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in which bryson if you. come from france to the french you. for instance on t.v. don't come. five thirty am in moscow the zero two you have life un security council votes unanimously to send monitors to syria to oversee the ceasefire after a vision is to be original draft resolution calling objections from russia is reports are fresh clashes in the country severely testing the already fragile truce . back around the table iran and six world powers praise their resume talks over to iran's nuclear ambitions as constructive and useful talks come after a fifteen month hiatus and increased tensions but more negotiations play
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a super. sunday marking the holiest day of the year for millions of orthodox christians in moscow around six thousand gather for easter service at the city's main cathedral including president better than prime minister. now fifty one years ago this month that man first was sent up to space up next r.t. uncovers the secrets of the soviet space program and our special report. but so who will go first you first know you only five out of twenty are still alive. five participants of one of the most secret and envisions missions of the soviet union leaders to talk about it and in moscow they dared to do all kinds of experiments testing the limits of human insurance. every one of them wanted to be the first. they were all ready to risk their life.
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they were the first cosmonauts one of these men were chosen to prepare for the first ever human space flight every year in the five remaining members of the group gathered together on the first day of the first cosmonaut in his native city but now bears his name. alexei common chook was an engineer and a helicopter pilot just eighteen months ago now he is a candidate to become a cosmonaut. frankly speaking i never thought i was suitable for becoming a cosmonaut but after a little training i saw they were human beings just like anybody else. you should stop sending it because. these simulators are constructed especially for the cosmonauts they have no electronics or digital technology involved cosmonauts set the speed with their own movement this is about the only way to keep muscles toned
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in a weight loss environment if your cosmonaut alexei exercises three times a week but for those from the first squad this kind of training would be considered a walk in the park. here muttered the ball first squad hunter is it too many physical exercises or the most because people does not know from when to start a chill what though. here they are the men from the very first top secret soviet squad of cosmonauts there's video footage was for exclusive internal use only nobody was supposed to know anything about their mission not even their family or friends all twenty men were finally approved less than a year before one of them flew into orbit they were selected from thousands of the best flight schools across the country all of them were flying aces under the age of thirty five with impeccable profiles and in perfect health. if you had phil innes and so in out of thirty or had some little spark because
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a gentle carries that was enough to completely rule you out of the running of with . eight months until lift off time was running out the united states was also preparing its own first human space flight the soviet presidium secretly ordered the soviet man must be the first one to fly into space at any cost as the physical tests on the first cosmonaut squad increased so did the mental stress there was not a single minute of downtime for the men they endured tests and medical examinations followed by flights to the maximum heights possible and parachute training a one top of their daily exercise. this footage it shows the first squad taking a rare day off in the moscow region but before it ended one of the twenty squad members had wrecked his chances of flying into a little bit. we had just arrived when that hot headed didn't look before he
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tried to leap into the water while he ended up with a broken cervical vertebra and spent several months in hospital after that he was discharged from duty. valentino via lone wolf was the first one to drop out from the cosmonaut squad for medical reasons. alexey norman chilcot is undergoing centrifuge training they are judging if you can bear the extreme forces of gravity during take off. during will change and because you're not must not only keep conscious but also be able to distinguish and remember letters and symbols after the ordeal the amount of force inside a center fusion is measured in g in average person can sustain it no more than five g. in other words five times the force of gravity for today's cosmonauts the highest as
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they go is e.g. but the first squad was put through the absolute maximum of twelve g. . twelve g. was very scary they spun us in a centrifuge captured from germany after the second world war it was the only one we had in addition it was an open centrifuge and it was cracked all over by nine g. it was creaking when it hit twelve g. i didn't care about the force anymore it was more concerned about whether would fly off if everything was applied to collapse and there's room for the. yuri gagarin was insuperable physical shape but even those tests were torture for him as the speed in the centrifuge grows it becomes harder to breach the head feels heavy as if it is filled with lead. or did it but they carried out a research unit how long a person can stand it they just did it out on me yet the direction of the force from head to pelvis go up at foggy for thirty seconds then at sixty for thirty
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seconds at seventy for thirty seconds but it's that age she i began to blackout and went almost blind after just thirty seconds i had completely passed out. the cosmonauts underwent hundreds of thousands of tests on various machines as it turned out later the only thing they did was harm their health. a great number of doctors weakly appeared to carry out serious scientific experiments on human beings. but we were guinea pigs that's what they called us to tell the truth so there were . seven months until liftoff. six men were selected out of the remaining nineteen the rest were supposed to act
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as backup but they continued the preparations without any breaks one of the six could have been replaced at any time it was joked that all of them would fly into space in a couple of years and that more people would be needed because they ship would be more tray suited. anatoly cutter shore was among the top six cosmonauts he was considered one of the strongest in the team i'm told he could easily endure twelve g.'s time and again but his medical results proved otherwise. than as in your blood vessels on his back could burst in that means if those on his back burst they could burst in the brain this could be deadly the more he was dismissed from the cosmonauts and continued working as our pilots.
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because the short of it was replaced by a really good he no you wall of it was he who was bold enough to say what many were afraid to at a reception held by the commander of the air force. and from the noble creature in you you both stood up and said come race chief marshal we have an impression that they do not prepare us for space flight but swell the chest what we can survive. the commander appointed a responsible person and said that they had selected those people from three thousand pilots not for one single flight and that they would need them in the future he. he ordered a review of the training program to be less of a strain on their health. or. here you can see the leader of space exploration the youngest and the strongest man
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. three occupation was top secret. and we asked people if they could recognize any of them in the picture and they could not change everything about them with classify it. this is a museum in the city of garrett devoted to the first spaceflight the famous cosmonauts home city here you can see the training simulators the first squad actually used this rotating chairs has a you're a good pair and himself the unique exhibit finally appeared in the museum's collection in two thousand and eleven. you can see the low pressure chamber in which you regarding also underwent a test. and there was an accident in this very isolation chamber which. is what happened in this chamber was kept secret for a long time an isolation chamber is
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a special airtight soundproof room in which low pressure conditions are created a cosmonaut would be left here all alone for ten to fifteen days only the essentials were inside the room food water and a cooking stove communication was one way the cosmonaut was to report regularly on his condition to take readings of his organs with the help of sensors talking to the cosmonaut was forbidden lot assistance could only monitor him through a small window but on one fateful day when the cosmonaut urgently needed help none of the researchers was close by. well a million per year valentyn bhandari uncle was going to take any he wanted to do this one has to put in a special account what sensors needed for these it is necessary to rub the skin with alcohol to ensure a good contact with the sensors mr will. but nobody was at the time there was
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a cooking still beside him and he knew he was going to cook himself a meal and a piece of cotton wool dipped in alcohol fell down onto the heated still there was a higher oxygen content inside the chamber than a normal sort of cotton wool caught fire instantly. the inability of those on jupiter you were meant to be watching him through the window so if anything were to happen they were to open the door immediately trip over the steep but they noticed it too late. for them. when they managed to pull him out his whole body was burned only his perms were intact more than seventy five percent of his skin which had been scorched. when he was straightening out of the chamber he said steps he was the only one to blame rather than anybody else.
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valentino bundling called died in hospital several hours later he was not even among the top six balanchine was part of the backup team and was supposed to fill in for one of the favorites should anything happen among the other cosmonauts valentino was the youngest he was only twenty four. at the time even the death of the cause menard could not put a halt to the program. there were only three weeks before liftoff. wealthy british style.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r t. three weeks until liftoff six men who were still preparing for the flight. we were unaware of who would be the first one until the very last moment of what's going on i greet your ego guardian should be the one. thread and others said that
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you want to shoot pool to be amongst course. and then mars rafique arthur said that he had to be the first to fly because his first name was the scene as a planet beer or a mortal present. martha. of the sister of. when the six men were taken to the hangar where the first stock spacecraft was being prepared chief rocket designer surrogate color your asked who would like to get inside to see the. good are in quite outside the feed it. before getting in the guarin took off his shoes and only them got his sight. khalili off used to say that was when guarin stood out from the crowd and got a lawyer thoughtful and there are worth one week until left of the names of the
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first three candidates for the space flight were finally announced. syria will turn and yuri gagarin. siniora will turn on your monthly gulf. and kept wondering. if. the goal of the three men was to survive in extreme conditions they were put through an emergency landing in had to endure prison cold temperatures as minus twenty degrees celsius in a forest they would have to wait for two days before rescue arrived a basic survival kit was on board an axe a stock of food and first aid supplies there was a good reason for testing the cosmonauts and in this way. after the emergency landing of the was called to space craft a nine hundred sixty five cosmonaut pub elop the only area and alexey leonov also had to wait for two days for rescue we came down to the flight they found it difficult to move. or aware of the first night we slept in the space ship
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on a second day the rescuers foreigners and they built us a small wooden hut we one washed ourselves procure all law calls brought a huge cauldron and we heated the snow and power and i were sitting in this conference like two devils. correct. after the incident they decided at the center that all cosmonauts should acquire the skills necessary for surviving in extreme conditions. four days until lift off. the land of the state commission recommends for the first person to fly into space should be senior lieutenant yuri gagarin we're only here. get them killed off was named back a pilot log liguori know your boss was in third place of the three cosmonauts he
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saw neither glory nor honors know your wife was the only one never to perform a space flight his name was almost completely erased from the history of space exploration. no new. he was arrogant. i remember how without having flown into space he behaved as if he had done so. in april nine hundred sixty two you know your golf was expelled along with iran and the k over involved in the philosophy of from the first cosmonauts wired for breaching discipline and insignia they were sitting in a cafe drinking beer despite the fact that they were wearing uniform patrol officers came by and asked them to leave because it was against regulations and grigori started saying something like do you know who i am do you have any idea of what i can do to you according the head of the patrol to not hesitate to detain will. the growth of the squad gather together to vote on the matter
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of their expulsion. gory violence in the van how to do in a proper manner and they also raised their hands and it was nearly so three days later they were no longer here all three of them were sent to different military units or inscriptions to know you both together with his wife were sent the farthest to the far east at least picture was taken when grigori was in the team i had there not in this picture from a newspaper. you his face is blurred out. when grigori looked at it she told me this. i have been deleted. i am no more. three years later recording of died he was hit by
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a train but the wife of caused an odd number three is certain that her husband committed suicide her main evidence is a note which says zenaida you have always been the best it is not easy to find a woman mikey you i am sorry seen i to believe that her husband could not accept the fact that he had been dismissed from the cosmonaut squad so he chose a different craft of the hazards. with god's help today aleksei has his first training session in so-called open space journey ventilation are you comfortable the water is as close to the weightlessness of space as the cosmos can get on earth a spacecraft compartment is put into a pool this simulator is for cosmonauts to learn how to repair a spacecraft and conduct research outside the capsule. for looks.
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alexei cannot move independently underwater his spacesuit weighs two hundred kilos in open space the cars minard can count only on himself the need for such training became evident already after alexey leonore's first ever spacewalk. was march one thousand nine hundred sixty three. looking at these shots it is hard to believe that alexei early on all this struggling to save his life in malfunction in his spacesuit made it difficult to reenter the capsule staying outside was a risk as there was only enough reserve air in the suit for thirty minutes reducing pressure was also dangerous as it could cause his blood to boil which could lead to paralysis or even death to get back into the spaceship he had to take a gamble. to fulfill your sewer but still don't understand how i did it but it cost me so much anarchy that i felt that i was losing strength on
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my attempts to get inside with my feet first failed so i put my hand inside the airlock ripped it with my hands and started moving chad first when i realized i wouldn't be able to get inside like the earth will go a war hero. alexei harmon chalk has also faced some problems today the future cosmonaut not only has to forget about the discomfort inside the suit but also to quickly focus on his work to avoid mistakes while repairing the outer sheet he must learn to do the simplest operations instinctively to avoid problems in space your legs say you won't be able to stick it there. sorry for being slow what the title of that. alexy herman chalk successfully passes his exams in general space training he will be enrolled into cosmonaut squad number fifteen but nobody knows how long he may have to wait for his first flight according to the statistics provided by
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the russian training center little more than half of the cosmonauts who finish the program eventually go into space. yuri gagarin became the first and most famous cause monogamous squad at that moment the only one. in fact all the other yet unknown cosmonauts of the star squad were also present there in the crowd welcoming the gerund they were wearing civilian clothes for security reasons. and because of they used to tell us that we would have to retire in a couple of years but it so happened that i flew only after eight years past in fact i was the twenty first to fly even though the first squad consisted of twenty
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men but they were constantly replacing one cosmonaut with another for instance african garron came the first woman in space valentina to discover. when the moon program i was preparing for was cancelled out of it i was appointed at the space ship commander officer hughes eleven but eleven hours before the launch my crew was replaced when flight of the station and the whole crew of so use eleven died in an accident. then the second mission was cancelled the third mission was cancelled. ten years of continuous training for flights. but who knows the budget well you're . waiting for their hour of triumph was a serious psychological challenge many had to wait for years cosmonaut dimitry was a lifelong backup cause minute they promised him that he would fly soon but after
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a regular medical examination he was told that he had an ulcer according to the decree on cosmonauts one cannot fly to space within our search even though you can cover from it in spite of everything dimitri is akin has no regrets in the squad he met his wife type tiana who worked as a nurse and became the light of his life they have their own personal history of flight and space exploration and. she came to work for the squad right before guarin was going to leave for the rauch. of haleigh were aboard that was when i saw a mark karr on. the as they at the rally after going through flight in one employee told me that there is a young man over there she's got dark glasses on so he thinks that no one can see
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who he's looking at that little she never took his eyes over here at this. dimitri until she and i have been together for more than fifty years and they have two sons and four grandchildren. today anyone who dreams about the stars can fulfill his or her ambition. the father and mother of this family are both cosmonauts markets iraq was selected for duty first he immediately decided to become a cosmonaut when he found out that nowadays it is not necessary to be a military pilot all one needs is a higher technical education and good health. when i was going through the enrollment process and later wanted to take part two. i wasn't included in the same group as mock i had just given birth when her daughter was three years old and yet
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finally passed of the entrance exam today she is the only woman among all the active cosmonauts though mark entered the service before her first flight is scheduled for two thousand and fourteen and today cosmonauts have to spend about seven years training but they are no longer plagued with torture essential sizes they learn only what they will really need for spaceflight and it is all thanks to the first team of cosmonauts when george of the impossible to pave the way to the stars for future generations. mission free. education free. for charges free. range month free. three stooges free.
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