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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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top stories not exactly in the russian capital. more protests and demonstrations taking place just days after nationwide marches. that. following the prime minister. an additional sixty five billion euros in. syria enters the muslim holy month of ramadan. every corner of the country. thirty days. the bloodshed.
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trigger happy tourism a firing ranges no bringing even more visitors to israel but critics say the new attraction is promoting. of the country. with a new. back to washington. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. our guys it's time for tides tool time award and tonight we're giving it to bill o'reilly yet again during the talking points segment on the o'reilly factor last night bill took some time to explain how the real president obama has finally come to the forefront particularly when it comes to economic policy and how before we
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all see what the s. word of the c. word are going to come up o'reilly offered up his own theory if you listen to the anti obama forces on talk radio and cable t.v. you will hear over and over again that the president is a socialist or a communist talking about he has never bought that it is far too simplistic instead the president is a reluctant capitalist. that's right apparently obama is a reluctant capitalist and i don't rightly went on to explain how he's come to this conclusion about the president. rather than seeing the usa as basically noble he gives the bad things about america for too much weight leading to his desire to redistribute wealth thereby correcting historical grievance. well though can i say i think that your term your name for the president is not only ridiculous but also too simplistic on a number of levels i don't argue that obama recognizes the current struggle of the
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middle and lower classes while of course the top one percent expand their wealth oftener answering vestment the gap is growing and there's no denying the facts there but let's try to address it shall we it's just the people at the top and in elite circles like bill o'reilly the want to try to convince people that talking about reality is too much focus on the dad thinks he does use it how dare you say that everything in america is the greatest argument and then maybe nobody will notice of the game is completely rigged against them not to mention if anything i say that obama is more reluctant to tackle tax policy or wall street reform than he is to take donations from wall street to keep his campaign alive and lets all lobbyists into the white house and also partake then the crony capitalism the washington is so known for but anyway well bill really doing here trying to get into the namecalling game without using any played out turns the he wants his own words so that he can stand out from the other conservatives out there watching them all play this game while it's led to some of the most absurd and disrespectful and
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really illogical namecalling we've ever seen over a president. stop with can't believe he would say he's a communist you know and i know it the outside world wants to deny it but let me ask you how how could they possibly deny that the guy is a communist i think obama is a communist and my husband said don't use that word say radical or marxist by that you know karl marx wrote the book the communist manifesto so i don't see why people are afraid to say there weren't communists what obama is proposing. you've got to cut right down to it it is socialism it is so ugly and evil doesn't work it's never worked to see that rabbit ears guy sitting in the white house and what he does that is stationed in three years i remember i said you know i don't want to even have to be associated with them it's like touching a tar baby mr president you don't believe in the constitution you believe in
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socialism a big central government where the federal government controls everything in our lives that's socialism and so i stick by that these failed socialist policies he has done to this kind of progress we don't have a debate about who the extremist is on these issues it is president obama very proud statement and of the fact that we have a president that's a socialist what could be better for a socialist president so doesn't ever use racist terms or the words communist or socialist i'm talking about obama but his get thrown around like they're the only ones in the dictionary and why continue with his very weak attempt at setting himself apart from the rest well riley concluded his rant with this title for the president to be up this year obama's not a socialist he's not a communist he's a social justice anti capitalist. he actually just made up the term social justice anticapitalist what does that even
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mean and how is that really so different from what the glenn becks and coulter's of the world are saying all bill is doing is further proving how much he's just like the rest of it and yet he tries to act like he's above it always playing be elitist i'm better than you carbo that's what he does right but guess what corporate profits are at record highs the president has courted wall street supported passed a number of free trade agreements and his health care reform really pandered hard to the insurance industry and putting that together say with financial reform and the big banks that in fact there are plenty of people in america who probably wish obama actually was a socialist but the point is he's not even really that much of a liberal and yet the right wing maniacs tend to ignore all of that their number one goal is a dream of fear that obama is a fanatic radical and bill o'reilly is just the latest to join this motley crew but is well written rhetoric doesn't fool us so for trying to call obama an anti-capitalist when he really just means a socialist and wants to name call with everyone else already to give bill o'reilly tonight's tool time award. now as we discussed on this show texas and the federal
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government are battling it out over the state's new voter id law the justice department wants to stop the law before the election and governor perry refuses to comply so he sued the feds and last week the two sides battled it out in court and it's not clear when the three judge panel is going to announce its ruling but we do know what both sides have been arguing texas says of the law is needed to prevent voter fraud while the obama administration says that it really stops poor minorities from being able to vote and they called it a violation of the voting rights act in one thousand nine hundred sixty five law designed to put a stop to jim crow in the south and last week at the end of the convention in houston the attorney general invoked segregation era oppression to describe this texas law. many of those without i.d.'s would have to travel great distances to get them and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them we call those poll taxes thank you. no i don't
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agree with eric holder about a lot but i think you spot on here poll taxes are among many laws that disenfranchise blacks in the jim crow era south and minorities disproportionately black i.d.'s in this country so it's an evocative term but one that i think is appropriate especially because voting fraud well it's the biggest non issue since bill clinton definition of sex the brennan center for justice in new york has thoroughly studied this issue and as you've repeated on the show before they concluded that you're more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to encounter voting fraud and gargantuan state of texas alone there have only been two cases of voter impersonating in the past ten years but the facts well those don't seem to matter much to governor perry he issued the following response to holder on tuesday said perhaps while the president is visiting texas he can take a break from big dollar fundraisers to disavow his attorney general's offensive and incendiary comments regarding our common sense voter identification law and labeling texas voter id law as
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a poll tax eric holder purposefully use language designed to inflame passions and incite racial tension well i think perry should have actually paid attention of the research here because the same davy was busy drafting this very self-righteous accusatory statement the brennan center issued yet another report and let's just say that well completely contradicted the governor's claims totally reinforcing the rick perry stereotypes you know that he's bush without the brains and his career can be summed up by just one word. things are going the third agency of government i would i would do away with education. and i'm right back to the commerce and let's see if i can the third reich yeah sure. that's right. opes rick perry has a penchant for getting things wrong and this issue is no exception he has paid attention to how do you paid attention to the brennan center is the most recent
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meticulous research he found is unique take on election integrity is anything but common sense so let's take a look at what conclusions this report came to over one point nine million voting age texans live more than ten miles from id issuing offices that's twelve point seven percent of the state's electorate and more than half of those don't drive cars so this isn't a state with one of the lowest levels of investment in public transportation then there's the fact that no idea issuing offices are open on saturday and in the rural border region sixty one percent of the voting population is hispanic and nine of the eleven idea showing offices are only open once or twice per week to top that off twenty two point four percent of the area lives below the poverty line so the need to free i.d.'s which the state does provide but the cost of obtaining a birth certificate which you need to get an idea in texas is twenty two dollars now by comparison the cost of the segregation era poll tax today would be ten dollars and sixty four cents the same as the holders assessment is pretty accurate
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the law might not be called a poll tax but it's pretty damn close the attorney general isn't the only one inciting her isn't the one inciting racial tensions texas republicans are with their crazy laws they can deny all they want but the numbers show that voter fraud is not a real issue and you know voter disenfranchisement will be if photo id laws are allowed to stand as we've seen time and time again republican conveniently ignore that truth whenever it suits their agenda even if it means pushing racist laws while falsely accusing democrats of playing that race card. are all of the time for our last break the evening but we come back drone oversight the subject of this week's fire science friday and the olympic motto is higher faster stronger find out why that applies to leave time at the olympic village or discussing all that and more on happy hour with you. you throw and catch but.
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resistance is not the politics but a culture. this could. all its own.
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cultures of resistance on the march. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. to tonight's fireside with your.
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well keep it brief today as i'm sure that at a certain point we all feel that we need a little break from constantly talking about drones you might think that it's an obsession of mine but no it's more about the fact that a technology that is increasingly relied on that's only becoming more prevalent and the public debate is a lacking the i think that americans tend to distance themselves from the use of drones by our military and the cia have brought that's despite the fact that these drones have lethal capabilities but it's because there is that distance because of the battleground is far away a lot easier not to think about it but we all know that drones are now coming home this year congress passed legislation that authorizes the use of domestic drones and the president signed it so far the estimates say that within five years ten thousand civilian drones will be in use now who knows how many drones law enforcement is going to be using but as we've brought up many times before on this show the introduction of drones into u.s. airspace raises a lot of questions about privacy and security and so yesterday congress finally
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decided to ask some of those questions yesterday an oversight hearing was held about domestic drones and there we actually heard from some members of congress who are concerned that thus far none of these actually none of these issues have been addressed you see the f.a.a. is tasked with coming up with guidelines by two thousand and fifteen but the f.a.a. is job is to come up with regulations for the skies to make sure that drones don't pose safety hazards to other aircrafts but no federal agency out there is in charge of dealing with drones and privacy or security related issues to an element of security the experiment from the university of texas at austin came up more than once that's something we've covered here on this show a professor taught humphreys and his students were able to tap into a drones computer system. with a method called spoofing knows what other hacking methods might work on drones too i had to spite that but a part of homeland security refused to have anyone to show up at this hearing to testify because they said that the regulation of civilian drones wasn't their
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responsibility well that case whose responsibility is it if you ask me that is just asking for abuse when nobody is responsible for making sure that your privacy and your safety are issues they're being protected but i think what i find most frustrating about this whole thing is that congress is only asking these questions now after the legislation has already been passed is a really that hard to hold a hearing discuss these issues before you make something law talk about a backwards approach but it's a perpetual problem within our political system pass through legislation first and ask questions later i just guess that hopefully this time those questions will be addressed before thousands of drones are in our skies.
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are you guys it is time for a happy hour and joining me this evening are two producer adriano zero and kevin glass managing editor at townhall have a friday guys yes you're ready to just getting you're going on a really really good like a second ok i'm going to give you a little cheers happy friday haven't you where do we want to start is evening got some good stories out there but i think my personal favorite. olympics we've been there ways we've been doing a live big story pretty much every day and we've getting of the olympics on half the hour and so let's you know that obviously everyone goes to to watch the sport forty one to watch the events and who actually wins olympic gold but there is some down time when you have a lot of young olympic athletes that are that are hanging out people people have been talking about this for a long time. in the village there are so many going on they do parties there every day you get just people who were there just enjoying the game don't expect to get
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a medal i mean is a is a big joke they always say there's a lot of condoms there but. ok now i'm back. to the games there's no. so i don't know if you guys remember but when the olympics were in beijing there was a big deal because ever and set a record number of condoms hundred thousand condoms being distributed to all the athletes this time it's gone up again and now it's fifty thousand condoms that have been distributed and i think it's like fifteen condoms per hour athlete or something well out there they're keeping busy i mean that is for sure although like the most fit people in the world are young male and one little village when you're like a prize fighter like are you supposed to not do anything before like you compete because that will affect your performance like i play the flipping who's who is you know events are first in the. end i like the stories to be honest i. think there's a real reporting on the island of history it's lazy terminals and we see these
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every cycle with the olympics you know it was you know jockey it wasn't broken down sixty thousand broken i think that there's something to say about that is it becomes a bigger and bigger spectacle there's more media members there the parties are bigger it's logical i mean it is like what do you think i'm here for the media and the answer is that i don't doubt it's like it out but the people involved get increases every time so that's kind of logical to me it's lazy journalism you know they don't have anything else to write about it since they didn't have any fun kevin come on now i care about the sport are what's with the event that you're looking forward to the most that. i think the dutch have a great i saw you i saw the wheel spin in the right. side just happen and just you go in for it i give you problems obviously you know you're not interested in soccer and nobody else is as we mentioned the other day on the show they have to give up like five hundred thousand of the tickets because nobody is buying any of soccer tickets and let's move on to something else shall we first of all another one of my
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favorite kind of stories and i think one of your least favorite topic the happening . all right so the hubble telescope spotted a spiral galaxy that apparently shouldn't exist ten point seven billion years old and they say that it's an anon it's an anomaly excuse me because it was present in the early universe about three billion years after the big bang at a time when galaxies were still forming and normally looked clunky and regular files of science to me is that they can't figure out something that is happening is i mean is it may even older than they thought they were being before they even knew it went down the rabbit hole right now my mind is just that you love them i like to put the tamp down on the space so yeah this is what is happening of my house it's
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an interesting it's about kind of learning more about the universe than we previously knew and you know we like to think that we know everything but clearly we don't and we're discovering new things every day you know astrophysics is one of the fastest growing fields in the world as far as the science goes and i find this really interesting especially you know the scientists are talking about how really beautifully formed this galaxy is and how galaxies of this age are typically kind of chaotic and they don't look like anything real and this one is very i think you know what we're going to find for you know for science for technology in that sense because then. of course just a couple of weeks ago we had the god particle right to hit us and story and kind of get everyone excited again and so it's a good time good time that we have that headline coming all the time to get time for space stuff. for you so obviously i get really excited about these things. we've got to we've got to check out this this woman this mug shot basically so her
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name is tanya fowler and i think oh so there there it is so we are now open is that tanya was upset by her original mug shot and so then she called nine one one and i'm like they're busy doing anything else you got arrested again for having a false reason to call nine one one you're basically one. so she could go into going out and judge he couldn't wait what that is that replacing oh yeah i thought he was the hair there certainly looks nicer much nicer wow wow i thought he was reverse. am i wrong on that but that's ok yeah that's right that's it or maybe. he always looked at the terrible celebrity mug shots and you know people like nick nolte to you look just gonzo it out of their mind i don't start doing some of this because the celebrities are obviously. exactly right a photo shall receive and usually looks like pretty good in her mug shot so she looks like she's out of the stories you know plenty of that was like two of the ten
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she has pretty good sort of this suv looks good she looks pretty but that that's amazing i love the people's priorities that's great it's like no i'm not going to care about my life but i want to care about what my mug shot looks like definitely but that's crazy that's the kind of hair. that's a go without hair oh no i mean there it is they have a bad isn't it they wanted like but our little mascara lip you know what are some things you just might have to be a glamour mug shot and yet you would think that you would smile if she wanted to redo this do it right if you're gonna it's amazing i mean this is the bike riding just want to keep it up there for the. ok pilots and god to do another one of our stories well this one's actually have fun and the pictures we get to look at ail it's friday let's just have fun the day check out this billboard and this billboard is in l.a. on sunset i totally know where it's located it's for a cougar life dot com and as for my other effort and
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basically they describe themselves as the premier online dating service that pairs women in their prime with younger men and the double standard and apparently the woman that heads the site claims that like west hollywood in the center area has the most cougars per capita than any others are they getting that stat i don't refute it but where is that coming out of this i am says how do i measure and i hear you here larry i'm going to just sit there is there one box like one question the census that says are you a cougar blake if that is that how are they getting their like their science that's fantastic obviously there's a market for this and they're exploiting that and i think that this billboard obviously is risque you know and for shock value and obviously i think their web site so they're going to get a lot more business by the news surely it's all about the news shows the billboard that they put up in hollywood which is obviously meant to shock in a poll people so you know it seems to be working for the for the i think it only
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way i could yeah it is that's amazing i mean you know obviously in l.a. there's a lot of. corrective surgery that people have going to hold very nice you know yeah i mean a lot of. it is the side of blurred out on the actual sarin can you so much as offensive well yeah i don't believe did we learn as. did we blair is a blurred out on the street we had to blur it would you consider what it would be like subtle to i wouldn't even even more like it's going to be there maybe just like seems like there is more cougars because you have more women that are sort of like trying to keep looking young. with the jews i have you know i've gotten some debate about this and a lot of you were saying the like have you been to manhattan in that that's got to be the cougar per capita i doubt it i don't get over there was up in arms about which is that you had on and you know i just talk about this look at us right now not only about the hours and the real story and the real stories and the only fact that all the time you know it is. all right let's move on to our next one shall
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we so basically i mean i think that we all remember strauss kahn scandal pretty well and you know that's what they call it in the parade today with the perp walk the perp walk the walk i here's here's t.s.k. for a minute just take a look. oh never mind that one it did not like i want to just get along get inside your head you know what i want to see the picture his face right now so there's a french software company out there that's actually put out a d s k aphrodesiac beverage and it's called d s k or saffron kiwi drink but which probably what we're drinking right you know the guy has way i want it done this this is what we're doing right now it's delicious everybody i don't want to shill but guys do you think he is k. and you think aphrodesiac this right i mean they're all there promoting their drink with a guy who's been accused of sex crimes yet you know in that second he was not even
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on the line if you feel like he was like yo you don't want to associate that with your drink i mean that is about to introduce the i was only when you were young and attractive and one of those you know men are not planet like dusek used to get rights right because it's so unfair has the french people go oh i think dominic strauss kahn you drink is really going to you know to bargain exactly. well i guess you know will have will have to see. they make sure that they think it's actually that i go around for a role remember it more easily i don't know the people down it cougar dot com they love it they love it actually it's proven really it's still for the base i'm a free thinker who i love the ok. we got to wrap it up but thanks for joining me tonight that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure they come back on monday in the meantime don't forget to like the a lot of show on facebook to follow us on twitter and a subscriber you tube channel and don't forget you can also check us out on hulu coming up next it's pretty.
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wealthy british style it's not. just the time to. go. to. market. finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. news a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach the creation of life should care about humans and worry that this is why you should care watch only on the dog call.
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the big. sky. monster. russian airlines. would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from funniest impressions .


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