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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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the problem we have in europe now is besides our own no one had let's say and i speak now for australia we had this enormous the government overhead and now we have in addition to european no way ahead and so it be very difficult to make a competitive product at a competitive price if you were elected would you pull austria out of the single currency. though in the overall i'm. for a strong europe i think especially all the people. with that that there were a lot of war and they had people afraid of that so basically a strong european union could may be sure or preserve peace maybe better but what i think what's wrong is to have the same common currency because that just doesn't work for the simple reason
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the primary reason why people get up and i'm wanting is they want to make a better life for themselves and their families if they peeped out of a system but they recognised that if the input and people paid accordingly to do it that would drive the whole system so so their concern is this to bring everybody down on the same level. and and a lot of people which in the european government i don't think they have ever been in business they don't know how business functions they bank this so so that means that the business won't function i'm very much against centralizing everything one huge central government yun huge central finance department right so i think i'm against that democracy and but in the final
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analysis it won't to the economy i want to walk you see that in europe if too many people which one at this tippett to else you know first first we got to realize we've got to think about it how can we create wealth. only when we create wealth canute this tippett now obviously you've been very successful in business over the years but we're talking about running a country here do you think the two can be done in the same manner at this minute things are. similar and a country a country actually has got an advantage in business if there's management if you would lose for a few years in a row the shareholder us well will dismiss the management. in a country for instance you take the governments of fostering which have been ruled
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by two parties for the last fifty years they loose monies every year. but they haven't in cheeni is structured by very little democracy went by they. reelected every year so people really have no choice it's sort of a very it's a democratic structure by the austrian government governments by now over fifty percent of the jobs in austria at based on exports if the country was to come out of the eurozone those jobs that be at risk wouldn't know i think i think a poor pretty other way around first of all i said we should look at every restructure there's in the final analysis everything what what i do mean is it good for the people. and so i tried to say before.
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you've got to add up all the costs right there on the table cost of wages and then the government overheads and we won't become better defend him while that's my greatest worry so i said look there's a number of ways we can do it that one we could go back to the shelling one we could we could each country has got their own right for instance greece would have to endure spain were ten down your italy would have died in europe germany let's say would be one on one percent maybe austria do on the present greece might be if there's a changeable currency greece maybe would stand out maybe read forty cents on the euro maybe italy maybe at seventy percent seventy cents brain maybe sixty percent that that allows that each country then can take their own measurements and see
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how. competitive they could be but isn't what you're suggesting essentially the creation of a premier league within the single currency with the likes of say austria germany france and the rest of the currencies well left to their own devices no it could be . they can they can determine their own destiny a lot better because. they're great they're great problem was for me and understandable that. know when banks could see that the european union is coming to get there they've thought cheetos are great investments sold invested heavily increase when they could see that the greek people don't really change they still their flip thousands of years like that that they will live for the next thousands of years that way. they could see that their investment
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was a failure then they run to the various countries and say look we need help. because they said luck if you don't get help then the banks will collapse so the greek people actually got were a little off that the banks cashed in on those monies and it's unfair and i it to me it was not understandable that the countries especially the european countries especially germany both the greek people how they live it's in no country's got the right this say this is the way your ship left let them decide how to left so they up by rather than being united and wahaha money and the whole of europe now there's hate building up it's it's a total wrong affect to it so those things worry me well the austrian elections
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have to be held by september of next year realistically or do you think if you chances well i've been very successful and it time i am that they are something i usually wind up number one so when i go into something or said luck i going to put a lot of effort then they're going to walk out they could very serious lee and i think as long as i have a chance to communicate with the people the people know that i want to surf the country that there's nothing for me and that i know i've got a lot of common sense. and the problem now we most politicians they never paid to h. is to never get a little fingernails they don't know how the economy works and deaths in the final analysis the economy's got to work are you hoping to pick up votes from members of the electorate upsets due to the corruption scandals we've seen in austrian politics in recent times i think there's many politicians coming to us and be telling block those. those. principles and to when you
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commit to the principles the principles are based on through. transparency and fairness so do we would have at dick's. at the actual rules. connected to that then fine because everybody can make some mistakes but a lot of politicians sometimes went in with full of idealism naturally if somebody has been in there for many many many years and you you know einstein and stan. he. he defined stupidity when you do always the same thing and you expect different results right so politicians like that i don't know that bit difficult that we can absorb them but there's a lot of you know politicians days so they recognize that they would like up
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principles they're welcome so would you be putting yourself forward as a transitional leader who is looking to bring about the next generation of austrian politics i made it absolutely clear that i would not be an arse to be called upon that spawn this counsellor right that i will not be a ponderous can slip because there's expect that to work for twenty four hours a day to be available for people that they want to have walked a lot in my life and but i will i will closely watch the principles and when ian french and the principals those who are be those will be put out from the party how would you see austria's position on the international stage changing well. ask basically the people they like that australia has itself committed to neutrality right and i think australia is especially if we were running
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a great government if we could improve the living standards of auster. and then austria could be a guiding light for the rest of the world how things could be done and that's my hope that i could set a great example a great role model that other countries will adopt the austin system still public entree out of the euro non not to not only i think it is not if we as a common currency because a common currency just does not work right you take that say if a few farmers get together and say look we have we have now create a company first it would never get off the ground because they could never agree who is looking after a while i tap ok. so it just does not work to
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have one currency because people people say look. if let's say beats farmers. if there's a catastrophic country they help each another but they would say if one farmers or was in you know in and things that are said no at that we want to help so you it's in i'm not saying one country's better than the other one but we have to see their speed build there with certain customs a certain behavior and they let's just take the creeks they've been fine for thousands of years it's not for us to say how they should live there is not wrong to be a bit on the beach it's not the wrong to think your glass of wine and let it be but . it's still lifes so we should not be able to tell them how to laugh mr a
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pleasure to speak to you thank you very much nice to meet you nice to be here. looking at some dogs you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can wrong oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strand in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like a laska and so i felt at home the first blood joke was brought here from australia now let's try and come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing
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is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top. grazing who set the trail ablaze but a nun and for all phones who brought their dia to life. five years ago mada press care about bill to dog kennel in the village kids from the local open h. came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training their full legged friends but smother her schedule also encourages her kids to become depth hands on the computer and internet the boys regularly update their website and they're in touch with the busy ma the twenty four seven on the phone itself. but children are the most important thing my only interests not play any role anymore and regardless of whether parsky has hoskins window race or not she hopes the competition will take place in the
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village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the winning but truly just the taking part that counts. wealthy british style. but i do thank you thank you. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on our journey was keith. thank. you. thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thanks. thanks. the headlines on r.t. venezuela's longtime president reelected for another six years off smushing his nearest rival in a hard fought battle jubilant crowds of chavez supporters so flooded the capital streets to mark his victory in the political battle. the syrian government and rebels both claim success and escalating fighting again across the border stoking fears now of a nato intervention more troops are being fired into turkey from syrian rebel held areas for five days in a row with war is not far off. the british.
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massive new welfare cuts that are set to hit the most vulnerable hardest save the children has now launched a major fund raising campaign in the u.k. for the first time in its ninety three history are now it's time for the world of sports here's the action with. hello welcome to sport an artsy with the rim on costs for event here are just some of the stories that we're covering for you today. remain on the russian premier league table with. form. again and get to the western conference. already for. the longest olympic torch relay in the history of the games. let's get to football
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first where i remain of the russian premier league following. side had to do it the hard way though there were down to ten men already on the job. karla's cents off after nine minutes for that foul on the edge of the box but second hand goes from you're a jerk off and sam the oil at social security when some of that just on outfits are now unbeaten in twelve off their recent games. meanwhile one of the biggest games in the calendar went the way of says scott as they beat city rival sports all to nail a delusional key to stay within two points of the leaders in second place are made most cell phones in that it seems that it after being set up by keisuke honda the japanese international then turn scorer and double says causing fits it to minutes in sealing the deal when their seventh victory in eight days. so we were very happy
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about what today's game especially because sparta targets the biggest durbin in russia winning this game is always very important for us as as a team and for the supporters too so hopefully we can keep doing a good job and trying to to find the first places. the defending champions the needs won their first match all four as they ran out to nil winners out across the dark constantine's around up opens halfway through the second period and the zoomed in sealed the final score just ten minutes later the st petersburg side are now fourth in the russian premier league's endings. elsewhere in cazan former champions that will be lost to amcor one nil nil it cannot all be scored the only goal of the game in just the third minute with the wind a perm side are up to ninth in the current standings. and it means i am in spanish league i was a classical tie and once again or messi versus ronaldo to be more precise two of
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the world's most distinguished footballers of presence seems to have had their solo ports in the clash as both argentina and portuguese produced a brace to make barcelona and real madrid roll to old and from camping all to san siro word cross-town rivals neelam and sara also went head to head my city on a lot of legs and men who won just two games this season once it's proved on their eleventh position in this darby but instead conceded an early goal from into a defender samuel in the opening minutes and that result stood all the way until the final whistle to the black and. over to the ice were in the kontinental hockey league deny moscow moved to the western conference with a three two win at slow on the muscovites found the nets twice in the opening period with their star alex ovechkin recording two points by scoring a goal and turning provider to denise however the slovakian outfits also had their
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hero right wing shots on the sets in his former club whites in the second and third periods but before shots on seconds to go in added to. the final result for the russian side when the western conference. starts. school thrashed demands for one on home ice gormley hi-lo open for the must was already on before the host added three more goals in the second period minsk side pulled back a consolation in the final stretch to make the final score four one and it seems new boy avenger came admits there is still a lot to improve in their performance. they're really good you. know that. they're doing with us i think we're all trying to get on the same pitch and. you know there are some things that we need to figure out what to do what we're structure with. and they're all there against the solid you law of need of the shoots out to beat barson cazan for three sever style world one the winners that
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rigo while ukrainian side don bosco netsky lost at home to beat as. now with a twenty fourteen tsotsi winter games less than eighteen months away the organizers have unveiled their limbic torch relay routes which will become the longest in history as michael craft chang co reports. the olympic torch relay is an essential part of assuring in the next olympic games and this time the torch is facing it's long. and big which is one of the half times longer than the earth's a conference however the length isn't the project's biggest achievement the most important things that we're given the opportunity for the everybody.
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feel proud for the contrary to be involved and inspired by the interest from all around the world to run so i'm sure we'll be showcasing the face of new more than russia where positive sustainable changes are happening now and this is a great time to demonstrate that the wall taking on such a daunting route across unpredictable and difficult terrain is another point that's making this one of the grandest of torch relay but it's the fourteen thousand torchbearers over one hundred twenty three days it's making this really even more historic and russia seems to making sure it takes full advantage of the exposure presently fills a very warm. very head very. open to everybody and i really want like every person.
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remember our form of russia now it may well serve as a good catalyst to rally a nation what with the torch to reach a whopping two thousand nine hundred towns and settlements in the end it's also a great motivator to the countless athletes who will be taking part in the games because when you matches up in this atmosphere sitting at the olympics not just any competitive event when you start experiencing it all it simply gives you goose bumps and you begin to realise how much more you want to reach the highest position on the podium so yeah the motivation becomes even stronger with such a really bent well it's been a long time coming. but with the twenty fourteen olympic torch relay less than a year away one can well and truly say that the twenty second winter olympics are just around the corner and with the relay itself set to become the longest in its history one can only hope that the games themselves will make their own history. moscow and staying with such olympics where the first test event has been held at
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the iceberg arena which is the main venue for the games figure skating federation cup a rehearsal for the season ending grand prix it which is scheduled for the beginning of december from the outside the arena looks completely ready and catches the eye with its contemporary design however on the inside there is still much work to be done nevertheless the organizers still managed to put on the figure skating events and it was open only to athletes and journalists while the kurds and will be officially raised at the international grand prix in just a couple of months perhaps a perfect chance to make it a sellout and that's one thousand seats isenberg one year ahead of the olympic action. much like the facilities here there is a routine with patients really competing i also like the bright colors inside the reader into the whole i really enjoyed it. women aren't that senate and that maria sharapova has been beaten in the final of the china open the russian outclassed by
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world number one victoria azarenka going down in straight sets it was a poor story for sharapova as stormed into a four love lead in the first set to the bench for the sake of six three the bill of russian souls in examines in the second that she dropped just one game their knees into her fifth tournaments when once it's well. meanwhile in the men's competition world number one nevada jockey this was a victorious as he had to fight hard to take that first against freshman show with that song gollum it's my break but the serb found the going much easier in the seconds taken at six two to claim his fourth title of the season. special i. have. been coming in beijing. only well at the olympics. i love this sort of love the conditions here and let's end this with a high octane sports and the final superbike race all of this season that saw max
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biaggi claim that swain's its wall of f.i.a. and world championship but it wasn't all smooth sailing for bianchi as he crashed out in the first race to blow the title chase wide open but the preah racing rider managed to finish fifth of the ultimate stage at monte coeur in france to claim the overall title with a half point lead over his nearest rival some psychs from kawasaki. join paul scholes for another all day it's less than a couple of hours from now meanwhile you may get more at any time by visiting our youtube channel at arts or news thank you for watching. culture is that so much a given to each musician minute mark when when is the end really the end of the strategy of the u.s. led mission in afghanistan is in
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a shambles green on blue attacks against coalition. mission and free credit cation free in-store charges free. range minsk free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media r t v dot com. offers an air show and an issue. doesn't matter you.
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the residents never profited from the performances you'll see them coming our signature there when you look up and there's one check in on you he's the alpha beta gamma he's. the final. out there know what's going on so you can pinpoint. the dirt right now. doug shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art. is exempt. from some pretty. hands. on our team you know sometimes you see a story. and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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is it easy to be easy. if you.


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