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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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breaking news on our t.v. internationally here called the out of this quitting his role as voice threatening to throw peace efforts in syria tells. its emerged president obama apparently authorized secretive for going to see around with a violent conflict just as brushing and america's closest ally britain try to bridge divisions over how the prices should be resolved. also video was released which seem to show submission of croats and supporters by syrian rebel fighters side of the war often ignored by a leading foreign media. they would scream you know. in the most brutal way. joined assad as mater says the u.s.
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threatens her son in an explosive artillery new in ecuador where she now the country's president part of the whistleblowers asylum plea. which aren't you coming to you live from moscow and first breaking news this hour international peace and boy in syria kofi annan says he's quitting his row as syria and oil well i was made architect of the syrian peace plan the called on both sides in the syrian conflict to lay down arms and a gauge and a dialogue we have more on that from our correspondent from the u.s. and from just a few moments. u.s. president barack obama apparently authorized covert support for the syrian rebels to help them out of president asad reports of a secret order allowing the cia and other agencies to give backing follow
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washington's warning that the current fighting in syria will be an nail in the us as coffin the syrian issue came into focus at a meeting between president putin and the prime minister of washington's closest ally great britain lord smith follow their talks in london. it was quite simple in that this came to light about obama having signed this order to authorize secret kind of cia an agency support for the rebels who are trying to oust president assad in syria that came to light just before the meeting between peace and calm when it went to play that meeting any easy tool of course was of almost all represents is foreign intervention in syria and it is taking sides in syria and the two things that president putin as we know it's very opposed to of course the u.k. and russia really represent the polar opposite in the two sides of this argument the u.k. represents a sort of much as the u.s. does a move towards the u.n.
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security council resolutions taking sides against president assad's trying to force president assad to step down whereas on the on the completely other side of the equation russia represents a drive towards diplomacy and a not taking of sides in this in this issue and of course this is not the only issue opponent which russia and britain all poles apart but it is certainly the most important issue at the moment and we understand that as it's two two other issues that british relations have had in the past this is now hampering economic relations with the chip between the two countries which might go some way towards solving the problem because as we all know money talks in a way that politics potentially doesn't and of course with these opposing views it is a worry that diplomacy as a part of building the syria conflict may be slowly dying as this process takes place. and how we're actors brian becker says america's strategy on syria has never
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been towards diplomacy. you know out of states military and intelligence services are as we know now from the u.s. government admission coordinating through turkey through a u.s. military airbase these are all you know turkey is a nato country the military operations for this so-called free syrian army these syrian so-called revolutionaries and it's clear now that this is not a shift in terms of u.s. strategy it doesn't represent any kind of alteration all that it does is reveal that the diplomacy of this so-called diplomacy the so-called looking for a negotiated settlement is a fraud that the diplomacy is in fact a form of perjury that the reality is that the u.s. government the obama administration with the pentagon and the cia i've been. coordinating the military operations to overthrow a sovereign government in syria well right now to calm if you think a camera never lies thank you dan take a close look at this picture from an austrian newspaper now see how compares to the
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original we report on the european media is digital deception and the syrian conflict. now what is often ignored by leading foreign media when it comes to covering this year in conflict are the brutal tactics employed by some armed rebel groups a horrific video has surfaced revealing the other side of the syrian conflict while the food you are now seen purports to show cold blooded execution of awesome supporters by syrian rebels several man stripped of some of your clothes and bleeding are being forced to kneel by a wall in front of gunmen who then opened fire a journalist has done his own research into the images and says with incidents like this there is no end in sight to the syrian crisis. i received this video as well from a source you know not even a rabbit could that then i ask for its resolution this it was a very classy this is a very important glen in norse and all it will and some of them do were executed in
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cold blood this is what this soon a half minute video shows in fact this is an extended when they have like to wait six hours and brothers sisters the extended family clan tribe you know so this means that all these people east stead of being recruited to the opposition now they will be fighting the opposition because they are being executed in cold lot and this explains among other things why christians all over syria now are taking up arms to defend themselves go because they know that if there is a falls assad cold rolled by sunni hard core elements of the including soffit jihad just this is what's going to happen they're going to be only protected minorities and at the moment they are protected minority to some of the assad government. the syrian conflict has left hundreds of thousands of people displaced many having for shelter across the borders into neighboring countries but as many if not in our reports even in the refugee camps politics overshadows basic human values.
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a conflict of can trust and contradictions freedom fighters with guns in their hands and the kind of support calls for jihad those claiming to want to stop the violence in the country continue providing the warring sides with more weapons and now a supposedly peaceful humanitarian mission is being used as a breeding ground for hatred and division. plane refugees may have felt they were escaped the war but it seems the conflict has other plans for them because of muslims out in the northern lebanon is known for being strongly opposed to both his home government and the syrian regime seen for much tension for years especially after the dust in custody of a local man accused of being part of al qaida today it's home to many islamic organizations and many are still believed to have ties with the terrorist organization to do it it's right on the syria lebanon border the border is over there it's where many syrians fleeing the chaos at home had
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a comparatively safe haven one which provides shelter for some but by no means. a group of islamic n.g.o.s is called in eighteen the humanitarian mission here him mercy carries a subtle message the boxes bear would look to the swords of the muslim brotherhood so that you have plenty of here's what has to be enough for a month for one family and your goals here is rice crops. dry milk. the man in charge is a selfie a radical sunni group had hearing to fundamentalist islam and not tolerating moderate forms of the religion. colleague says anyone is welcome to relief just so long as they share in his one sided beliefs. we will not accept anybody who supports such a criminal regime maybe i will try to talk to them and convince them not to be on the bad side if they accept your more than welcome if not last until evolution is.
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no surprise therefore we didn't find a single supporter here newly arrived refugees most of whom are families with small children sleep on classroom floors and are given just basic creations but empty stomachs are only helping to nourish and sentiments elegant in the middle of this will help but i would join the free syrian army on. you know i had a chance but they don't need me i'm not in the military and if i have an opportunity to kill saddam with my bare hands i won't hesitate. ok what's on the surface look like helpless refugees in an instant can turn into auden travel lucian arrays. i wish i'm with the free syrian army to fight against assad no matter what will get him to not accept him to leave the country will see cutthroats and all terrible things and when we finish with him we'll go and take those back in his regime we all know them very well that will burst sobs wife who's from homes like
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me i wish the kids i chopped into tiny pieces. these people at their most desperate and given the helping hand that they need and it's one that will always be there although we strings attached as long as people are happy to tell you the n.t.'s sideline they will be to read it cool groups happy to feed them hold the guns that a powerful in this war. from northern lebanon a war update on the situation and see are available from r.t. on twitter now we're bringing you the first hand experience of our crew on the ground as well as reactions analysis images that r.t. underscore com. now as a government activists have been arrested in the united arab emirates for why the
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authorities call this threat to the state security but human rights groups say the response is draconian political studies professor stephen zura says the opposition movement is simply the public's desire for more input and there are close kingdom. these are very the mystic local activists who who are moderate islamists who want a greater sense of fairness and equity within society they are among three dozen dissidents who've been arrested in the past couple months some people sometimes to jail not for calling for the overthrow of the government or anything of but simply to are allowing the partially elected advisory assembly to have a little more power than a does currently so it just seems like yet another sad chapter and the crackdown against any dissent in the under that authoritarian regime by and large remains there definitely of the far cheering regime if you stream or question against
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and they could use against foreign i guess work but most fundamentally no really going by the people themselves and move them or office with two parties more moves for people to post their grievances a matter how rich you are. sooner or we're going to see hey we want some input about the direction of our country. how the found live a government crackdown across the gulf is now baylor job one of the only activists has made his name known as a national studies professor of the jap rashad believes activists like our job should be priced. you have to really salute people like rajab who have been fighting in bahrain most of his life he is the head of the bahrain center for human rights a very important person in the u.a.e. there's a university of sharia law professor. i mean people like this are to be applauded because there is the flag of democracy there is the flag of reform in the region we
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have seen protests being crushed in these various emirates in saudi arabia recently the cleric numeral nimer was beaten and arrested once more to people at least have been killed by reason of course the same thing is continuing and in you wait over the last month about fifty people have been arrested about nine or ten just in the last couple of days but yes this is been a concerted crackdown by the u.a.e. regime but they have been putting pressure on the political reformers who have been at work not since last year but since two thousand and three to create greater reform greater democracy in the entirety of the united arab emirates. well coming up in the program the latest on the euro zone's dad plight. markets
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across the globe continue to plummet as the so-called super mario druggy out of the e.c.b. fails to impress investors with the kind of new measures to salvage the euro join me in ten minutes time i'll tell you more. well of course just to remind our viewers who may be just joining us that u.n. arab league envoy kofi annan is quitting his role as serious conflict a mediator we'll have more on this we're following this and as soon as we have more details we'll bring that to use to stay with us here for that on our team now join us sound as mother has met ecuador's leader as her son pleads for asylum there president korea said the decision won't be influenced by pressure from any country cristina sounds talk to r.t. during her visit telling us that u.s. politicians are still gunning for revenge over a week of leaks some even calling for her son's execution the full injury is next hour here's some of what's to expect. from the beginning. from the us from
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politicians and from. these commies. that he was screaming out his name in the most brutal way they seem to be. built up on how they were feeling. calling out for the crucial this is inciting me against myself and still in the last few weeks. there's been folks you see sometimes i think it's folks these who take the foul and who was screaming at julian's execution this is somebody who is not right in the world and has done nothing more than any good and basically generous with to be complicit in this one doing what will. follow is a lower house been held up in ecuador's embassy and a london for over six weeks now the decision on a sound asylum request is expected in ten days he's wanted in sweden over sex crime
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allegations but believes they are just a pretext to hand him over to the u.s. to face trial over the massive leak of secret files scott horton from harper's magazine says even if he gets asylum he won't be out of the woods. to me it's hard to understand how the ecuadorian zur going to play this but even if they decide to grant his request for asylum that doesn't mean he would be able to walk out of the embassy go to heathrow and fly to ecuador he would still be held there you'd only be able to transfer out with some sort of consent from the u.k. government and i don't think that will be forthcoming without some sort of agreement from the swedish government so it's diplomatically very very thorny and setting up a scenario in which doing the song may be a guest in close quarters in the ecuadorian embassy for many years the question with australia is one that's been in the background for many many years in. if you
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look through the history of the war on terror you find a number of australian citizens who were seized by the united states who were mistreated some tortured some held in possible conditions and one time tomorrow and the australian government was that we mark a bully quiet about all of this not really that only not intervening but sometimes attacking their own citizens and i think what's going on there is frankly a rather surprising the attitude on the part of the australian government towards the united states has been see to challenge the us over any issue. don't forget join us on his groundbreaking interview series is still available for you to watch at r.t. dot com also online the teddy bear carol or valerie from flies after it is commonly commandos were air drawn into the secretive country causing the president to sack military chiefs. and while the people of britain's tighten their belts to
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the extreme the countries that want the delegations the big money at an exclusive club in london we tell you why. all right more now on our breaking news story that a joint u.n. arab league down boy kofi annan is quitting his role as serious conflict mediator has been a key figure and international hopes to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the crisis in the stricken country well let's now cross live to washington d.c. where we have our very own guy and. guy alex here at this point of course the question is do we know why kofi annan the stepping down. well moreno a few was the face of the political solution to the crisis in syria someone who
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called for both sides to stop killing to put down their arms and start a dialogue and his efforts were very much supported by a rush of coffee and his resignation could effectively mean the end of the plumber see everybody here is talking about whether there will be intervention. you know when they have in fact vi the intervention by the. western powers or or the arab league but where they have already intervened we know that saudi arabia and carter are funneling weapons into syria and just yesterday president obama signed a secret order to provide support to the rebels in syria but the full extent of the support. that agencies like the cia might be providing is really not clear yet in hours of this senate hearing on syria. you hear.
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the intervention is discussed. and i heard senator kerry for example to say we cannot allow security council to prevent support to the opposition and you hear the witnesses at the hearing where the experts who the card say that u.n. security resolution would be desirable but dark necessary. and then you have the same experts saying that the chances that the future government you know it will be friendly to the united states are bigger if they help the now so. he was saying that we're just wasting time in u.n. security council so you understand what the what the. new deal is here in in washington but at the same time the same experts were saying there are sides fall could effectively mean a breakout of six tarion violence. as. and they were also point.
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you know in an environment. kerry in war the example of iraq is right there so. at this moment you have all kinds of discussions but there are little suggest you see just suggestions as to what the intervention would need to be. or i got to thanks very much indeed for bringing us the. that was oh correspondent reporting from washington d.c. and of course we've got the latest now on this. his resignation from his role as a mediator in syria his quote is blaming thing or pointing and name calling at the u.n. security council for his departure from role as a syria mediator well the crown has said a regrets that kofi annan has decided not to continue his work on syria and that's the very latest that we have for you this hour on this news just in on the breaking
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story that we're following for you here on r.g.p. of course stay with us for more as will be bringing you more information as we get of course now let's take a look at what else is happening in the world is our spanish police have arrested three suspected al qaeda members who were planning an attack eight. soon all of the man has lived and russia's chechen republic during a wave of terror attacks there while the other man is off turkish descent and all are believed to have been trained in pakistan media reports in spain say the man possessed explosives and poison. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in uganda's capital as part of her africa tour it's currently battling an outbreak of the deadly ebola virus which has so far killed sixteen people nationwide u.s. officials admit the seven nations visit is largely a push to. event china's growing influence in the continent clinton's next stop is
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south sudan this vast oil industry depends heavily on chinese investment. slow moving typhoon moving through asia has hit taiwan killing at least seven people surveillance video showed one man tragically followed his death when a road collapsed burying him and rubble there until rains flooded the low lying areas paralyzing the mater national airport and a railway network earlier this week the typhoon killed twenty three people in the philippines. a reminder of we're breaking news story this hour here on kofi annan is quitting his joints and arab league role as the key global mediator in syria's conflict blaming quote finger pointing and name calling at the u.n. security council well he has been a key figure in the international hopes to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the crisis in this year's work in country the u.n. and say as i had decided not to or news mandate what it expires at the end of
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august was made architect of the six point peace plan for syria that the man of all sides lay down arms and engage in dialogue but the plan was never fully if you were to by the rebels or government forces and deadly violence has continued. all right straight now to the world of business and we do markets are dropping worldwide all of a sudden so what more have you god for us this hour this is starting to have it actually after the you'll be a monthly correct myself speech from easy chief mario draghi he has failed to impress and best so called super mario promised to do everything possible to salvage the euro just a few days ago has now not unveil any concrete measures to do so now to discuss this issue i'm joined by angus campbell head of market analysis at london capital
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group. good to see as a markets are indeed falling everywhere the u.s. in europe even in russia what exactly did mario draghi fail to say. well he failed to say exactly what he what the markets were expecting him to say if we remember only or we could go outside of any formal policy meeting or anything like that he said in a speech that he would do anything in his power whatever it took in order to protect the year or so course that led to a rally in stock markets and strengthening of the euro because it was only a week before today this as you mention is his month the interest rate policy setting meeting expectations were really really built on the hope that he would mention something along the lines of further intervention to
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really try and drive down the growing costs for those peripheral nations in particular the big worrisome nations such as spain and italy and unfortunately he has not been he has hope back to his words with. the markets have been bitterly disappointed today and that is why you will seeing quite a serious selloff so basically what he said as in the e.c.b. would be willing to go ahead with the open market operations or the fact that central banks would be standing by to intervene and buy up government bonds that's not enough. he hasn't really given us much more than we've seen in the past from the e.c.b. what we have to remember the most important thing about the e.c.b. and its current mandate is that it does not have the same sort of powers of other
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central banks like the federal reserve or the bank of england it is very restricted in water it can do and all see recently it has done this securities markets program where it's directly. government bonds to bring down their borrowing costs it's also done these l.t.r. but beyond there it hasn't specifically got the power to really do you fool quantitative easing. of germany the paymaster of europe who are really trying to drive home the e.c. b. must not step outside its mandate so without powers there is not much they can do beyond as i say. i'm sorry with this isn't running out of time about just just one more just one more question for you for time for one more question now this is basically follows the fed meeting yesterday where no concrete
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measures on stimulus have been announced either do you think we might actually see a new wave still of easing in the us maybe in the third quarter. i think we will it's just a matter of time we have to be quite careful the fed they're meant to be seen as nonpolitical the norm part isn't so they can't be sort of driving through streets of easing huge stimulus packages ahead of an election in the u.s. in november. really quite to call it difficult situation because the economy there is definitely slowing but maybe not quite enough yet to warrant quantitative easing however things do unfold in the eurozone and they are affected their growth does fall even further. definitely quantitative easing later in the year all right thank you so much that was the head of market analysis at the london capital group talking to us on this gamble all right i'm afraid that's all we have time for this hour but do join me in around fifty five minutes i'll be here with yet another
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market update well is certainly a world leader thanks very much indeed for us on the and in just a few minutes here in r t you have got more financial have alliance with max kaiser daisy herbert whatever recap of our top stories coming right up. here knew she could leverage surely to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a doing about anything.


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