in probably three minutes but anyone with an atomic bomb true so why china in particular. chinese people are very dangerous why what has made you think that have you ever been personally threatened by a chinese parrot them no so why do you feel that way. they know kung fu i don't think were in that good of a relationship with them so should we fear them is that going to make relations better and we should fear them i think they should fear us i think there are some legitimate concerns about human rights there and i think tweeted to pay attention to what are their legitimate human rights issues everywhere don't we have them here in the us sure i think a different scale there but but yes we do have another places when there's there was stuff to find out so well that is a step to find out so well that will screw nobody's going to give us some money
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away but we're participating in that why is it their fault because they're acting smartly. it's hard to resist last year i was in china i wasn't scared at all so i don't think you should be i don't think we should run our country like china or russia but i think there are some ideas and some kind of plans they have that help their economy so maybe we can learn from that's more amul aiding and looking up to rather than fearing but we're taught to fear them why do you think that is because fear keeps you in control if you are afraid it's easier to be manipulated by somebody telling you to do something rather than questioning what they say everybody is freak scared to do because the news and all the media makes people scare them specially in america why china and russia in particular are we made to feel scared because they're very powerful that's what we think ultimately they're going to be a part of the growth picture and they need us as much as we need them so why are
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people scared of them why are they painted in this more of a picture it's always the same so maybe we should get to know them invite them over for coffee like that whether or not you believe the world should fear china and russia the bottom line to me is the old adage those who live in glass houses should never throw a stone. now time to look at some other news making headlines around the world for this hour. police in senegal have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at crowds of protesters the demonstrations were against the current president a one day running for a third term as head of state constitution allows for only two stretches in office but a court cleared him to run again as he took office before the term limit was put in place at least four people have died in the protests since the unrest began last month. pope benedict has appointed twenty two new cardinals of the vatican and the
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main role of the elite club of catholic figureheads is to advise the current pope and to choose his successor almost a quarter of the cardinals are now from italy decreasing the chance that the next pope could be from another country a situation that hasn't roused accusations of bias the ceremony has been clouded by embarrassing leaks of internal documents alleging corruption amongst top clerics. friends and family have gathered in newark new jersey to say their last goodbyes to pop icon whitney houston the funeral service was at the same church where she sang in the choir as a child fans started to pay their respects on friday leaving flowers and balloons on the church steps the six time grammy award winner was found dead in a bathtub at a beverly hills hotel last week. i'll be back with the headlines in just few minutes steps archie.
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top news and commentary direct from the heart of moscow this is a land of love that's. all roads lead to tehran the syrian crisis deepens and the violence intensifies concerning rosa that if the assad is. am falls it's key ally iran would be left isolated and forced into a more aggressive position analysts are also worried that if president assad goes an extremist group would fill the power vacuum left in his. blood via has
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rejected a proposal to make russian its second official language the country's a russian a community which makes up a third of the population initiated the referendum to draw attention to what they call decades of discrimination. and as euro zone nations have struggled to come to grips with their financial troubles the idea of a united europe is losing ground but some schools in the bloc are accused of brainwashing people's critics say they're trying to convince children that the project is infallible. those are the headlines that does it for me i'll see you tomorrow but my colleague marina joshua will be here with a look at your news in about thirty minutes time but right now our t. takes you on a trip to the republic of mari el eight hundred kilometers east of moscow a place where ancient traditions live on today.
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this is how people of many ethnic groups prayed in ancient times what are you. today this is the sort of worship but can only be found in this russian region. there is no whatever they were not allowed to worship in soviet times but people like us who did were put on trial we hope open air prayers will avert floods quakes and manmade disasters or. services like the use a rooted in ancient history these words were first spoken nearly a thousand years ago but the worship is gathering here now a thought to be europe's lost pagans. are not online or in.
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often his family are about to set out on a journey one that's been a thousand years in the making. many others living in this republic will do the same just as their ancestors have done over the centuries. yevgeny and his wife vera live in a small village called. it's a republican about eight hundred kilometers east of moscow. i. was. the most live in russia and there are a finnish great courage and there are two main groups highlanders and lo and as i was i. believe they belong to the same ethnic group
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they speak different languages and live in different regions of the accompli. these people spend most of their lives behind desks in the city. the monotony is too much and they decide to take a trip to get away from it all and dozens of like minded folk find one another through an internet site calling themselves the rumors that explore their land and study its history. this eventually will take the traveling local historians to the most mysterious places in the lovely old republic. historian. joins the no lands on the freeway as they leave the city has promised to show them the most fascinating routes on the map. the lol i haven't seen you for ages where did you bring this cold from it was minus one celsius yesterday and now it's minus a team could you please show us our route. we go
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here and then we will start a few times then we have to go off the roads here because it can just afford. your so extreme coming here in such cold weather. now we're going to try to reach the most interesting places our chief destination is the top most point of marielle where we will look for cousins and cars caves. the republic's highest point is mount. only a few people have succeeded in reaching its peak it's thought that this mountain often leads people astray during this expedition three vehicles lost their way the drivers went missing and the walkie talkies weren't working. people often get lost in this area they just lose their bearings there is something odd going on when we can't establish contact with one another either by phone or
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walkie talkie. however all the explorers eventually reunite. according to them in marielle is considered a zone of abnormal activity local people often see unidentified flying objects here at the. corner of mario is at the altar two hundred eighty four meters above sea level is the true apex of the more he wore. netizen fuelled the surrounding landscape. forward movement. only eve of the old mary press service there and you. visit. the capital of mary l. the convention of some musicians they sing merry folk songs to entertain and residents with their traditional melodies centuries ago. was
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a fortress now it's an old tell but large scale development has recently begun. a large swamp has been replaced with an embankment buildings looking like castles complete with towers and ramparts sprang up here just a short time ago with us. this is a kind of renai sorts. this place is incorporated many aspects of venice. and here we see a northern influence with danish and dutch elements. similar buildings went up in the mary ellen republic quite a long time ago one example is a magnificent old castle standing on the banks of the volga two hundred kilometers from your. it was built amidst a thick forest by russian eristic rats of the share much of that. was the
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political soul was built not only by russian masters but also by foreign ones. they too lent the style to the castle. here you can see baroque is then time and drama. as well as an alter russian style. in soviet times the castle was turned into a holiday resort the tourists were apprehensive about the building local people spoke of ghostly inhabitants who they believed to be the castles guardians. today the castle is as imposing as it ever was the mess of doors leading into hollow rooms still produce a sinister creak. but there are ghosts in all castle. we hear the doors critiquing as they move from room
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to room. but they don't bother us we share a common grounds and get along with them quite well. in the village of where you have jenny and there recommend she coughs live everybody is getting ready for the old marie press office. cough cleans his body and above else before facing one of the most important events in his life that's daybreak he will take part in one of the most ancient of sacred rights for the mari people. and to morrow i'll take a candle to the sacred grove the mist weeks were such candles are made of him candles bought from shops are no good for this purpose they should be homemade. the candle symbolizes the link between me and god it will take my prayer to him.
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and here is mighty is your for giving a mother a blessing in her son's life giving god it's interesting when. you should unlike christians who pray in church these worshipers go to a grove where they seek communion with nature but before setting out they say a brief prayer and. everybody coming to the grove brings domestic waterfowl with them they serve as food for both the gods and the people who have given it to mention the office decided to sacrifice the fattest gives him his household a maori regard geese and ducks as symbols of harmony between three basic elements these creatures walk on earth swim in water and fly through the air. down. here eight
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hundred animals were sacrificed here including a blue car and a ram as well as nice and ducks. one woman from the romas team has a good knowledge of the area and she provides a running commentary for them that said that the presence or basis taking place near the five sacred trees each tree is dedicated to a particular diety. everyone carefully follows the guides words as they take in the sights along the way. to ground was on the left hand side people bring the sacred place as soon as we get to the religious time that. the special day that the committee of couple has been looking forward to as arrived at last. vera and you have jenny have reached the sacred grove situated
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one hundred kilometers from yes. they thought was a fellow to sacrifice birds have also been brought by mary from all over the republic also the two off the press to their gods. at first the grove resonates with goose oaks soon after their only the echoes of the priestly prayers . these pagan priests know how to communicate with the gods people praying in a grove of lost amidst pines and birches have strong beliefs in the forces of nature they insist on their faith it is the world's oldest. people come with what we call sacrificial waterfowl. bringing our desires he's in grievances along to what i discuss their problems with the priest. and communicate
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by means of this tree of the board with us their requests and wishes on that this table are. enormous pot suspended if a bone finds that the lips side by side with the old sense there used to make porridge and just ceremonial meats broth. take a look at the docs indy's a boy then here. they break up the br. into chunks and tells the pieces into the fire the bread and cheese has been brought to by washing peers. this is help people in russia worship before the arrival of christianity the maori have prayed the same way to their gods for several millennia with their money on you old these people are offering prayers to many gods none of which is this but that five spodes have been set aside for bonfires in this group for example the wall morgue. and this one they pray to the god showed she love a social level one of their asking for his grace in childbirth and happiness.
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blind rushes to be soon which brightened. about song from funniest impressions. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. district in the southwest of madill is full of historic sites and rich and legends but the shortest road that ends on the shore of the volga the great russian river from here a ferry is needed local pigeons have even memorised the boat shed there's a flux of regularly features around it from one shore of the volga to the other.
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i am. i am. was. was. people here take pride in the fact that local women learn to play the flute from a young age it's a very ancient and traditional musical instrument in the old days it strings were made from. locals insist that ghostly music reveals the full character of the people on the. plane has been handed down from generation to generation you know that there are very many music players here in this place that.


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