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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2012 6:18pm-6:48pm EST

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military what is it generally avoid i'm very close to my future in my book they don't like publish today frankly this is a misrepresentation of how we fight we fight as a joint command so like on the bin laden raid you know army helicopters so the seals there so i always look at this with a softer side than yours i know in the fed i think you know it's what our general william tecumseh sherman said war is hell we should not try to laura fi war it's something that occasionally you've got to do for self defense but it's not something you revel in in trying to make people thrilled about it was like even as bad as the bin laden it was rather ghoulish to jump down like you're celebrating a victory in a football game and i thought it was all of us who were down at the white house throughout hearing about our job and i have to wrap it up but thank you so much for joining us tonight i think you. have time for a quick break and we return ok for challenging lamar smith for his seat his name before the texas representative is going to dismiss challenger richard mack after the break.
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people calling like you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting from the clinton as you can hear behind me loud explosions.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging welcome to the big picture.
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well there's something to be said for the way that sopa and pipa were defeated through online communities like red as well as the tech giants taking part in a blackout day and now it looks like one congressional candidate might be riding as anti-social weight richard mack is the former sheriff of arizona's graham county as well as an oath keeper a coalition of current and former law enforcement and military personnel that have pledged not to enforce laws that violate the constitution and he's taking on mars smith the texas representative who as our viewers know who is the author of sopa as well as the protecting children from internet pornographers act a bill that despite its name would actually require i as piece to store customer ip addresses for no less than twelve months now the writer community last week promoted back bringing in new attention maybe even new donations but is that going to be enough is there room in washington for politicians who are actually beholden to the constitution and not special interests joining me to discuss it is sheriff richard mack former gram county arizona sheriff and candidate of the twenty first
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district g.o.p. primary richard i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and although i know this isn't your only platform or issue here let's first start talking about soap and then we'll get into some of the others i mean are you kind of riding the anti-social wave here are you taking it to your advantage. well i think not just so but a lot of the things that lamar smith has done. quite frankly lamar smith has been my. biggest boost all the way along i mean he votes for the n b a he votes of course. so close another one and he's pretending that. we don't have laws against child pornography and that's absolutely absurd and to actually require. internet companies to keep track of their clients and customers for the f.b.i. for the federal government i mean how much of a big brother greg can this supposed conservative republican. and still try to
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maintain just credentials i mean it's obvious that he's trying to act like a democrat and. all the big brother government that this guy has pushed in the last five or six years yes he's been. my best supporter that won't wait let me ask what their rates are and i mean is it if it ham necessarily do you think that it's lamarr smith or is part of it the system because i've read interviews that you were a salem are spent is a perfect example of what happens when you go to washington for too long right would good people go to washington for too long you said so after twenty five years there could have ended a different way or is there just too much money and too much lobbying too much influence with those certainly smells of us special interests so i think your question is is very valid lamar smith is really pushing for big corporations and they pay his i almost was going to say pay his salary.
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but they certainly don't need to his campaign big time and another thing that mark smith has done recently. in the austin statesman newspaper they do a column called polyphony and they said that his numbers to support sopo or entirely false and just last week they also did another one. isn't this crazy ethical i mean the ethics committee and more in congress should be going after everybody especially the maher smith he just. did inside trade the same thing that sent martha stewart to prison lamar smith has done and he is literally almost bragging about it he helped a company get a private contract with the federal government and then just days before that contract was made official he. invested in that company and not only
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that but he said it was coincidental and he did it five times so it was five times a coincidence so and it's one of those examples i guess you could say of the politicians that americans are so frustrated with right now right this is why we see polls at all time lows because there's is that sense this feeling of corruption and so time more about yourself your platform and how are you going to stay clear of the special interests stay clear of their influence and you know actually abide by the constitution when you have the rest of congress you would just be one man that's fine with signing this and da with a provision to indefinitely detain even u.s. citizens well my record speaks for itself and literally my life is an open book i've written six different books about these things my most recent book the magic of gun control and it deals with a lot of these issues that we're talking about right now. plain and simply i am not going to play the political game i'm only going to stay in washington d.c.
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eight years eight years was good enough for george washington it should be good enough for everybody else the founding fathers never intended to have career politicians stay in washington d.c. as long as they want. a politician actually has. it's a better chance of dying in office than ever being elected and i think that's really pathetic and it is sad that we need to have term limits i'm really appalled that we have to have that because the people should decide but the people simply are not informed well enough and they should be and i think that this is also another a diet meant to thomas jefferson said if you expect to be free ignorant and free you expect what never was and would never will be and i think that plays on very well with your question and we just need to make sure washington d.c. politicians don't stay there too long and washington didn't do it washington general washington didn't do it and neither should lamar smith now richard you know
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i want to go back to the reddit community the online community for a second here to how much have they helped you out in terms of donations since you got you know i guess you could say some attention from them from following from them then are you also getting a lot more money. well they've been numerous more huge as far as amounts go a lot of people who don't need it and. it's still coming in and read it still is asking for more audience with me and i'm thrilled with that and i really hope that this will continue and again this has been because of what maher smith but i want to make something really clear i'm not trained to play to the red audience my record is already there i'm not going to go against my record i'm going to stay true to the constitution the bottom line with me is follow the constitution or go home and
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it's obvious that it's way for them are smith to go home he makes a bunch of money off his position he's got a huge retirement waiting for him why would anybody why won't do all these guys want to stay in washington instead retire you would think that people would want to retire what is it about washington a lucrative bell right washington things to be very very lucrative richard i want to get one last question in here just before we have to head a break too i'm intrigued because you are a former sheriff here in of keeper and so you've you know made this pledge essentially saying that you something is unconstitutional you won't do it how do you see the way that we've seen cities police in cities across the united states react to the occupy wall street movement and to the way that from my view they've really been clamping down on free speech. oh it was way overboard i was really embarrassed to line people up to worry them with me the way they did. that is
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absolutely cruel read the eight the. no cruel and unusual punishment inflicted this is absolutely. the way they treat these people who are absolutely really no violence. i'm appalled by that i'm embarrassed that i was in law enforcement of the new york cops that just started spraying those girls as the sort of within that dragnet know we need to remember one thing and law enforcement. first do no harm and we should not be making a situation worse because the police show up irish i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight thanks for having me i really like your show i think i think you. are the time for a break when we come back at today's edition of prophetic i read it and then it's been fifty years since the united states put a man into space to years of space exploration and yet never seen a man on mars so will we ever get there and ask that question after the break.
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you know. i mean that's. people calling like you said for free and fair elections. again we're still reporting from the clinton if you can hear behind me loud explosions only. reason. i mean. i got it gave.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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our guys it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because you've got some to say listen now first one respond to a couple of viewers the watch my interview with jeremy scahill on the effects of the u.s. drone war in yemen. hunter asked us on twitter how is the poll about drone attacks conducted you quote it but do you know the source and accuracy so at the poll that i cited was conducted by the washington post and a.b.c. news and in particular jeremy and i discussed respondents support for obama's drone program including the use of drone strikes against u.s. citizens now according to washington post website this was conducted by telephone on february first to the fourth two thousand and twelve and one of among a national among a random national sample of one thousand adults including landline and cell phone
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only respondents and a margin of sampling error is plus or minus four percentage points and the sampling data collection and tabulation was all done by. new york so as with every poll you obviously have to take it with a grain of salt there are a million different factors that can screw up the results in the methodology to the way the question was asked but i do think the polls what approached in the right way can give good insight into the feelings of a group of people on a broad subject now we don't have the resources to conduct polling ourselves here at the a lot of shows so for now we're going have to rely on the works of others but staying on the subject of drones paul kuhn in comment on you tube saying killing your way to peace is like having sex to prevent pregnancy very true and when jeremy scahill reports from his latest trip to yemen just about as effective the next one responder viewer the watched our story on facebook's plan to test a user verification program by requesting scans of government issued i.d.'s from certain users which they promised they would delete after the account was very fight and i questioned the trustworthiness of facebook on privacy issues and right
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. wyler one commented on facebook i have one solution do not use facebook or shut the f. up no one is forcing all the use facebook it's provided to you for free and it's optional if you are the idiot the put information about yourself that you would not want everyone to see. kill yourself it's called the internet it's free for all that is why i do not put information in there that i would not want everyone to know or see first of all over there is anyone in need for anyone out there to go kill themselves as this commenter suggests in fact all i would ask and i think most reasonable people would ask from facebook is the simple truth if certain information is going to be public then just tell us that way we can know whether to use names like rottweiler instead of our real wants and if our personal information is going to be transmitted to third party apps let us know i don't think that act not actively lying to people who use a service is too much to ask even on the internet and finally i'd like to respond to an inquisitive viewer what can be asked on you tube is it just me or does alone
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i have a tongue so yeah that's just you i don't have a tongue ring sorry disappoint and i will finish my rantings for the day but i'll be back with more as usual later in the week. and friday the word got out that a suicide bomber attempted to blow up the u.s. capitol. leaving out right there another reminder today about just how dangerous a world we live in federal authorities arrested the man who they say was on a suicide mission to the u.s. capitol building court documents stated that the suspect allegedly planned to shoot any police officer who blocked his entry to the capitol where he planned to blow himself up and the arrest happened today after the result of all along undercover operation during which the man thought he was dealing with operatives of all this person was acting alone was not connected has not been connected to any terrorist organization in a statement the ranking republican of the senate homeland security committee said the plot looked like another example of radicalized extremists targeting the u.s.
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i think that the spike in homegrown cases is alarming quote. now after the suspect was captured he appeared in u.s. district court where he was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and he el khalifi is the man in question twenty nine year old undocumented immigrant who's been living in the d.c. suburbs for about a decade a moroccan native reportedly expressed a desire to blow up a building in northern virginia back in early december to an f.b.i. informant and the f.b.i. has been plotting with him ever since on a press release that same day the f.b.i. explained that while they were closely and carefully monitoring the suspicious person they said that the investigation was very well control at admit it that the public was never in danger so wait the public was safe even though i believe he was carrying explosives right in front of the capitol how is that possible well apparently during their investigation the feds were actively helping prepare his bomb plot so they knew every new move that he was going to make because they
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planned it and not only did the other car a fed provide him with a disabled gun but they also helped him build that vest replacing deadly materials with other dangerous materials so on closer inspection we should adjust our graphic here shouldn't say suicide bomber attempts to hit on the u.s. capitol more accurate graphics and say f.b.i. tries to coax muslim into bombing capitol hill. so if the f.b.i. was involved from the beginning to the end of this plot and even handed him the weapons to use i don't think it's fair to give all the credit now this latest foiled plot could be added to a long list of f.b.i. assisted terror attacks which and in the arrest of a terrorist but sounds a lot more like entrapment the newburg for the portland christmas tree bomber the new york subway bombing plot just a few examples of how the feds did all of the legwork to create a terrorist plot just so they can come in and save themselves from their own plant now we know the government sets aside hundreds of millions of dollars to fight terrorism at home and fact in the decade after nine eleven the f.b.i. spent more to prevent acts of terrorism that it has on stopping the rest of all
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organized crime so i think it's pretty clear just like anything else in america the counterterrorism program has become a business so we always have to be slightly skeptical realize that while the f.b.i. has and does stop real plots some cases like an e-mail khalifi seem like they may just be used to keep the government's program alive and ready. today is kind of a big day in terms of anniversaries space exploration fifty years ago today john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth interesting moment at the height of the space race soviet union had already beaten the u.s. to getting the first man into space few years later of course as we all know it would be the u.s. the lander the first man on the moon but where is u.s. exploration now considering the retirement of the shuttle program last year and a blow to robotic space travel in two thousand and thirteen budget some are concerned joining me to discuss this is andrew chaikin space historian science
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journalist and the author of a passion for mars andrew thanks so much for joining us again so first i guess before we get into some of the nitty gritty details kind of a big anniversary let's do a little retrospection right where do you think of where we've been in the last fifty years or maybe haven't been in terms of space exploration since that day when john glenn orbited the earth. yet still it's it's been quite a quite a ride. you know i think in some ways it's churned out more amazing than we could have anticipated i mean we've had humans walking on the moon we've had people living in space for months and months at a time even former cold war ever series the u.s. and russian space programs working together along with a dozen or more other nations on the international space station but in other ways it's been it hasn't lived up to what we've hoped and i think i'm more hopeful now than i've been in a long time because even though going to the moon was an impossible dream back in
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the sixty's and we we did achieve that we have a new couldn't quite impossible dream of making spaceflight lutein affordable and sustainable and i think that the commercial companies that are out there are working very hard to get us to that goal with nasa is tremendous help and i just came from a conference that was given at the federal aviation administration there in d.c. where i heard several of the commercial providers talking about their plans to build reusable space ships that will try to lower the cost of getting into earth orbit and that to me is the big kahuna because you know if we can lower the cost of getting into just those first couple hundred miles above the earth we're never going to get to mars or send humans back to the moon permanent on a permanent base or anything like that so we've really got to tackle this one
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announced a time but i'm very hopeful that we will well let's talk about you know since you brought up money cost effectiveness so in nasa's budget for two thousand and thirteen there was a lot more money right i think they doubled the amount of money they were going to put towards working with these private companies to try to help make it a little easier for us to. all their astronauts to and from space but at the same time we saw cuts when it come to when it came to some of the robotic programs specifically ones going to mars and so a lot of people in the community at nasa are really concerned about that because they say that if you can't send a robot or rover there first to go check it out you know how are you ever supposed to get humans hopefully one day to visit the planet as well. yeah well i mean i'm concerned about it because i'm in love with plants here exploration since i was five years old and i know how much there is yet to discover but unfortunately in
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these times of of budgetary constraints you know we've got to learn to do things differently we've got to learn to do things without breaking the bank and unfortunately for nasa they've had a couple of very big ticket projects lately like the james webb space telescope and also the curiosity rover that's now on its way to mars and will get there next summer that have gone way over budget and have made lawmakers at and happy and has made the the white house unhappy and so you know basically nasa has been told you're not going to get these big bulky billion dollar flagship missions for the forseeable future and that's unfortunate and it does rain in the kind of ambitions that planetary scientists would like to have in exploring the solar system but i think we just have to be as creative as we can and figure out ok if we can't send these you know billion dollar rovers to mars how can we use smaller
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missions to attack these scientific problems in a more cost effective way so i guess this is kind of a parallel to the situation i just described with commercial spaceflight everybody is having to be more creative to figure out how to do things under the current budget situation with more creativity doesn't mean that you sacrifice safety or quality but you just have to do it smarter and in a different way than maybe we've done in the past all that are the good way to go about our i was thinking of creativity i thought that for the fun little tidbit turns out that cornell university and the university of hawaii are now doing a simulation they want to perfect the menu if we really ever were to send men to space that had to be for three year. so they want to give them you know some options and so some are out of are actually going to be doing this the simulation and i mean what do you think right how creative can you really get with space cuisine. i don't know i was
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a little scared when i read that story i don't know how i would do with eating the same you know fused menu selections for two and a half years or three years so i wish them well i hope they learned how to keep people happy from killing very standpoint because psychological health is actually going to turn out to be one of the big challenges of sending humans to mars and you know as i've pointed out to you before when you get out all the way to mars and you're anywhere from forty to one hundred to two hundred million miles away from the earth you know the earth is just going to be a bright star in the in the sky the warning in the evening sky of moore's and we're going to have people feeling a tremendous sense of isolation in a way that they never have on a space mission before because you can't send. a freighter rocket with duties and fresh fruit like they do on the space station they're going to have to
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tough it out and learn to be kind years in a whole new way i guess the foodie is or at least trying to think ahead as to how they could make it easy as possible for them and her thank you so much for joining us tonight any time. our just ahead of the show writer for the new york post thinks that the a.p. is investigative series about the n.y.p.d. in the way their conduct or about the n.y.p.d. is their way of conducting a journalistic hot. and happy hour program the sheriff in arizona has a change his stance on photos surface of him and his undocumented boyfriend and find out what jeremy lin thinks of the s.p. and its headline about him from last week's. people calling what you said for free and fair elections.
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and we're still reporting from the it's about as you can hear behind me loud explosions. i mean. i get it. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture
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. are you guys it's time for that i had to apply reward and tonight goes to new york post contributor michael walsh here over the weekend the associated press release an investigation into the n.y.p.d. .


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