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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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security in greece with all protests banned before a crucial visit by german chancellor merkel and a decision on the country's next bailout installment. rock obama's presidential rival mitt romney called for arming the syrian rebels as media revelations show imported crates of weapons are already in the hands of insurgents. and beijing locks horns with washington over reported that her commands chinese companies are excluded from doing business in america due to fears of spying on the country.
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it is eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie tensions are running high greece over the state of the country's disintegrating economy thousands protested in athens on monday had a visit by german chancellor angela merkel seven thousand policemen have now been deployed in the city to ensure calm during the chancellor's visit greece has been given until next week to deliver on its promises to the international monetary fund if it wants to ensure its next bailout meanwhile the i.m.f. has released its forecast for next year expressing serious uncertainty for the future of the euro all this as the euro zone's new bailout fund goes live. for the first time something. the most recent government because they say. their actions are the first thing we should do the. we thought it was worth it to
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leave and. i think. that the. reason. we think more for refusing. to go is this it goes on at least for its symbol. for this suit. so so for. limits assume said the measures that. are going to. the u.k. is bracing itself for more cuts as prime minister david cameron announces that the country is in for at least five more years of austerity this according to cameron is the only way for the united kingdom to reduce its budget deficit by twenty fifteen the prime minister's conservative led coalition has however rejected the idea of an imposing new taxes on the wealthy and called for more cuts and welfare spending cameron has also slammed the e.u. threatening to veto its new budget he has instead proposed to introduce two
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different budgets for the twenty seven nations bloc one for eurozone states and one for countries with their own currencies george editor of the staggers blog at the new statesman magazine says that this measure what undermined the position of britain in the e.u. . and that's why you need to that being members but i can't see. your. main. box agreements here. was the division between the you or is there not between. members. can actually isolate. seats at the top table and that's something that british go. bankrupt so do you have to avoid decades the. mean one of two g. twenty countries obsession is it silly and if i asked the u.k. economy actually starts to shrink problems. ground floor is the face of the euro
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zone crisis was the government's alliance on the influence of austerity measures to reduce the deficit. and she's that has strong growth and then when she cut spending so hard and to raise taxes like b a t on ordinary consumers draws are one announced ten billion pounds of welfare cuts for twenty fifteen to sixteen and those will hit the poorest the most vulnerable hardest as the u.k. government introduces more cuts it's the little it's the least protected that take the biggest hit recent data suggest fifteen percent of children regularly go without hot meals and as artie's laura smith reports the spine intervention from charities things are only getting worse. for millions of children every year hunger is a death sentence this is save the children's usual campaign feeding starving youngsters in africa but times have changed and for the first time in its ninety three year
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history the charity has launched a major fundraising campaign here in britain. it's a watershed moment as recession hits the u.k.'s poorest children the hardest situation is pretty bleak for children and families out there in our children having to go without what we consider some basic essentials so for example new shoes when their old ones for now it's achieving a warm coats him winter these are pretty shocking statistics in the u.k. in twenty twelve and we believe that we really need to take action in glasgow for the first time the cupboard is almost bare for mother of three sharon more it's a daily struggle to provide the basics for her kids whose toes for her. cause. she's not alone three and a half million children are living in poverty in the u.k. and a quarter of their parents say they've gone without meals so their children can eat
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. a child in poverty has to forgo the things other families take for granted eating healthily having a friend round for tea days out natalie mother to two year old noah puts all she can afford into the gas meter but it's still not enough to heat their home it's cold but if they. keep warm in the house and blankets rather than turn the fire around no really is so just careful to charities calculate that the poorest ten percent of society i hate thirteen times harder by government cuts to services than the richest ten percent and growing up in poverty puts a child under enormous emotional strain the education suffers even a sit good school and that storing up trouble for the future you have the impact it was almost children but it's also a massive impact to society and to our economy and so you know we if.
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we all of us have to pay the price in terms of actual spending on education spending on. our economy will be weaker because you know we'll be losing talent what's the point of slashing the welfare budget if we're going to be paying the price for our increased spending we're going to. save the children hopes to help the worst hit families but this could be a long campaign the institute for fiscal studies says in the next ten years based on current government tax and benefit policies eight hundred thousand more children will be dragged into poverty eradicating all the gains that have been made in the last ten years laura smith r.t. london and so on our team this hour of those e.u. economic woes are causing a sharp about turn it looks like more and more ukrainians whose dash for cash want
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them to the e.u. have now decided they're better off at home and we were. on the trend in just a few minutes. brock obama's rival for the u.s. presidency has called for a more aggressive foreign policy in the middle east which would include arming the syrian rebels mitt romney also slammed washington's handling of last month's attacks on u.s. embassies in muslim countries which killed four americans including ambassador to libya the democrats have hit back saying romney stance lacks vision and consistency are going to count has more. mitt romney accused president obama of quote sitting on the sidelines end of quote and not being aggressive enough on syria mr romney suggested actively arming the rebels with weapons that can bring down the aircraft on the what he said quote the greater tragedy of it all is that we're missing a story opportunity to win new friends who share our values in the middle east end of quote i saw this clip the other day and i wonder if this particular syrian rebel
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shares mitt romney's values that's the i just want to send a message to america and the infidel countries of the west we started on jihad. and we won't finish and soon on you and on jihad started here and then on as we'll go on one three mission to the new land and this time and i'm going to be raised on the one towers well that was a jihadi flag there but mitt romney's other remarks suggested that maybe he doesn't really care about whose hands the weapons would end up in because the objective that he stated was to defeat assad seeing it as a stepping stone to him rend iran is sending arms to assad because they know his downfall would be a strategic defeat for them we should be working no less vigorously. international partners to support the many syrians who would deliver that defeat to iran rather than sitting on the sidelines so basically mitt romney suggested taking advantage of the crisis in syria to fulfill the goal of defeating iran blatant but
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straightforward remark basically expressing the same opportunistic approach to foreign policy that the u.s. has had for many years while obama campaign called romney reckless and amateurish when it comes to foreign policy so far the administration has stopped short of directly arming the rebels although washington is coordinating the efforts of their allies in the region that is saudi arabia qatar turkey which are providing weapons to the rebels one way or another but those allies are saying. that they only provide smaller weapons that they would love to send heavy artillery but they don't have the green light from washington for that because reportedly the administration fears that the weapons might end up in the hands of terrorist experts say one of the reasons why the rebels are not settling down for a negotiated solution through dialogue is the signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention and everybody now understands without a negotiated solution bloodshed will continue. meanwhile
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a b.b.c. film crew in syria has discovered the rebels are in possession of crates of weapons meant for the saudi military the insurgents refused to comment on how they got the ship and and gave no permission to film its contents this comes amid escalating fighting across the country with bomb blasts and firefights in damascus and turkey is stepping up its war rhetoric after six consecutive days of returning fire with syria in response to shelling that some speculate is a provocation by the rebels political analyst dan glazebrook says the insurgents are desperate for foreign intervention. no mistake a lot on this bid to oust. and of course these guys own reasons for doing this on the one hand they're trying to give cover over to the rebels to continue their fight they know that the rebels again defeated on the ground so they're bombarding syria as a way to help the rebels and not lose too many of their positions but i think also
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wants to please is kind of. nato nato masters in his bid to join the e.u. so he's been willing to do the bidding europe and the u.s. britain france and the u.s. they may be helping the hoping that they can somehow try and knowledge made into taking action as well and. the blitzkrieg is that she's the only thing really that would enable the rebels so we're now at this. fireworks jubilation and fiesta atmosphere right now in venezuela this only means one thing president hugo chavez is there to stay and so are he's plans for how to handle the country's economy including its enormous oil reserves and as archie's losing confidence reports it's a strong reason for some painful headaches in the west. six years on the to the top that may be at odds with the liberation of the workers of this one party that what we're. doing it on.
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it's a victory that supporters say has implications far beyond this country's borders carries shadows is the father of south america all the president's real friends among each other latin america understand the understand the significance of chavis for the world that's rising up from its knees for the world of equality for the world without a jimi of the empire without a gemini if you wish and that's precisely what makes many western governments nervous venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is seeing the polarization of wealth which we see not just in one country not just in two countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be a redistribution of wealth this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense the. president chavez and is as a threat a threat that doesn't just hurt washington's influence but its coffers under chavez
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venezuela has refused to act as a market for u.s. based private investment and no longer can u.s. oil firms rely on the country as a stable source of cheap crude venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves chavez has promised to ramp up production and slash this country's dependence on u.s. markets by doubling exports to asia according to the president and that is why he represents a threat to the west it's all about the. from the economic point of view we have the largest petroleum reserves in the world when the world runs out of oil and countries which possess the majority of reserves who are me i you and i was a russia iran saudi arabia iraq and it is well. it's black gold can account for the vilification of chavez in the west after all just a year after he took office in one thousand nine hundred nine chavez toward the middle east to lobby key opec members to drive or oil prices higher he also provided subsidized oil to quba bella bruce nicaragua and syria countries whose
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relations with the west aren't exactly ideal for critics venezuela under chavez is a terrifying prospect. i think chavez is mostly criticized for his foreign policy first for breaking relations with traditional trade partners of venezuela such as colombia and the us and second for political alliances with countries which are considered as non-democratic and even belligerent in their foreign policy such as cuba and even more so iran. chapa says his world view is just one that the west is going to have to get used to. when the so that it was said that an american model. of the world and i wanted them to remember that end of history this by an american in the us is one of the given his religious roots against new liberalism twenty years ahead of the euro but you know there are those here which is happening now and that is well it didn't know what the i.m.f. going to do they were not a world power yet. regardless of how the next six years play out one thing's for
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certain for now that's all this vision of a new world order it's fair to say there's a powerful art to caracas. on r.t. dot com dangerous cam a story a tunisian children's magazine publishes a step by step recipe for a molotov cocktail. plus julian assange just set to publish a book on freedom in the internet inspired by his interview with the cypherpunks activist group his explosive show fourteen you can find a full interview and the details on our website. now and escalating dispute may be brewing between washington and beijing in the u.s. house intelligence committee says two of china's top companies should be barred from doing business in america a new report warns that the equipment made by telecom giant here away and met a fact could be used by beijing to spy on the u.s. to firms have struck back saying the document is actually aimed at hampering them
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competing on the american market the chinese government has called the allegations disappointing and hopes the u.s. will do more to benefit the interests of both states ten cars senior director of strategy for free press says the main concern is not security but a growing threats from chinese businesses. it's interesting to note that most computer equipment most telecommunications equipment is in fact made in china increasingly china is a player in the technology space and their ability to create cheap manufactured products. should pose a threat to business interests overseas business threat not so much a national security threat politics definitely comes into play here seen in both the romney and obama campaign an effort to get tough against china this could very well be an outgrowth of that but also of concern is the idea of the marketplace for cyber security when there are estimates that i've seen that put this in a multibillion dollar business so it's in the interest of lot of these companies that provide cyber security services to inflate the fear that helps businesses that
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sell cyber security systems that sell systems that will allow us to protect against these alleged attacks it helps them make money so potential for this to have a blowback effect on the united states it will get american companies like cisco systems which is very invested in in in growing its business in china usually what happens when you have these kind of international controversies if the u.s. acts against a chinese company you could very well see the chinese government act against a u.s. company on its own turf. now humanitarian crisis is developing in libya as government forces continue to lay siege to the opposition stronghold bani walid all supply routes to the city have been cut off leaving residents without access to basic necessities and calling for international rescue country currently ruled by the national general council remains unstable since last year's uprising resulted in the ousting and death of moammar gadhafi geo political blogger patrick kennedy
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says libya is far from gaining any stability whatsoever. but as we know libya is anything but civilized and formed in a normal organic fashion as the ruling party that you have been in libya right now was a is amateur government it's an artificial. creation of the west in the photos to gadhafi regime change plan so this gives you an indication of how their governing in this country and certainly that there is no stability in libya compared to before the nato bombing and destruction of their country they've got serious problems in libya there's no legitimacy really with just posted off the government makes no market off its government look like a beacon of light in this shining city on the hill in comparison in syria it could be much worse because in syria we're looking at a protracted civil war now in the making or something even worse. now as it look at some other stories from around the world north korea says it has been listing
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missiles capable of hitting u.s. bases not only on the korean peninsula but also in japan and even on america's territory the statement was made by the country's the fans committee in response to the new deal struck between washington and so they agreement extends the range of south korea's ballistic missiles by more than twice the current limit making it able to strike the north a previous arms pact with washington barred the south from deploying long range rockets leaving many targets in the communist state out of reach. egyptian president morsi has granted pardons to all prisoners charged with supporting the revolution over a thousand people were arrested and put on trial at the beginning of last year is uprising which resulted in morsi taking up office the summer the decree is expected to cover all cases related to clashes with security forces during last year's violent protests however it's unclear how many people will benefit from it.
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turkish jets have struck suspected kurdish rebels into cross border raids in northern iraq the iraqi government responded by saying the airstrikes were a violation of the country's sovereignty kurdish rebels are fighting for autonomy in the south east of turkey and often use iraq as a springboard for attacks by baghdad recently warned turkey against further military operations on its territory. the european union has proved to be a real magnet for ukraine's migrant workers with one in ten ukrainians employed in the bloc countries but as some e.u. states are being ravaged by the plague of crisis many are wrapping up their foreign fortune quests looking for looking to find a lucrative lifeline back home investigates the reverse in the trance and snowier goes to villages with empty houses and few people on the street a common sight for western ukraine and it's not the result of any disaster. almost
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every family in the west of ukraine has a member working abroad ever since the collapse of the u.s.s.r. ukraine has been one of the main suppliers of cheap labor force into the european union as it stands over four million ukrainians are currently working in europe that's every tenth citizen of the country but this is changing yuri worked in spain for almost a decade before escaping the financial crisis and resettling back home at times he indulges in some gastronomical not stand here and make spanish style salami at home but yuri says there is no going back in europe. i made good use of the money i earned there i bought several stools and currently lease them i also bought a house twenty five kilometers from laval of if i stayed in spain i would have to work like a slave to earn something here i can enjoy life many of my friends who stayed in spain are now out of work and planning to come back to. and he's far from the only
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one the real estate market in western ukraine is seeing a boom in property sales all thanks to those running away from the collapsing euro zone and i think a lot of people they may have thought of buying houses in the e.u. but they're seeing how the crisis plagues those countries and are returning home of all real estate properties sold last year almost a quarter of the guys were returned migrants muesli by two to three room apartment with up to one thousand euros in the last two three months alone more than a thousand families booked flats here which makes around a hundred million euros worth of investment into property in just one of ukrainian regions the overall sum of european money ending up in ukrainian spoke its is even more astonishing last year ukraine was able to receive up to seven billion u.s. dollars from the ukrainian currently working abroad and that's coming from the
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country's worst affected by the financial crisis spain italy and portugal where many businesses have grown reliant on migrant ukrainian workers you might think their return home should benefit both sides but in reality economists believe this may spell trouble for ukraine amount of ram it answers we usually receive from them is going to go down from seven billion i would expect that this year should be on the level of five billion supply of labor coming from e.u. countries to ukraine is needed to be supported and it's additional pressure for the ukrainian biochip which is quite difficult to do when you have a limited amount of resources but yuri says even if the labor market goes into meltdown it would not be as bad as it could have been if you stayed in spain the money he brought back has made him completely self-sufficient and immune from being
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and wanted either at home or abroad. auntie reporting from ukraine. time now for a business of days with marina so good morning to you and what is happening in the world of business today good morning as always we know that asia is the no one trading right now but we won't for a change will start with b.p. the russian british venture which now has any twists apparently in this time it's the russian partners a are which are considering selling their half in the company either to a strategic investor or through an i.p.o. this would happen if b.p. sells its part to roles that something local shareholders are on happy about at the same time they are is not giving up earlier plans to enlarge a stake in seeing the bye bye in the shares from the british partners but b.p. says the company would continue the process of selling at stake regardless of the a r move earlier the british oil from initiated talks to sell its half of russia's third largest oil from due to a shareholder the speed. all right now let's take
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a look at international markets we saw with asia as i said only one trading right now it's a mixed picture the nikkei in japan it's the investors are returning from a long weekend holiday and we've seen that shares there are dropping in commodities are related firms are selling out when it comes to the hindsight that's adding over one percent and that's after the people's bank china decided to inject some stimulus some liquidity into the banking system but let's move on to the russian markets that's less than two hours ahead of the opening bell we've seen monday's session which was in the red tracking of losses overseas currencies now unless like it was happening with the euro dollar a ruble the euro is strengthened against the u.s. dollar and when the comes through the ruble it lost against the currency basket on monday now and all the news all is about the i.m.f. international monetary fund which says global economic recovery is weakening it downgraded its estimate for global growth in two thousand and thirteen to three point six from the previous three point one of the biggest downgrading of the u.k.
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call in the me which the i.m.f. expects to shrink by zero point four percent this year now the figures for russia didn't change a lot from their previous forecasts it now stands at three point seven percent for this year and three point eight percent for two thousand and thirteen the i've also said that the risk of further deterioration in the economic outlook was considerable and had increased. now is the time of the year again when the heating is. of course you have received two thirds of its natural gas supplies from russia just on monday a. second gas pipeline that this part of the noise from project and alexandre to me video of the head of gas export says that europe will need much more than that and russia is ready to help us take a lesson. if you're a. little bit in a position to do as much. as you asked and.
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that's all existing projects. including. famous. local production is going. to. be important. it's still not enough. place. and that's. all of the lessons of the recent wave of anger and the arab world following the release of an american film deemed insulting to the prophet muhammad.
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