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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a wave of anti-war protests engulfed turkey with activists accusing the government of being a u.s. stooge anger offer rides possible military action against syria. the u.k. military is to balance its books by laying off thousands of soldiers while still throwing billions malfunctioning military machines. was fourteen years of textbook socialism are put to the test in venezuela as hundreds of thousands of the capital in support of it we charge this ahead of sunday's elections.
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this thirty live from moscow with me marina joshie now what began as a peaceful anti-war demonstration turned on glee in the turkish capital ankara after riot police moved in to disperse the crowd officers fired tear gas and used water cannons as well as smoke grenades against the activists with manny bystanders also getting caught up in the melee thousands also poured into the streets of the stamboul to demonstrate against the policies of turkey's ruling party accusing it of singing to the tune of the u.s. the wave of popular discontent was barred by the parliament's approval of cross border military action into syria which could pave the way to a full scale war war and that from artie's middle east correspondent paula severe. they were chanting slogans that syria is all framed and that we are against war but they clashed with police firing rounds of tear gas at them more people are concerned the. the border tensions could disintegrate into
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a regional conflict on thursday the turkish parliament held a closed door emergency session in which a build was overwhelmingly passed that allows the turkish military to carry out cross border operations against syrian targets now this is in period for a year it has been defended by the turkish government that says it has the right to defend itself it is a pains to point out that this is not a declaration of war and that will operate in conjunction with international bodies the turks are responding to a syrian water that was fired on wednesday it killed five citizens two of them women and three of them children while they were preparing a meal took you immediately responded by firing into syrian territory and this offensive continued until the early hours of thursday morning now by all accounts there were several syrian soldiers who were killed tookie also responded by going
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on the offensive in the political arena an emergency meeting of nato was hold on wednesday so as i say an extremely volatile situation that we're keeping close watch on. media reports suggest that turkey has carried out around some of these strikes against syria killing a dozen soldiers and destroying heavy weaponry ankara however says it has no intentions of starting a war with syria middle east political analyst from in the wanni says turkey doesn't necessarily have to engage in direct military action against the embattled state to defeat it. turkey's declared war on syria long time ago this is arrogant endeavor to lose war they've supplied weapons and they've supplied training assistance they've harbored you know gunmen in jihad just on their territory so so you know turkey's at a situation no crossroads where they cannot seem to get the international system think needs to sort of you know do even last against the assad regime they cannot
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get a u.n. security council resolution to authorize these things and this may be you know setting the groundwork a pretext for a backdoor into military intervention because of course church even call it can call on its nato allies to to assist and it's centrally the nato allies who would anyways do you know a military confrontation with assad regime if there was a u.n. security council resolution so you know and there are questions about this is this the false. you know operation to to sort of set the grounds for military intervention there's been many false narratives over syria i think this is just another one. the un's most powerful body has called for restraint from both and qur'an damascus has a strongly the cry syria's deadly attack on turkish citizens splotches moreno got the latest from the un security council in new york well the u.n. security council agreed and issued a presidential statement strongly condemning wednesday's mortar attack by syria on
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a turkish border town that as we already heard has killed people and in injured several others the council called on the syrian government to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors and called on all concerned parties to exercise maximum restraint a presidential statement issued by the council also demanded that quote such violations of international law stop immediately and are not repeated mortar fire from syria had a town in turkey on wednesday and that's when the security council began to deliberate. this presidential statement earlier on thursday the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon also voiced his alarm at escalating tensions along the syrian turkish border and the u.n. itself there's a lot of divisions over how to solve this crisis that it escalates and everybody within the security council in the u.n. is trying to ease tensions that are growing not only within syria but now on the border between syria and turkey a timeline of events and more analysis of the story is available after tea to call
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. while there you can also find more on the ripple effects the in the running syrian crisis ascending to neighboring states. iraq is one of them later today are to talk to the country's prime minister assess peace can be brought to syria through weapons and foreign troops. the british army is the latest victim of the country's seemingly endless hysterically drive with eight thousand fewer u.k. soldiers reporting for duty come the new year but as artie's probably boycott reports when it comes to funding expensive war toys britain apparently has money to burn. the number of soldiers in the british army is being cut back by a fifth as you can see here that's quite a significant reduction is going to mean the smallest british army since before the napoleonic wars eight thousand u.k. troops face christmas as unemployed civilians defense secretary philip pam and
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insists the cuts a necessary to balance the defense budget yet at the same time the u.k. is committed to remaining one of the biggest military spending is in the world well any modern army even if it cuts its troops needs up to date equipment but take a look at these the british government has spent some two billion pounds on developing remote control attack drones since two thousand and seven but in u.k. drones don't have a good track record how about the watch keeper drone this nifty piece of military equipment has already cost the u.k. taxpayers about eight hundred million pounds it was meant to be up and flying by now it isn't yet ready and now running two and a half years late the watch keep its predecessor it was a drone called the phoenix that proved so unreliable that in army cycles it became known as the bugger off because it often left on missions never to return the
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phoenix was such an epic fail that it was used as an example of the quote dismal failure of the british drone systems engineering students in one u.k. university and the cost of this techno flop two billion pounds in fact the ministry of defense his attempt to balance its books has actually contributed to an increase in spending on equipment something those troops facing their final paycheck in the coming weeks will find hard to stomach. r.t. more stories features videos and analysis is in store for you on the web including an out office in the big apple jewish and christian activist groups respond to an anti islam as poster campaign. whether the message of tolerance. an eleven year old boy from northern siberia has made a mammoth discovery of covering the near complete remains of a thirty thousand year old creature buried and permafrost.
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after a long and bitterly fought campaign venezuela is now braced for presidential elections on sunday but both candidates incumbent over travis and his rival rick a cup realist certainly made the most of your last day on the trail hundreds of thousands of people attended a rally led by thomas display of solidarity with a socialist agenda capellas is viewed as the polar opposite of incumbent president on nearly every policy and who wants to profit i seven as well economy scrapped welfare programs and stands for closer ties with the u.s. and south american political analyst a grandson but she says it's no surprise washington wants to see us out. in the stands which is very high news throughout many of these in latin america showing that the united states we are not just in the middle east but worldwide and not so
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much the countries that are attacked by the united states especially at a time when in two thousand and eight the united states has reactivated the fourth south of the land and they now have a very strong military presence throughout latin america in the south atlantic just as they have engineered insurrection and civil war which seems to be washington specialization now with the so-called arab spring. here and that merkel we will be seeing a latin american spring with different characteristics but where the united states will meddle in the internal affairs of punches like that is with us and they will even trigger and activate a generalized latin american string which will be turmoil social unrest and even civil war. another battle for power base time in the u.s. saw in common how bamma all at sea would take a look at why the president's first televised tussle left his supporters cold while some critics slammed the entire u.s. election system for
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a lack of real choice. in. the riding that takes your breath away to eating across the sky is always a mohnish good you know the biggest salt lake in europe and more than two hundred species of birds but also it is them are on the verge of extinction on these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrating to other parts of the world paladins as well as other species of the monish who do low feed on stage these words are waiting for their parents to bring them food to the best cash for them is in a small area is a lake with the water is relatively fresh his fish cannot survive in the salty a part of the money and the lakes getting sold every year the monish the dealers
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and all two fish oil reservoir which was filled in the nineteen fifties in the air is hot climate the evaporates quickly and the local sources natural sultanate stakes over a possum birds the drying out of the lake cool so threatening one of the world's biggest populations of most things. their malls and four hundred of the animals here theories are protected wildlife reserve it's a place of serene peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals of being dug around here to cultivate the locals taps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species as the animals here for instance some idea antelopes just some forty years ago there were more. then to me in saigon antelopes living in asia and they no where else in the world but now people brought the species to the brink of extinction this region has been reaching alive for thousands of years but now we know relatively short space of time it's
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a vibrant diversity of creatures is second on all fronts by man and nature itself. wealthy british style sun. spot on the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow the us presidential candidates barack obama and mitt romney have address their supporters following their first t.v. debate polls showed romney overwhelming comment obama in the dual commanding the ninety minute debate but rocky anderson. residential candidate for the justice party thinks two parties ultimately dominating u.s. politics is unhealthy for america. i left the democratic party and helped form the justice party because now the republican and democratic parties are simply one do
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ugly they have a stranglehold on our electoral system from the stage of getting on the ballot all the way through the debate process and they have both been bought and paid for by the same special interest we have a plutocracy not a democracy in the united states where our government is for sell to the highest bidder romney would bring us along the same path that led to the economic disaster in two thousand and eight with shields tax cuts for the wealthy enormous deficits low employment rates and president obama has a pathetic record he's the only president that has presided over three years of unemployment of over eight percent that absolutely can be changed do we know that that's what the american people want it's simply that we don't have those elected to office that are willing to take on the special interest. the chinese sound
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company is sowing president barack obama after he blocked the farm from building when farms in the u.s. on national security grounds and its lawsuits the firm says obama over a stepped his authority and after an unlawful manner was now give more perspective on the developing route with professor joseph chang of hong kong state university thanks for being with us here on our team first of all the one farm project is right next to u.s. military bases that test new drone so isn't a bomb in this case well within his rights to block the deal. well at least that from the chinese authorities point of view this is wrong and it's chinese authorities ready to tell and steer. ministration through traditional channels there's certainly shows a more critical maturity in handling the interests of china
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in the united states through exploiting the opportunities the channels by the system of checks and balances the system of separation of powers while election campaign in the united states is in full swing now and has been accused time and time again of being weak on china so in this lie do you think how much chance china stand. you don't know but obviously it is a certain level of confidence in the independence of judiciary in the united states there are two levels of concerns over use on the up to china one is the general intention of the united states to contain tight china sort of the new ones to the bonds countries that it will be easier because it's up to the international law and institutions established by the western countries and it is easy to acquire
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technology management know how and so on from the united states and other western countries the other concern of course is the you know action campaign gimmicks or you know action campaign politics is a literary under time no reason president you know action complains to us of tendency under the tender base to engage in time there just as they did in japan bashing into eighty's and ninety's time now is less worried about this and is a concern there's an understanding that after the elections things will not only returns to normal well you know politics aside. so let's take a look at the business side of things you know this also marks the first time the foreign investment has been blocked in the u.s. in twenty two years so is it really all election paul they so or may think the
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united states is going to look for ways to limit china's reach. well at least in the eyes of b.g. is such a kind and see and is to. know not to are now trying to turn. and believe in discrimination against time no see it's time to leave. you can terms of sign or sign no indian sorry in terms of sign or american relations and american relations or united states of use the treats in. that way what they intend to not using india to continue trying their turn also argues you can rest in the united space impulse of hikari who is from the united states over to be the best ways to reduce the treaty so enjoyed by trying to do. all right mr tang
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thanks very much indeed for sharing your use with us that was professor tales of the hong kong city university. now in jordan capital and jordan's capital amman hundreds of police are aligning the streets to keep or upcoming massive rallies around two hundred thousand supporters of king of dollars reforms and about fifty thousand backers of the opposition muslim brotherhood party are gathering for peaceful demonstrations at the same thing earlier the king dissolved parliament clearing the way for new elections and he pledged to introduce more reforms aiming to avoid arab spring style of dress the country has already faced nearly twenty months of protests with people demanding more say in how the state is run. eighty seven people jailed. in tunisia for storming the u.s. embassy maybe sentenced to death say their defense lawyers back in september and angry mob attacked the diplomatic headquarters in the capital tunis for being manned by a strong response from riot police for demonstrators were killed and many more
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injured in follow up clashes the incident came in the wake of furious anti-american protests by muslim communities across the globe over a us produced film that mocked the prophet mohammed. all right straight to the world of business now and we're hearing russia is looking for new ways to lure investors that's exactly what they're doing right now russia's and in particular it may be considering for its licenses for drilling of oil in its energy rich arctic waters and of course russia is biggest producer of oil so this is a very interesting for many foreign investors are right now foreign companies can operate offshore projects why can't comb licenses know where science all welcomes the senate will simplify the structure of investment into the country russia's arctic and drew serves our estimates hold up to one hundred billion tons of oil equivalents as you saw there and the news came just hours before the energy
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ministers trip to london alexander novak is meeting all firms as the country seeks funds to develop china engine deposits. and other european union is continuing to fight for transparency in the energy market and now it's come up with a new way to make sure it gets it not once its member countries to disclose their energy deals and that's in the way their way to make prices across the board universal now starting from march next year all member countries will have to provide the commission with their all and gas deals and also sort of from next year the e.u. commission will be able to take part in all energy talks this move comes amid the e.u.'s antitrust investigation into gas from. liason strategy in europe last week lattimer putin expresses that out over the economic efficiency of europe's energy rules. all right now let's take a look at some international markets with the euro where the figures there. is
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that's not as investors are optimistic about the u.s. jobs of boards throughout later in the day you know if it is false or positive we can expect to see the markets go even higher right now the footsie and the bags gaining around a quarter of a percent and i want to stay with us and talk about greece and for secular and that's because a country says its economy could go belly up by the end of november if it doesn't get the next tranche of the bailout e.u. officials are now in athens scrutinize in the nation spending cuts which is a condition for receiving the aid the next installment of thirty one billion euros and without it greece will have to default on its debt. and us look at the russian market is there on the screen both the r.t.s. and the my sibs get in over a wall and that half percent what we do know is that the come to central bank has left its key interest rate on change and now this five prices drop in which those see that it's not really affecting russian investors today let's take a look at some of currency figures when it comes to the euro we see that there is
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this considered new to drop by the weekend against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble it's now the fifth hour and the row that it is gaining versus the both the u.s. dollar and the euro there and that's how business looks right now we have a more stories for you next hour or a very of thanks very much indeed and in just a few minutes ascii span of gas about the first debate between romney and obama and how the debates are likely to affect who becomes president next year. mission. critical you should treat. your chargers free arrangement free. three stooges free. cold free blogs just plug in video for your media project
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a free media dog r t v dot com. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. little. plug.
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my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg. and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit i mean. for my hands you know just as if anyone won but they do tell a story they tell us story of. the ox and. the
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all day. if you. still. want. a low in welcome across town peter lavelle debating the debate the first direct
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encounter between president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney left the incumbent looking like road kill what is behind obama's failure and does it really matter. to crosstalk the first us presidential debate i'm joined by rachel mars today in paris she's a political communications strategist and sidney cade a columnist in washington we have nile standage he is a staff writer for the hill and in london we crossed to david nicholson he is a london based freelance journalist right folks cross talk rose and if i mean you can jump in anytime one rachel what in the world happened last night why why did obama really bomb. and there you just had to relieve the office it's interesting however when saying the bar really low for each of their candidates both campaigns were the word got out that apparently mitt romney was had a really bad night sleep in a hotel because
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a train whistle kept going off they stayed in some kind of hotel that was near set a train tracks and the whistle kept going off so they were lowering the bar barack obama's campaign was saying look he might not come out too well in this first debate so they are lowering the bar but i think ultimately maybe he just had a really long day because i was actually really surprised that mitt romney came across this strongly he was aggressive he was in control. listeners right now that although in this program are all none of us really have a dog in this fight. i am very much for romney so i may as well put that put that out there but the same time in a relatively objective analysis and i think it's important to you know disclosure biases before you give an analysis of people view is currently understand where you're coming from but looking at it really objectively i was surprised because i thought romney would have a pretty difficult time as he has thus far connecting with voters. he's not necessarily a charismatic guy but you don't need to be.


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