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gamble with your money or turn it into solid gold. request the gold and silver investors. call today eight hundred two five seven gold. coming up this hour you heard it right here r t uncovers the truth about a sophisticated surveillance system that can track your every movement so smile for the camera because chances are big brother is watching our to our t.v. and will break the story down. buffaloed as details about the seemingly endless debate over the national defense authorization act better known as the n.d.a. well and haven't attentions become as american as apple pie we've got one of the plaintiffs in the case joining us to tell you what this means for your civil liberties. and if you haven't heard who mitt romney's v.p. pick is by now you've probably been living in a home was constantly a party darling parle ryan has added a flavor flavor to the republican campaign but his reputation isn't as squeaky
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clean as you might think i'll tell you what wiki leaks has dug up about him. good evening it's monday august thirteenth to six pm in washington d.c. i'm christine you're watching our team. let's begin with a closer look at a previously top secret program run by a company you've probably never heard of called abraxas it involves facial recognition software closed circuit cameras and former senior intelligence officials the goal to collect information about people by recording their faces and then sending that information to a central database center it's been studied and combined with other collective intelligence the secret program is called trap wire and was first revealed by wiki leaks then the hacktivist group anonymous put out a video giving their take here's what they thought this software is being used as
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a method by which prevent terrorism which can of course also be used to provide precedented surveillance and data mining capabilities to governments corporations and others. that they use technology. to do so. and our web team right here at r.t. has really been on the nuts and bolts of this story from day one andrew blake wrote the story stratfor e-mails reveal secret widespread it transpires surveillance program and to break this all down i sat down with him a little earlier he broke the story last friday and started off our interview by talking about the amount of media attention being drawn to this issue take a look. the way that this story has quickly spiraled out of control in just three days is almost play make believe but what's actually happening is science fiction
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so it kind of makes sense so we have to back up to two thousand and four this company releases abraxas put together this thing called trouble here and not a lot is known about it right now and it's still not the way it's been all week and we're people trying to dig up information we don't really know that much but we do know abraxas has this program called trap wire the vice president of intelligence there said it's more sophisticated than anything actual recognition program out there and they can use these cameras to go in and track someone in wherever they are they're located in so far as the biggest myth piled in cities across the united states so we're talking d.c. new york chicago los angeles las vegas and there's connections goes so much deeper than that too but so what they do is they monitor all these video streams they get sent to a database in nelson center and they can go and they can zoom in on someone they can find out who they are and what they're doing and they can go back and they say they'll walk the katha back it go backwards go in time and they can start off with
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one suspicious activity report and go to see what this person's been doing and they can find out who these people are where they're going to go you know it's kind of they're not criminals or suspected terrorists i mean that's what's it that's why it was established that they said this is here. the started traveler back in two thousand and four as a response to kind of like nine eleven but it's everywhere and what i see everywhere we're just starting to find out really how deep this goes because i'm abraxas kind of peculiar abraxas was acquired by another company based out of san diego called cubic cuba grab them a few years ago i think is twenty ten one hundred twenty four million dollars which is nothing trap lawyer system if you have it installed in certain cities certain states they're spending hundreds a million dollars just just to have that going so cubic took a hold of a practice in turn getting trapped wire in. turn being able to look at anyone anywhere in the city's places like d.c. where you can't swing
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a dead cat around without hitting something that's considered critical infrastructure sites whether it's like a department of energy satellite office or a d.c. of a hotdog stand or something where anything around in d.c. is going to be considered critical infrastructure sites and all these cameras in d.c. for instance are hooked up to the d.c. metropolitan police department who in turn feeds them to trap lawyer and they have this massive intelligence database but that's one thing we really have to see how far back this goes because cubic also runs the transportation farecard systems in new york in d.c. in chicago and in los angeles so in a place like d.c. or new york for example you have the same company where you give them your credit card and you bias their card and you get on the train and go anywhere within twenty miles you give that company your information and at the same time they have your face and they're watching you when you get off that train they can find you anywhere in the city and you're referring just
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a minute ago to the millions of dollars that this program cost where does this money come from from what i understand it's often paid for by taxpayers i know l.a. mayor antonio goes it was talking about it recently and here's what he had to say. we all need to be vigilant and proactive in protecting our city from terrorist threats los angeles consistently rank in the top of the list of terrorist targets we need your help in keeping watch over our city i watch as a community program that partners new law enforcement officials provides an easy way to report suspicious behavior and activities. so los angeles is believed to send about one point four million dollars a month on this talk a little bit about the money and if taxpayers are even aware that i mean no one was really aware that this was happening until thursday friday and the thing is turbo has been around since two thousand and four and before last week you can go ahead you can google and you can go to trap wired dot com or dot net rather and find out
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all about them you can find out about abraxas but the reason that this is becoming so significant right now is last week we could leaks released a new batch of the strafford files that anonymous were able to uncover from the strategic forecasting intelligence company last year and there's a bunch of communication in there from stratford kind of touting this program is kind of like the be all to end all of big brother like this was this is how we're going to be able to watch everyone and like there they're talking like internal communication and least in these e-mails that are allegedly part of the staff or a talk there are same pretty much we can do anything at one point actually said in d.c. our capabilities are increasing every single day so a lot really isn't known about it let alone where the money's coming from we do know that d.h.s.s. and the d.o.d. have been having some sort of financial ties to them it's really kind of have to go online and start going through this crazy like worm hole of information on trip wire and you'll be doing it all the national with wiki leaks you know having this
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denial of service ok well also that's one thing that we can only speculate on right now we can reach is being hit by d.d. o. s. attacks for roughly two weeks now and lest we believe last wednesday someone from the wiki leaks twitter account said we don't really know why we're getting hit we know we're getting hit with upwards of a bleep eighty gigabits per second worth of traffic attacks and they said one of the reasons could be like a backlash for stratfor e-mails that are about to come out sure now twenty four hours later that's when we start hearing this so is stress for who you know is always had something against wiki leaks and says hack was delivered from anonymous to them few months ago. are they in orchestrating this infiltration together or you know it's it's no secret that a lot of people are opposed to wiki leaks a lot of people are opposed to julian assad is how many different countries are fighting for him right now and how many different people are upset over the military doesn't that they've leaked so are they related we don't know but it also makes it much more difficult to find out about the trip wires so right now people
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all over the internet are trying to find a trap or trying to find out about abraxas trying to find out about q that there's all these companies but pretty much what you need to take away from this if anything is that right now across america there is a surveillance system that knows who you are and can watch you and it sounds really really really creepy but that's what's happening but as of now under the data systems across the country are not all connected it's not if you it's not if you know l.a. program sees your face that they can send it to d.c. right move i mean l.a. might not be able to necessarily send it to d.c. but that's actually where it gets a little creepy are these cities there are specific citywide law enforcement agencies have contracts with the tripwire and abraxas one really interesting thing though is last year d.c. was putting together a proposal in order to acquire a couple thousand private business surveillance feeds that they would then have routed to the d.c. police department who in turn can then turn them over to trap where so in d.c.
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for example you have around three thousand cameras that are used in public schools you have cameras that are used as part of the department of transportation all those road cameras those red light cameras those are going to trust lawyers so you're not safe right now certainly a lot of ways in which the connections of already been made and a lot of ways in which they're going to be made even more in the future are do you have particular answered like thanks for breaking this down for the early days story. all right let's talk now about some updates regarding the national defense authorization act better known as a white house attorneys have been in and out of court recently defending the provision in m.d.a. regarding indefinite detention they argue that jailing americans indefinitely without trial in some cases is necessary for the safety and security of the country back in may though federal court judge catherine forrest ordered a temporary injunction on the section section one ten twenty one of m.d.a. questioning the constitutionality of the indefinite detention provision but when
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white house attorneys were questioned monday on whether or not they have adhered to the judge the judge's temporary injunction they were less than cooperative and responding now earlier i was joined by activists and journalists tangerine bolen who's also a plaintiff in the case against the n.b.a. she discussed the white house's reluctance to disclose information regarding section ten twenty one take a look. well so i don't attend the hearing last tuesday but i did have attorneys and several supporters who went to the hearing and a few incredible highlights came out about why it is they added a new term which was her actual detention. as a little bit more sinister conversation and definite attention which is about already today actually stated on public record that you think war correspondents could be indefinitely detained under the n.d.a. which should send huge alarm bells after every journalist everywhere three they actually said they actually refused to buy and once again what it was you could
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means is that even if you're in the presence or another terrorist just walking by so or in the vicinity you could be changed if i were you most interestingly they actually came out when drunk forus asked and you were sure the courtroom that the end section twenty one had not apply anywhere in the world as of the main junction they refused to provide those assurances so well let's break this down because as a lot of information you just get out there and i know ok so let's talk about i mean this is one of the most fascinating things to me when we talk about journalists war correspondents i know that the case is hedges the obama chris hedges being a journalist who says he himself could be targeted because he's had meetings he's had dinners and lunches and coffee with people considered to be. part of terrorist groups or associating with terrorist groups and he was just doing his job we've got him on the show several times talk
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a little bit about this what this means. in terms of journalist trying to get information out there in the future. well it's actually quite distressing because it's criminalizing an aspect of journalism if war correspondents can't do their jobs or it's left to the united states government to determine whether they're independent enough or not and refusing to design means it's quite showing on first amendment. so when you talk about also what happened last week which is the obama administration sort of refusing to answer the question about whether or not they've actually been abiding by this injunction what are the implications here. well judge for actually turned around when that occurred and you do understand that the united states government will be held in contempt of court and unfortunately we can't prove whether the actions are what you want to apply or not so that maybe we don't
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want to get into but if we could ever go we certainly would. go that route and. lawlessness. governments i mean if there are a federal judge's injunction that's lawlessness i mean it's no less than. i know a tender and you're a plaintiff in this case against the n.d.a. i guess tell us why you feel sort of in a bigger picture here this. bill this piece of legislation signed on new year's eve has such an immense potential to impact you know the future of where this country is headed. well i can only speak from my own experience that the moment about was signed into law i just felt this deep sense of dread. i had to wiki leaks i don't with them personally directly. the language of the law i think people like me and many other people directly in the crosshairs of the end which is absolutely
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unacceptable i'm exercising my first amendment rights and my rights to be. first of all liberties so i think i just poses a grave threat to go out of our intact rights and liberties and i think that a lot of people who agree with us and are just as disturbed as we are and secondly i'm going to the last group that the government attorneys admit they've painted me in my. basically enemies of the united states who are having dared to bring this case forward and i mean i think. along the same lines i mean certainly here at r.t. we have been covering this case pretty exhaustively for some reason this continues to get very minimal attention from the mainstream media and i know you know the national defense authorization act doesn't sound very sexy i know also that you know we're in election season and this is not an issue that will drive a wedge between the president and mitt romney they essentially from what i understand would have the same opinions about this i mean why though this is
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something that affects everyone in this country why do you think no one's talking about it. you know i think that's a great question i mean maybe it's just not as sexy an issue i don't know it's not exciting or something you see it's us it's exciting and as if that incredible song especially if you're able to be there in court. you know i mean it's really really i just really seems to be reporting on the issues and there are concerned with so many years and i mean. at this point then there are critical new and so unfortunately i think it's a systemic issue and we really need to obviously encourage me to get back to what matters yes certainly one thing that those who are following this have even said is that this has the potential to to ruin a separation of powers by sort of moving this aspect of detention away from the judicial branch under the executive branch these are these are huge things that are happening right now and we do appreciate you keeping us posted i know are you tweet
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about this quite a bit tangerine bowl and founder and director of revolution truth in a portland oregon thanks so much well the race to the white house got a little more interesting in the wee hours of this past weekend as wisconsin congressman paul ryan got the coveted v.p. slot alongside mitt romney ryan is known for his charismatic conservatism and has a reputation for cutting domestic spending to the bone but you already knew that considering that's what's been the focus of twenty four seven in the news cycle however what if that wasn't quite the case and what if i told you the documents released via wiki leaks gave more of an insight on the man that would be v.p. and his supposed that hawkish monetary policy while argues only as well spoke with producer sam knight of all about this. paul ryan he's a tea party favorite almost has this rock star appeal among conservatives but you say wiki leaks exposes a paul ryan that is quite different from his public persona how so he went on
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a congressional delegation to well he went on a number of them but one particular one he went to south america and he was speaking to arjun tine legislators and another official and he sort of made comments that seem to contradict all sorts of public pronouncements he's made about monetary policy which by the way he's described in an interview with the milwaukee journal sentinel journal as his first love so he's kind of betraying his first love it seems when you look through the wiki leaks disclosures that's interesting because paul ryan has seemed at least in the public public realm to be a vocal critic of the federal reserve but documents out of wiki leaks say otherwise well. he has definitely been of a surface critic of the federal reserve expansionary monetary policy he's basically said it's you know dangerous it causes long term inflation in may two thousand and
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eight he introduced legislation that would have stripped the federal reserve of its mandate to sort of minimize unemployment. but you see in these documents throughout these meetings he kind of gives this praise sort of recognizes that what bernanke is doing with respect to you know expansionary monetary policy with respect to ensuring that there's liquidity in the economy he sort of seems to indicate that that's the way forward. you know which is very much at odds with other things he said and so you know couldn't heads it or how paul ryan he consistently tout small government as the solution so what are the implications that of what's exposed in wiki leaks as i call into question his dedication to small government well i'm not sure that's really hard to say i mean he obviously has professed a sort of undying love for iran and and this sort of you know libertarian ideology
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you know time and time again what it just sort of seems to highlight is how how readily he will sort of back away from it and just republicans and in general will back away from it when it doesn't suit them politically because they know they know that you know pursuing. agenda of austerity. you know will hurt them when they're in power hence the the bailout and the sort of you know paul ryan was a massive supporter of supporter anyway of both the auto and the. treasury bailout of the financial sector of wall street so essentially what you're saying is that he's not actually as libertarian as he makes himself out to be well no and i mean again we've seen this before in his actions and in his votes particularly in two. thousand and eight what i think is sort of highlighted here is you know an insight into his sort of deliberative process i mean he's a very smart man clearly and you know he so he knows the consequences of these
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policies. and so you can see it here that he knows that expansionary monetary policy is not you know inherently a bad thing which is something he he tends to suggest when he's you know part of this sort of republican obstructionist. you know power play right so i mean based on what you have just revealed the paul ryan that is exposed there wiki leaks there seems to be this disconnection between his public persona and who he actually is behind closed doors at least in some instances so any indication on where this public persona then is being inspired. well you know. it seems that from day one you heard senator mitch mcconnell say the most important thing republicans can do is ensure that brock obama is a one term president. and so you see all these sort of republican backers and boosters short of drumming up all this anger over policies that you know democrats
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might push which you know are really not very radical at all they're not these like crazy socialist policies they're making now to be they're just sort of using it as a stick to beat them with you know especially with respect to the tea party and it sort of seems like with all this money coming in you know pumping up the tea party you have all these republican politicians sort of lining up trying to you know stick their chest out and say you know we're going to cut government the most so is there a danger then that he may not be as consistent as he's perceived and what cave into political pressure if it would benefit him politically i mean he's only a politician right so i mean we're all humans and we all make mistakes and you know a lot of politicians as well they they. you know that they don't get to where they are by you know being extraordinarily principled. well i can't argue with that say and i thank you so much that was sam knight our t.v.
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producer well it is a department of corrections is joining about one hundred other correctional institutions with what's called video visitation here's a little piece from the do you think department of corrections explaining what this is all about. the department of corrections video visitation center is housed within the d.c. general hospital complex adjacent to the d.c. jail in southeast washington d.c. those wishing to visit inmates housed at the jail are no longer required to stand in long lines undergo extensive security checks or be subject to pat down searches to enter the facility instead with video visitation family members friends and other visitors simply set a visitation appointment by telephone or through the internet so the deal for this new technology was reached between the d.c. city council on a company called global tel link global telling actually installed it for free and according to the department of corrections the calls are also free and the purpose
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is to quote make the jail run more efficiently i sat down earlier with ivy fink instead a staff attorney with the d.c. prisoners project of the washington lawyers committee for civil rights and urban affairs she shared her concerns this project about this project with me just a little earlier take a look. we're speaking out about this primarily because it replace is all visitation in person as a jail rather than being a supplement to the existing visitation policy so instead of being able to go into the same room with your loved one and see them through a partition you are separated by five hundred yards across the street in another building and then have to call in by videophone when you make of these arguments oh these are these are what the disease department of corrections is saying that it's more comfortable for prisoners that it saves the g.o.c. four hundred twenty thousand dollars and it's generally a more efficient system well efficiency is yet to be tested it's shiny and new so
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we don't really know exactly what's going to happen if there is some sort of a breakdown in the technology or when staff gets overrun with the how many people may be coming in or the online registration system breaks down or something like that in terms of it's comfort for family and friends that it may be the case that it might have more air conditioning or in they alleviate having to stand in lines or be searched however that doesn't really replace a child being able to go up to the window and speak to their father or their their loved one and to be able to do that in a really more private intimate way one thing that you mentioned was the cost it is actually not there the department of corrections has said there is no cost to the clients to the to the prisoners or the families however global telling can't really be doing this for free that's what i was going to ask you i mean of course a big communications company wants to make money somehow so is this something where
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it's going to be free just for the first year or i mean have you guys looked into this the prisoners have have been afraid that that's what's going to happen like it's going to be a bait and switch the department of corrections has gone on the record and said that's not the case. we have discovered that global tel link actually runs a program that if you contract with them exclusively for your telephones not this video visitation system they will basically give you this as a perk of using them as their exclusive contract what that means is that in the competitive business bidding process maybe families could have gotten lower rates on their regular telephone calls with their with their loved ones but instead they're getting a higher rate of telephone call on those regular phone calls and then the partner of corrections is getting this basically kickback no i think it's important what you mentioned that this is not a program where family members can choose either one of you to face to face or i
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don't want to wait in line so it is completely replacing the face to face as is and i know that the federal bureau of prisons has even said that face to face visits are important for prisoners and some of the prisons that are adopting this do have the option talk a little bit about the significance that this is the only option here in d.c. because the district of columbia is unique among jurisdictions this is extremely important for keeping family connections d.c. unlike maybe maryland right next door virginia sends all of its prisoners who have a felony conviction into the federal bureau of prisons the closest location where you can visit somebody who is in the b o p is in winter in north carolina just south of the virginia border or in cumberland maryland if anyone's ever been out to deep creek lake they know that that's a pretty hefty drive in of itself also these people are mostly in rural areas so even if you wanted to go visit your family member in west virginia it would be in
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a location that would be hard to travel too expensive to stay overnight so this means that this window of opportunity that they have while their loved one is local in the d.c. jail is exceptionally important for their family connection. i guess you know i looked around a little bit to see why this policy change was necessary and i couldn't really find you know a substantive reason given for why this switch was made what are you seeing well now that i know that global telling gives involved i actually think it has a lot to do with the contracting with the telephones not just not the video phones what the telephones so that in the in the bidding process to get a telephone contract the district has made this choice to get a basically a bonus from their contract instead of changing the cost of the families and lowering that cost. that was ivy think in south staff attorney at the d.c. prisoners project and that's going to do it for us for now but for more on the
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