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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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mission free cretaceous free. for charges free. range month free. free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free video done to our t. dot com you. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day.
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well it's like one of those. films where the sharks are in a feeding frenzy except this time it's a bunch of bankers yes max there's
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a little a diddly a feeding frenzy that could happen on wall street feeding frenzy seen if wall street sues itself over a libel or yes goldman sachs and morgan stanley are among financial firms that may bring lawsuits against their biggest rivals as regulators on three continents examined whether other banks manipulated the london interbank offered rate known as libel or said bradley hints an analyst with sanford c. bernstein and company now the only reason why they would do this according to hints is that goldman sachs and morgan stanley manage money market funds so they by law would be obliged to you he however says that they wouldn't want to have to do this because they want cordial relationships with the other banks. well as if the law ever stop these guys from doing whatever it is they want to do but now
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they're hiding behind the skirt of the law suddenly when it suits them just like remember back during the crisis. they were not a bank they wanted to get on benefits of not being a bank and then when the crisis that they just thought oh no we are a bank and you know they they treat the law as a plastic a movable feast you know as whatever they write the laws themselves when we're talking about wednesday if they go to like what's going on they write new laws in front of obama just rubber stamps now max in fact a former goldman sachs partner who is now a finance professor at new york university's stern school of business says that plaintiffs would face difficulties such as proving how much money they lost so. if you can't prove how much money we stole from you you can't sue us then he says it makes it even more complicated when the regulators appear to have known about it and not have objected to it which means it wasn't illegal all i can say is good
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luck with your lawsuit right over there at the stern school of business event you were i went to school by the way. fighting the good fight for lawlessness teaching the next generation of crooks to go down there on wall street and steal so according to reuters if there's if there are laws are on the books if the regulators don't enforce them it means that the be ignored well max i think we already sorted this at the nuremberg trials if you or your tells you to murder and commit genocide it is still against the law no matter who is telling you to do an immoral illegal act it's on the books it's illegal now we've seen in the us that they retroactively passed laws to provide immunity for like the telecom companies breaking your fourth amendment rights in the constitution we also know that there is some sort of results are that george bush appointed in two thousand and three or two thousand and five who gets to override any sort of investigation on national
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security grounds exactly right it's bankers write the laws they break the law they write new laws and roy smith at n.y.u. teaching the next generation to be completely disregard all laws well let's look at some of the people that are suing for live war because there were many people who were lost out on this now calipers others may sue big banks on libel rate fixing the california public employees retirement system otherwise known as cal pers the largest public pension in the country is considering legal action against banks that fortunately fixed the library eight the caliper safe investment officer to. dear said quote once again the financial services industry demonstrated that it cannot be trusted to make decisions on the long term interests of investors so max here you have cowper's he's saying once again we have been defrauded our clients the pension fund holders have been defrauded just like in the first article here
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we're talking about goldman sachs might be forced to sue on behalf of their clients here cowper's who is constantly. in by that shark frenzy on wall street nibbled unable to each take their dime in their nickel here in their dollar they are from the pension funds that kalpas has ever done anything before to protect their clients no account is a matter of fact they're supposed to have some kind of socially responsible investing policy and yet they buy into c.d.o. collateralized debt obligations to bear stearns hundreds of millions of dollars where as we pointed that out of the many years ago and they told us no these are good assets even though they were clearly worthless the pension fund is now under funded by something like fifty percent so these pensioners are going to starve to death and this is part of the victim pool that results from scandals like libel or because when you artificially suppress the interest rates down to zero the passion account of cowbirds can't meet its funding requirement and over
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a five or ten years it blows up there's nothing left and then the people die then the barclays will say well we didn't put the gun to their head you know well you know you did barclays bob diamond you did put the gun to those people's heads the their large debts are on your head yeah you did kill them you are a mass murderer. here's another headline relating to cal pers california pension plan cowper's made a poultry one percent of past year so it's fifty percent underfunded they're actually assumptions are for seven point five percent annual return now california is not alone in facing the fatal alternatives angry taxpayers versus angry pensioners the center for retirement research c.p.r. just assessed some one hundred twenty six pension funds and found the majority of them in the same boat under funded by at least twenty five percent and probably closer to fifty percent those plans have assets of two point six trillion but they should have in excess of six trillion to meet their promises to their beneficiaries right that one percent is the result of what's called financial repression by
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artificially keeping interest rates low either through quantitative easing operation twist interest rate rigging libel or rigging it's all part of a systemic. industry wide approach to assembly line fraud to disenfranchise pensioners and to consign them to death the socially what it is it's a death machine well in fact i'm going to show a little video clip that i found on you tube and this is a shark attack of a seal as you see this is what a feeding frenzy looks like this is what a pension fund looks like that little seal being in there that is being eaten by goldman sachs that's the high frequency trading machine that algorithm of goldman sachs eating one hundred million dollars a day every single day for the past ten twenty years it just eats little bits of chunks out of the pension funds across america and now they look at each other and say oh it's the union members worker is the fireman it's the policeman it's the taxpayer it's your fault it's your fault they don't look at the big giant sure arc
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that just ate half of their fun no no they brag about the computer they put next to the new york stock exchange or steals one hundred million dollars a day through high frequency wash trading and then carry through with stealing in the pension account using financial pressure of the co-sponsor with the government and lloyd blankfein of course is now rumored to make a transition from wall street to government probably take over tim geithner's job so his expertise and committing massive financial fraud will be useful over there at the treasury. now here we saw the pension funds being even now i want to say there's a shark like guy in the news regarding this javier bardem joins spanish demonstrators so he was out in the streets of spain protesting against austerity cuts and he said quote this is a very unjust situation because the government rather than making the financial sector pay for the consequences of what they've done they put all the way on unemployed people sick people pensioners. remember he was in no country for old man
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well you know they say bring forth the guillotine here he's going to bring for. the air compressor tank let's bring this forth he should be marching out there march on goldman sachs march and j.p. morgan march on h.s.b.c. march on barclays marshawn santander march on bank a out and go you know bring these guys over there yeah the killer air compressor machine just you know air compression of you know put a projectile through the head you know the great you just go up to wall street go down you know into the j.p. morgan's office and just quietly do with the world a favor some deterrent i mean right now there is no to turn that's why these songs of the crimes of the frequency of the crimes are increasing that would be what we call the business of price and gold. maybe it's time to step in there not all well you talk about the crimes getting bigger and bigger that's my next headline max h.s.b.c.
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drags closer to the heart of libel investigation the u.k.'s largest bank h.s.b.c. could be formally dragged into the investigation for the first time after the merge links between one of its traders and peers at all their banks were at the center of investigations by financial regulators questions about h.s.b.c. is involvement in libre mainly palatial further pressure came to bear on the bank and its former chief executive lord green about its involvement in money laundering so here's a bank as we covered the last episode h.s.b.c. was involved in drug laundering drug money laundering seven billion dollars in cash came from the mexican drug cartels after they beheaded hundreds of people took at h.s.b.c. they said no questions asked took it laundered the money all these guys are now in charge of cleaning up the financial system in ireland here lord green is david cameron's trade minister. and he was the c.e.o. of h.s.b.c. while they were involved in all this laundering and now nobody's who stepping down yet another having trouble holding on to the posit so they've got
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a new program that if you open an account with a just sort of a toaster they give you a mexican head and i think well you know but this brings me back to this point that javier bardem had made is like he was asking why the government. is making the people pay rather than the financial sector and we see that's because the government is the financial sector this revolving door back and forth back and forth and i have further proof not only did we see tony blair go from ten downing street to j.p. morgan and now he's talking about coming back check this out max in washington blankfein backs dodd frank you know he's claiming he's backing dodd frank that's not the story here the story is mr blankfein did not rule out working in government after his tenure as the chief of goldman is over i have aspirations to be desired he said eliciting laughter from the several hundred attendees by any president i didn't mean to limit it to the united states yes of course well qualified to be
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part of the global banking disorder you know he's a guy who you want overseeing some new special drawing rights credit bond facility bank of brussels as they roll up five hundred trillion in bad euros debt into a new s.t.r. collateralized pyramid scheme run by lloyd vampire squid blankfein this is beautiful these these the paragon of ponzi these lured blue. max bring this back to this issue at hand here is we've seen you know nations across europe have a goldman sachs guy parachuted in to basically manage their demise manage their spin into nothingness and all of their assets income producing assets handed over to make good on the other frauds that the bank is committing so here are you saying he's not even saying i'm not limiting myself to the united states i
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could go take over spain he could be parachuted into syria they're looking for a new lease oh you know the movie the boys from brazil where they cloned hitler goldman sachs clones of financial armageddon provokers and they said of the countries all over the world. five is just a clone of j.p. morgan and going back a hundred years it's been one of the flow of cloned sadists on wall street and around the world congratulations lord blankfein there were thank so much for being on the cars report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to new york and speak with the roseanne barr roseanne is the comedic legend behind the groundbreaking hit us sitcom roseanne rosanna as the radio show blogs tweets writes and i spent the last year running for president welcome back to the kaiser report roseanne barr thanks hi yeah all right now roseanne the last time you were on kaiser report you said that as president one of your first acts in office would be to hang some bankers
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now this idea has gone mainstream of everyone from nouriel roubini to joe stiglitz is down suggesting that bankers should be hung what what why are you so prescient at the time what insight did you have into the situation that that got you thinking like this well i guess i do i do want to commend you for noting that i've noted it myself that when i first said it kind of it in a satirical and esoteric way that i was really surprised you know i'm always surprised and delighted when things i say that seem very radical about two years later become very mainstream i've noted that from my whole you know the whole expanse of my thirty year career and it is really fun and being like you say prescient and first it's really rad to come up with the ideas that kind of change things i think it's fun well absolutely so you've been successful in the field of
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entertainment and have also been very successful as a producer and as a writer and now you're into politics and you're traveling across america the people that you run into what is their reaction generally to this multiple organized crime racket of looting municipalities by big rigging and this live boring. thing what does what do you find out there was you're traveling running for president well you know that people know that it's fixed people know that the whole system is rigged from you know from the youngest members of society to the oldest and cutting across all swipes. nationality call to or religion gender class everybody knows that it's rigged so that's really good now the next question we need to ask is what are we supposed to do to correct it that that's why i ran for president so that i could move the conversation out of that ping pong back and forth whose fault is it you know moving moving into figuring out how we're going to
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solve our problems as a whole paradigm shift that needs to happen now well since the last time you were on the show roseanne the amount of money that we see pouring into presidential politics in the billions of dollars assange is to the supreme court decision to allow corporations to buy the presidency. well how do you how do you combat is exactly what it is how do you compete with that roseanna well i just have you know i have a lot of faith in the american people and the fed and the idea that once the facts are the actual facts are presented to them they'll make intelligent decisions every day there's less work that needs to be done because the american people are really wising up and looking around and saying oh my god you know that our country has been sold lock stock and barrel and you know people are going to some point hit the wall and go man look at the level of people that are buying our government and get
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in there and making these laws that are pro pirate pro predator and pro predatory lending these this is our government is like figuring out how to rip us off and poison us it's just psychopath excel you know people are wising up to it every single day not giving up but wising up. and you know why you're one of those people you know i want to say that course the big solution to all of it is glaringly obvious and that's about what iceland did that that's the hope and solution for everything isn't it max well you know we have an invitation to go to iceland was my friend here goes the line is price to talk with the some parliamentarians up there so you're invited i'm invited so if your schedules permitting hopefully we can fly up there was here goes jet and talk to the icelandic people but i wanted to talk to you about in the nineteen eighties or so during the whole i just command them for kicking out the fed it's really great and that's part of my campaign is that you
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know peace legalization and kicking out the fed all problem solved well the icelandic government has now hired bounty hunters to track down the bank stirrers to take them to justice is this something that the u.s. should consider the u.s. should definitely consider it and they and people here are considering it and people are starting to understand that they do have the moral authority as well as the legal authority in many cases to arrest criminals you know under citizen citizen arrest people people do have the right to stop you know to protect themselves against predators you know the seems to me that over the past twenty years or so sense roseanne was made such a huge impact on the culture of america specifically specifically in the area of women's rights it seems as though women's rights has been going backwards there's a huge attack on things like planned parenthood exciter a which is really really
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going backwards why why is that and how can and seems like your support as a politician you have a natural constituency with women is that correct and do you have women supporting you and what's going to happen there rosa and well i should have women supporting me because you know i'm the only candidate who's talking about you know women's rights to the extent that i that i talk about it but you know that's. very difficult to get women to back away from the pack because you know women are very afraid of going backwards which they should be because there isn't it's all happening is because that's the plan that big money and the right wing you know they wall street brokers of power they don't like women having too much power because then they don't just stay in the house and buy products that actually go out in the world and you know ask for change instead so you know it's not in the interest of any right wing government to support anything that's helpful to women
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or that acknowledges the reality of our lives and you know they don't like that because it's better to just have that whole fantasy and also it also creates a helps to create a docile and desperate workforce when you keep women down like that so it's all tied together i should have women support because i am you know the. cornerstone of my campaign of course is women's rights a lot of these you know a lot of women are losing in fact it is women that are losing ground faster than any other group of people and what's astounding to me is that women that means that fifty four percent of the population is being disenfranchised and being marginalized the majority of american the majority of the american population is being marginalized i just can't believe how. tos mall the view of.
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our leaders is in that regard in others chorus the women were behind the french revolution infinitesimally limited i meant like how infinitesimally just backward and limited it is it's just the craziest way to think that you would marginalize the majority of people right of course. women were behind the french revolution women were behind the recent revolution cairo women were behind the toppling of the banks there's an iceland so if there's change in revolution it comes from women america needs a revolution you're a woman you're running for president it seems like the stars would line up in your favor well i dare say mike that but i mean you know what it takes one billion dollars just to lose an election like we were talking about before when everything's already sold i mean you know unless we overturn citizens united i ride really don't i really wonder if we will have any more he lections i mean we have so
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many things to deal with and we're under such vast attack on every single level not not just women but working people you know men and women you know as well as the like of course the middle class again that's marginalizing the majority of citizens and we are under huge attack in this country and people don't know i you know definitely they don't want romney and so they are rallying around obama because they feel like that's the only hope they have and i totally understand that and you know i'm talking about a third party. third party which is you know desert the will of the people is of by and for the will of the people which this country seems to have forgotten all about but you know that it's an uphill battle to get people to let go of as tight as they're holding onto to obama over romney and i don't play mom all right rose any talk about corporate influence and money influence in politics one of the corporations you campaign against at least on twitter is monsanto your thoughts on
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the monsanto rider which republicans have inserted into the twenty twelve farm bill this rider essentially would grant monsanto so immunity from fred is a federal law it's the united states of monsanto and you know that's the reality and and now the choice is between the united states of months and. no and president you know president bang in so i mean in oh it's just really really out there you know like california i was kind of heartened to read yesterday that you know remember that big raid on that place ross some you remember the turnout of heard about it well fed federal agents came in and took fifty thousand dollars in cash arrested people you know all over you know in through over all their tables where their raw go where they were selling their raw goat milk and they had you know federal outfits and guns and everything else and then yesterday in the news it said that those people who came in and stage that raid are not proper officials or
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police officials so it's like wow we're this is like a rogue we have our rogue rogue elements that you know care nothing for our constitution or like i say our people. after this presidential election cycle if you don't become president on this go around are you have any thoughts about sticking in politics and looking perhaps you know i'm thinking back to you know ronald reagan was an actor jesse ventura was a wrestler you know these are people that became fantastic in their own right political operatives every thought about moving into i mean what's the political career going forward in any thoughts on that well i just want to continue to speak you know for the american people and you know i don't know what form that will take since everything shifts constantly but i have been thinking about a super pac to get. you know more progressive people elected in
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government so i'm looking at all options but i'm continuing to run for president the united states for you know so that i can talk about monsanto and debt relief and these kind of things that are very very important and spoken by all all other all other candidates i met it continued to do that but i think. more important than me or any of these things is the fact that we do need a third party in america that is not does not work for bankers that works for the citizens and i'm going to continue to promote that and i try to help that along for the rest of my life and i think it's very important well i know personally i used to be a ron paul supporter but now i am no longer a ron paul supporter i am i roseanne barr supporter unfortunately resent out of time but thanks so much for being cause a report ok i want to go to iceland let's move there to oh thanks man x. all right well there have invited us to go and thanks so much and that's going to
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do it for this edition of the cars the report with me max geyser and stacey herbert and i want to thank my guests roseanne barr you can follow roseanne on twitter and our handle is the real roseanne if you like to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru until next time x. guys are saying bio.


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