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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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on a real problem. we want to present. something else. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. me it is easy he is easy. he. immediately.
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one issue that we've been discussing on the show lately is the trans-pacific partnership or the t.p. p for short it's a free trade agreement it's being negotiated behind closed doors by the united states and eight other countries and just yesterday the latest round of talks ended in san diego with negotiators reporting significant progress but of course this is all of this may of public interest advocates they've argued that the t p p like other free trade agreements would undermine democracy specifically critics have pointed to an investor state dispute resolution procedure basically found that a leak through that would allow foreign companies to challenge regulations before a tribunal of private sector lawyers so loss to protect workers consumers the environment they could all potentially be challenged before an obscure panel if the
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t.p. is ratified by congress who is really enraged observers even more is the fact that this deal can expand without much oversight after it's passed and of course the real kicker is the current goshi actions are being held with very little transparency the public is completely in the dark members of congress are being denied the chance to see key documents and details of this deal will remain secret for four years after it goes through if it goes through that is now even the draft of the controversial w t o agreement those are made available but people will be on the white house are in the t.p. loop and those are corporate interests of course representatives of multinationals they are being invited to shape the talks and even then we know very little about which ones it is journalist shots idelson pointed out on the show and all the secrecy just made it more likely that these unpopular laws could be rammed through congress. six hundred corporate percent of the public isn't allowed to know
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congress isn't allowed to know do we have any idea who the companies are any any of the names they're. there and i don't have a list but i can say that this is a pattern there was research done several years ago looking across countries. each hope players in the country's political system know the words the harder the party in power to get laws passed the more likely they were to say nice trade agreements. so who would know which corporations or players when it comes to oregon said of the ron wyden he's the chair of the senate finance committee subcommittee on trade and he's been a vociferous critic of the secret negotiations he says of his staffers have received security clearances to view relevant documents and the details of the deals draft are still being with help but then why did introduced a bill forcing the u.s. trade representative to provide congress with drive documents of all the trade agreements he shed some light on corporate power players he said here the majority
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of congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the tepee. all representatives of u.s. corporations like halliburton chevron ph r.m.a. comcast and the motion picture association of america are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement now thanks to the center for responsive politics we found the number of corporate interests wanting to shape the t.v. is probably a lot greater than the four mentioned by wide it and we can actually name names according to lobbying disclosures seventy seven different clients have made overtures to congress and the executive branch about this agreement and while the documents don't say what these and these positions are i think it's pretty safe to assume that multinational corporations want less over government side less government oversight excuse me not more what we do know about lobbying in general is that those who do it they often helped write the policy so here are just some of the group. who've been lobbying and possibly participating in the drafting of the
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t.p. . with us we'll have a little tape issue there we go and it also good it takes a while so the names that we have pfizer yahoo the u.s. chamber of commerce the m.p.a. dow chemical and rupert murdoch's news corp which could explain why fox news really talks about this right then that we have target this need biogen idec and taylor xerox hewlett packard eighteen t. the biotechnology industry organization and sony gotta catch my breath here then we still have general motors chevre on prudential financial chrysler cargill general electric visa tyson foods campbell soup and intel corp and that's just to name a few of the list goes on and on but if you want to check out the rest of the clients that have been lobbying on the t.v. we're going to post a link to the list on our facebook and twitter accounts and we have to give obviously a special thanks to the center for responsive politics for their service to
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transparency here if you search trans-pacific partnership under lobbying issues on open secrets dot org which is their web site you're going to find a list now it should be noted that public interest groups and unions they've been lobbying too but the probably not the ones that are getting inside info on these negotiations i'm guessing is by the many negative statements they've released concerning the t.p. and the damage that it could do to american workers so we'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop if more information does come out. now earlier in the show we spent a lot of time focusing on the obama administration's your own program abroad but drone use here in the u.s. will soon become just as big of a story and like everything else in u.s. politics the politicians are warping these issues to suit their interests you remember the back in february president obama signed a bill that forces the f.a.a. to free up airspace for drones by september of two thousand and fifteen this is a bill this bill allows both private companies and law enforcement to use them for
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surveillance and privacy advocates are very rightly concerned that this could undermine the bill of rights so then last month senator rand paul and congressman austin scott introduced bills that would ensure evidence gathered by drones can't be used in court without a warrant i think it's a sensible policy at least some kind of save guard for americans fourth amendment rights even if it seems like the policy might not totally work but it turns out the proposals are actually gaining some support both having a total of seventeen co-sponsors thus far but it's kind of surprising that all but one of the co-sponsors are republicans democrats in the house almost unanimously opposed this bill and only twelve republicans in the house and five in the senate opposed it and the party has generally been ok when it comes to approving lax unmanned aerial surveillance rules on the fly take a look. my meant is designed to help expedite and to improve the process by which f.a.a. works with government agencies to incorporate unmanned aerial vehicles are you a
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visas are commonly called into the national airspace system what do you think about the domestic use of drones i think it's great they will be using technology to make a law enforcement more. productive they're going to be more and more uses for unmanned aerial vehicles to be able to do the surveillance and photographing. that have taken helicopter pilots. also weeks ago congo. when shelley moore capito sought to ride the wave of newfound republican concern over drones she introduced another bill to limit their use shortly after paul and scott's companion bills but compete ohs bill which has twelve sponsors would forbid the e.p.a. from using drones to enforce the clean water act and compete zero cited civil libertarian concerns saying i'm getting to the point that i have to file for a clean water i permit if i want to turn the hose on in my backyard the e.p.a. will take any opportunity to make it harder for farmers energy operators or any
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business that deals with the e.p.a. to operate. now seems like paedos revealed herself to be something of a born again civil libertarian here because you see she co-sponsored the bill demanding domestic airspace for drones by two thousand and fifteen that's a bill that thus far hasn't addressed any privacy concerns so considering that she doesn't really seem like a civil libertarian at all she has no problem with law enforcement private businesses using your own just the e.p.a. her only concern about freedom here seems to be big business is freedom to contaminate the environment over the course of her career could be to has taken it over eight hundred eighty thousand dollars in campaign donations from energy and mining companies and she disclosed that she owns between seventy thousand and two hundred twenty five thousand and energy industry related assets guess it's not really all that surprising to see her only care about drone surveillance here where it threatens the big business that she has ties to now she's defended their interest i'll have you know throughout the entirety of her career. administration's
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needed effort to end coal mining threatens the very future i believe. energy domestic energy can we say that equals jobs if we're going to start cutting back on that disadvantaging ourself i think we're going to lose manufacturing jobs we're going to see more jobs being shipped overseas and we're going to work really setting up a winners and losers between states by state will be a big loser. never mind of course the fact the regulations green energy subsidies can create jobs by encouraging industries to invest in new technologies could be on forgot to mention that her state is already a big loser and appalachian is being threatened because of republicans efforts to strip mine e.p.a. regulations modern rule mining has ravaged the local environment it's in poisoning the ecosystem and sierra club study found that five hundred seventy two west virginians have died due to coal plant pollution just in two thousand and ten alone and a study by west virginia university and virginia tech released in two thousand and
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ten showed how locals living near coal mines are much more likely to die of. answer but she wouldn't have dared to utter such facts right computer here is ready to bend over backwards for an industry that's been one of her best friends even if it's killing her constituents and that is the exact same reason why i think that she's feigning concern over civil liberties unlike some of her other republican colleagues who appear to have a genuine concern the drone surveillance could be absurd seems like you know any time you have people concerned about the public interest you're always going to find a few of those pretending to ride the wave of anger doing heavy lifting for big business not too far behind. our guys in time for our last break of the evening but at the earth find out with and i pulled my winner is he wants to bring back and entered servitude in america and then comedian daniel tosh is in liar to end controversy an r.t.s. pristine for his al be discussing that and more on tonight's happy hour. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging welcome to the big picture. of it all started here before going global and now
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i guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and so now we're giving it to somebody who thinks that our young adults should be drafted to save money thomas ricks wrote an op ed in today's new york times called let's draft our kids and he's got a pretty thorough argument for a new conscription system and this idea came about after general stanley mcchrystal called for reinstating the draft during last month's athan ideas festival that mcchrystal also isn't alone and thinking that the draft again could be a good idea one of the ideas that gained more traction then i expect it was national service and something that general i stan mcchrystal admiral mike mullen both talked about and then valerie jarrett picked it up and you could see it moving
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through the festival a series about the draft because i do believe doing what. if someone has to serve it should be everyone has to be at least in a position to be liable to say it should not be left up to the weakest part of a community. so let's add a rick's to the list and explain his plan he argues that there should be three options for men and women at fresh out of high school number one they could do eighteen months of military service with low pay but with post service benefits like free college tuition number two they could opt to they could opt to not be deployed and instead they can perform office style tasks that are currently held by contractors for example doing paperwork money lawns driving generals around and other civilian tasks and if they are interested in servicing the army serving in the r.v. at all rick for pros that they do other low pay national service tasks for slightly
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longer jobs like teaching in low income areas aiding elderly folks and cleaning parks and have students choose the nonmilitary route they would still receive tuitions eight and then finally there's number three if you're really not down with the draft you can opt out but under rick's plan youngsters would have to pledge not to ask for any social net like medicare or mortgage guarantees or any kind of modified college loans in rick's mind we have so many eighteen year olds coming fresh out of school that american she doesn't know what to do with them and sure we have a number unemployment issue but what does he propose to actually solve this cheap labor actually scratch that is new and cheap labor is basically indentured servitude we've already tried that during the colonial era held up as an example where we had young immigrants working for just food and board on the farms and i can't say if that's necessary a necessarily a glowing part of u.s. history but ricks isn't seem too bothered by that so why you might as well he says if this is going to help us fix our looming budget problems now i think that rick
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has his blinders on because i can think of a few other ways to fix our financial woes without a draft how about actually cutting down on our military expenditures and we want to talk about saving money how about our bases the u.s. has so many bases around the world that we literally cannot keep track of that the most accurate prediction we can give is an estimate of a least a thousand and that's on the low end of this scale. but there are no votes than one thousand and seventy seven u.s. bases are sites in foreign countries likely there is no second many more than that we just can't be sure i don't think anyone really knows the full costs that the pentagon doesn't she could have actually done all the miscellaneous expenses. all right so how about less war then sure rick says that his proposed draft will make people think twice but we could just approach the less war stands for a more say angle i we know about afghanistan libya iraq what about the shadow wars pakistan yemen somalia on top of that three thousand troops are scheduled to train
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african armies next year how to plan for a smaller military rather than a larger one that he's kind of sort of advocating for his argument here suggest that everybody would have to serve the country in some way let's be realistic do you think that those rich politicians are one percenters are going to let their kids do dirty work with low pay a libertarian consultant out there named steven gordon says if mcchrystal thinks that every citizen will be taking the same risks as we consider going to war he sadly mistaken somehow the rich and the elite will find a loophole historically they always do and i hate to put it so cut and dry but gordon is right everybody knows it so keeping that in mind rick's plan would essentially putting everybody who is not at the top like the lower classes the middle classes into indentured servitude couldn't be any were obvious with that social safety net opt out option the i just shot full bore eighteen year olds they can be dragged into our already ridiculous military industrial complex that's
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basically his entire solution for our debt problems now sorry for poking holes in this master plan but having all many women in the list in this modern day version of slavery is not the solution so for posing a plan that would essentially require americans to pay for their right to be a citizen thomas ricks winter nights tool time award. is time for happy hour and joining me this evening r.t. correspondent christine freeze out and greg roth social commentator for man on the street d.c. dot com what i was thinking began to. let's start with daniel tosh shall we who i generally think is is actually pretty funny i like watching tosh point no but he's in a lot of trouble right now and it all started with you know will basically rape jokes right people to rape jokes never funny here's
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a clip of him saying one. i play practical jokes that are constantly though i gotter so good a few weeks ago i replaced her pepper spray with silly string. anyway that she got raped. and she called me the next day going to use. so i've been here there's a girl who went to see daniel tosh and then she wrote about it on her tumblr and said tosh then starts making some very generalizing declarative statements about rape jokes always being funny how can a rape joke not be funny rape is hilarious bubba blah i don't know why he was so repetitive about it but she says i thought provoke because i for one don't find them funny never have so then she had called him and said actually rape jokes are never funny and then after she said that tosh finally paused and then said would it be funny if that girl got raped by like five guys right now like right now what if a bunch of guys raped her and started off with a whole firestorm he's apologized on twitter but apparently maybe not apologized
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all the way i guess there's been a lot of back and forth with the latest on that well if anything he should apologize for just writing crappy jokes first right i mean you i mean i'm going to minds on this obviously there's not really anything terribly funny about rape right but that doesn't necessarily mean that you would then go into the standup comedy world and say this is off limits this is off limits right so it's i understand where she's coming from but i think there's a limit to what you can say in terms of trying to control people are going to do i mean it's not as if they don't know windows or daniel tosh is like she knew there's really no need for it you know but it's not cut and dry and that's the whole thing really is that comedians are always trying to push the limits they're always trying to push it to extremes to stand out and you know and so it's one of those things where i mean like has anyone ever done a tasteful good rape joke that actually you know i was going to say i mean according to this girl she didn't know who he was but she found dane cook's act
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going to think yeah. regardless i mean i think it's a really i think it's going to do nothing if it's about doing coke rather than sitting through an hour yeah. i mean i think that begs the question which you asked rightfully so is what can be on limits and what can be off limits and i think for comedians and i interviewed one today as well doug stanhope and he said nothing is off limits you know people are going to find something offensive if you have diabetes you can find diabetes jokes offensive comedians are racist their sex is dirty and cruel i didn't find it funny but i don't think that he should be fired or you know we i think there's a lot of people calling for him you know for his show to be taken off the air which . i mean i like i would never defend rape jokes but i just think that there are people do pick and choose sometimes there is selective outrage over things that there are a lot of like jokes that are made about being violent in other respects and yet you don't see the same kind of. anger is you know that we go through this every few months or we had the tracy morgan thing right and then get we're godfrey got fired
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for making it i can remember the joke was funny i remember that but he got fired from being the spokesman and so the whole thing with this is that it's all context right i don't think there's anything funny about that routine or how we even handled the heckler but i also as someone that has done some performing can't stand hecklers so the where i disagree with her is the idea that it soon as i hear something i have an opinion i have to say it out loud the entire room has to hear it and if i don't say this is my opinion i'm going to go home and not feel comfortable myself well that's about you that's not about the show ok i mean you can make that point but i don't agree with the tail end of how she handled it. i like to give no yes i mean you would not mind but when someone. pointed the i
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mean everybody will be like really just going crazy over this and i haven't been following every step of it and the fence i think that he apologized on twitter but then maybe he kind of took it back or something and this is what people are really getting crazy this point no off the back on her side i generally do usually think it's pretty funny. all right writers are funny so let's move on to our next story shall we this is the woman who was the heaviest woman in the world so first we're going to show you a clip of the past and this is back when she weighed pauline seven hundred pounds take a look. knew that i needed help to lose weight. i wrote to dr phil oprah dr oz nobody would hear me or respond so i decided to get in contact with the guinness book of world records and i thought ok i'm already this will take advantage of it to get my story out there. are it's i. photography is six hundred forty three pounds and so she decided to interview with u.k.'s closer magazine and
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she's talking about how basically reigniting her sex life has helped her already lose ninety eight pounds she she and her husband have sex up to seven times each day and she says i can't move much in bed but i burn five hand five hundred calories a session it's great exercise just jiggling around. well as the panel member here who is neither in shape nor beautiful i feel like a difference now what bothers me about this is that her husband is one hundred forty pounds ex-husband right i'm one hundred seventy seven but he is just helping her out again if it's because she didn't get along with. him and he came over. so so he's one foot she's a side dish but she heard. my own dinners or fried chickens and he does consume ten thousand calories a day i think but you know i mean all the more power to you reckon i know better
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how you're going to do it lose weight the physical you know the physically demanding understand i'm going to defect it's very hard for people like that to do other physical activity and i'm just speaking on the you know realistic scientific level like she's not going to go on the treadmill she will fit on it and she probably won't be able to do much but if it works let her do it yeah whatever well i'm just thinking though that you know if you really want to lose more weight than that are you going to happen to fix or seven times a day if you're going to have to put up twenty times the number a little bit once an hour maybe you know if the number of partners so that she will hear is that all of this once she was the record holder for how is the solution to put on more weight in order to lose weight it's a solution like develop a coke habit in order to become a mellow well adjusted person like i don't all right she's on her way to her goal of reaching five hundred thirty two pounds will congratulate her on that we've got to wrap it up guys thanks for joining me tonight that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in. and make sure that you come back tomorrow when paramour's going to be on the program to talk about her new series of articles that take
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a look at job insecurity and the fact that it's having on the nation i mean time and don't forget to like a lot of show on facebook the politics on twitter some scribed our you tube channel and oh we're getting you can check us out on hulu now as well coming up next is the new. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture.
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