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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you're watching artie's great to have you with us there at the. divided as they stand castro griggs begs for breathing space a levy e.u. leaders deeply split on whether to show. allies how the deadly trend of am going forces turning their weapons against nato troops helping to train them is adding get more challenges to the country's dreams of pizza. and border design orders syria's neighbors to feel the heat from the country's civil war with deadly clashes and a growing flow of refugees. and up next time she talks to dr kundry jamil syria's deputy prime minister for economic affairs and he has his say on how a ceasefire under lossing fees can be reached.
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they're joined by dr. sears vice prime minister for economic affairs and then become. the let us start over visiting your is the news conference for us says the basic principle that must be observed for any kind of dialogue to be possible in syria you named the present was and it has still it is and refraining from foreign interference and on is there anything else you know of that in for no there are only these two principle ours which should be enough if we were to agree on these two principles all other issues would become technicalities despite a contradiction is assumed and we would be able to reach an agreement all certain reciprocal concessions over the guidelines in question include refraining from foreign interference in any form of them which means that the syrian people should be allowed to decide their fate by themselves it is in fact
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a longstanding principle of international relations that to being violated right now of the journey of the second principle requires giving up violence in any of its forms if we look at the issues that lie at the core of contention in syria we'll see that it's something that simply cannot be resolved through the use of force but instead the way to deal with them is to sit down at the negotiating table i should say that pursuing a peaceful solution is through dialogue would require the world to show quite a lot of courage by refraining from military action it might seem that military force can get you farther than anything else but in reality it we've all seen that warfare doesn't get you anywhere politically. the situation in syria is very volatile and any instance of armed combat will only escalate the hostilities and what we need is a similar taney a cease fire or those that would be in line with the kofi annan plan the geneva arrangement the stance of our friends and the attitude of the syrian government is that which is published a resolution calling for national reconciliation will. you know. they. are there
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for how would you respond to people who say they won't negotiate with the government because military machine has been raising serious it is to the ground how is that as a precondition for dialogue and we're going to nick what have i done sort of live here what. beyond recently violence has been employed by each of the warring parties if we start regarding such statements as a precondition then dialogue will never take place civil wars in lebanon and algeria have shown that sooner or later the warring parties do come to negotiate with each other so the syrian people do have a chance but if only we get down to reconciliation without delay we might avoid having to pay an immense price for our country's war torn economy. common sense and wisdom call for sitting down at the negotiating table as soon as possible are to share without imposing any preconditions that will only impede the process with
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such demands maybe perfectly well meaning but at the end of the day they're misleading and effectively do more to obstruct the peace process rather than encourage it and anyone who's impeding dialogue right now should be held responsible for the continuing bloodshed in syria the. doctor your doctor had there have been described as prominent personalities on this so-called domestic opposition today you are members of a national reconciliation government notwithstanding the escalating violence would you say that your cooperation with the regime has managed to make a change as far as the government policies are concerned there's a. first of all the present government can be called a government of reconciliation as it has a different shape still joining this government on behalf of the opposition was aimed at unraveling the maze and finding a way to establish a true national unity government we know that by sitting by and expecting such conditions which will make all the opposition. he's joining the national unity
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government can cause damage so we've taken it upon ourselves to make the first step towards forming a coalition government while retaining our opposition views we join the government based on a national unity agenda which was put into practice by a governmental declaration of the declaration includes two major provisions which are at the backbone of the coalition and of the future one of. the syrian government relies on the principle of national reconciliation and its recent declaration upholds this principle as a cornerstone regarding it as a process that would express the sovereign will of the people and to be essential for resolving the crisis adopting a road map for national reconciliation by a national unity government can be regarded as a victory of the entire syrian people the second provision goes in tune with our principles and was proven by the government declaration it suggests focusing on the east and not just in politics given how the current worldwide situation was
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affected by russia and china's veto that meant the end of the old age and the beginning of a new one because i mean focusing on the east regarding the economy to fully revising all the economic ties of syria which have existed throughout the years over fourth of the revision of the system is a crucial time as one of the syrian crisis gave rise to it and now the onset of this revision is of great importance and it means a lot that this is not a short term measure on this solution will have a positive impact for the syrian economy society and social structure. and you can imagine this is sation but still it is as one of the key presidents and you reiterated that point at the news conference however there is violence employed on both sides of the conflict in syria and one of the war in part is is the government you are a minister have you tried using your position in the cabinet to promote the notion of ending the violence. as far as the sation of violence is concerned we should
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refer to the geneva communiqué. which provides for a ceasefire in accordance with the kofi annan plan and requires each party to assign their empowered interlocutors of syria did appoint its official representative to whereas the other party still hasn't done so and i don't know why maybe they have trouble picking the right person for the job but whatever the reason that dialogue and negotiation cannot happen without each party making their contribution within our case one of the parties cannot decide whether it wants to participate there deadlines change constantly on the talks are perpetually perspire and it's high time that we get on with the process of negotiation this issue is closely linked to the opposition choosing between options the opposition is very diverse or one of its more reasonable factions is the national coordinating committee which has made their stance clear they call for dialogue with no preconditions but we have supported their position which is indeed similar to our own longstanding perspectival but we see that there are points for convergence
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among syria's various political groups including the opposition both inside syria and abroad in this regard there was a very important statement made by dr haitham malik who has gone as far as to suggest handing over to the hague tribunals the militants who are guilty of killing syrians is therefore i'm confident the reality itself urges every sane minded person to call for dialogue going to be if we manage to agree on the principles i've already named but once we start a dialogue we would be able to address any issues but we need to refrain from insisting on preconditions that unlikely to prevent dialogue altogether if we can achieve a lot of the negotiating table if only we agree on the two fundamental principles for starting a dialogue with the birth mother that in one of the north observers say earlier that syria has become hostage to a global competition for power and influence in ways by major global players that want to say that american presidential candidates and president obama in particular have taken advantage of the. let's imagine is that obama hole.
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the syrian crisis is unfolding at a turning point in history but i like to compare to the suez crisis the u.s. soviet standoff marked the demise of the old world with where the u.k. and france enjoyed had him in and the emergence of a new bipolar world early for us today the opposition of russia and china is what arches in the end of a uni polar world with the new world order is yet to take shape and today international relations are going through a painful metamorphoses should be there's a lot of chaos and disagreement and this brings both positive and negative implications for the syrian crisis and the downside to this phenomenon is that the global balance of power is still taking shape your continued hostilities in syria what the u.s. and europe want to say these are still a teaser follow the familiar yugoslavia scenario the shipments of bloodshed makes it impossible for various groups to co-exist peacefully within the syrian nation but this is why the current international situation is so dangerous or whether it
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also creates an historically unprecedented opportunity for the syrian people to untangle the problem built on a longstanding and deep rooted feud in a totally new way she saw this is of course only possible if there's enough political will power to do that with the head of syria manages to resolve this crisis well it will for the first time in history cast away the all too familiar pattern of dividing the state and society who along the lines of differences as was the case in libya and iraq just to replace it by a renee songs that will get syria a place in the sun in the new political and economic environment. and walk.
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the top stories on aussie divined is that he found a construct griese bikes for breathing space and leading a unique as deep list hit whether to show us see. border design syria's neighbors feel the hatred of the country's civil war with deadly clashes under growing flow of refugees. also in the headlines how the deadly trend of i'm going force is turning their weapons against nato troops helping to train them to get more challenges to the country's dreams of peace. as the headlines for you now and much more exciting stuff is coming your way as soon as you know that but this coach here tonight it's almost time for the olympics paulk to be reaganite as in london it certainly is just a week to go you leave before the parliament picks kickoff so if you thought all the following games are over for the summer think again more on that coming up in just the size.
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thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes or so including the story simply. double dutch anji prepared to take on netherlands side a.z. alkmaar over two legs for an all girl place in the europa league. rivalry reignited the next chapter of the el classico saga will be written tonight in barcelona on the reale madrid to battle for the opening trophy of the spanish football season. in the saddle our team meets up with russia's sole freestyle motocross star c attempts to inspire the next generation to follow in his footsteps on the rev all words the stars. let's get going with football as you know in moscow have it all to do if they were to make the europa league group stages a new coach dumper trust you on his charges going down to know the start guard in the first leg qualifier on wed and stay after losing the opening five league games the message we confident was in short supply with the russian side opening forty
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five minutes so all the sides go in and all square at the break but the hosts would seize control later on in the game bosnian vidanta in the survey each hitting the net twice in the final twenty minutes to secure their way so to the final score meaning a muscle baffert is not needed by the nominee in the russian capital on tuesday the continental quest is to think. you know. gearing up for their europa league adventure themselves against its side a.z. alkmaar later on thursday it's unknown territory for the d'agostini club as they bid to qualify for the group stages of europe's second tier competition for the for a first time michael moore. after pulling off an impressive one one draw with rampant russian premier league leaders elites in petersburg last weekend if the energy my hunch is now focusing on the first leg of the final. hurdle to the group stages of the of the league i don't consider your oblique as a burden but but of course we like to be in champions league and i was also.
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used to play in champions league you can bury did burden on the condition that the . squad and not just a ten field players plus goalie but that the squad is is quality wise more broadly and there i have my concerns. although losing players through an overloaded schedule is inevitable hit it must be elated knowing he'll have nearly all his players at his disposal for the game including africa strike do a similar toe. who've both been absent due to injuries he will however be without influential midfielder made of who suffered a knee injury meanwhile and she is ever present rock in the france christopher was only too aware of the threat posed but was quick to point out why the mood in the dressing room was confident it's a final you know so we know the importance of that game in those important game. go
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and make a very difficult game we're really confident you know we show in the previous game quality in the squad i'm sure that we can compete in the end because. it's no point two goals i swear to fill in the last. in the past many managers have spoken out against the europa league branding it a burden teams could do without and although hitting believes that there's some truth in that he believes participation of russian teams in europe can only be beneficial to russia it would be a good achievement for a club growing club in in russia and outside russia to be. in the group stage in europe the further you are come the more difficulties we will face with a team. not all the steam but having some experience and. some experience playing in europe but if we play last weekend and i think i hope that.
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we can get into the. group stage which would be a good success for russian food especially for our club they may be only two games away from the commission's group stages but they face strong opposition days it reached the quarter finals in the competition last year and has a habit of doing well in the competition and you will also be having one eye on next weekend's match against premier league new boys. which could show whether the club has the depth needed to mount a proper challenge in europe. moscow. another russian side seeking to make euro believe proper is the moscow outfit big favorites to see off the challenge of swedes a i k stockholm in there to try for. the set sixth in the premier league have won their last two. while one of football's most vaulted rivalries will be reignited on thursday in spain barcelona and real madrid set a lock horns in the opening el classico battle of the new season in the first leg
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of the spanish super cup. who left in a trophy last year when a five four on our get tempers range then with twelve yellow cards out on three players sent off. a new famously poking then barks at assistant coach tito villanova in the eye after the clash a lot of beating course is always enjoyable for rio says bigger bottles lie ahead this seems. a match between rivals is always important. even though some of the elements but. the super cup is the most important competition of of the four. during the season and i believe there is no relation between. the we know what is going to happen. in the whole season. while new barcelona monitor tito villanova doesn't see either team as having a competitive advantage over the other the spy parsa having won six of their past eight meetings with real. no one team is in peak condition at the beginning of the
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season and most of them reach tom foreman april or may when all the titles are at stake them both ryall and barcelona have had players who are common all of the euro two thousand and twelve championships you look at and we've had the same amount of time to prepare for the match that's why i think we're completely even with ryall at least on paper about london is set to further its reputation as the place to be for global sports when the parlin pick games get going on august twenty ninth before that though for flames had to be symbolically sparked across some of the british isles highest summits limbic parlin organizer sebastian coe seen plenty of fire this summer with this particular torch relay taking him to the highest mountain in wales a long way up to reach the peak of months node before the fun can begin the flames were also live at summits in england scotland and northern ireland at roughly the same time and wednesday on the spike the less than ideal weather co was delighted just to be there. it's a very exciting day and actually it was really nice to be out and doing this
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morning and story of the flames being listen pretty much the same time and really signifies the weeks journey to london which was fantastic and of course the the torch relay from the spiritual home of the paralympics stoke mandeville just six days to go before the games kick off night freestyle motocross isn't exactly a risk free pastime serious injuries par for the course when you're flying through the air at high speed and maybe that's the reason there aren't too many of the elites all of the sports russia can boast only one such their devil and he's getting lonely. the power of gravity. risk. fear the dead devils of freestyle macross take them all on and win proving impossible is no more than just
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the ward the only russian currently has got all it takes to do stunts like this is that exceed that two thousand and nine world championships bronze medal winner he's also the country so and besler to the sport's most elite competition red bull exploiters although he may soon be joined by others a special training camp in the moscow region past week so twenty five amateur riders from all over russia and ukraine come together to show of their own skills and learn more from kolesnik of and his colleagues i could spend my entire life writing by myself when i learn nothing new but under the guidance of these parameters i can improve a lot kolesnikov rebuilt his training camp to lead both rupees and skilful riders use it quiet days filled with practice and theory five days of hard training and even painful fail or set time paying off with hopeful success and at the very least
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sizable progress whatever it was not only a school but a contest as well with a jury watching and selecting the gifted few at the will of concept was to go to injured last august and was sawed lawn for almost a year was back out only a week before the camp started and probably saved a lot of energy each of them have their own unique style both weekend strongpoint so it took us pretty long to pick out the best and this is a great example to follow for all fans of the sport if you work hard you'll succeed i hope next year our task will be even tougher russian riders has never made it on to the podium of the toughest freestyle and one across competition in the world red bull expires. but the odds are one of those wires from the kolesnikov stable will hit the heights sooner rather than later. regret but in your own party. terrifying stuff is all yours for fly weather is next here in twenty four hour r.t.
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