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now i quite see that. with all the headlines in just a moment here on c.n.n. we've got some inside oh well i should say eyewitness reports a deep from the heart of the conflict in syria for now though a quick break. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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of the world from the. science technology innovation hall the least of elements from around russia we've gone to the future coverage.
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what the people. well today we're joined by sister agnes mariam of the cross she's founded a christian community and i'm on a street in damascus she's been living there and working there for the last twelve years thank you very much a sister for joining us today my first question is you've been there for twelve
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years working in damascus in syria iran different areas has there been a difference in your work throughout those years and in the recent months that we've seen uprising and violence of course we have been facing. reality evolving to get more and more of that as you can the democratic. you know it's really in the central head. it's so for us it was new because we were. put in service provision of the smallest pity since nineteen ninety four. and we really. appreciate. the security team in syria you know its security feel for chords which is imposed somehow. by regime which is very strong good and sometimes it kind of.
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began but nevertheless the reality is that everybody was living in security. now with when the events begin. to raise we were very happy because really also wanted felt the need for a chance but the fact we are pretty quickly. we got bad news. from. the witnesses. you know what they are since you in homs. and also from damascus in daraa. where what to do is it messes with the civilians who's out any political. positions and you know they were counting on us telling us stories that were expecting the contrary of what we were seeing on the television so we took
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a position for the object of truth. good information and also for sunday that it because lonely by its cody you had to help. opposition where you had. people detained so you were also helping the opposition yes it's what we call a position. the civilian opals you know position which is not under any party and that i'm not out of. you have you have always until today peaceful demonstration ok. so we had. to free to set free people. also if there is a need of humanitarian help even we had the opposition meeting in our monastery and the first appeal for the bailout and that of course invasion was
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a monastery and i'm sure very well aware of all the criticism that has been thrown your way what is your relationship with the assad regime. if you know i have normal relationship with a. religious entity and our of footy is religious it's not political. it's not even civilian you know we had mainstream reports that came to syria and for in one way for a while i went with them on the scene you know but in the january. in december i asked to go to a position where the were already implemented and so i could have an idea as an eyewitness and in the beginning we did not even know who
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were sourced people and we said said those people there were. identified. gangs you know we said we don't know who they are but they are spreading. these sort of the killings abducting and many kind you know of metal rods. to destabilize a country and all saw to implement a kind of ration for a civil war for example they would kill. targeted targeted for example they would keep a low with i have seen. in almost. a flock. full of blood. because in the day before. people you know source and i did then defied gangs have been beheading nine
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i know with people just because they were i know it i have seen this was my eyes and i talked to the population of the sunni population who do you think has has perpetrated this they didn't know they said they were wearing like soldiers but do you think that it's their loyalty towards the what do you want me to do i kind of shut up if if if nobody is reporting this i feel as if i know it and i do not report that i am helping. criminals to continue is that away and after even have human rights watch begin to talk about things perpetrated by. actual armed insurrection affiliated saying that it is affiliated to the opposition that were doing sins against humanity. and this is an improvement but we're talking now about the syrians in general do they want regime change look i think that
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yes and said that the regime has fallen there is no more of the sort of jeem you will never ever have the same regime on what now. the commission they have been discriminated not because they are christian but because being conditioned they could not participate in islam is the most gracious and sometimes it i have to violence is against them. everybody says you know we had more to bear in two hundred thousand coalition that had to flee out because of this big worse position that we have to here to discern between exterior opposition you know in some of the leaders of the opposition outside of syria they never came back to syria since thirty years so they don't have
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a popular ground ok they want to come to be able to come but with the help of. the foreign foreign intervention military and food but you have the imperio opposition. would do would doesn't want this kind of foreign intervention. they want changes but we sold for less and we saw destroying everything when we're talking about a solution a third way as you mentioned earlier in this conflict how is that going to happen given that there are a lot of guns on the street how is the solution to work and what exactly can be done there is a big violence you know but. it's not everywhere in syria. the violence that is inside needed by the border guards. and is following
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a special plan but in a country. who has a large piece of. people. around off lands which is not on the violence. and also even in the cities where you have violence they have so much space. what would be. kind of for a country like iraq completely destroyed that many of the opposition and begin to think and to say it's not the way the valueless is not doing so since one year we have been one more than one thousand people have been invited. to take to the east complex to think about certain way and third way the name of the survey it is most on the high initiative is the most on
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the high initiative does not come from the opposition does not come from division it comes from the silent majority of the syrian people from the lead that is of families of tribes of clans and also from religious leaders they meet together. and they were very active. when there were the challenges that nobody could solution it but them for example in homs. you had many families completely trapped the. streets. they were controlled by the opposition but i was going to bomb them and so they were on the hard danger they were trapped from one month nobody would know how to do it so my son a high intervene you know. they have their cousins inside the opposition
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for example and the good relations they have their own people believe in streets so they made negotiation secretly and slowly by slowly everybody could go out well there are also other christian or catholic figures aside from yourself were also making comments on the syrian conflict and there are some of them who don't agree with you who say that the syrians need outside help they need intervention yet you're both all from the same community what do you say to this what do you think of this i want to say is that the syrian people has to defy by itself we is itself what they want and my claim is that let the syrian people alone and the majority of the syrian people they want change by the change would be impeached in by
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a long and reconciliation i hope he said the social issue in syria is so strong he said they will make they are doing a new social pact. a new basis result if you want ideology of party political party and it will be stronger it will be better and it is open to and you future full of you know more contemporaneous achievement and i hope with the blessing of the part that he had killed the last i respect and i give him all my side with a sharon as a believer or sister i guess i am thank you very much for your time.
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good luck. to build the most sophisticated. mission to teach me the creation why. this is why you should care only.
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soon from phones to. these phones starts on t.v. . china drum up business on. the road to the recovery. goodbye. oppressive. and
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divided u.n. security council tries again to break the syria turkey was also a ministerial meeting it's pushing for. with the world. thank you very much rory welcome along with to the sports headlines here is what we've got coming up. waiting game spots are in moscow and senate's in pages find out their group apartments in the champions league later on thursday after the moscow side been fined about j. and qualifying. game set match kim clijsters calls time on her career after the four time grand slam winner loses to persons laura
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robson in the second round of the u.s. open. underway the paralympics officially kick off with twelve days of competition ahead in advance is by viruses wheelchair fencing and blind football. but for stay in just three hours times an eight and spartak moscow will find out their opponents for the champions league group stages the muscovites joining the st petersburg side in the first round following a three two aggregate when i've offended about jake leading two one from the first leg in moscow spotlight new anything but defeat in turkey would secure them that lucrative spot in the group stages they didn't just sit back for a brilliant florida move after any six minutes seeing a them again to put these games are opening goals a moose's south had a twenty one minutes from time for the hosts would mean and now the phenolic spots are held on for a one one scoreline on that i'd maybe make so many bad place among europe's top thirty two teams. meanwhile in the europa league.
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also hoping to reach the fast prop up the army men hold a one nil lead over swedish side a i k heading into the second leg of their qualifying tie here in the russian capital constantine to top off previews the action. after starting the season with two disappointing defense in a row this guy b. to be back on track with force way to victory is scoring eight goals and considering none and they're eager to continue their run as they who sweden's ai came the second leg of their europa league qualifying tie after securing an arrow away win in the first encounter offer people a chance to get over played confident and have begged during those games but the reason we want four matches is that we had most of the possession and tekken play improved. has come management a confident of reaching the first round brought but it will be relying on a swedish international to do so recent signing ross was al will have
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a key role in the midfield battle element maybe too much based on last hour in sweden he is a skilful player when you don't get pressure on him and he did a good game there for so that was not good for us however to his guys the fans are wary of the thread. and know they have a medal in hand if they're to progress which is the money i.q. are a strong team just get there especially physically it is hard to tackle them and play against them on set pieces we have to be careful near our own goal. meanwhile the eleven time swedish champions who are ranked two hundred second in the u.s. for standings come into the clash with nothing to lose the seat for the off to twenty matches in their domestic championship and that is elms man will build looking to put pressure on says goes the fans and look to capitalise on any mistakes at the back i think we had a good thirty minutes last game to stop where we've seen we seen how.
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is defending and they've got some weaknesses but you also we also need to defend ourselves they're really really skillful with the passing game after suffering a one nil home defeat in the. first leg a.k.a. have outside hopes of reaching the europa league group stages however it was so much at stake this would if say will surely go all out to some european glory concern in. moscow region while also in the europa league liverpool will be looking to make it through to the first round proper the expense of scottish side heart of midlothian own goal from andrew webster twelve minutes from time in the first leg means that jonah mclean's hearts one male heading to anfield the s.p.l. side make the trip south of the border and find appalling inconsistent form a three nil defeat to west brom on the opening day of the premier league season was followed up with a two two draw against champions manchester city last weekend but manager brendan rodgers insists his side are favorites to progress.
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to one of the top players and we have. to beat every team that comes to unfreeze. the advantages with themselves us through other to know that nothing simple illness was going to try and make sure that we believe in ourselves good luck or socks off working hard to get the ball we don't panic when it reaches a key position we don't get a weaker than we do that will be. in the ball night also when we were played on thursday christenings angy maskell our go to the netherlands with a one zero lead over ours at alkmaar you castle host roma toss following a one all draw and grace while inter milan have a comfortable two goal advantage over a name inside f.c. as well as weight going into play. while the latest chapter of the footballing saga between real madrid and barcelona has gone the way of the galactic guys chasing
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rainier and finally ending their seven game el classico losing streak to make the club's first spanish super cup since two thousand and eight held a three two lead from the first leg but railway said live in time in wiping out the deficit. gonzalo taking advantage of like having last long and expensive mistah restoring eleven minutes gerard piqué the next boss the defender to show a lapse in concentration a brilliant flick by cristiana rinaldo putting him one on one with a bit to valdez converting for a two nil lead on the right the visitors were continued would not be on i was sent off for halting rinaldo in full flood plain on massey gave passer hope with a stunning free kick right before the break but two one was how it finished on the night meaning i could get claiming the first trophy of the season on the way goals . to the u.s. open tennis where russian nikolai diver dan car is looking to reach the third round
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of the final grand slam of the year the unseated russian takes on local favorites trying to save mardy fish world number one on top seed roger federer later place belong to our german make all frenchmen job of that song goes up against unseeded martin please out of slovakia. ground turkey win the women's draw says fourteen season record length taking on grettir on the limbic champion serena williams plays maria josie martinez sanchez of spain for second seed as master advance go poland and sends another spaniard in color suarez navarro. meanwhile the career of a tennis legend has come to an end at the u.s. open for time grand slam winner kim clijsters quitting the sport on a low following a surprise second round exit in new york the twenty nine year old belgian losing to up and coming briton laura robson in the second round of flushing meadows eighteen year old robson had only takes a victory once before in a grand slam encounter but was fully deserving of the seven six seven six scoreline
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afterwards roxanne admitted she felt and i quote sat through the curtain down on price his career. meanwhile cyclist lance armstrong maintains he's still a seven time tour de france winner the american was stripped of all honors won since one thousand nine hundred eight after saying he would no longer challenge the u.s. anti-doping agencies drug charges against him however he says that is not an admittance of guilt. my name is lance armstrong i am a cancer survivor i've been asked to come up here and talk about my story of survivor ship i'm a father of five and yes i won the tour de france seven times to work saying work has expanded to not a goal of can a set to put his unbeaten record on the line this weekend that w.p.a. and i.b.o. middleweight champion faces poland's proxy in new york on saturday but pre-fight goal of canaan was keen to stress a possible super fight with russia dmitri pedagogue is not currently on the cards
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presently dimitri pirro doesn't really mean anything to me even though he is a w b o champion i'm not really interested in him i'm about to fight proxy on september first so pete all good isn't in my head at all. and finally london the paralympics are officially underway following an opening ceremony that welcomed thousands of athletes and fans to the games but as roman cost of reports from the english capital the party began long before the evening spectacle. the final stage of the paralympic torch relay saw some of the world's most acclaimed stars usher the flame through the streets of london among them top international model and mother to three children and that's all you have a java who also happens to be the ambassador for the next winter games in russia's black sea resort of sochi in twenty four. i want to use the resources that i have in russian to brought to help me paralympic movement own pins are already getting plenty of support for accused in contributing to that partly
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because instead london's ones as well organizers have pulled out all the stops in order to achieve a record breaking ticket sales that says certainly something to live up to when the next winter paralympic capsule of sorts she will pick up the bats and our group was lucky enough to also catch up with thirteen time paralympic champion remotes all of us the russian state duma deputy participated in six games herself but admits that it's a completely different experience so right here as a fan of the present i've never attended the opening ceremony of the games in my six paralympic outings as an athlete because i usually had to prepare for competition during that time so this first time experience is like a holiday for me and from the streets on when the torch to the stadium where thousands of international spectators made their way to the opening ceremony. so that's when his welfare and big games have officially begun over the next couple
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of weeks after these from one hundred sixty six countries will battle for the gold medal in twenty one different sports and these games are promising to be the most watched paralympics to date. from on cost of reporting for our team from benefit for the logs and. that is all from the world of sport for now although i'll be back with plenty more and just on the two hours time here on auto join me that. well the first science technology innovation all the rest of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. for. the first.
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