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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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hello and welcome to our team i'm karen taraji these are your top stories serious conflict spreads further beyond its borders as people flee the violence into neighboring states fresh clashes between rebels and a solid supporters in levanon have left seven dead and dozens injured. kuantan i'm a lawyer say they're being banned from bringing up old much of torture inside military tribunals which they're challenging pretrial hearings for some of the nine eleven suspects prepared to start on thursday the notorious prison is still open despite president obama's two thousand and eight election promise. and ecuador's foreign minister exclusively tells our two spanish channel that his country will go as far as the hague to defend its asylum unfortunately in
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a solemn and he says they're standing up to london and washington to protect freedom of speech. up next r t here is how western countries is fueling all of the syrian conflict is solely to serve their own goals in the region. today we're joined by christiane sen he's an analyst specializing in the middle east particularly syria renia relations and he also founded the assyrian a friendship association here in belgium about four years ago thanks very much sadness for us for joining us today the first question i'd like to ask to establish the basis of your opinion you established this is so see a sham syrian friendship does that mean you are considered pro assad as you have been portrayed in the belgian media i'm considering me as pro syria pro syrian people i'm convinced that the only way to get out of this crisis out of this
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bloodshed is by following the path of free for a lot to offer firelands so if i see i'm ready for him i don't see i'm pro sets. but if you look to the reality in the city and go from the men's who also is willing to follow this path of reform and you've written and said that the armed uprising in syria has been supported or started from be outside but do you also acknowledge the fact that the syrians from inside want change and what is the basis of your analysis on this i do believe is that the violence what we are seeing you know this has nothing to do with the forum this has to do with destroying to people. i'm also convinced. i have a lot of testimonies from from people in syria that a lot of. what they call the rebels the members of the syrian free army it's a matter of fact they are foreigners i mean this is not
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a forum in syrians are not interested in this is syrian people out of very. peaceful peaceful people. who live together for centuries. we don't have any problem. so the violence we're seeing no it's not a syrian products i went to daraa. which. which was the whole the beds the year before where the trouble started. also that it's near to the jordanian border it's not a coincidence that the trouble started at the border there. at the border. because this underlines once again the influence from abroad i mean. if you're in the situation in syria what's really. a syrian. or a city and problem trouble would have started from. our
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homes a lot of. outside forces and governments are interested in the to destroy syria why because you have to remember the city has a very strategic position in the area in the middle east in the region i think the main targets as a matter of fact is. that because iran is such a powerhouse in the region it's so strong. they know that to take out iran first they have to take out syria and i'm quite convinced if they would succeed to destroy syria the next order to get will be hezbollah in lebanon i wonder if these two allies are taken out. they will concentrate one hundred percent on the you know who are you referring to when you say they i mean to my opinion the united states and our allies because they have their strategic interests in that region.
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also to. a lot of people talk about oil but you have to know syria it's not rich in oil they have some oil but it's not rich but of course the real oil is in saudi arabia. but syria can be a transit country. you also have to know that or huge guess reserves in the former soviet union i mean the central asian states of the former soviet union so they're for a huge i guess reserves and i think you have to sit in this context how do you confirm the identity of the rebel fighters as you claim that they are coming from the outside they're foreigners how do we have proof of that because they found a lot of. proof of this like. when people die in homes. they find identity cards passports of foreign people. they captured people with
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a foreign accent you really are for mercenaries or doing it for the money but you also have no out qaeda which is active in syria because they hope to be find a new you know a new base to establish a new base over there let's just briefly look at turkey's role in all of this historically turkey and syria have had good relations what is the interest in turkey being rather aggressive now against syria what is the what lies in it for them to see unrest in syria as a matter of fact we're already seeing this because at this moment to be sure region in syria or the people in the core of this region in syria they already got a lot of. government from the government in damascus and of course turkey is not happy with this evolution why this change of mind why are they so.
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anti. no i think there are different theories is can be true would that be still have this. dream aspirations to make thirty again a. powerhouse which it once once was in the region. during the ottoman era. another factor is that. the fact of the muslim brotherhood they're not really anti western because the origin of the muslim brotherhood. they are what we call rick and. so they are interested in free trade with europe with the united states with the western world i mean we see now in egypt the muslim brotherhood we know with that thirty governments also the president is also pro muslim brotherhood
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and maybe they are hoping to establish a new government in syria also pro muslim brotherhoods for economical economical reasons and also political reasons of course because you cannot really split this and you said that the ultimate target in this geopolitical story is iran what is and this is not the first time that this opinion has been voiced or what is your analysis on this where iran is concerned it's fairly clear to me not only to me to a lot of people that purpose is to destroy the iranian regime because. when you're in the west are in a war zone it's it's a hostile regime hostile to the. western world i don't think this is true because i feel safe it also many times to run and i can assure you that the ukrainian government is a very rational government spirit and government always stated
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a nuclear program. is a civilian program. while in the west they say no. birth person is to get an atom and bomb or a nuclear weapon and then they told me why should we need to not be a weapon i mean even if we manage to make one appear a weapon. there is a difference between having a nuclear weapon and to be capable to deliver it so there is a big technical step between these two phases and they see even if we have one nuclear weapon and they think we're going to use its. the american government and their allies they will all must see to the middle ages so they have no interest in their own three being destroyed it's so they are much more rational than most people here in the west think now all the opinions you voiced today it's contrary
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to the general narrative that we find in a lot of the press lot of the analysis here in belgium or in western europe how is your work and your opinions received in this part of the world unfortunately. most people. here in belgium but i can also. see maybe a broader picture of the western world to your dope in the united states. they're not really aware they don't know what really the situation in the middle east what they know about it's based on cliche is you know like a very black white picture you know the good guys and the bad guys and even amazed that a lot of people don't really even realize. she goes through at the chicken location of it and for them it's somewhere over there in the middle east and the same with syria i mean a lot of people don't know that's the origin of the bathtub or think it was
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socially sporty a lot of people say ok the president bashar al assad and his family dollar we course this can't be true but this is not. how can i say this is not the main factor in syria politics the main factor is the origin of the baath party the socialist party where all religions lift together and city as one of the few. maybe the only country in the middle east where you have all these denominations christian but also get all the christian orthodox christian clique orthodox matter i need. we were living together for hundreds of here very peacefully but most people here don't realize this christiane thanks very much for your time it was a pleasure. my
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name is richard davis i'm an architectural photographer from london and i've been traveling in russia for the last ten years on a project federal wooden chair choose obviously i fell in love with the tragedies extraordinary ok it's a beautiful opiates and the church is is a religious monumental obviously but it's also an object of wonder you know it's something that people can look at it opens their eyes it that shows what can be achieved by using your imagination. wealthy british style the sun holds a spot on. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the report.
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comes. to the polls started here before going global and. pulling the fire. look around. choose your place take your stand.
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in the establishment. make your statement. spread the word. occupy wall street a mind. immediately . put. in a little. serious
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conflict spreads further beyond its borders as people flee the violence into neighboring states and fresh clashes between rebels and assault supporters in lebanon all have left seven dead and dozens injured. kuantan the lawyers say they're being banned from bringing up alleging torture inside military tribunals which they are challenging as pretrial hearings for some of the nine eleven suspects prepared to start on thursday the notorious prison is still open despite president obama's two thousand names election promise. and i could always foreign minister exclusively tells our to the spanish channel that his country will go as far as the hague to defend it's a solemn ritual in a song he says they're standing up to london and washington to protect the freedom of speech. those were the headlines paul is here now with the sport.
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thank you very much karen welcome along to the sports headlines here is what's coming up now i mean state could portuguese international not be on his way to sin peaches but the russian clubs expressing an interest in the manchester united winger. london calling it the jacksonville jaguars can now be playing one of their n.f.l. home games in two thousand and thirteen. and a vicious cycle of russia's only star in freestyle motocross as he attempts to inspire the next generation to follow in his footsteps. but after spartak moscow is champions league win i've offended say there are five further ties in the third qualifying round later on wednesday the pick of which he's greek side and i cost travel to spain to take on malaga it's the spanish sides first ever
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champions league campaign the club have been blighted by financial problems in recent years and have lost the likes of striker ruud van nistelrooy and santi called all of this summer to arsenal but veteran coach manuel pellegrini says they have what it takes to progress so. really we have to be a release to get all the players we have and look for any excuses because we have lost we're going to join the game with the players that we have left. in the meantime champions league qualification it continues with braga hosting. travel to a limit so. head to head with moneyball. and staying in the. meanwhile over in the english premier league chelsea will be looking to make it to winter into this season when they host reading the royals may be newly promoted to the top flight for chelsea boss roberto di matteo is expecting a tough time. i'm very. you know
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a new promoted teams like reading we saw in the week and. southampton how well they played against man city and. it's going to be very difficult game when you play a new promoted team early on. now staying with football was an ace and peter could be said to bolster their squad at the club saying they've been negotiating with manchester united to try and capture portuguese international money his asking price believed to be close to forty million dollars bernie's form suffered it towards the end of last season the twenty five year old was negotiating a four year deal to stay at old trafford but club management have so far resisted his wage demands though they stressed they want the winger to stay now and he joined united in two thousand and seven so far scoring twenty five goals in one hundred twenty five period appearances russian champions in it now throwing their hat into the ring with manager luciano's polity aiming to do a deal before the country september the tenth transfer deadline. now staying in
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russian football and in a moscow who are rock bottom of the premier league table have a chance and a fresh start in europe former ku band managed to taking over the reins of the blue and white for the very first time for their battle with stood guard in the europa league playoffs have never been relegated to find themselves at the bottom of the table with five losses in as many russian premier league matches so far this season german team captain kevin qur'an you're hoping to open his goal tally for the season against his former club where he has skills from two thousand and one to two thousand and five. now to tennis where andy murray continues his quest for the first major title next week at the u.s. open having beaten roger federer in the olympic final and with rafael nadal having pulled out injured to separate major win is say this could be the scots chance to win his first grand slam andy murray is my favorite. i think he proved something to himself to the other guys winning the olympics at wimbledon i think that he's.
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he's becoming a better player all the time physically he hits the ball a little bit better i think a forehand side especially these ready. probably go through a. blofeld was there so he made the phone so he'd be truffled before in the. benefits if it plays well with the community and. now london's relationship with america's most popular sport is set to move up again american football franchise the jacksonville jaguars announcing that to play one home game this season at wembley stadium from two thousand and thirteen the historic london ground has already hosted one n.f.l. game since two thousand and seven and now the frowns we got a chance to form an affiliation with jackie was from all jacksonville and conquering noble territories under new ownership on the team hopping struggling to weigh in and fill seats back in florida the side of missed the playoffs in ten of
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the past twelve seasons for that top star modest jones drew exceptionally cheap to a contract dispute it. now over to one of the most eye catching and risky extreme sports on the planet i'm talking about freestyle motocross alexy kolesnik off is russia's only man in the sports and and he's hoping that the next generation will follow in his footsteps as rob about danny and explains. the power of gravity. risk. fear the dead devils of freestyle macross take them all on and win proving impossible is no more than just the ward the only we're action currently has got all it takes to do stunts like this is that exceed the two thousand and nine world championships bros medal winner he's also the country so and besler to the sport's most elite competition red bull
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exploiters although he may soon be joined by others a special training camp in the moscow region past week saw twenty five amateur riders from all over russia and ukraine come together to show of their own skills and learn more from kolesnik of and his colleagues i could spend my entire life writing by myself i learned nothing new but under the guidance of these paraders i can improve a lot kolesnikov rebuilt his training camp to lead both rupees and skilful riders use it quiet days filled with practice and theory five days of hard training and even painful frailer time paying off with hopeful success and at the very least sizable progress whatever it was not only a school but a contest as well with the jury watching and selecting the gifted few at the will of concept was targeting jude law as to them was sword learned for almost
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a year was back out only a week before this camp started and probably saved a lot of energy and you might each of them have their own unique. style both weekend strong point so it took us pretty long to pick out the best and this is a great example to follow for all fans of the sport if you work hard you'll succeed i hope next year our task will be even tougher russian writers has never made it to the podium of the toughest freestyle motocross competition in the world red bull expires but the odds are one of those were either is from the kolesnik of stable will hit the heights sooner rather than later. r.t. . now finding that return to football was a game with five in the russian primarily golf got plenty of net busting action for a look back at the pick of the goals is always a feature and this is goals go. thank
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. you. thank.
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