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two thousand and thirteen that's a three fold increase since two thousand and eight. move over to current season the euro is still strong versus the dollar as you can see there fifty five points that's despite this is a job listings are coming out in the new and the russian ruble was mostly losing value for the day but in the end of the final minutes managed to strengthen half a percent versus the greenback and of the first. and on the russian markets we've also seen a pretty strong session with the my six ninety s. i think around two percent now outstanding again as well as burbank and the gas problem now is burbank finalize this deal to turkey's dinies bank and gazprom the sealed the deal to deliver liquefied natural gas to india over the next twenty. two i have for you at this hour more business news of course on our web site arts you don't come forward slash business coming up next on artsy we are asking why some critics are saying that israeli democracy is a contradiction in terms of the interview is next.
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i have who is the former head of the world zionist organization and also the former head of the israeli parliament so i thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. israel defines itself as a jewish and democratic state does this definition hold or is there a contradiction between the two marketing wise it sounds from plastic to the price of one i mean not only it's a democracy it's a jewish democracy and many people maybe most of the people are very satisfied with it because they don't really think about the built in oxymoron or paradox which means the suitable for three of the democratic components is the human being it's you and me and him and her we are the source of authority of ourselves the eventually the source or thirty of the jewish component of the equation is the god
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in heaven so it's actually a state which was two. sources of authority democracy and theocracy this is impossible this is a coup luzhin ways for its appearance many times when you see into conflicts within israel between church and state between the knesset and the knesset which is the synagogue and the parliament along this line is really a democracy or a potential to ocracy so i think the business for mission will not hold water for long recent article israel's fading democracy you know mental state of israel's democratic values what are some of the most imminent dangers to israel's democracy it's not an easy question to answer because you see weaknesses in democracies all over the world i mean you see the. people in the democratic
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elected institutions all over the west. so part of what happens to the western democracy is happens to israel as well and this is. the performance is not good the feeling of the individual that somehow they do not serve the me but they serve the they the elected they serve their own. purposes the goals are so fulfillment of the whatever it is and it's not there for me so this part of it what happens to the entire west is the. in israel you have at least three more components the first one is we spoke earlier and this is the inevitable lesion between church and state. the second is if you define israel as a jewish democratic state and the jewish project takes over the democratic project all of a sudden you realize that we have here and if we can democracy. democracy be posh
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will. then you have just a little concept of democracy is a kind of a universal or should be universal set of values which is of course my fundamental belief and the fact that in israel we have more than twenty percent of the population who do not belong to the jewish component of the jewish majority creates a situation in which many israelis believe the mocker see is the rule of my jury at the rather than understanding that most of the mark received is about the freedoms and the liberties of the minorities or the freedoms and liberties of the minorities the third component which heroes of threatens the very foundation of israel democracy. is the fact that we don't have a deep democratic heritage the overwhelming majority of israelis are coming from an undemocratic background be the muslim hemisphere be holocaust survivors be people who immigrated from communist russia which was not the best of democracies ever.
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it's. so we do not yet have a deep legacy of democratic spirit and whenever you have a threat people we rode to the old system people with the will be no and the new is not a democratic devil what role do israel's palestinian citizens play in the jewish democratic equation from the point of view of many of their. way of the system we can we boys of the system mean whenever something bad happens between jews and jews there with the palestinian the israeli palestinian i mean when lieberman wants to make it come pain against somebody. bashes the minority when. the party wants to progress itself it goes against the israeli arabs and there is a competition over let's limit them or who limits them limits. so i would say that
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in many many cases unfortunately the israeli palestinians are that little more space for. the quality and the quality of the israeli democracy and recently most of the tests coming out. what does the word zionism mean to you for me zionism was a very interesting maybe even crucial movement in a concept that was actually the scaffolding. of the jewish structures it was a scaffolding newly erected by the end of the nineteenth century in order to transform or renew or rebuild the structure of from an existing structure into a sovereign one in forty eight the new structure is the building is built the inauguration was done we can remove the scaffolding we don't need it anymore i mean personally i'm a human being that's my family name my middle name is that i'm jewish. and my given
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name that i mean is really how do you we can solve the law of the turn and the palestinian refugees cry for what they call the right to return to their lands regardless of what will happen the should happen between israel and palestine we should address the lord with the law of return was in this maybe was a necessity a bit early stages of the state and we still lived under the impression of jews being persecuted because of the judaism and the national belonging to the jewish collective which actually was the fall of the of the world by the end of the eighties so. that part of it was a safe haven for jews is needed a fast track for those who are running away because of the for the live because of the jewishness as from now ninety eight percent of the jews are living outside of the immediate threat for their life i mean the twenty four thousand jews in iran
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four thousand jews in morocco to jews in afghanistan they're not talking to each other and that's it. the overwhelming majority of the jews are living in a democratic hemisphere. so we should have a normal equal to all citizenship maybe this should be the paragraph that if one individual you are me or me or my uncle or you is being persecuted because of the judaism they will have a kind of struck into citizenship to protect them otherwise all the rest of the normal procedure to join the israeli collective is for the right of return of the palestinians if there will be two state solution. i have no problem with it i mean whatever has changed in israel's relationship with the united states and you also say that netanyahu is great achievement was to make israel
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a partisan issue do you think that israel remains an asset to the united states or has it become a liability. i can give you is is america still in there supporting israel because whether israel is an asset for us you have to ask them ok though. not at all sure if we should continue with the kind of one side the strategy of the israeli government siding with the harshest. new york american philosophy is. the more the most difficult right wing. merciless capitalist economy on one hand and being very very conservative views of the enemies and powers and fears and threats etc preserve the some other stuff israel will not for long will be above the political debate in that it states of america it will be an asset for the
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republicans and a liability for the democrats in body and the media will be told to remove from the american political equations the severe strategic mistake. by the israeli prime minister been a minute the neo israel should remain out of any political nuance in america partisan political nuance in america thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. leisure. even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it wants but we didn't use the artist comes naturally picked up like a language. a
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language of community. hating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding opiates like reverse forests and stones of souls and by imitating the sounds they believe syrians can capture the power of nature. the. there are special instruments that accompany the singing give gainey says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the course was revived as an instrument that those that have suffered a fall is because of the spirit of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings
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. and to remember me make an engraving of my head of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody on these schumann is called. the. two flies one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to tour pruitt they say for you are peons it's difficult to pick up and sing so i asked them to teach me r.c. if i can do it little you carola to work. shero you shared their order that was should say can be done. and was you think gang are all. the but now it is only
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a movie part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i wouldn't even dare try to repeat. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met mom she looks like a deveny and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most estefan reminds her that you come from two hundred years ago i'm still so happy here she's not planning a professional singing career but she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. there are those who desperately need it to survive. misspoken is the time to give money to on the lookout. for gold when the fish. want to suppress is the prize the rights are the food for. those who don't get their share of the traits.
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good by god's. grace and you'll dollars but not the one not us that people need to know about it i mean not look at it from the company from. those who suck it out to prosper. inside the seas. from you not from. its. license to. no one can live without it's in one of the largest blood banks in the world. blood of nigeria. on r.t. .
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headlines from r.t. tonight the first exit polls from georgia are said suggest the president saakashvili is ruling party is facing a crushing defeat in the country's parliamentary elections united national movement party which controls eighty percent of seats in the poll making said to be lagging valentini opas ation alliance by around ten percent is less than half of the vote. nine medics in bahrain lose an appeal of the. a prison sentence is overturned in a case that's been slammed as politically motivated the medics treated protesters during a brutal police crackdown on pro-democracy rallies in the gulf state past year. and hundreds of people staged demo's at the u.s. military base on the japanese island of okinawa washington supported six planes from the area once again prop up its presence in asia pacific. now we present will
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support. thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes including the stories in. continental came as europe upset the odds to retain the ryder cup after one of the most dramatic conclusions in the offense history. best wishes c.s.k. moscow give head coach a tory messina the perfect birthday present being locked up. to lift the first trophy of the new basketball season. kicking on alexander you million and continues his rise back up the mixed martial arts ranks with a dominant display in moscow. golf for sure there was pure drama on the greens of medina europe reclaim the ryder cup in the most dramatic of fashion trailing ten
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six to the united states heading into the final day the visitors completed one of the most famous comebacks in the event's history the us knew they only needed to win four of the twelve points on offer on the last day wrestle the trophy from europe's grasp but inspired by spanish captain jose maria olazabal memories of. europe rallied against not only the opposition but also the ruckus support six of the twelve march is going to the whole englishman justin rose carding birdies on the seventeenth on the mickelson this part particularly impressive coming up from thirty five feet on the seventh day what an effort but it was a birdie on the final hole for german martin climber and which secured a win over steve stricker and guaranteed at least an overall draw the icing on the cake and overall victory coming moments later a tiger woods conceding victory to europe on a scoreline of forty nine to thirteen and
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a half points their seventh ryder cup win in the last nine months certainly the. most dramatic. football where a battered and bruised will tomorrow be seeking to secure their first win in the champions league this season the muscovites entertain celtic with muncher unite emery insisting that despite midfielder romelu keeper under decant being out that will not be an excuse for not taking all three points at home. injuries are a part of football we must do the best we can with what we have playing at a high level we are in a must win situation after a tough loss against barcelona and we've been taking time to prepare both physically and mentally for an aggressive celtic team if we can get a foothold in the game than we can be harmful for for any team and i think this team is. and certainly there's no confidence in them but we're going to have to be the very best to get some of the. cameroon will once again be
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able to boast the world's highest paid for and their national team line up striker samuel eto ending his boycott of the lions after pleas from the country's government the thirty one year old was named in their squad this past august but famously refused to play a citing what he called poor amateur level organization to run the team and so is believed to be paid around twenty million euro per year playing here in russia. a number of big issues on the table meanwhile the latest meeting of the executive committee european football's governing body meeting today in simply media rights for both the euro twenty sixteen and world cup twenty eighteen qualifiers among the key topics to be discussed the fifty three year for national associations have agreed to centralize the rights for the european games which started twenty eight fourteen the thinking behind that arrangement according to you a fact is that it should guarantee you a national bodies more revenue from their own qualifying matches. to basketball and
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have won the season's first trophy the annual. after seeing off. in the all russian decider of the european wide tournaments constitute the top off watch the action for us. to go for an all sorts head coach at the rim is seen who returned to the co-op this offseason his former assistant at the red and lose your. who recently took charge at lokomotiv coal mine. is being. it was a tight battle in the opening quarter but in the second says moved up a gear and never looked back as will come when one seemed exhausted after a surprising win over the euro league title holders olympiacos in the semifinal on saturday. the hosts delivered
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a strong form and constantly moving the ball well and not alone any easy shots follow messina who turned fifty three that night had a chance to experiment on the courts in order to find the right replacement for the n.b.a. is minnesota timberwolves new signings under a kid and alex a shit as a result says going chris their margin to twenty points seven minutes before the end of the match eventually cruising boss their blown answer to a confident eighty two sixty five weeks or. just. during the tournament we played against both finalists of last season's usually we try their best but tonight we only competed in the first two quarters and the third defense failed and we simply couldn't get back in the game so can take home their third going to keep up a new roof and messina get plenty of food for thought they had
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a list season that deep soft next week while the red and blues fans hope that the fourth time you're really good when it has already found the right to roost on the hardwood to bring some european glory back to moscow on sunday but up of r.t.e. several members of france's olympic gold medal winning humble squad have been accused of match fixing starman nicola carr about age eight of a small pelly a club teammates detained by undercover officers immediately following sunday's loss to pay. s.g. the twenty eight year old two time olympic gold winner was led away for questioning right after giving a post match interview the french media reported last week that he and several other players intentionally helped keep the games out their relatives had gambled on the squad have dominated models domestically winning a dozen league title since one thousand nine hundred eight some of those same players helped france become the first nation to win two straight political medals in the summer. two mixed martial arts finally were alexander yank his ascent back up the sport's ranks is continuing the russian known as the grim reaper claiming
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his fourth win in a row and moscow after one of the most brutal events in and one challenge history robert for dunny and he took up a seat for this one. heavy steel one of the best pair of hands in the mixed martial arts heavyweight vision on sunday night the next on three million inca prove that in style the main event of the n one shows tournaments held in the russian capital so the thirty one year old face the dangerous striker constantin the lot this world and european key boxing champ in may be much less at depth in the ground game. spot on teasing it take down. like the fact that he showed so much heart and courage at every opportunity he was looking for a big punch. it always takes a lot of energy so i got him exhausted toe to toe and what is important i showed him i was even better a striking then took him to the ground which was also tough. when it comes to
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dissuade division every single punch can be to the side or. simply outclassed his opponent in striking reminding everybody what he's known for fast food hands and the surprisingly easy going at it. on the edge in this fight. over my head didn't i even got the sniffles you see like i'm going to start off. how will we take you through it was the least of his problems. will be giving him a chance to survive in the fight and make it to the final bell for the us crystal clear before that there was a unanimous decision victory for a son who revealed what gave him an extra edge. having floater in my corner is great it helps a lot in all respects you want to know why i was so much better than constantine
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tonight that's because there were two of us fighting against my elder brother was with me. i'm sure alexander can do much. sometimes he was a bit too cautious just taking chances sometimes vice versa and he was too risky in the fight so his performance was not flawless he can do great things in the ring but his best lies ahead it's already the fourth consecutive win for at sunbury million inca who continues he's come back to the enemy summit on the fifteenth of the member he will face one of the world's best wrestling specialists jeff monson true test of how far he has come to. forty moscow. how is quite a fight was not on that is all your sport for now. good
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