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tonight on r t it twelve years after mexico's p.r.i. party was booted from power and then yanto won mexico's election over the weekend and the yo soy scandal friends say those movements pleas for change word north will give you a wrap up of the results and tell you why students are so upset. the drone program has become the backbone to american wars abroad and surveillance at home but this military pillar might not be as stable as you think it will speak to the u.t. austin professor who actually cracked the drone code to prove how easy it is to hijack one.
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and dreaming of an economic recovery as american families forego summer vacations the government tries to fix its financial woes by luring foreign tourists to the u.s. we'll show you how uncle sam is trying to shine up like a new padding. it is monday july second to seven pm in washington d.c. my name is christine for you're watching our team. always and quite often hear it r t about the drawbacks of drones how many of them are being used as surveillance vehicles limiting privacy in a society where let's be honest a big brother has been watching us in other ways for years now well now there's a new set of concerns and they have to do with the way in which our own drones could be used against us of course the whole reason unmanned aerial vehicles are
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able to be unmanned is because someone is controlling them remotely so even if the drone can be physically hijacked it can it turns out be hacked a team of researchers at the university of texas has proven this and i want to show you some video that sort of illustrates how this is done the researchers hacked into the g.p.s. system of a small but sophisticated drone with a so-called spoofer one that mimics real g.p.s. signals that took complete control of the drone by sending it false g.p.s. signals making it go wildly off course several times the implications of this are that a terrorist group could do the same thing and use it to crash a drone into a building even another aircraft well earlier i spoke with professor todd humphreys he's part of the team from the university of texas at austin radio navigation lab that led the demonstration i asked him about the department of homeland security's reaction take a look well and usually. i think they were somewhat skeptical that we could pull this off but when they saw the test results the footage and so forth i believe that
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they were happy that happened because now that we can shed the light on the problem perhaps they can get the funding they need to address the problem so break this down for me from what i understand it only takes about a thousand dollars in parts to assemble i think you guys call it a spoof or how does this work. well this movie device does cost about a thousand dollars in the hardware but that's a bit a little bit misleading the software is where all the magic happens and it took us about four years to develop a team of two or three ph d. students how does it work well it turns out that the civilian g.p.s. signals are completely open on authenticated so all you have to do is gin up your own signals that are indistinguishable from the civilian g.p.s. signals and then raise the power sufficiently that you commandeer the g.p.s. receiver instead of the authentic signals. i know that congress is going to open us airspace to drones by two thousand and fifteen as of now about fifty six domestic government agencies are already authorized to fly drones in the skies above the
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united states and i think sixty three known active drone launch sites across the country we're showing a map of some of these sites now unless i'm mistaken i mean drones are simply going to share the air space with what we already have which is other planes what are the dangers that we're looking at here. well first of all i want to say that i'm a big proponent of bringing into the draft the drones into the national airspace they're going to come we might as well accept that the question is how can we bring them in reliably and right now the dangers of bringing them in before addressing this problem would be that somebody from the ground could hack the drones and turn them into their own to their own devices making them go into a different place or along a different path so it could cause loss of life it could cause collisions but i hope that we can address the problem long before that happens and we should mention to our viewers military drones g.p.s. systems are encrypted so that's something that would be much much more difficult to hack into but that isn't the case for civilian drones you said you guys are
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proponents the bottom line is as you say they're coming various police departments in this country have already purchased drones and from what i understand even fedex is looking to bring in drones more cheaply and efficiently to deliver packages but if the navigation systems on these drones could be hacked i mean let's go into some detail about what could actually happen here well the navigation systems of these drones have a variety of sensors some of them have altimeters and magnetometers and inertial sensors but at the very bottom is a g.p.s. unit and most of these drones that will be used in the civilian air space have a civilian g.p.s. unit which is wide open vulnerable to this kind of attack so if you can commandeer the g.p.s. unit then you can basically. spoon feed bolts navigation information to the navigation center of these drones. so you said when you sort of proposed this idea to the department of homeland security that they didn't really believe that you
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could do it but they wanted to check it out i'm certain that this is something you know they would have thought about ahead of time that this was a possibility i mean certainly hackers like the hacking activist group anonymous can hack into just about anything of course this is a possibility i guess i'm wondering i mean do you think that they were as prepared to see what you show them. you know there were some there are some very sophisticated people at the v.h.s. homeland security and i know that they're well aware of these problems because they're well aware that the civil g.p.s. signals were never authenticated i think the real challenge was whether we could actually pull this off on a u.a.b. that was flying in midair with all the correct alignment and compensation for the timing delays and so forth that was a big affair and my students and i worked hard to demonstrate that it was indeed possible and perhaps within the capability of other hackers so you know you and a couple of ph d. students at university of texas i guess i got to ask you i mean what's going to be
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next what else are you guys working on i think you have a good point that this is important that you notify our government agencies that this is possible what's the next project for you guys. well you had two goals all the way along in this research first goal is to raise awareness among the general public that we shouldn't blindly trust g.p.s. signals the civilian g.p.s. signals which are under an encrypted the second goal is i think the more ambitious one let's see what we can do to fix this problem there's a grassroots approach to that where you you fix the receivers themselves but there's a top down approach to where we could actually change the sunlight signals coming from the g.p.s. satellites and that's going to take time it's going to take money and political will but that's what we're hoping it will eventually happen so that the problem is solved globally. present and raise you certainly have a great grasp on the technology that we're dealing with i know that in the media it's very rare that a lot of you know especially the mainstream media even talks about drones i know
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fox news did this report and you spoke to them recently but. it's i think a lot of people are going to be surprise and i'm wondering what you think i know last month we had a drone crash here on the eastern shore of maryland. but do you think i mean as somebody who spends so much time sort of developing drone technology working with it understanding it do you think the vast majority of americans you know even understand what drones are. i think the vast majority of americans are fascinated by drones by the prospect by by the thought perhaps they could get takeout food delivered to their doorstep by a drone for example but there is a lack of deep understanding of the the inner workings of the technology and perhaps of the safety threat and that's what we're trying to do is highlight some of the safety issues involved oh my gosh i've never even imagined takeout food delivered you know have the pizza you know have been dropped off the back in a drone i've never even thought about that but there are some more serious concerns
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out professor humphreys i mean as far as surveillance i know a lot of police departments have used drones and are planning on using them even more or surveil people in this country i mean isn't there a level that you speak to with your sister students about some of the negative negative effects that these drugs are having in this country of course i've got some tall fences around the back of my house and i have a reasonable expectation of privacy when i'm having a barbecue there in the back of the house so of course i wouldn't like to have any drone surveilling me and my family as we're having a barbecue but i'd like to see these kinds of concerns balanced with the kind of economic benefit the drones could bring so whereas we'd like to welcome them in we've got to address problems of privacy we've now got to address problems of safety before twenty fifteen when the f.a.a. opens the skies to these drones give us under-secretary no university of texas certainly not the only university we've done stories before on various universities that are not only working on drone technology in specific matters as you and your
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student have but also developing entire programs i mean certainly this is a field where you know a lot of people might not like it but it is growing and developing an. entire program you can major in some universities in drone technology talk a little bit about why this is for those who are less familiar with the growing technology here. well i think part of it goes back to the drones in never to belittle they're coming it's a juggernaut they're going to be here so let's develop the technological skills we need to harness this kind of technology and train a new cadre of engineers to develop even even further more ambitious projects i know that there are good good research being done at georgia tech and in universities in new mexico and in other places these are just people recognizing that this is the world that's facing us and let's be on top of the of the issues
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when i was revise or tada humphries assistant professor at the aerospace department at the university of texas at austin. well yesterday the people of mexico went to the polls to vote for their next president and the winner is a man who has been leading in the polls for quite some time now and. here's a look at the celebration in some parts of mexico after those results were announced. and those with the institutional revolutionary party or p.r.i. a party that ruled mexico for seventy one years until it lost power in two thousand p.r.i. had long been accused of being corrupt but after twelve years the people have changed their mind handing power back to that party once again though has promised to unify the country and to rule with honesty transparency and a full accounting of public funds than before even taking office has already been accused of paying broadcasters in mexico for favorable coverage his wife is
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a former tele novella star and it televisa is largely being blamed for totally unbalanced coverage of the other candidates to talk more about this i'm joined now by investigative journalist andrew canada's andrew let's talk first about some of these charges of corruption what do you think is the biggest issue for the critics here. well i guess the biggest issue is that there's widespread practice and so vote buying both manipulation book version. and and in such numbers that exceeds the difference at least from the graphic account that was in history as actually i'm whether it's not quite the bishop just yet that's going to happen and still that as as they call it in terms the graphic now difference of votes is somewhere around three million change in you add up all the allegations and even the good reports of the only mostly coming out of the guardian on the base they leave the great work in the years it's forty three million votes it gets even closer to five
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six so down here people are pretty charged up i was reporting from the little did last night where we're on the phone well look it's a bit of was speaking to supporters to the press and on people were pretty ticked off you know they were the translate they were shouting if there is an imposition of you know the election if there's a false results we'll be able to show so stuff it's pretty tense down here there's a lot of you know there's a lot of stuff in the air about this election or have you been a fairly well i want to get into to some of those specifics but let's far as kind of take a look at the last you know six years under philippe calderon tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico especially those who work in law enforcement i'm wondering if you think andrew that it's possible people sort of decided that you know extreme corruption which the p.r.i. has been known for in the past was better than extreme violence. well you know they're technically a feeling down here and i i perceive it is well that this was
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a referendum against the time the national action party and the against you know so-called war on drugs so many ways with the ball to you know you know these two other candidates from the break and yet though and look is that a lot of you know both those parties are definitely outside. sculp with that so you know i definitely would agree with. what you're going on reporting down here it's you know a lot of that's well people are definitely sick and tired of the way the war is going to conducted here in terms of a preference for corruption but i'm not sure really if that's the expression of the next people to the extent that in the at the garnered a lot of votes even you know if the allegations are true obviously millions of mexicans so that both of them there's a kind of hope a sort of perception that with the return of the power by the free that people have more jobs will be more stability and that hopefully with this younger you apparent winner there will the russian the. overweight side at least that's what supporters
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their aspirations will express but obviously the majority of the mexican people did not vote for her and yet though and most people at this point pretty scared of return to the days of old thing you know i'll tell you that line that i read of that people here i think really feel is that it's kind of like that the future kind of feel and so and yet so what you're actually you mention some of those other candidates just for our viewers who aren't following the election closely i want to put that in talk a little bit about them andrea andres manuel lopez obrador who you mentioned with left his democratic revolution party or p r d he is so far i mean as you mentioned the results are not official but so far he's in second place with about thirty two percent of the vote and then you have holes a fan of vasquez malta with the conservative national action party or pun right came in third i know that although i came in second to current president felipe calderon back in two thousand and six any thoughts on you know why these candidates
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if those results are sort of finalized why they were not able to really compete well i mean you know aside from the vote accusations and you know the vote manipulation with the buying of the votes and the origin of votes there's also a whole another critique that's coming to really out of this very fervent student movement which literally. journey lection up on its head as it may look at them on the previous or later this is well but then you get this shit up to a camp it's your fault you get out of the event of any kind of action it's a couple classes and it was literally booed off campus an expert not a huge student movement which which literally drew the bow on you know that it was when he bites on twenty points or something like that you may love it since then is that it's obviously been significantly cut to the point when our six percent but it's terms of these other candidates really be able to get a lot of traction is it that the student movement has the other end of the sequel and beyond the boat and so on you know they both first allegations and that's that
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that many at the us had a very close relationship with a leading politician running as you know your volatility so they control over two thirds of the free to air channels down here and sure enough it will last month and it could last week again coming out of the guardian it will dissipate of course revealing you know contracts that the free fishel is and then you get this campaign officials have had a televisa where that whereby they gain a promotion favorable coverage and all sorts of things in fact the guardian also and some of the full week you will coming out of on the planet sphere of us which also pointed exactly two goals is that it's well known presently quoting here that when it's received credibly favorable treatment favorable treatment of lots of coverage on television so this is spent pretty much a battle cry from the student body which again i just said he will that the snow had a big impact on the election yes and i want some interesting reporting out of the guardian but andrew i want to focus on something that you were just mentioning and that is that your student movement you talked about right on the other being booed
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off the stage i know there's this movement i've been kind of following on twitter under the hash tag you know so i sent a kind i.e. those are i am answering already to spanish there has been to talk a little bit about how this came about and why and why some people are calling it you know the mexicans brains. you know it definitely was i mean you know it's really there's no precedent in next history where a student led movement that you know pretty much exploded across the country managed to you know. you know they deal huge blow to polls or to a point where they're cut in half or not more and you know basically what happened was that right after winning it was campus free officials immediately so to the airwaves falling the students fascist hate protestors and trying to discredit them and the mainstream media course filed suit against television broadcast here are pretty monopolistic in fact you know if you really want to wouldn't basically they control everything the other one is that c.b.s. decca and some of the students did is except for the social media airwaves so to
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speak and they uploaded one hundred thirty one of them uploaded images of themselves along with their student aggies to literally at the miss that were being passed around by the mainstream media and it it was us incredibly explosive the media was very embarrassed in fact the students that won the bean on telling the other you know big mainstream outlets and not only that they get the mainstream attention and the mess about them they will but that was all across the nation you know garnering protests and upwards one hundred two hundred thousand people at practically every week in terms of the last week or so every day and this made it a big in fact that he lection on election a lot of people are looking beyond that maybe on next to marcus itself because it is really just that big and really just that sophisticated again using things and this is the reason why they call it mexican spring you know similar souls of the internet just like you saw in egypt and across you know western asia the middle east twitter and facebook and these are young people that are are not only you know taken to social media airways but even within their own households are being
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basically the call they described as the opinion leaders of the household so it's almost kind of a generational shift where rail and the parents are going to the students for political counsel advice well real quick is we're almost out of time but i know that only last ten twenty five percent of people in mexico have internet so just real quick to talk about the clash of you know the television versus internet a situation that's happening there but it is a clash it's like one of these generational things that you see in the digital age you nowhere. you know young people are living almost different lines and the older generations and that's pretty much what's going on here in mexico in many ways but obviously the organizers of the moving have tried really hard and i think it succeeded in many ways in bridging that gap and like i said they've managed to get quite a lot of the media attention and in play and so i think obviously the big question now is a flexion it's going to close the official results will be announced just a few days it's where this you know next in spring and. the point there goes i'm the under thirty seven student in reference to the hundred thirty one uploaded
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their love is where that move it's going to go with kind of the back it's going to have the politics the main organizers have pledged to continue the movement and said in spite of whoever wins the election even though one of their biggest goal really was that the new the it's a matter of action that will matter what happens if you want to keep on going strong so we'll see what happens out here items of the role it plays in this country right appreciate your insight there straight from mexico city and best to give journalist and your cannas it's your money when we talk about surveillance here in the u.s. let's not forget governments in other countries are working on ways to spy on their citizens as well internet and phone companies in the u.k. are set to install black boxes which will monitor e-mails and social networking activities and store data for up to a year artists are for take a look. with millions the c.c.t.v. cameras monitoring our every move with fingerprinting and facial recognition many people in britain feel that their privacy is being slowly eroded that we're turning
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into an oh well in states where all armies are monitored the big brother is always watching well who knows about big brother but the u.k. government looks like it could be thirty in the near future to be revealed a lot but since bush will be monitoring all our emails and telephone calls what we're searching for online even our twitter and facebook accounts other black boxes that hold the state up to a year and allow the government access to it when they were conducting an investigation the government say is a vital tool in catching criminals as they become more technologically advanced with those opposed to it say that it would simply harm innocent people. and they should be able to go into a private conversation between. touch a few people all. the most of it just normal. if this passes into law it's such a make person the most intrusive surveillance regime in the west many people are
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calling this an internet war saying that old government m.p.'s passing legislation to do with new connected to still ages simply making too many mistakes that there's a disconnect here and that these m.p.'s don't understand the need to worlds and that's having some quite severe consequences but one of the more sinister consequences of this we can see is the case which they deployed the twenty four year old university student he faces up to ten years in a u.s. prison allegations of copyright offenses related to his u.k. website t.v. shack don't know now the home office gave permission for his extradition to this public opposition in fact with a p.d.f. . and that jimmy wales launched recently an online petition to try and block the sex addition going ahead and it's already received in just a week more than two hundred thousand people signing on to that it seems in the
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internet war the u.k. public uprising back and indeed we're told that we need to if we all want to be avoid being caught in the ever widening net that could be set to make criminals of us all and that was our to sarah for three porting. well with fewer people in the u.s. taking family vacations this summer top officials in the u.s. are trying a new method their marketing vacations in this country to people in other countries are to correspond a marina port has the story america's economy was once like the strongest and fastest roller coaster everyone wanted to ride. but nearly four years following wall street's financial freefall more than fifteen million u.s. citizens lack full time jobs. and employment problem the u.s. president hopes the visitors from other countries can help fix more money spent by more tourists means more businesses can hire more workers washington has launched a marketing campaign promoting brand usa all over the world.
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with a heavy focus on travelers from brazil china and india visitors from all three emerging economies contributed a reported fifteen billion dollars to the u.s. in two thousand and ten part of what's going on in the united states is americans don't have any money anymore and they can't afford to go on vacation and part of what you're seeing is them looking to replace the weak pushed out american middle class with folks from other parts the world where the economy is going better and wages are growing in an effort to lure the big spenders the white house has made it easier and quicker for more chinese and brazilian citizens to obtain tourist visas before brand usa came brand big apple new york city of america's top tourist destination attracted more than fifty million visitors last year now while the weak u.s. dollar has been a burden for the buying power of u.s. citizens customers armed with
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a stronger currency business is booming and prices from dropping international visitor are they're great shoppers and they spend a tremendous amount of money the brazilians spend a tremendous amount of money many europeans the chinese spend a lot of money george is the c.e.o. . of n.y.c. and company an organization that markets the big apple around the globe he also serves as marketing vice chairman for brand usa every eighty five visitors foreign visitors it comes to the united states you creates one job and because we have so many different visitors you know we have over ten million international visitors in two thousand and eleven and now we have well over three hundred twenty five thousand jobs in the hospitality and travel and tourism industry which is a huge boon to the economy but some argue quantity may not be great to quality it does tend to create a fairly low paid service industry jobs that doesn't tend to create great jobs having people in the business of manufacturing or high end services no medical
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services business services tends to create much higher quality or pay jobs and tourism which tends to create a law jobs for people cleaning hotel rooms and serving meals a decade ago the idea of an american president betting on tourists from brazil china and india for jobs would have raised many eyebrows. today however two hundred million dollars is being spent to brand usa abroad while social services continue being cut at home. r.t. new york well eat healthy and exercise we all know those are the ingredients to a long and healthy life but why are so many americans not using them more harvest with the resident takes a look. as the world's knowledge of science and medicine continues to grow so do our waistlines why this week let's talk about that most of the people are too lazy i
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think we're just lazy i think that's most of it's better to see your coach sleeping doing walter with us even than the cost of an early death yeah but nobody thinks about the because we don't do enough exercise and we large portions got a cut down of course everyone knows that it seems to be common knowledge no one's doing anything about it dr baker said i don't have intestinal fortitude to fall through that's what it is meant but that ik one person perfect i think even though our knowledge of science getting a lot bigger it's very concentrated i feel like a lot of it is in things like colleges and the higher educated but we're not transferring that knowledge to other people it's all caught in one place around spreading it around the population a so that's why we still enjoy things like fast food because a lot of people are still ignorant of how bad it really is or what the calories and all that because it's so it's like a drug it is like a drug we're all addicts all that melissa's good that's a problem what's your addiction we like to set up chocolate chip cookies i just
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think the poor are middle class communities just don't have access to enough information and education about healthy living so is it government's responsibility to spread that or is it a personal responsibility thing for people to take care of themselves both i think as well i think and then mark say samples the there's a levy on each product so people are forced to buy less but products like things but if you think that's fair shouldn't a person be able to buy whatever crap they want. is that some governments need money. you can't sell people you can't use things out or whatever because you're you know cook your food and so is it of. causes of natural selection then if people are going to make bad choices they're going to die earlier and that's the way it should be doing so whether or not you think it's a problem the modern world is getting fatter and fatter and that can't be a good thing for society waste or bottom line.


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