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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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as fighting rages on in syria rebel groups are calling for a no fly zone with moscow stressing it would only make matters worse. a presentation of a plan created in the west syria without his son drafted by his exit is already set in stone. britain's cracking down on illegal immigration after authorities were left in red faced by the disappearance of some one hundred fifty thousand people living without permission in the u.k. . and america's longtime ally egypt is taking a step toward the east as the country's new president travels to china seeking massive economic assistance.
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global news twenty four seven this is r.t. live from moscow with me will receive a group representing the free syrian army has called on washington to immediately establish a no fly zone over syria and the measure has been strongly opposed by moscow which said it would only work to further destabilize the situation now the opposition claims assad forces have intensified air strikes on the rebel held areas as fighting rages in damascus foreign media criticism against the syrian government also emerged after a recent report of mass killings in a damascus suburb but the release related footage by syrian t.v. has painted a very different picture. reports on the battles being waged on our screens people are dying in the streets. thousands of people. conflict between anti assad fighters
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and government forces seems nowhere near close this becomes all the more obvious as horrifying images like these continue to surface this is a syrian television report featuring gruesome footage from a damascus suburb slaughtered civilians men women teenagers and children. killing women and children in cold blood. entire families slaughtered bodies burned witnesses and the injured left in shock i didn't know who did this to me i know nothing about the whereabouts of my husband and my children my husband works for the security forces i have two boys and a girl terrorists spread among survivors seek help us get rid of these gangsters he destroyed everything we are unable to do nothing i don't know anything about my family please help us who they are those behind this massacre of yet another group
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of civilians in syria remains unclear now tradition in the syrian conflict both sides point fingers at each other as armed groups claim the assad regime is behind the slaughter the assad army says it was on a mission to hunt down armed rebels in the affected area throughout the syrian bloodshed numerous human rights reports say civilians have been used as human shields by armed opposition groups something largely ignored by the western media waging a war of its own often eager to blame the assad government as part of their push for regime change on august thirtieth the you want security council is scheduled to hold a ministerial meeting on the crisis at a time when the whole world is puzzled about what to do about syria the incident in dariush or to play into the hands of those who are trying to increase support for the fight against assad and thirty moscow. now syrian opposition activists drafted a political roadmap for the country's development after the fall of president assad
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which they claim is now inevitable the project was initiated by two think tank space in washington and in our he's putting all of our reports from the german capital where the details are being announced. well the road map that's been put forward here in berlin by syrian opposition activists contains many positive aspects including a transitional period which would see dialogue across ethnic and sectarian boundaries the armed forces being stood down and sent back to the job of patrolling and securing syria's borders also the repository ation of refugees and the rebuilding of homes that have been destroyed during the conflict and an arms clean up to get guns out of the hands of civilians but there have been questions raised over just who this group are it's made up of fifty syrians they've been helped by both organizations from the united states and here in germany and who are these people why were they picked also there are
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a few problems that there's no mention of the assad government in this roadmap only to say that it would be for the day after assad was toppled in fact it's not only really mentioned that in terms of him not being in power the roadmap says that that's an outcome that no longer in doubt what would happen to those involved with the current government now there's been support from the international community for the formation of this interim government we've heard from the wall and in paris saying that yes he stole the setting up of an interim government immediately however that's not really being echoed from washington in the united states they're saying that this is really a little too premature to be doing it right now however the united states remains committed to international military intervention in syria should chemical weapons being used that was named as a red line by president obama that if it was crossed would result in military
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intervention but what we are seeing is a triumvirate of the united states france and germany being the main western powers giving their support to the opposition in syria and it's quite reminiscent of what we saw in libya. the three were made up of the united states france and the united kingdom of course russia's issue with that is that russia has always said that they don't want the same situation we have now in libya to happen in syria the chaos that now rains in the north african country has been something that moscow is being desperate to avoid happening in syria's future. or let's get some more details on this now from a. director of the french center for intelligence studies now joining us live from paris. so good to see you today thank you very much for coming on r t the french leader has called on the syrian opposition to form a provisional government while the u.s. remains rather cautious of the move for the make of it. in fact of course who were
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not asked to react in the british are a recent position because it means that it was issued is a member of the party of former president sarkozy all the organs accusing him of being laxest and we can syria not doing anything to the bloodshed and. this is why we react so strongly now it's just been more than a year now that since the former french president nicolas sarkozy was among the first leaders calling for foreign intervention in libya france now with a new leader as we're saying but the rhetoric certainly seems to be quite the same for syria yes it is i should say it unfortunately it is even if the political leaders are changed you know a few months ago most of the police see the same and most of the diplomatic teams are of the same exactly the french elites never learned from the mistakes and from the past we have to remember that the intervention in libya has been created callous in western africa and we obviously share responsibility about that with the other countries involved but we didn't take any lesson from this event so we've had a change of leadership
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a change of presidency in france but as you say the rhetoric seems to be the same whether it comes to whether comes to libya and out of syria why is that is it possibly because there are different powers behind the throne that carry more weight or more leverage than the french president himself. well i would say we don't truly foreign policy for the time being i mean the mainstream in paris is emotion everything is about emotion we are absolutely and of the disinformation of movies of. the people who are reacting only with emotion we don't have the nice good reflection of the job politics and the more we have to bully in the middle east certainly we've got some curious reports here at r.t. thirty reports of british and french special forces are in syria to try and establish the location of chemical weapons and it's specially given the powers and washington both agree that the use of chemical weapons would warrant military action. there is too i mean to question of course everyone is really worried
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about the fact that the syrian chemical weapons i mean france. and other countries but i don't think they're going to be military action or it will be a very localized i mean special operation very limited series not to remember to remind that syria has twice as much planes as france hours today. it's really to do i think for us to do to organize something. i'm very deeply. worried about something else with the new french policy for some years it looks like the princes know the new luxury of the u.s. like the u.k. has always been this is where the. good between you and france because we are doing their policy. i mean let's talk about well what is that again from going into syria i mean everyone always talks for years now about iraq in the mineral resources there the same has been said for libya as well we all know what happened with
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a major french oil companies getting massive contracts for libyan oil but what is there what is there in syria all we're playing a game of geopolitics well it's not geopolitics you have to remember that twenty. we have very strong relations with libya and because he was very very good friend of the i think he and all the member of the french bar the prison body as most of the of the french diplomacy we are really involved with the lebanese and always i believe that bashar al assad was responsible for the killing of the army the and we know that we don't really good prove the bad that and i would see it's purely a french revenge about the fact that we believe in paris that the president the father of president bashar has been killing me and we believe that is so and he's doing the same policy so we try to take some revenge i don't think we have to look any further than that if you don't you say you're director for the french center of
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teligent studies i live in paris a great pleasure to have you on our t.v. today. also ahead for you this hour here on r.t. that of our fire power here's. how the world should react to a huge arms supplies from the u.s. after the country tripled its sales to a record high. and we have a story of daring palestinian women who defy the stereotypes to slam the pedal to the metal to drive their way into a male dominated world. now as thousands of illegal immigrants continue to breach u.k. borders every year britain once again announces a crackdown the home secretary has declared war on sham marriages with new rules also expected to stop those in the country illegally from claiming government benefits but as r.t. sarah further reports britain is struggling to find the very people it wants to deport. the black hole of the u.k.
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immigration system easy to guess in but no one's been properly tracking who should be and is going out last month chief inspector john vine revealed just how bad things that the border agency were guessing when he discovered more than one hundred fifty thousand migrants that have been refused the right to remain in the k. had simply disappeared some people may have left the country some of them most still be here i think the key fact was that the agency had no idea how many were actually still in the country and how many are left and the u.k. immigration rules migrants who have been refused the right to remain for twenty eight days to leave the country but a long running problem with enforcing these rules has left the border agency struggling in the wake of the revelations the government began talking tough immigration minister damian green said new warning sent to immigrants would reduce the number who are overstaying their visa in a statement to us he said we're also working closely with other government
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departments to create a hostile environment which makes it much harder to migrants to live in the u.k. illegally the government's made a lot of noise about its efforts to cut immigration but at the total seven hundred billion pound government spending budget just one point nine billion is allocated to the u.k. border agency that's just a third of one percent it's an incredibly small amount and historically underfunded and still cripplingly under-resourced the u.k. border agency is now under pressure and the latest revelations that more than one hundred fifty thousand migrants the missing could just be the tip of the iceberg let me explain why one hundred fifty thousand figure came from the couch people have applied to extend. and there. are it's hard and different people try to come up with different results. sounds about what normal people. in london immigration lawyer amir's eighty tells us this
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is the polluter agencies don't have any hope of reducing the number of missing migrants they need to radically change their approach i think you need to essentially stop promoting a very tough line because the people who absorb the top flight in the media or of course the markets and sells and they don't come forward if the u.k. promote a transparent and fair lines they will take every case individually. they want to go with these individual groups can stay those people would come forward this hundred fifty nine would go down instantly and then applications could be processed properly instead it seems it'll be a need database that will be depended upon to track down those staying in britain illegally expected to launch next month amongst the companies bidding for the tender is g four s. g four s. the company that created a high profile controlled the sea recently when it failed to deliver enough stuff for the olympic games they're seeking their multi-million pound contract it's a place to aid the clean up of a catalogue of disasters and mismanagement in the u.k.
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immigration system so if there are thirty london. it's a quarter past the hour moscow time egypt's president mohamed morsi visiting china to seek massive investment to revive his country's economy and to pursue what he calls a balanced state of foreign policy he came to power back in june after the ousting of hosni mubarak a loyal ally to the u.s. for decades after beijing and morsi will travel to iran for a summit of the so-called non aligned movement a gathering over one hundred nations which don't consider themselves in union with america he'll be the first egyptian leader to visit to iran in over three decades which is seen by many as a major foreign policy shift for egypt professor lawrence davidson a middle east expert at west chester university believes cairo wants to distance itself from the west. what the egyptians are trying to do is buy their sources of assistance particularly economic assistance if they can find
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financial and other sources. of resources outside of the united states then they're going to do it and that was it's certainly leaning towards not only china. what own so maybe russia also saudi arabia and the gulf morsi is catering to that area because of financial need i would think that gyptian policy or chip egyptian actions are going to essentially owing to their economic needs. now you can always read all the stories and so much more on our website contents of a quick look and see what study by few there right now desperate mind is barricaded themselves in italy's only coal mine some four hundred meters underground and they're doing so to demand guarantees they won't lose their jobs. and quite the opposite going up plans for an elevator to the moon are on very old american saying
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they've had a breakthrough that could revolutionize space travel. all right let's go into the world now we'll start with israel where a court has ruled that the country's military was not responsible for the death of us activist rachel corrie she was crushed by an army bulldozer in two thousand and three the judge said it was an accident or the twenty three year old was taking part in a demonstration trying to stop palestinian homes from being destroyed in gaza parents have been seeking justice for years after the initial military investigation also found her death to be accidental an aid ship trying to breach israel's blockade of gaza in two thousand and ten was named after rachel corrie. riots swept through kenya's coastal city leaving at least one person dead as the unrest and to its second day sparked by the assassination of a prominent muslim cleric accused of links to al qaeda by the u.s. and u.n.
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people took to the streets a human rights groups have accused kenya's police of carrying out extra judicial killings and forced disappearances in the country. american troops have escaped criminal charges over the burning of copies of the koran in afghanistan earlier this year they received administrative punishment after the investigation revealed that over one hundred holy books were destroyed in a separate incident marines caught on film a year and eighteen all the dead bodies of taliban insurgents were also reprimanded both scandals triggered winds. a protest on calls from afghan president hamid karzai to punish those responsible. for this just coming in here and a leading muslim scholar and spiritual leader has reportedly been killed in a terror attack in russia's caucasus republic of dagestan and local police say a female suicide bomber blew itself up in the home of seventy four year old shaikh
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saeed a fundie five other people also died and in another area of the republic three officers reportedly killed after suspected terrorists attacked a police post of course here in r.t. will bring you all the latest developments as soon as we get them. now the top global player in arms sales the united states has tripled its weapons export to a record high of over sixty six billion dollars last year anthony shaffer from the task force on national and homeland security believes such a huge arms supplies will not make the world a safer place. we have a huge military industrial complex which requires all sorts of care and feeding but that's part of the deal frankly as we start to look at military operations in iraq and afghanistan the brutal truth is this we have an industry which is looking for new markets i mean we're talking about the u.s. ten times larger and it's exporting of weapons right now and the russians with that
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said no one believes for a minute expand the markets are going to help make things more peaceful obviously the more the greater influx of these weapons into any country especially some of those middle east which are greatly unstable i think go very far to continue to see further just new stabilization our middle east as we go. and watching on t.v. just a moment dmitri with the business for now though to feel free at least for a few minutes that's what a group of palestinian women a striving for when they get behind the wheel of a car a life thing occupied territories remains tough but that hasn't stopped these women from shattering the status quo on his policy high speed story. fast fashionable and philistine yet this is the middle east's first all female racing team they have guts style and panache and they're out to smash speed records
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and stereotypes in the conservative arab world they were calling. the home that i saw with the boys and if a beer. or something like that the five palestinian women come from different walks of life they share this. passion for breakneck speed they compete against the men and more often than not they win well some of them they don't like a girl beat and they feel jealous. because sometimes they're between them off sort of a girl baby you know but slowly they're winning over the male drivers who are now trying to recreate them in the first beginning when i heard a little girl. they were not good to be like funny but they were driving the. maras a whole cope was the palestinian woman's champ for two years running and often
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comes in the top ten the first time behind the wheel was in early teens she used to steal the family car for joy rides near her refugee camp in jenin lucky for her both her parents were driving instructors they recognized her talent and channeled it. my parents are behind me and support what i'm doing we are facing a patriarchal society so it is not easy and at first we had some problems with our neighbors but my family support helps me go on. between the donut spins the handbrake turns and a lot of disapproval there is also the reality of israel's military occupation of the west bank. but my because of the occupation because of the checkpoints we are always my. eight so we had to speed to be on time when i'm driving i feel freedom from their occupation as well as being a professional racer mason is also in charge of managing the girls and getting sponsors to help them continue racing it's
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a challenge for an all girl team and love it low that these women are determined to forge a future in the occupied fast lane up in quite big speed and freedom of a fast car in some small way using the power at their fingertips these drivers are challenging the way women are and treated in this part of the middle east honestly . jericho. top of the business that dimitri good to see you again india wanting to join rushers of vast arctic shelf was the detail that well basically there's a lot of resources there oil and gas but they're hard to get through so it needs a lot of investment but it could generate many have to returns in the end so india basically is in talks to join the us major exxon mobil it's in these and norway's stats well as. force. india is eager to grab its own piece
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of the arctic shelves energy rich pie india's. is looking to have a stake in one of three joint ventures russia's roast has planned with america's exxon mobil italy's norway's oil under the deal each of the non russian partners would have a thirty three percent stake in one of the projects with row snapped and pay for all the initial exploration cause india's oh n.g.c. wants roast now to lead it by into one of the three projects but if that doesn't happen it says it's willing to look into one of twelve future projects russia has plans in that reach it it also says that if it can't get its hands on a thirty three percent stake it's willing to settle for much less at around eight per cent there is a lot at stake here at the u.s. geological survey says that thirty percent of the world's undiscovered natural gas
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and thirteen percent of the world's undiscovered oil can be found in this region while india still has one of the largest economies in the world it has faced a sharp slowdown in the past year with limited growth in the country's i t and call center industries european stagnation has also impacted the indian economy which exports a lot to the eurozone countries so india is really looking for a new development project and believes that tapping in to the natural resources in the arctic shelf could be a potential answer to its economic problems. or this movie. starts with the u.s. with the opening. decline slightly that's. consumer confidence as shown on the expect the. lowest level since the vote but she's.
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thousand and eleven although prices for homes for the first time in a lot of money many months actually increased so that's a good sign that another sign that the construction sector is recovering let's move over to europe where it's also looking quite negative this with the dax declining more than one percent you can see there has distinguished politician store brand has said that greece is euro exit is basically inevitable and g.d.p. figures from spain have come in worse than expected down point four percent increase. over on the currencies market the euro is gaining a versus the dollar today this is on the back of the e.c.b. these initiatives to basically ease the a basel liquidity requirements in order to facilitate its it's a rescue program and the russian rubles also losing value have to lead against the
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euro as you can see there almost one percent in one session that's a lot and on the a russian market worries there persist about about tropical thai food which is heading over from south korea over to be a russian coastal to the island of bruschi where the apec summit will be held but this is how or this is how the indices look twenty minutes before the close the r.t.s. is down point four percent my six feeling a bit better is driven by financial shares her bank gives up one and a half percent. poverty is back in europe according to consumer goods giant you know a lever the owner of the personal and lipton brand says they now treat the years in emerging markets selling washing powder and mayonnaise in small packs and creating low cost brands for tea and all of the company's european head adds if a consumer in spain spends just seventeen years of shopping i can't sell them washing powder for half their budget. and that's what i have for this hour but i'll
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be back next of course with the closing values for the russian market for me to thank you see you then. by the headlines in just a moment here on out then we speak to well an author and analyst in washington who basically puts barack obama's four year into focus. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china.


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