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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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a string of consecutive explosions in the government controlled area of syria's the northern city of leeds forty people dead many more injured. cycle of violence riot police some barbarian buyer tear gas i think we're all marked for it protester who died in custody at accusations of mainstream media is acting in concert with baath party or. georgian president mikheil saakashvili is one of the vulnerable. election upset at the army on the margins and president torture opprobrium and.
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thank you for joining our two you are really bringing the latest news from around the world twenty four hours a day seven days a week on karen tara well up to four explosions have rocked the central square of syria's largest city of aleppo reportedly killing around forty people the blast were thought to have been caused by car bombs and were followed by heavy gunfire artie's middle east correspondent paul slayer reports syrian state television is reporting that this is the work of terrorists and that dozens of people have been killed many of them belonging to the syrian regime and now it comes amid intensified fighting between government forces and rebel fighters in the city and we are understanding that the explosions were a few minutes apart they happened near the city's large squares at least one massive crater has remained in the ground a metal facade of several two buildings nearby were completely ripped apart
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according to eyewitnesses there the explosions were one of the immediately by intensified gun battles and clashes we are also hearing that by all accounts it seems as if the explosions were caused by call bombs not. this is not getting verified but it does suggest that this is the work of suicide bombers there is a binny's newspaper that is reporting that the syrian president bashar assad is in the city of aleppo where he is the visiting and seeing firsthand what the battles there have been bringing about and that is also ordered at least some thirty thousand troops to be deployed it is unusual it certainly is rare that they have been suicide bombings in the city of aleppo there was a bombing back in february in which twenty eight people were killed but most of you know all the suicide bomb bombings have been concentrated in the capital city of damascus and over the past few days and certainly over the past few weeks there has been an intensified number of car bombs exploding where now the rebels have come
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forward and came for sponsibility for those car bombings so far no one has tempers sponsibility for this particular attack but it certainly does have all the fingerprints of rebel car bombing suicide attacks there was a call last week by will find who is in which they say that they would intensify the fighting in aleppo they said that they were going to end the battle there it comes amid reports of me receiving that qatar has saved nearly two hundred million dollars to the free syrian army so certainly the scene seems to have been said for fighting to intensify certainly in the near future and looking now in the city of aleppo. ball co-author of pakistan terrorism ground zero. between the war in afghanistan and the current situation in syria. i would like to mention. the beasties it reminds me of of the stand back and nine hundred seventy nine when
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there were certain democracy is supported and international jihad. against the soviet union back then the international community does or worsen characterless they were evil. if union but the long term consequences were really there was teetering for regional and international peace i'm afraid if there were certain capitals going to support these herbal movements against their original it would lead to that they were stating consequences in the near and the future. in danger of terrorism spelling out of syria was highlighted by the head of russia's security service at the athens spain artie's tom are now has more on what he had to say. head of russia's federal security service alexander bought recalled was talking about his concerns not just about sectarian violence in the middle east not about the humanitarian crisis there but about his fear of the risk of the rise of islamic
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terror groups specifically al qaeda in the region he said that the removal of leaders there has created a situation which makes it easier for those groups to gain a foothold and that the unrest in the region makes it a breeding ground for terrorism more than just those links there are specific fears about what's al qaeda and terrorist groups maybe trying to do in the region a that they may be trying to gain higher positions within the new government structures there and b. that they may find it easier to try and get their hands on weapons of mass destruction which would create a very dangerous situation indeed specific to russia he talked about the reported sightings of north caucasus terrorists operating in the region and gaining valuable experience there and he talked about a new strategy that of a thousand stabs being employed lots of little attacks the death of the u.s.
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ambassador to libya recently has now been linked to al qaeda and mr born a cop says that the e.u. wildfires that have caused such problems recently may have been started by terrorists citing the websites encouraging terrorists to try and cause as much damage as possible by doing things like lighting fires which require very little imports also in the middle east so there is fresh outrage over just how far behind the authorities are prepared to go to eradicate and protests and in a few minutes here on our team we hear about how the truth of the crackdown isn't only being ignored but even buried by major global news networks. a decade of and. talented rule has come to an end for the now former ruling party of georgia with its head president saakashvili conceding defeat and taking up the mantle as the opposition bloc georgian dream promising to do saakashvili politics
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and even hinting at legal action against the leader alexander chefs he reports from the b.b.c. . it felt as if georgia had won the football world cup thousands in the streets celebrated the surprising win by the opposition and despite fears the ruling regime may somehow hamper this triumph soon their worries were swept aside by the president himself. it is evident that the georgian dream coalition has secured a majority this means this parliamentary majority has to form the next government for us at least for me views of this coalition were fundamentally unacceptable and still remain so. just six months ago an opposition win was deemed impossible the ruling parties rating was at seventy percent and nobody could challenge that confidence saakashvili was that he amended the constitution granting more powers to the prime minister at position many predicted he would eventually feel himself little did he know he was digging his own home when he made these changes to the
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constitution again i would say. it is it time it was a dream that i never see the parliament result in majority of his party and we knew that one day eight. but wickedness and if it were to come so probably he. just tailing the constitution on his own shape and then his own he could survive this let's see if one of the ordinary last think of a link in georgia but that's legal us forever. however this situation did not come out of nowhere prison torture tapes released in september he'd saakashvili the hardest thousands took to the streets as allegations emerged that he personally ordered the torture and filming of these atrocities and now the president could face more than simply losing his grip on power if there's
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a big enough majority perhaps to impeach him maybe. next year remember. the changing point in this election was the allegations of brutality in prisons and torture and the allegation behind that was of course that saakashvili and his prime minister merabishvili had altered this abuse so if you have a situation where the new parliamentary majority wants to investigate abuse it could well produce a crisis full of his close associates so they could not only have lost the election but they could face serious legal complications the georgia dream party leader and possibly the next prime minister because anybody really has already made his position clear. with this man's ideology has established a crime of violence and torture the food you have seen of the things happening in the georgian prison is the result of his ideology because he brought together the group that carried out it would be good if he submits his resignation rather than
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us starting various procedures to force him to resign. it was not only the prison tapes scandal which brought soccer serious fortress of power down say experts corruption among elites daunting poverty and playing hardball with russia all contributed but for now georgia is welcoming and new era hoping for a fresh start for georgia as history is rich with different sorts of bloody cold it does and forceful change of governments in the outgoing president mikheil saakashvili came to power as a result of a revolution so this may well become the first days in its country's history of a peaceful transition of power. r.t. reporting from billy c. in georgia party politics are making headlines in the u.k. as well with the annual labor conference underway but leader ed miliband speeches criticized for putting his life story ahead of the issues correspondent brings us
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the details. plus a close call for the international space station as astro john was mined in dangerous proximity all of that after a short break. it's perched atop a jaw and under view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city that chilled all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the a spiritual. things like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of also docks worshippers themselves implicity water to commemorate the baptism of jesus.
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in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies to ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the balls committed location head of the says for the russians the russian heiress a crowd a revolt against the tsar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decemberists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole
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family had been exiled here they were fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leading the ordinary normal countryside life style they even had thought it was but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. thank you for joining our team karen turnaround well the u.k. labor party annual conference is in full swing and mel amanda is casting himself as a working class hero promising a bright future for great britain. criticising the country's current leadership but as archie's laura smith reports there was plenty of politics but few policies on the labor of leaders address. ed miliband told the labor party conference about his
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childhood as the son of jewish refugees fled the nazis and his school days at a london comprehensive which he says enabled him to get on with people from all walks of life his ultimate goal to differentiate himself from david cameron and his chancellor george osborne who'd been branded from within their own party to push boys who don't know the price of milk but in reality just how different is its miliband his father was a socialist intellectual and his upbringing in highbrow north london is worlds away from the lives of most british workers he went to oxford and has never had a proper job outside politics apart from teaching at home that this speech was full of bluster about the oh me the believe the wonder of the limp aches. an ephemeral vision for britain some might say that's because policies are few and far between
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he said he'll sort out the banks make sure companies pay a fair wage and support the national health service but the main announcement of the speech was a promise that if elected labor will instigate a massive increase in food cake tional education focusing on the fifty percent of young people who don't go to university a great idea youth unemployment is around twenty percent at the moment but there was no mention of the all important cost and how it would be met miliband has admitted that labor was in power they'd be making austerity cuts too but he's refused to give any detail until after elected more than anything miliband has tried again to cost himself as a man of the people but many are saying that if he wants the people to listen what he really needs to do is not talk about himself the seemingly endless anecdotes about his childhood and his family but seriously and in detail about the country
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and its problems. at a time when much of europe is cutting what and where it can russell's has proposed a massive increase to its own budget they plan to be voted on this week would set brussels on a collision course with the states it represents many of which staunchly opposing any rights says the e.u. unveils warring new unemployment data the highest in the history of the block. a researcher at the european university institute says the numbers speak for themselves. well it's out of the state of the economy is absolutely dire and it actually tells us that what these leaders are trying to do through all these meetings in these summits is actually aggravating the situation the austerity measures that are being imposed the radical structural reforms each of these things is actually aggravating the situation by undermining growth by undermining investor confidence in the humanitarian tragedy i mean there is an enormous public outrage right now in spain as there is in greece as there is in portugal and if these
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people were allowed to decide on their own future they would not choose the path of the u.s. forcing them down right now so what you're seeing is a repetition of what we've seen for the past twenty or thirty years what's happened in the developing world is that international lenders through international is the tuitions actually cancel the sovereignty of nations states in order to ensure full repayment of the debt i think everything that they're trying to do ultimately is met by financial market panic and what they're not seeing is that you cannot beat the financial markets unless you're willing to take a stand and say that we were putin part of that and we moved on and we set our own priorities. and also focusing on austerity as artie's cross talk and eleven thirty g.m.t. peter lavelle on his gas question just what the very word actually means. it's funny you know that whole term austerity is not one i like very much because it has all these punitive connotations as opposed to what it really means which is that we
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need fiscal policies but make sense and by making sense you can't spend more than you take in for very long everybody with common sense knows this they're calling it austerity like like all of us have done something wrong and well now you're going to get it and so either you either want austerity or you want the other thing which is to continue the impossible for us austerity it's terribly austere people are suffering terribly it was you know peter at the stockholm school of economics in riga with my visiting appointment there and in that country we've seen upwards of ten percent of the people have to leave in this massive biblical like exodus i mean it's just absolutely terrible crushing and regarding the unsustainability of the system well yes true it is unsustainable but not for the reasons i think that eric has suggested. torture violence and arrest words used by human rights activists in bahrain to describe an intensifying
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government crackdown on aren't certain that's in the latest incident riot police move to disperse if the overall procession for a protester who died behind bars after he was allegedly did not proper medical attention also in bahrain nine doctors lost their appeals against their sentences and were ordered to serve terms for allegedly treating injured protesters the crackdown on dissent was explicitly covered in a documentary made by former c.n.n. journalist andrew miles from one prestigious journalism awards but was only errant that must explain the u.s. decision a documentary maker thinks was motivated by money. we were able to kind of dodge our minders and sneak into some of the villages and actually see these atrocities patients who had run out of the hospitals that were shot up with birdshot ambulance drivers who were beaten and as we were heading back out of these villages we were violently detained by security forces and buffering about twenty masked men with machine guns who then try to erase all the video that they found and luckily my
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female producer and i were able to hide some disks in our broads and we were able to actually get out of the country with this content so you can imagine surprise when we got back to the u.s. and this content was airing on c.n.n. and right after that is when the phone calls started coming into the network complaining about me and trying to get my coverage. is paying c.n.n. to create content that shows bahrain in a favorable light even though c.n.n. says this content you know is editorially independent it doesn't. affect that well we've seen that with this documentary not airing and also with the constant struggle i had at c.n.n. to get bahrain coverage accurate coverage of the human rights abuses on air while i was there what c.n.n. is doing is they're essentially creating what some people have termed infomercials for dictators and that's this sponsored content that they're airing on c.n.n.
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international that's actually being paid for by regimes and governments and there's by lates every principle of journalistic ethics because we're supposed to be watchdogs on these governments we're not supposed to allow them to be paying customers as journalists. covering the ball from the start a timeline of events analysis and firsthand reports from the gulf states on our website also here's a taste of what other stories are. with the afghan conflict turning eleven soon even washington is giving up our website for more on the state of taliban peace talks. a possible change of pace in russia's home policy find out whether moscow is going to take notice of the largest and most detailed list of recommendations from the e.u. . researchers and columbia university have released a fresh report on the dangers of drone warfare for the u.s. the paper says not even top military staff know the exact death toll of these
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unmanned strikes hailed by officials as search a cli precise and it can have long running consequences for america's diplomatic relations says an orange shop one of the authors of the paper. whenever the u.s. is going into a country and exerting its force they're going to polarize public debate in those countries so to us and tell you a sentiment it's not that's the beginning of the iceberg the tip of the iceberg really because we're also talking about governments in those countries that are seen as cooperating with the united states they might lose their legitimacy in their own publics views that can have a destabilizing effect on democracies and governments all across the world where we're conducting drone strikes we're talking not just about the number of civilians killed or the number of militants killed but the toll on these communities in parts of pakistan somalia and yemen we're talking about regions where there's already a problem of war but this is really adding to the problem as we have civilians who are really caught in the crossfire between milligan militant groups on the one hand and u.s. drone strikes on the other they're afraid of being being targeted merely because
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they're associating with individuals because they're outside they don't know what will let them be targeted and that's creating for them environment of hysteria and psychological torment when they just don't know when a drone will strike time now for a look at other news and brief joint african forces have taken control of the lucrative somalia port city of it was long used as a stronghold by al qaida linked islamist fighters of the group and it took five days of the fierce street by street battles to reclaim key facilities in the area. militants have now been forced from all of somalia's major cities. at least fifteen people have been injured in the bangladesh capital dhaka in clashes between riot police and opposition protesters police fired tear gas shells and used to tolan's against the demonstrators the activists came to the streets to protest the electoral reform under which the incumbent government can oversee the next general
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election recently the polls were controlled by an independent government. thousands of pieces of junk are floating around the earth and some person. a real danger to research orbiting our planet debris has even threatened the international space station we go now live to our teens sean thomas for the latest sean so tell us what exactly was the danger well in this particular case there was a piece of a defunct japanese satellite that was threatening the international space station now the good news is they are in the clear there was a one percent chance that they were going to have to readjust their course this was determined that it did not need to happen in that piece of space junk is expected to fly by now if you really put into consideration how much junk is out there we've been sending stuff up in space for over fifty years now which means there's a large debris field circling the earth and in fact it is estimated to there are
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more than twenty one thousand pieces of space debris more larger than ten centimeters in size that are hurdling around our atmosphere in space at about thirty thousand miles per hour and as we work in this environment it becomes increasingly more dangerous to operate so any time the space station has an encounter with a piece of debris that there could be a one in ten thousand chance that it could hit the space station they consider making a maneuver like this at this moment time it looks like it's going to pass safely now in the event that something that does he hit the station or looks like it's going to be too close to call what happens then is the astronauts on board right now there is a crew of three one russian and one japanese astronaut and an american astronaut as well and what they would do is shut all of the hatches and then climb into the soyuz capsule and use it as a lifeboat and they wait just one command away from jettisoning from the space station in the event of an emergency but right now it looks like everything is safe and that junk will pass by without incident. very informative and good news for the
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i s s thank you sean. now it's time for a business update marina and the business studio live from there what do you have for us today yes i'm still here karen and of course we're consenting to monitor of the markets in europe was a little bit over change of the picture when of course that we started in negative territory and it's all bounce back although it's more or less flat this hour and that's because we're seeing more optimism because investors were primarily reacting to spain and the fact that the spanish prime minister said that there will not be asking for a bailout anytime soon and this is actually what they wanted to hear that there will be a bailout but of course not all remains to be seen let's move on and take a look at currencies and see how that's performing there at least when it comes to the euro which is where we start and still we can in against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble it is weakening against the currency basket this wednesday to the russian markets we now know that the capital outflow so far stands
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at around fifty eight billion dollars and that is almost twice the amount that was projected for this year ok when it comes to the r.t.s. the shouting over a quarter of a percent similarly with the minus six and lower oil prices aren't helping either in this case now if we move on and talk about a company that it's here and russia in fact this is the third largest oil company. which is now looking to get out of the crude even though. the oil field is being developed by a group of companies led by raul snuffed a twenty percent stake is on the table which is worth about two hundred million dollars and another russian company to gas quit the project last month that's another oil company there and this is what we have for you in this business for now back to you karen in the studio all right thank you marina all staring politics is the focus of today's cross talk it's coming your way in a few minutes stay with us. i
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never thought i could earn a living this way. natale issue of oil is the norm or should test small arms so those photos to machine building plant lot are the source talent of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting. the plot and history goes from making firearms doing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans cells here also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners full hoffa's century it thrived on the massive moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than
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others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck maker or grabs a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's going to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming in the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hayabusa brand new be the way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the blogs going bad about every day i look at about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. well i can go far to drive. whoa that was fun perhaps i should get one of these to travel to walk up.


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