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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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this is coming to life for most of the headlines. another syrian opposition alliance hopes something exile adding more division to the already front should onto regime movement while rebels on the ground currently receive high tech comes from the outside into. sweden says no to a quarter was requested question of judo not something shot its embassy in london we can make says there's no need for explanation for the refusal and no legal guarantees and still one just a mother should be tried. in the army now along with that allowed arabs living in israel to avoid military service expires triggering concerns the government is
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stoking social conflicts at home to tighten its grip on the minority. and coming up next the stories from the war in iraq detailing how this conflict became the bloodiest have a for those who when the only armed with cameras and microphones. the footage kevin sites filmed with his video camera was not only unwanted but completely unsuitable for army propaganda. the invasion in iraq was to be i can ised with images of an overthrown tyrant in america in the in the. as the american troops chose that particular statue of saddam hussein because it was right across the palestine hotel there were hundreds of state use in baghdad but that they chose it because they wanted it to be filmed to deafen it was not like in paris at the end of who are too many so you know when the parishioners who are out in the streets enthusiast agree welcome into liberation forces and the streets of baghdad who are
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empty they use their not only in that square there was a motion though in this hapless are. journalists who criticize the bush administration war plans got into trouble and some of them even lost their jobs in vietnam had resisted criticism kept the job gulf war one had resisted criticism and kept my job by gulf war to criticism i'm gone the recipe for military press briefings that was established during the gulf war in one thousand nine hundred one was also used in the two thousand and three war the main difference was that this time hollywood type sets were built and millions of dollars were spent on the image making. that can take movies write stories something like forty two thousand. the public affairs officer working for the pentagon they don't need the journalists and the more. but remains will it's impossible no matter how hard they try to hide it it's true friends.
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it's inherently dramatic we love the visuals and it always gets us viewers but combat is the smallest part of any war it's the smallest feature yet we define war by the guns and tanks and yet collateral damage. the destruction of civil life is the longest lasting and the largest portion of every war. i'm not scared we've been living in denial when you are that scared but you do it we came to cover
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a lot of that side of the story we were the only witness to what was going on lot of. you know when i went to baghdad in march of two thousand and three and i was determined not to treat war as a spectacle but rather treated as a backdrop to a very human story management a story of suffering a story of isolation a story of agony of long. and time again i saw the stories and the people that i met in baghdad in those days. this is an up or you know war you see the best and worst of human being and i consider myself lucky being able to see all of the most things happening before my eyes the things that i can photograph exists so i am able to show others all those people see blissful ones what reality is like down there these used to be normal people. up because of the war they have turned into monsters.
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even today in iraq people who leave their homes to get work don't really know if they will return safely. their lives are threatened any time anywhere by the suicide attacks of al qaeda or other terrorist groups. clinton. but even for those who survive life is not the same anymore.
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remember in iraq we die a hundred times every day we die in various circumstances in the strait gatherings but in crowded places when explosions go off when blind attacks take place mostly by religious groups our profession faces constant danger and death every where death is more than a possibility in this job. since april two thousand and three more than three hundred people working for the media have been killed in iraq most of them where iraqi victims of executions obama attacks from al qaeda and other terrorist groups in minutes but the journalism all over the world is considered the king of the professions. in iraq it's called a disastrous profession or a deadly profession. because wherever journalist goes death is always lurking
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within. the us it is an obvious one will it be a one shot on the. internet that are you know that. i must. let go it. was reporting and surviving on dramatically connected. the shocking thing is that i've seen the person who. who make this
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explosion or his as a pleasure was in my jacket and then afterward i have notes that i've been injured in my hand but. i was worried for my assistant because his brother also killed and. in those days by some killers you know the sad thing in this point that my cameraman. was safe in this accident he got killed after six months in his place in his home. many iraqi journalists lost their lives because their killers did not agree with their views and as a tragic result sometimes in the streets of baghdad coffins passed each other by. independent journalism faces both friendly fire and the blind fanaticism of
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terrorists and journalist giuliana sgrena victim of abduction herself returns to iraq after four and a half years. or more to death follows us no matter where we are no matter which side we convert to make you look to most of this absolute line to violence religious hatred in fanaticism that was my case when i was an abduction victim by a group of fanatics. i survived but many of my colleagues were not that lucky. and so by danny was one of them. fifty six year old italian journalist and zabadani was traveling with the italian red cross convoy towards my job carrying provisions for the wounded. here and i just thought of our concern is to deliver of medicines and water to the wounded of the city and of course to be able to come back safe if hard up and i thank you and i send my regards to all italians of the you get me i
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know now talk when it's world peace that meds of a convoy you know his car with him and his driver was in the middle of the convoy you know. on their way back from the jeff a mine exploded causing his car to turn over but i. don't i was abducted on the spot by an extreme insurgent group an al qaeda branch called islamic iraqi army and enlisted in the spirit of solidarity he honored with his thoughts and actions in that spirit we ask of you having to let us help him again and i became of the foot there lady of the tide of evil. babel daddy had that as a bit of peace from a whole family. none of them awarded then we didn't have time to organize any demonstrations if i did it in many respects are never going to would all of course we have the support of citizens organizations and political parties and
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yankees lead to a sort of god we have no time to act because they killed him after twenty four hours. she's. gone he was unlucky in many ways mainly because better risk on his government had no experience in matters of negotiations and instead of trying to buy more time immediately rejected the ultimatum secondly because the abduction which happened in august a holiday month in italy where nothing really functions and also because his abductors wanted more than anything else blood on their hands. six months after enzo baldoni is deaf giuliana sgrena is in baghdad university she is there to interview refugees from fallujah who had found shelter in the mosque of the university thanks for holding back on terrorists and abducted. when i was kidnapped if first thing is to realize i get not being you
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because from these so you can decide if. they lead to dead not their leaders so from that it will depend on your child to be free or not to be. true immediately contacted diplomatic sources and your journalists to organize press conferences addressing merely journalists and use agencies from the arabic world to live on computers we want to make them realize that giuliana was just a journalist and not a secret agent as some people might have thought that it. had no no what i couldn't. know what die with was. because. they they kept also my my watch a de beginning just because i didn't there that i do what i meant was and then they said they need daddy as
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a proof of my life. and. so i was all who is waiting for the day but i just don't know what it was. i went to bed but of course i couldn't sleep at all and just they were thinking they would kill me they would kill me cutting my throat and that i will die all that they will as i am a woman and they redid the tools another way thank you out the window you are going to take me out of here nobody must come to iraq because all foreigners all the taliban's are treated here like animals.
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italians by screeners adventure and hit the streets demanding her liberation. after a month of secret negotiations the italian government comes to an agreement with julian is liberation. nicola calipari
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a top executive of the italian army secret service takes over the mission. of the recall doing i remember he was a regular nice man doesn't look like rambo or some movie character. because pickle is a man who knew his job and he was good at it before charlie good things about him when he took over our case. but you kept telling me look i can't guarantee anything . and i'm convinced it will three houses we're following is the right one you know proportionally i mean they're going to get it all over. the first time. buddy was in my kidnappers left me and. they came to pick me up and first of all i heard the voice of the caller betty and it dawned on me i am nicola calipari i am friend of period of god don't be wardley now it's all
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finished he brought me to another car and i was sitting it was sitting beside me because you told i was to be close to you also did you feel you will feel secure you will feel the way. the car of the italian secret service driven by on the day i got a bunny with good manners passengers in the back seat heads for the airport meanwhile in rome ben was gone he invites under secretary johnny letter head of the italian secret service nicole opel audi and juliana's partner peer to his office. the nickel a polaroid comes out of the room in order to called baghdad again to make it possible for me to speak to juliana on the phone book with him prima. spoken with him earlier and almost immediately come. back in shock shouting they are shooting at her. seven hundred fifty meters from the baghdad airport entrance the italian mission comes across an american patrol who opens fire against the italian cars hit
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by fifty seven bullets. is a body lies heavy on me i managed to move him a little and to hear his last breath his debt no no look at me the man who set me free is that it demoed and he died in order to protect me it was like my freedom and while it was about to begin. this is a terrible feeling sad just to feel a man dying on the u.s. economy is like a part of yourself is dying a fat after all these tremendous gunfire i cannot understand where i'm still alive and i think i'm dead or if i'm dad and i think i'm still alive you search i see i do i when they told me about the incident i thought it was a bomb you're going football to warm your principle i mind went to the iraqis so i left only after i heard what exactly had happened i mean i realized that the
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americans had shot at the car of course i was confused i don't know but out of me county. let me emblematic i don't understand how was it possible. to be hit by americans. with his last deed body gave meaning to values which become more and more rare in our doings self-sacrifice and self-denial although the
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report showed clearly at the bullets from the american patrol were not fired as a warning the case never reached courts as the american command had a legal jurisdiction in the area the americans were eager to close the case now we just stated that it was an accident but when she learned what kind of a jewel a reason that the case never went to court was strictly personal drug it was said from the italian side that the court had examined the case and also the supreme court but the americans had exclusive jurisdiction in that area luigi trial would have helped me but the high court's decision wouldn't give us a chance to get an answer for our case in the court rooms but look at have a trial would have helped me profess lath and then the hard court decision didn't give us a chance to get an answer for our case in the courtrooms and i'm not arguing that.
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u.s. soldier mario lozano was the one who opened fire against the italian mission he tries to appease the public opinion. we're putting the blame exclusively on giuliana sgrena you know she went out there she won a medal with the terrorist and all that and then she gets caught now we have to say that we have the same good will to go after this one person that knows that she put herself in the situation so it's her for this is happening now by four things goal investigations conducted by the u.s. army acquitted all the soldiers who opened fire against the italian mission in italy spain and great britain judicial investigations stopped due to the pentagon's refusal to cooperate now those journalists need to be on the spot just as that we need doctors and nurses on the spot to care for the wounded just as we need people on the spot to provide assistance to the the the the community the civil society
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that are also affected by conflicts but that work of journalists cannot take place if they're going to be treated as competent if they're going to be targeted i think it is a struggle. generally speaking. generally speaking for the right to tell the truth but those who saw their colleagues. the memories will never affect. the crime committed at the hotel palestine will never be forgotten so there must be justice. was it a mistake somebody forget to give the information a criminal negligence personally i will never forget that day. the response of what should pay for that negligence cause say. that a deadly malice in it so.
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why so much death. so much pain so much and. weapons fire at the journalists the news the right to the information and we hope my son didn't die in a car accident. no he wasn't killed in the strata he didn't die from cancer or some other disease but he was murdered. that's why i'm asking and i wish keep on asking in front of the american embassy for an impassioned investigation now i'm sorry for those individuals and i'm sorry for the families believe me i am afraid about that i'm totally try to hurt no one u.s. army do not try to change that or anyone period ok but that's one of the as we say the casualties of war ok. i wish you would have never happened but it has
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happened. but there was no battle that means there was no excuse but you can't as you have proved it to be you are while we're at it you gave the order to them and thomas gives you pull to trigger all three where you think you are killing innocent people this you know but he did it anyway badly damaged. as you know hate not any more that when i get my sorrow is much stronger than hate it or see it but i crave for justice and i want you still to see that you're in a courtroom there in a fast trial like the one you tonight my son to defend yourselves that's got to be as careful not explicitly. just plays of in the circus but i want to see your murderous and war criminals
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condemned but i know personally. in my own with my deep and eternal condemnation. but my sorrow i do to my son to the mothers in iraq and to say and above all others. for there is no greater pain than to give birth to murderous. lou. palumbo. everyone wants to be president. whether they're an old lady engine driver.
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but it might be quite tricky to get a from c cut. because you live out here in siberia. and the only way to get to you is by train. soon which brightens if you want someone from the funniest impression.
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stunts on t.v. don't come. p.t.p.
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