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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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breaking news here on r t this hour the turkish parliament votes in favor of military operations beyond the country's borders following wednesday's deadly shelling from syrian territory. and as the west rushes to blame president assad for the cross border violence calls for restraint on both sides and highlights the lack of local condemnation for the terrorism that's killed dozens and. also athens erupts as protesters stormed the greek defense ministry in the latest show of despair in the struggling country.
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hello and thank you for joining r t thursday five o'clock here in moscow we start now with the breaking news turkey's parliament has all theorised the military to engage in cross border armed operations following the shelling of the town from syrian territory on wednesday meanwhile tension on the border is worsening with turkey renewing its retaliatory shelling of its war torn neighbor for a second day artie's middle east correspondent paula slayer brings us more. paula what exactly does the turkish parliament's decision mean. well as expected the took his parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of military operations in syria what this does mean is that it now has given the green light for crossing the border operations the deputy took his prime minister though has gone on record saying this is not
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a declaration of war but it certainly is sending out messages we also. hearing from turkish officials that they are complaining that they have still not received a formal apology or explanation for the mortar that was fired from syrian territory and which landed in turkey on wednesday now while this meeting of the parliament was being held in the capital city of vancouver outside antiwar protesters were taunting slogans such as no to wall the syrian brothers used tear gas to disperse this crowd of antiwar demonstrators but certainly it's another sign of just how fluid and how intense the situation is at the moment all about the situation at the syrian turkish turkish border at the moment right now. while turkey continue to fire artillery at syrian targets into the early hours of thursday morning the exact extent of the take this operation is still unclear but according to several sources there were several syrian soldiers who were clearly in
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these military strikes the turks also called for an emergency meeting of nato and that was held on wednesday night in brussels and also urging for the united nations to take action and necessary steps to stop what they are quoting syrian aggression so certainly the turks again very quick to go on the offensive the experience side they are urging restraint they have for many given condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and at the same time that they have said they are launching an investigation it's still not clear who exactly fired the small to into turkish territory it didn't end in a residential building killing five members of one family and through that injuring another thirteen people are middle east correspondent paula slayer thank you paul. while turkey approves cross border military operations moscow is calling for calm
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on both sides and to engage in dialogue john thomas has more on the russian foreign ministry's reaction the international community hasn't been quick to condemn the actions of syria but sergey lavrov calling on a more reasonable diplomatic and restraint a reserve approach if you will he says that both sides it's important for them to engage in dialogue specifically in the for the light of the recent events where turkey has approved military involvement to to go across the border now he also says that if that syria is to blame for this incident on wednesday then they should make a public statement saying that as much now damascus has in turn stopped short of claiming responsibility but has said that this was a tragic mistake and is assured that they will work hard to try and prevent mistakes of like this from happening in the future now this also comes out during a week of a much more violence in syria specifically in aleppo
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a town at near the border which saw four blasts and thirty people dead in relation to this and usually the west is quick to condemn a. terrorist actions like this but when it comes to syria they seem to turn a blind eye this is what sergei lavrov had to say about that. we cannot ignore other aspects of the syrian tragedy yesterday a series of terrorist attacks killed dozens of people but for several months our partners at the u.n. refused to condemn terror attacks on syrian territory the u.n. security council always stresses that there is no excuse for terrorism and the fact of their western colleagues refrain from that position now regarding what terrorists do in syria is a very worrying signal. now is specially in light of recent events with of the turkish parliament agreeing that they're allowed to use military across the border into syria two important focal points number one the international community has to acknowledge that there is terrorist activity in syria and number two syria and
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turkey need to open their lines of communication and discuss things so things don't get out of hand. live to london now and patrick having said i was a geo political analyst for the current affairs website u.k. colum patrick so nice to have you so now that turkish parliament approved cross border military involvement how far are we from seeing ground troops going in i think it's going to be one step at a time in this situation obviously there's a lot of risk involved for both syria and for turkey but if they want to escalate this conflict this is very unfortunate incident but as i will get into later there's a reason why it happened that where does turkey sound legal and being able to send troops abroad in terms of international law well it depends who's international law we're talking about certainly the united states great britain israel these sort of countries have never really had to abide by international law but i guess turkey
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and syria are in the lower tiers below the those sort of powerful countries who are above the law so in terms of the international community this is a good test for the whole concept of international law it's also a test for the united nations to see if they're really able to diplomatically achieve any sort of peace accords which they've apparently failed out over and over again for quite a long time so i really there's a danger this could escalate and it could spread particularly because of turkey's connections with nato now what do you make of turkey's response to the shelling from syria are two days of firing a proportionate reaction. well there's a kind of a i'm afraid to say there's a sort of. looks like a center up we saw the same thing in in afghanistan in the eighty's the united states was arming and funding mujahideen who were attacking in beijing the
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soviet union to come over the afghan border eventually soviet union did occupy a large portion of afghanistan as a result of that but that was a guerrilla warfare a western backed affair that was used to draw in the soviet union so in this case the free syrian army and the us backed al-qaeda terrorist groups that are funded by great britain and united states are allowed to have bases now in turkey so of course you have to look between the lines if syrian troops are firing across the border there is definitely good reason syria has no interest in starting a war with turkey has any common sense person or commentator would look at it but in the case of being baited into protecting their own interests turkey's hate providing a safe haven for terrorists western backed terrorists so this looks like a set up in order to draw turkey into a conflict and also to further isolate syria as it is a nation state so do you believe that that's the reason assad wants to stoke
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tension with his neighbor when there are plenty of rebel attacks and tara blast at home to deal with. well it does certainly the syrian government in the security forces have their hands full but you know the government i'm serious well within its right to criticize turkey and to defend itself after all when your neighbor is providing bases for terrorists groups large groups and turkey has been doing this as far back as last year they've been providing safe haven for terrorists from the free syrian army and al-qaeda so in that situation you have to think. any country's within its right to object to that and it could lead to an altercation but the way it's being framed in the media and in the west is that syria has aggressed its neighbor this is a typical kind of bait false flag baiting sort of exercise that the western governments and their intelligence agencies are very skilled at and they're also
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skilled at spinning that in the media to then further their own agenda and the agenda in this case is a collapse of the syrian state and regime change and some of the few dominoes that are of the fallout of that happens all right geo political analyst providing insight patrick henningsen from current affairs website u.k. column life line thanks karen. well be updating you on how the situation in syria and turkey develops and will bring you more opinion and analysis in the coming hours. to another story now greek riot police have fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters trying to storm the country's defense ministry five people were injured in the clashes and seventeen people were arrested the latest show of fury was staged by shipyard workers who say they haven't got paid for half a year it comes as greece negotiates a fresh cuts package with international lenders in exchange for another cash injection investment analyst patrick young says the country's government has no
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control of the situation. you know the troika these people who come along and demand cuts they've been coming for the last several years every time they go away they think they've got a deal in the greek side people to stick to it so this time around everybody's finally got to the point where they realize well they might make a deal that might not make it do it but actually we've got all of these shows coming along ridiculous pieces of information grohl pre-service being billed to the greek interland with money the truth is the greek government is just out of control it is the ultimate vodka object in a pool of vodka. but while the suits tussle over the numbers it's those with no voice who are increasingly the victims. bring children are paying the price as parents are forced to abandon their own parents because they can't afford to feed or now that story just ahead plus. russia unveils the new version of the legendary transport carrier the dushan for seven six more in this
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business infinity. and that's while us two presidential candidates are in the home strength for sunday's election incumbent hugo chavez has been hit by a storm of negative coverage in the international media especially in the u.s. south american political analyst. says it's no surprise washington wants to see the back of chop. here sink in the stands which is very highly respected throughout many of these in latin america showing that the united states is. not just in the middle east worldwide and not so much of the great interest of our attack by the united states especially at a time when in two thousand and eight the united states has we activated the fourth south atlantic fleet and they know how we have a very strong military presence throughout latin america in the south atlantic just as they have engineered insurrection and civil war which seems to be washington's
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specialisation now with the so-called arab spring in the theater here in latin america we will be seeing a latin american spring with different characteristics but will the united states will meddle in the internal affairs of countries like venezuela and they will even trigger and activate a generalized latin american spring this will be turmoil social unrest and even civil war. i'll be back with more of the latest world news after a short break. in the middle of russia's no way from civilization or any three on one helicopter trip
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from the nearest village. they still don't family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer screens. lodging runs you need to signal and then it's they also grew up in the but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the seat in apartment building but still remember their regions. want to do is a dancing teacher. to his den says he tells the stories about his mother around.
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laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer had when the enemy only saw the light can and most around it is gather the turns and move to another pole sure they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter we men and children for them. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though you sometimes a similar. clone welcome back you're watching r t u.s. authorities are accusing employees of an electronics companies who are russian
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secretly working for moscow the firms headed by a businessman born in the u.s.s.r. and it's a legit it illegally funneled fifteen million dollars worth of cutting edge technologies for the russian military moscow's dismissing that it. by scandal calling the case purely criminal. reports the russian government considers this just a standard criminal case involving business malpractise and doesn't go as far as espionage the company involved on the russian side apex system sais that it only deals in electronic components for civilian use alexander fishing co the executive of the company in the us art electronics and ten others have been charged with illegal exporting of electronic components bush and co himself has also been charged with operating in the us has an unregistered agent of the russian
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government the illegal exporting according to the indictment began in two thousand and eight involving millions of dollars worth of tiny electronic components in july two thousand and ten u.s. law and for enforcement began surveillance and according to the indictment and prosecutors they heard how bush and co and his associates used a web of lies to try and evade u.s. export controls including for example telling suppliers u.s. suppliers that components they were buying would be used in traffic lights when in fact they could be used in missile guidance systems and others would be used for fishing when in fact they could be huge for antique submarine warfare u.s. prosecutors say that they have devastating evidence collected against those charged including reportedly a letter from a tree run by russia's federal security service the f.s.b.
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complaining of defective components it's now only about man trying to punch their way to the top politics are mind we've got the story of an egyptian woman who's got a big. and to take on the big political job at the traditionalist muslim brotherhood. plus america's deadly drones have a new destination in sight watch out libya they could be heading your way soon. as more details. unemployment and struggling to make ends meet are bad enough for any family but in greece parents are having to make the heartbreaking decision to put their children in care that's because they can no longer afford to feed or clothe that them peter all reports on a charity trying to shield the young from the crisis. to young to understand why but on the front line of the debt crisis rampant unemployment in greece and the
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slashing of social benefits has left their parents with money to provide even their most basic of needs what may seem unthinkable has happened these children being taken into care. for during the past two years we have seen a large rise in the number of children coming to us because their families can't support them because taxis and prices have risen things like food clothing schooling and housing have become too expensive. before the financial crisis this children's village which is run by the organization s.o.'s children usually looked after kids who'd been the victims of abuse now they say almost all new cases are as a result of the debt crisis this center privately funded through donations is also feeling the pinch. we've seen a significant drop off in donations people get what they can but that is getting worse and worse also we are taxed on what we receive making it more of
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a burden to buy things we need like fuel for whom. the charity says there's been a seventy percent increase in requests for help this children's village is home to forty youngsters near to thessaloniki and it's operating at close to maximum capacity i met one mother who asked not to be identified because of the stigma attached she says she was forced to give up her young daughter after losing her job . it was a norful decision to have to make what could i do there was no money and no work i asked her if she thought they would ever be reunited as a family i know things are going from bad to worse here it could be ten years before greece is back feet s.o.'s children makes a point of trying to keep youngsters in contact with their biological parents for this family that means one emotional meeting once a month. organizations like this one of becoming increasingly important to help
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protect a generation of children ripped from their families due to greece's financial failings. with the greek government facing having to make fresh cuts of over ten billion euros the children's village expects to be receiving more pleas for help in the future for this mother and daughter the help they get allows them to appreciate the fleeting moments they can spend together peter all over greece financial trouble across the atlantic as well as dishing out discipline for those responsible that's coming up in the cause report later today. here attorney general eric schneiderman to file the civil suit against j.p. morgan the complaint contends that bear stearns and its lending unit e.m.c. mortgages defrauded investors who purchased mortgage securities packers by the companies from two thousand and five to two thousand and seven so max investors lost twenty six percent of their investment in just the two thousand and six and
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two thousand and seven bond that is twenty two point five billion of eighty seven point five billion of bonds that bear stearns had packaged and sold up to pension funds and others but you do it to me what did you lose those people twenty six percent of their money knowingly brutally. why did you do it you know did. the white house contenders are back in their corner us with the first u.s. presidential debate wrapped up with no clear winner but it seems barack obama took more blows in fact his challenger mitt romney pushed hard enough for the latest c.n.n. voters' poll to show obama is now the underdog both candidates lashed out over failed policies on realistic proposals on unemployment as well as taxes and health care being spiced up when romney weighed into the president's plan to cut the
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military budget for weakening national security but the director of the come home america group believes that when it comes to real combat power the line between them gets blurred they're not very different at all you know president obama. drone commander in chief using these kill war we will drones and we could ever imagine george bush if you start wars and in the country like libya where there was no u.n. mandate no who. was own. going to do the same thing they're both taking no look we want to table as far as attacking iran they both see russia as obama's encircled them obama's also encircled china he's also increased their military presence the united states and. all these military issues they're both aggressors of of the us military empire and i don't say you know one of them are coming back the military is going to want. us historian gerald horne told us that
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it will be hard to choose the right or wrong candidate because there is almost no choice at all. unfortunately this debate is one reason why nowadays there are those who say that what we have invented states is not democracy but a mockery that is to say what happens then to states is that all the candidates of the left such as the green party are barred from this kind of presidential debate and as a result the kinds of policies that president obama has been acting that are subject to withering criticism from the left for example bailing out the banks but not bailing out homeowners for example this war against libya where they were not able to be criticized adequately by his opponent mr romney and as a result you have a very very tepid debate that takes place how can you have a realistic debate about the problems that this country faces the many problems
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that this country faces when the kinds of analysis and critique from the left are basically excluded basically this debate comes down in many ways to a choice between tweedle dum and tweedle dee. let's switch to financial matters now we have to treat our business tasso dimitry new well for russia's military aircraft that's right and its name is illusion for seven six it's basically a new version of the legendary il seventy six which has been around forty years and many countries different tasks both military and emergency services and things like that basically just the army alone in russia will be ordering one hundred of these and its creators say it has a huge potential to have orders from abroad it's faster it's bigger it can fly long distances let's listen to this report from. we're right inside the idea store aircraft factory in the square the brand new we use in seventy six m d ninety arc
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and what did in fact one of them is being assembled as we speak so the two main things we need to be said about the search this first of all it's being built on a base of a very well known initial seventy six aircraft which has been used for decades and is still widely used by the military and civil aviation in eastern europe asia and african nations in fact these planes are still used to deliver supplies to the alliance forces in afghanistan so it's already a very tested and reliable machine three quarters of the new aircraft. be redesigned including the engines the wings avionics the radio navigation equipment which make it go faster further and carry more weight traditionally these planes are several times or less expensive than their western. let's take a look at what's happening on the markets now as the u.s.
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markets will be opening around three minutes time we've got a jobs report from the labor department i was promising you the past twenty four hours and it's coming tick better than expected basically jobless claims. when up to three hundred sixty seven thousand in the month of september went up as in amount to two and as i said it was a bit better than expected so u.s. futures are pointing to a higher open but european markets as you can see that barely changed with the e.c.b. keeping rates unchanged that's north's a point seven five percent over on the russian markets there's another hour to go before the close and it's looking still negative but better than than it looked a last hour this is on the back of the flow of oil prices so russia's always been of course monitoring these and the currencies markets we're seeing the euro gaining massively against the dollar as the e.c.b. had mario draghi has said that based thinking here is irreversible yet again
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pledging to support the united european currency you know while the russian ruble is in line with that trend is strengthening by around half a percent to the dollar and losing some value against the euro. and now let's listen to what the deputy head of russia's central bank had to say about the recent stimulus measures adopted by the central banks and world. a lot of sure what the presumed tones of the difference in the way are seen in the lodging of balances that support once and you know first wave all that moves into the markets particularly when it's not enough though you have seen news coverage right now for the rest of the time now we were very much lots of already very much dependent on capital count one day soon see you be up to four years since zero zero balance it would open sure all of it was really up. so that's the way the markets look at this
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hour we will be back with another update around fifty five minutes time we look forward to it thank you to me and in just a few minutes r.t. talks to the director of nato's information office in moscow. well to british soil it's a time to try to find. the right amount of. hype that. market.


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