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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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send us your feedback and join me tomorrow night for our conversations in the great minds with journalist craig unger the author of the upcoming book boss role inside karl was secret kingdom of power and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag your it. touches that so much as you can which of course is right on it so here's a here's the u.s. still one in the world opinions differ sharply bill there can be no doubt american supremacy to be challenged by a number of. get
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bush's bill for elections to intervene in syria to protect civilians as britain refuses to rule out taking action beyond the un security council. series of one of the topics in june and saunders later seems you think this will blow our promises nor we kill its revelations and claims the media's been manipulated over what's happening. on the planet of the titans a london court will give its verdict in the multi-billion dollar legal battle
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between two russian oligarchs living in britain a case for the positions of dirty dealings our thread. this is an see coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the program turkey wants the u.n. security council to set up a safe zone within syria to protect civilians fleeing war a move that would effectively require military intervention given russia and china's opposition to unarmed involvement in syria's affairs britain made it clear that foreign nations could bypass the council to implement the idea western nations are already discussing the future of syria without its current leadership brings us the details from new york. security council remains very much divided over how to deal with the syrian crisis the high level meeting that was taking place in new
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york focused on the humanitarian circumstances in syria right now and how they continue to exacerbate according to u.n. officials at least two hundred twenty nine thousand syrians have fled the country in the past eighteen months spilling over to neighboring countries turkey has asked the security council to consider setting up refugee camps inside of syria that outside countries would safeguard this is a suggestion that the syrian government say they are very much against russia and china also opposed it saying that it could only create more conflict and violence so clearly you have a very complicated situation here but we did hear western countries address the security council their representatives calling once again for syrian president bashar al assad to step down britain and france the foreign ministers of those countries today made a new call encouraging for more defections within the syrian government and the
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syrian military the russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin i did address the security council and raised the issue of the fact that the unilateral sanctions that western countries including the u.s. britain france those sanctions that they've placed on syria are only hurting the syrians who decided to visit both of those july sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council have nothing in common with the actual efforts to assist a settlement of the syrian crisis because the lives of simple citizens and deny them the opportunity to meet their own mentor needs and fully enjoy be sick human rights this is not only our conclusion but it is also of an independent commission and serious we call upon nations with sanctions against syria to immediately lift them we view the efforts of some individual states to use pseudo humanitarian arguments that suggest to view their financial meant. technically really just you can support two illegal armed groups and. the u.s.
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and its western allies have underscored as late as this eat this meeting taking place security council that they will continue supporting the syrian opposition and continue providing them with a quit meant. in this situation iran syria we spoke to professor paul sheldon suits of california state university who specializes in middle eastern affairs and he believes the u.s. and its allies are using the humanitarian situation in syria to pursue their drent in the region. it's a pretext it's still another way to divide and take over the country using the united nations as your vehicle is unfortunately a repetition of what happened in libya or the united nations being used to both war and for both case their playbook for doing whatever they want to drill a save point for go at those work anymore but there is no desire by. the west nailed you have been negotiated settlement the oldest purpose of this exercise is
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to make sure that there is no competition in the middle east for life well such is by way of syria iran and other places all these other things are excuses to claim that they care one bit about humanitarian concerns as it is a gross. generator and a sound has broken his silence for the second time since being granted asylum by could or in a reign to be the whistleblower talked upon latin american t.v. network about wiki leaks as long as his own plight sondra insisted that unlike u.s. actions in afghanistan and iraq no one was hurt as a result of that we can expel occasions he touched upon this of beignets in via the internet that people are currently subjected to saying the u.s. maintains a spy and that's why google has also promised that we can make that publish millions of emails relating to syria i think that's paying money creation of the media i would say rank conflict. and some progress in the case of alleged and we can leaks in for us prodded bradley manning mining strollo of accusations he passed
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hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks has finally been shadowed for and if i break by that he will have spent eighty three years in detaining detention without trial and having been sold to an american blogger who's followed the case from the very beginning says he's got a slim chance of a fat hairy. that's always an issue with a military justice case and i think especially in this instance because we're talking about documents that exposed government misconduct or abuse we're talking about a case where the defense is going to raise whistleblower like arguments and they definitely are going to be concerned about the fact that the people they're arguing against are the government and then the judge is this military justice lawyer who answers to the government or is part of the military and so i think that's something that will factor into the case you can't ignore it and you're also going
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to have to expect that the prosecution as they've been doing all along will continue to guard certain evidence and secrets possibly close portions of the trial so that certain elements do not get out to the public. still ahead for you this germany brings out the old guns and some adult dogs assume they pick a fine cover all the economy. and in the business bulletin later this hour china suggests boosting bilateral trade with russia by switching to the national currencies this story and more in about fifteen minutes.
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dreaming of
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a luxury see round trip with open their entertainments. a little bit of exercise to get in better shape. and cuisine with only l.c. ingredients. in this game. this is an see welcome back they multibillion trial that heard accusations of greed and design a stay as well as allegations of threats signed by dr evil will come to an end in
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a london court in a few hours russian businessman roman abramovich the billionaire chelsea football club owner and self exiled or russian tycoon baris where is also living in the u.k. we'll hear about x today aussies lower smith is and lander. this verdict will bring to an end a case that opened up the secret world of the only guards with all it entails unimaginable sums of money of still bank accounts illicit payments luxury cruises and deals done with only a handshake in five star hotels and ski resorts it's brought to the london call to squabbling billionaires and their own to rush's expensive lawyers menacing bodyguards and beautiful women it's a trial where both men have accused the other of lying corruption and greed the main points of the case that is the old says he lost billions of dollars when
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abbott i'm over it intimidated him into selling his stakes in russian oil and metals businesses for a fraction of their value but out imo which says it is not scheme never owned any shares and that the payments he received were protection money or creature a word that's now freely bandied about in legal circles here in the u.k. as a result of this case out imo bitch those he made regular undocumented payments to be in return for political protection totaling several hundred million dollars with amounts of five million handed over in cash he also says he paid for but is also key to travel in a private jets for him a friend shots and jewelry for his girlfriends and the sum at stake more than fine billion dollars what but it's all ski fields he's on top of the one point two billion he was paid in two thousand and two. the civil trial one of the big east in
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british legal history came to an end in january and involved hundreds of hours of court time and millions in legal fees chewed in for the verdict between now but imo it should be later. now some other stories making headlines around the world two hundred seventy south african miners have been charged with the murder of all their colleagues despite the fact it was the police that charged the national prosecutors say officers only opened fire because they were under time to buy on protesters more than one hundred fifty of the miners being held playing and beating up in the custody bloody scenes at a strike became the bloodiest incident since the fall of the apartheid regime. once again is threatening legal action over a book describing the details of this sealed raid that killed osama bin laden in may last year the department of defense as they also there is a former u.s.
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special forces officer had violated agreements not to divulge military secrets the book published next week apparently contradicts the official account award happened . republican presidential nominee mitt romney says america is less secure because president obama has failed to slow iran's nuclear program the white house hopeful accused dropped the bomb of abandoning poland the missile defense romney made the remarks to close this three day republican national convention in florida at the bar will get a chance to counter his republican rival next week at a democratic convention before november's. and later this hour an r.c. research i haven't even discusses the race for the white house on the actual significance of party conventions but here's a preview. actions in the us now are sort of a beauty contest they're not they used to be in the history they used to have a lot more effect the nominee was actually chosen at the conventions but now we
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have a party primary and caucus system which does that so it's just sort of a coronation of the nominee of the particular party and they script them pretty heavily romney has complete control over the conference convention either of his or a few ron paul supporters that kick up a little bit of dust but largely even ron paul is playing the game inside the party so you don't see hardly any disputes. this was the plan that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water
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pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand people in. groups working in affected children see their children fall by to be ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of. the scene as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong into the east and the unpunished. good old stores is. going global. law you.
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change your style. to. make your stay. going on now with the you are seeking a functional sadia europe's biggest pay to angela merkel has ten days they drum a chance lies in china clutching billions in contracts to be signed in bay during times of ninety eight from the european council on foreign relations believes china
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is a country was spending some time with to make friends. the big hope in europe is that the chinese would invest in some of the new vehicles that have been crazy like the european stability mechanism. the chinese. offering lots of words of support today and yesterday but not much in the way of concrete promises to buy bonds in any case the chinese don't tend to make their bond purchases public so we don't know for example how much the chinese invested in european bones in the last two years since the euro crisis began anyway and we probably won't know so there's a lot of there's a lot of uncertainty about in the case of a boss we see this is a european company and so it would benefit not just germany but also france and other countries in europe but lots of the deals that have been signed. off for german companies are old and for european companies and so in that sense there is
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a competition going on between germany and other european countries and in a moment germany seems to be winning that competition if china doesn't ride to the rescue of the euro germany's already having back to the plan b. and paste all of a half a day's halle's well as old school savings. here in germany the don't trot still very much alive and kicking in fact in the store in central berlin the good old they market is still accepted as legal tender when it comes to purchases with an exchange rate of around two dogs marks to the euro the store's manager says that there's still enough of the old currency around to warrant them taking it went on to name the reason we accept which marks is there are still plenty of people with the old currency we get quite a few people wanting to spend them in our store for it's not just in shops that they're accepted if you find a few demarche coins down the back of the sofa germany's public telephones will
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happily take them off your hands germany they surely dropped the old money for the euro over ten years ago in two thousand and eleven alone though over eight million marks were brought to the bundesbank to be changed into crisp new currency but where is that cash coming from. he had to dismiss any one of my other leave relatives gave me the school and it's a gift so decided to send them into something it could spend on television. we've had them lying around the house for ages we've only just got a round to getting democrats changed or there are all those though who say they won't part with their deutsche marks as a minister and yeah i've got some i keep them as a souvenir i'm not going to change them into europe and according to the blunders bank there's still more than thirteen billion dollars each marks in circulation they say they get returns from as far away as brazil and new zealand so unlike some
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euro zone members the bank won't place a time limit on accepting old money. so we will continue to take them as long as people keep bringing them it's something of a tradition here that currency from years and years ago will always be exchanged for legal tender there are conspiracy theory. though who say that in the banks bolts trillions of marks being stockpiled should the euro crisis deepen so if the cash that's returned isn't being kept for a rainy day what happens to it and once the exchange is complete those deutsche marks the shredded ending their days as very expensive confetti feature all of a r.t. . and of course you can find plenty more stories on our website also you don't call them here's a taste a little bit because i have right. here ryan made out with a spray from the movie and just wrote has pointed out why the russian punk band has
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been linked to a grisly double my. friend also the art of sport results a cake recipe only be the latest updates on the new us military drone attacks all available with the i phone time. and time now to cross over to the business desk natasha's that the tashi good morning to you china is insisting on switching to national currencies in bilateral trade to explain well that's the idea and it's been able to do it with some other trading partners and russia could be next all the details in just a couple of minutes but first let's go straight to the equity markets and see what's going on there asia first down we're seeing pretty much already across the
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board with japan's nikkei is losing the most disappointing july industrial output numbers medaled producers are really feeling the pinch over in the states overnight equities also lost some ground more than one percent for the nasdaq as a matter of fact as investors are anxiously anticipating a speech by the fed reserve chairman ben bernanke you later in the day the markets to the most margin not anticipating bernanke to to announce any stimulus measures with some clarity would be very timely on the currency markets the dollar the salaries the treating to the european currency the russian ruble on that thursday lost against the currency basket ending at the lowest level to the dollar since the and the july. i will bring you all the latest. soon as the russian markets reopen in less than two hours time and here moscow the equities and of thursday's session will be lost says the stock fell to the lowest in more than a week and crude of course didn't help more than that in just the second bit gals
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romans bear banks were among the outsiders orders gold and elude to well managed to buck the downward trend over crude heard the russian equities on thursday dropping choo choo week low after worries about their her account isaac subsided but we're seeing a different picture of this our group is actually demonstrating modest gains as you can see and. hopefully the russian markets will open higher as well and privatization of russians and stayed out said sgt soon go on line the state has agreed to this terms of selling its properties through electronic auctions analysts say that would make the privatisation easier and more transparent but online sales don't exclude privatizing state assets through more traditional means. china wants to turn a trickle of cross border trade in you on into
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a stream beijing uses its national currency one trading in hong kong and also in singapore but also hopes latin america in the middle east could be next meanwhile russia has long been and favor of moving away from the dollar and trading in the national currencies hong kong's financial secretary john sung splines to business r.t. how it could work. what is happening now is a great deal of trace. in the national currency so in terms of for example between russia and china they would be doing a lot of settlement in un or in ruble this way you can we reduce the currency risk that may incur and that is already happening i think we should expect to see a lot more of that as these two currencies become a. currency for for the rest of the world. while making our
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ruble a reserve currency is certainly something that would make some of russia's financial authorities very happy right now to thank you very much we'll see you next hour see them. right now they're back with our top stories in just a couple of minutes stay with us.
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