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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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well t.v. is not required to watch all its all you need to use your mobile device what you are to be a new toy. around forty people are dead and over one hundred injured in the latest series of blasts which are being labeled terror attacks targeting syria's commercial hub of aleppo. syria's worsening violence sees russia's security service warrant more countries in the region could sit close to terrorist control plus. brain is paying c.n.n. to create content that shows bahrain in a favorable light as a former c.n.n. journalist claims bahrain is buying all bulletins the regimes crackdown heightens with police clashes out the funeral of a young jailed activist. and
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welcome to our two where we are broadcasting you live from moscow twenty four hours a day seven days a week now a series of terror attacks have struck syria's largest city around forty people are reportedly dead and over one hundred injured what are thought to have been a suicide car blast targeting the military archies middle east correspondent polls here has details syrian state television is reporting that this is the work of terrorists and that dozens of people have been killed many of them belonging to the syrian regime and now it comes amid intensifying fronting between government forces and rebel fighters has in the city we are understanding that the explosions were a few minutes apart they happened near the city's large square is at least one massive crater has remained in the ground and that the facade of civil tools buildings nearby were completely. caught according to eyewitnesses there the
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explosions were followed immediately by intensified gun battles and clashes we are also hearing that by all accounts it seems as if the explosions were caused by called bombs now this is not given birth tried but it does suggest that this is the work of suicide bombers there isn't a binny's newspaper that is reporting that the syrian president bashar assad is in the city of aleppo where he is visiting and seeing firsthand what the battles there have been bringing about and that is also ordered at least some thirty thousand troops to be deployed it is unusual it certainly is rare that they have been suicide bombings in the city of aleppo there was a bombing back in february in which twenty eight people were killed but mostly you know all the suicide bombings have been concentrated in the capital city of damascus and over the past few days and certainly over the past few weeks there has been an intensified number of car bombs exploding where now the rebels have come
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forward and tames responsibility for those car bombings so far no one has tempered sponsibility for this particular attack but it certainly does have all the fingerprints of rebel car bombing suicide attacks there was a call last week by rebel fighters in which they say that they would intensify the fighting in the mid they said that they were going to end the battle there it comes amid reports that we're receiving that qatar has saved nearly two hundred million dollars to the free syrian army so certainly the scene seems to have been said for fighting to intensify certainly in the near future and looking now in the city of aleppo who are on the ball co-author of pakistan terrorism ground zero draws parallels between the war in afghanistan and the current situation in syria. i would like to mention. it reminds me of the stand back and nine hundred seventy nine when there were certain democracies supported any
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international jihad against the soviet union but the international community does or worsen characterless they were evil. if union but the long term consequences were really there was teetering for. peace i'm afraid if they were scorching to support the. movements against their original it would lead to that they were stating consequences in their near and the future more middle east countries could fall into the hands of terrorists who are now active in syria affairs had been voiced by the head of russia's security service the f.s.b. along with other possible shock waves that might and from the conflict has artists . the head of russia's federal security service alexander bought recalled was talking about his concerns not just about sectarian violence in the middle east not
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about the humanitarian crisis there but about his fear of the risk of the rise of islamic terror groups specifically al qaeda in the region there are specific about what al qaeda and terrorist groups may be trying to do in the region a that they may be trying to gain higher positions within new government structures there and b. that they may find it easier to try and get their hands on weapons of mass destruction which would create a very dangerous situation indeed specific to russia he talked about the reported sightings of north caucasus terrorists operating in the region and gave invaluable experience there and he talked about a new strategy that of a thousand stabs being employed lots of little attacks on mr bought a cop says that the e.u. wildfires that have caused such problems recently may have been started by terrorists citing the websites encouraging terrorists to try and cause as much
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damage as possible by doing things like lighting fires which require very little imports those are the messages from the f.s.b. heads about the danger of the growth of terrorism in the rest of the middle east a million rest elsewhere in the middle east a former journalist for c.n.n. claims spark grayness paying the network to get the coverage it means amber lyon says her documentary depicting atrocities in the gulf kingdom which won prestigious awards was censored by the channel and never shown on c.n.n. international and by explained what happened. bahrain is paying c.n.n. to create content that shows bahrain in a favorable light even though c.n.n. says this content you know is is editorially and dependent and. doesn't see the effect that well we've seen that with this documentary not airing and also with the constant struggle i had. to get coverage accurate bahrain coverage of the human
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rights abuses on air while i was there what c.n.n. is doing is they're essentially creating. some people have termed infomercials for dictators there's every principle of journalistic ethics because we're supposed to be watchdogs on these governments we're not supposed to allow them to be paying customers as journalists we were able to sneak into some of the villages we were able to kind of dodge our minders and sneak into some of the villages and actually see these atrocities patients who'd run out of the hospitals that were shot up with birdshot ambulance drivers who were beaten and as we were heading back to these villages we were violently detained by security forces and one of masked men with machine guns and then try to erase all the video that they found and luckily my female producer and i were able to hide some disks in our broads and we were able to actually get out of the country with this content so you can imagine surprise when we got back to the u.s. and this content was airing on c.n.n.
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and right after that is when the phone calls started coming into the network complaining about me and trying to get my coverage off the air. all the while the bahraini government's crackdown on pro-democracy protesters is maintaining momentum in the latest incident riot police moved to disperse a funeral procession for a young man who died in custody after allegedly being denied proper medical attention the twenty three year old had spent several months in prison for taking part in anti-government demonstrations r.t. outlines the protests for equality which erupted last february the details of which are on our web site.
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julian assange supporters who bailed him out of a british prison almost two years ago are waiting to find out whether they'll see their money again over two hundred thousand dollars contributed by activists and celebrities has been frozen since the wiki leaks editor sought refuge at our doors london embassy three months ago has been there ever since despite being granted asylum by the south american country britain's determination not to let him leave the country is costing taxpayers a had a hefty sum a police stake out at the embassy costs a levy thousand pounds a day with the total bill already topping one knowing it will bring you more on that as well as the results of the bail money hearing due to take place in london throughout the day. brussels appears to be a little off message as europe's governments can't where ever they can with some frenzied austerity drives the e.u. h.q. wants more money for its own budget next year it votes on the plan this week and could set a coalition course with the state results many of which oppose any rise specially
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with euro zone unemployment hitting another record it's now the highest in the history of. the monetary union let's now talk to author an adolescent. to me is a long studied of greece's political and economic malaise. thank you so much for joining us today now international lenders are in greece at the moment struggling to get through crowds of protesters and to help negotiate another austerity package is there anything left their tax cut. or the only thing left to go out is the umbilical cord of dependence of the begins. the greek people are heavily stricken by the bonuses and forced we have or around two thousand suicide. would serve to them by a financial or two only to go to motives the situation here is absolutely the war it's in their own words to grow. now new unemployment figures show they're
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now at the highest ever in the eurozone and in greece in particular one in five are out of a job how is the austerity push affecting that. well and sort of promoting unemployment for national destruction. distress shareholders was. sort of using to be showing more of the group people it's absolutely not helping the economy it's actually very new to the river. now athens this week unveiled its traffic budget for the next year and the sixth year of recession factored in why is the e.u. prescribing greece the same medicine if it doesn't work. well this is a very or. musicor suits for somebody to think it's rather difficult to answer but the answer is that. the motivation to go up turmoil. once it goes through the. gross is. going to come financial
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flows in between the u.s. and german literature which they're trying to using the same as. struck i mean why. would anyone actually use to start that work. remember the answer is yes and this is a time for emotional roller and grease is one of the victims now while greece desperately tries to reduce its budget deficit there are reports that the government is planning to build a formula one track worth almost a hundred million euros how is that going to help. her it's going to go just a little before you know because this is you know the movie ghost is being the show . world business will go it's always business all right author and analyst better us out here to you thank you so much for your time today on r.t. thank you. now everyone is trying to attract some economy boosting businesses for
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russia that means motoring demeter is in the r t business news room for us. for a long time but the outlook is not all that rosy now that russia is a member of the world trade organization without a traditional brick of. its perched atop a jaw drop and the view from the prevalence stretches as far as that i can see. for a city to all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance a barren railway but the poles cremains a spiritual center. scenes like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of also docks worshippers did them selves in blessid
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water to commemorate the baptismal jesus. do. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls was to be their stronghold constructed on top of an older city but soon enough it became an economic siberian was the oil of its time bringing in a third of russia's state revenue but the ball screwed location of the shoes for the russians the russian heiress across a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand there in droves there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made a trip paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the
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russian role family after the bolshevik revolution this is the office where nicolas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they were fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leading this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of a scape but within the year bizarre of his family would be dead. welcome back you're watching our team with me. all the u.k. labor party animal conferences in full swing at miliband is casting himself as a working class hero promising a bright future for great britain while relentlessly criticizing the country's
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current leadership but as artie's laura smith reports there was plenty of politics but few policies labor leaders address. ed miliband told the labor party conference about his childhood as the son of jewish refugees who had fled the nazis and his school days at a london comprehensive which he says enabled him to get on with people from all walks of life his ultimate goal though to differentiate himself from david cameron and his chancellor george osborne who've been branded from within their own party as to push boys who don't know the price of milk but in reality just how different is ed miliband his father was a socialist intellectual and his upbringing in highbrow north london circles is worlds away from the lives of most british workers he went to oxford and has never had a proper job outside politics apart from a teaching post at harvard the speech was full of bluster about the all me the
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police the wonder of the lympics an ephemeral vision for britain some might say that's because policies are few and far between he said he'll fill it out the banks make sure companies pay a fair wage and support the national health service but the main announcement of this speech was a promise that if an elected labor will instigate a massive increase in food cation the education focusing on the fifty percent of young people who don't go to university a great idea youth unemployment is around twenty percent at the moment but there was no mention of the all important cost and how it would be met miliband has admitted that it's labor was in power they'd be making austerity cuts too but he's refused to give any detail until after that elected more than anything miliband has tried again to cost himself as a man of the people but many are saying that if he wants the people to listen what
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he really needs to do it's not talk about himself the seemingly endless anecdotes about his childhood and his family. but seriously in detail about the country and its problems. time now for more world news for you this hour kyrgyzstan's count but all is back under security forces control following deadly clashes between police and protesters they were demanding the nationalization of a gold venture which is currently operated by a canadian company hundreds gathered in front of the government's headquarters some trying to storm the building but were forced back with rubber bullets and stun grenades telling three. striking factory workers in indonesia are making their anger known nationwide open poor wages and use of casual baber more than two million are urging the government to improve conditions and quiet down on temporary contracts which are being used to get around strict labor laws
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indonesia's wealth gap has widened despite being southeast asia's biggest economy. joint african forces have secured somalia's port city of kiss mile after nearly a week of battles to reclaim keys facilities in the area it's been it's long been a stronghold for al qaeda linked islamists fighting the country's internationally backed government somalia has been riven with political chaos since one thousand nine hundred one but it's being supported by the african union and its troops to try and restore order. while the georgian dream coalition is planning a clean sweep through parliament and top of its wish list is getting the country's lame duck leader mikhail saakashvili to step aside the president's near decade of undisputed rain hit the buffers when the opposition blocked sealed victory in the parliamentary election from tbilisi here's an exit. it felt as if georgia had won the world cup in the streets celebrated the surprising win by the
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opposition and despite fears the ruling regime may somehow hambre destroy so. soon their worries were swept aside by the president himself. it is evident that the georgian dream coalition has secured a majority this means this parliamentary majority has to form the next government for us at least for me the views of this coalition were fundamentally unacceptable and still remain so. just six months ago in opposition when it was deemed impossible the ruling party's rating was at seventy percent and nobody could challenge that confidence saakashvili was that he amended the constitution granting more powers to the prime minister at position many predicted he would eventually feel himself little did he know he was digging his own hole won't he changes to the constitution does it count as a dream that more or less save the parliament these are the majority.
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but that's a little less flair. however this situation did not come out of nowhere prison torture tapes released in september he'd saakashvili the hardest thousands took to the streets as allegations emerged that he personally ordered the torture and filming of these atrocities the changing point in this election was the allegations of brutality in prisons and torture and the allegation behind that was of course that saakashvili and his prime minister merabishvili had ordered this abuse so if you have a situation where the new parliamentary majority wants to investigate abuse it could well produce a crisis full of his close associates so they could not only have lost the election but they could face serious legal complications the georgia dream bartz the leader and possibly the next prime minister because anybody really has already made his position clear. this man's ideology has established
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a climate of lies and violence and torture it would be good if he submitted his resignation rather than starting various procedures to for. to resign. it was not only the prison tape scandal which brought fortress of power down say experts corruption among elites oversee and playing hardball with russia all contributed but for now georgia is welcoming and. hoping for a fresh start georgia's history is rich with different sorts of bloody could it to us and forceful change of governments in the outgoing president mikheil saakashvili came to power as a result of a revolution so this may well become the first days in its country's history of a peaceful transition of power. a look see russia ski r.t. reporting from billy's seat in georgia more of the fallout from george's selection of our online also at r.t. dot com displays of anti e.u.
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anger are reaching new heights we've the story of a deeply disgruntled italian restaurant tour and right now you're looking at live pictures coming out of italy now he scaled st peter's basilica and rome just to prove his point. plus altered orbit almost will tell you why the international space station was getting geared up to get out of the way. let's switch to financial matters now dimitri joins us from the business desk and it's not all that bad in the u.s. jobs market it seems that's right reports from a.d.p. automated data processing says that one hundred sixty two thousand new jobs were added in the month of september we'll have to wait for thursday's official
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a labor department report of course but this was better than the consensus and therefore the markets right now are going forward let's take a look at what's happening in the european markets we're seeing the puts the on the dax moving towards positive territory around a third of a percent and that's despite the fact that strains prime minister has said that the bailout is not imminent and this has been driving the euro low against the dollar as take a look at what's happening in currencies indeed it's declining around twenty three points to the dollar and meanwhile in line with that trend the russian ruble is weakening against the dollar and somewhat strengthening against the euro on the russian markets we're seeing a bit of a different picture with the r.t.s. and my six going down we haven't seen much positive news. coming in to stimulate the russian market one of the few stocks which is bucking the trend is russia's largest banks burbank gives up a point seven percent as it's announced that it's moving towards buying
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a company in the insurance business so it's expanding and basically it's a few of the for. buses third largest oil company d.m.k. b.p. is looking to get out of the hoon in six crude block in venezuela the world view is being developed by a group of companies led by ross neff to twenty percent stake is on the table which is worth about two hundred million dollars another russian company so good never to guys quit the project lost. and the russian government has been putting in a lot of effort to attract foreign carmakers to produce in russia now this is mostly been done fruit preferential taxes but now that russia has joined the world trade organization it seems that this could undo some of that work now our business editor nick paul caught up with an automotive expert stanley roots to discuss this exact age. it's really over to the out of africa the beauty session is going to be positive for the industry it is going to increase competition but i hear you now.
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so i'm also to. the but the utilization fee that this has been needs to start from the side if you will. how it's like you sit with for many factors again it's not exactly aligned with the principle of the beauty which is to reduce barriers to trade but on the other hand russia certainly needs to deal with the issue of setting up the utilization infrastructure they haven't really got one in place and they need one in place to support to a growing industry given that growth potential to do for many factors you have to be well most of them are to be honest the twelve major manufacturers are here the first set of operations busily putting together just sticks and supply chains actively developing market i'm thinkin that even if the market does increase by fifty percent over the next forty five years yes it could easily do most of that capacity will be supplied by the purchaser by expanding their facilities.
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and that's the business update for now but i'll be back with another one in around fifty five minutes that they are at thank you dimitri and a few minutes the mind blowing adventures of the climbers who prefer skyscrapers to scaling mountains. i never thought i could earn a living this way. natale issue of oil is the norm or should test small arms so those photos to machine building cool and not obvious sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no way i'm so tired of shooting. the planet's history goes from making far on stewing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the
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soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans so is here also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners for hoffa's century it thrived on the message of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck made for girls with a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming and the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hit a base of brand new be no way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the bronx conveyor belt every day look about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully
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if i can get up that. what can go far to drive. well that was. since you get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning that's where the cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving. only twenty minutes to cover two hundred twenty meters with no safety ropes. known as dexter on the internet storms a radio station in electra's a city not far from moscow ok here we go.


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