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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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moscow cues a song called out of india injuring the lives of the safety of russian citizens were among the passengers of a syria bound plane intercepted by turkish fighter jets eyewitnesses say some on board were beaten and injured and injured. meanwhile u.s. special forces take up position near syria southern border with the pentagon touting the deployment to jordan as a safeguard against any violence spillover. sprains credit rating get slashed to near junk status over fears that its economy is true far gone for an effective recovery with warnings of further job crates to call. and israel's strategic
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alliance with the us hangs by a thread as the country's leaders continue to drive the already tense relationship to the brink of destruction. hello and welcome to our team with me. humiliation threats and beatings that's how some of those on board the syria bound plane described the welcome they received in turkey sixteen fighter jets were scrambled to ground the moscow damascus flight it was carrying over thirty passengers including small children more details now from artie's medina courtship of. russia's foreign ministry demanded x.-plane nations to why turkey failed to inform that there were russian citizens on board of this plane salman team passengers were reported to be russians overall there were thirty seven
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passengers or people on board this plane and among them were small children moreover the russian embassy sound implements and a dog treat to the airport however they were denied access without giving any explanations meanwhile turkey and now. it does hope that this incident will in not anyhow impact its relations with russia and this comes a while to use this piracy over the detention of its plane as well right now the plane is already out to damascus airport but before that we managed to directly speak to the people on board of this plane why while they were still the airports and they sounded very scared and frightened here are some of their comments on what they had to go through. the plane has been surrounded by people in the seas all the cargo in blue or from people who have been to crew and to passengers they try to
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force them to sign documents we don't know with these papers or they're scared for the truth of the captain has been taken away and threatened with arrest if he doesn't sign an emergency landing paper. i'm on board with three children we all hungry and we were driven onto the plane and people began to carry out of the plane turks open this book says to pictures of what's inside them we will always i'm sorry there was no weaponry a toy oh my god it was obvious even for my child they were full of some people work it is a matter of the wrap and. turkey said that the reason for such a move was the fact that the turkish intelligence believed there was about the plane was carrying some sort of a military cargo however later according to the reports. on the plane contained radio equipment which was not produced in russia and not weapons but the search lasted for about eight hours and. the cargo was the confiscated by
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security forces and the plane continued its route. all right from moscow artie's marina i think you will medina rather now the incident is a wake up call signaling that nato members are ready for open military confrontation at least that's the view of u.s. based anti-war activist don de bar. bunder international law this is an act of war and that turkey would be emboldened to commit this act makes me very nervous about what's going to happen going forward this is crazy i have no idea what the thinking is behind this other than to try to intimidate everyone involved on the other side of this nato would venture in syria that either back off or we're going to take it to the max i think that's the signal that washington is trying to send because turkey isn't doing this without an ok from washington and it's frightening that that's actually how aggressively they're playing at this point
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especially you know a couple weeks before an election usually they try to keep this stuff toned down before an election and stable for after the election so i hope something worse isn't coming after november sixth it's not the first time moscow has come under scrutiny for its connections with damascus eric draitser a geo political analyst for stop in perilous dot com thinks that this latest incident is now co-incidence. the demonization of russia with regard to the weapons sales is something that's been going on now for months will remember back to secretary of state clinton and her laughable accusations against the russian government that they were it's to getting a civil war by simply delivering what had already been contracted to the syrian government but as i mentioned already to demonize russia is to lend credence to the side that is in favor of intervention remember that the vetoes that russia and china put forward in the security council were not simply vetoes against what the
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united states wants it was an attempt to prevent war and there's no way to get around that unless you can drum up some kind of an international incident that would look like put an elaborate have egg on their face as all comes as turkey and syria teeter on the brink of war with the u.s. apparently fanning the flames of conflict and american special forces contingent has descended on jordan's border with syria for what the pentagon defines as a boost to the country's fighting capabilities in case violence spills over r.t. is going to can has more on the move and the intended message. according to defense secretary leon panetta they send the troops to syria jordan border in case violence escalates in syria and spills over the border leon panetta did not go into details as to how many troops and so on but another defense official speaking on condition of anonymity said the forces are made up of one hundred military personnel and other personnel who stayed on in jordan after attending an annual exercise in may and several dozen more have flown in since they're operating from a joint u.s.
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jordanian military center north of that americans have used for years of the news about u.s. military personnel so close to syria actual actual boots on the ground suggests an escalation in the u.s. military involvement in the conflict even as washington pushes back on any suggestion of a direct intervention in syria but jordan is not the only place where the u.s. has military presence if we look at syria and the u.s. military presence across the region we see that syria is pretty much surrounded militarily also tension is growing on the border between syria and turkey after several days of shelling this wednesday turkish military chief vouched to respond with more force that is the day after nato said it student ready to defend turkey important to note one of the reasons why the rebels refused to settle down for a negotiated solution through dialogue is that signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention everybody understands without a negotiated solution the bloodshed will continue so the signal that the rebels are
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getting including the news about u.s. troops standing by right across the border could be making it much harder to come to that negotiated solution and dependent journalist navai things border protection is just a pretext to press harder for a change of regime in syria. throughout the duration of the conflict in syria we've heard a lot of talk about the creation of humanitarian corridors or buffer zones along the turkish border and now we're hearing reports of the same being established on the jordanian border to believe that is what the american personnel in jordan are there to do what needs to acknowledge the fact that this is not the policy of the turkish government nor is it the policy of the jordanian government the u.s. think tank the brookings institute in march two thousand and twelve published a report assessing regime change options in syria but it specifically cited the creation of a buffer zone or a humanitarian corridor as
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a means to base certain rebel groups in the region to project force towards the syrian government in an attempt to topple it so that it appears to be what it's playing out at the moment meanwhile an increased american military presence doesn't seem to be helping the situation and post little now u.s. officers sound the alarm over the decaying security of the country as they admit the attack that killed the ambassador in benghazi was a premeditated act of terror that and more coming up for you. the spanish economy is now a wreck according to a credit rating agency standard and poor's as a rare rattle to markets once more by slashing madrid's debt score to near a child status the rating agency said that austerity joblessness and nationwide on rast have left the government's hands tied it added that hundreds ability to deal with the debt crisis and stop the ongoing recession was now severely limited spain
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recently announced a slew of new cuts and tax hikes which it hopes will reserve will curse its fortunes but margarette balder from crisis management firm a.c.m. partners doesn't hold out much hope. and stop me just reporting it or you know just resigned to. it austerity have huge in twelve months to try and both jumpstart the spanish economy and cut back on expenses so far as much as everybody is focusing on what the s. and p. and other rating agencies are saying i really think they're just reflecting but actual reality that the spanish economy is not going anywhere good i mean the spanish population has demonstrated that it is comfortable protesting and writing these measures i mean at this point i think without a significant change in public oh union which obviously you can't just litigator or legislate through you know throughout spain i think you will see more riots now i think you will see more civil unrest just as you're seeing in greece i mean and
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angola merkel visited greece this week and was met by protesters i think you will see very similar reactions across the spanish socio economic all of the groups. and there's more news from the financial world coming your way with marina. playing and. all about business coming up. in the legacy no one should be proud. of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation. black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the. pittsburgh an archipelago don't make a pretty picture the guiding principle here is the worst the better that can do
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nine hundred eighty bearings work was a burgeoning mining community. was determined to maintain at all costs to a degree located half way between north america and western europe bergen archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up bases here in the middle of the cold war it served as the use of western most outposts now it's one of the last preserved relics. picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades curious western tourists think it could be even more appealing for russian travellers the local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards. for it's not very popular with tourists. the place.
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should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean that's the part of the. tradition. the time to change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become a. when they tried to add more to the russian songs to die repertoire the audience called wanted to hear it was a song with familiar. thank
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you for joining our team with me. while president barack obama has signed an executive order to further tighten the financial screws on iran and implementing
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a new set of sanctions and though it's tough nuclear program that's claimed to be in the crosshairs jamaal all deep policy director for the national iranian american council thinks the real target is ordinary citizens. this administration has appeared to enact sanctions every three weeks you have new sanctions coming online you do have a small number of lawmakers a growing number of lawmakers and pundits on the outside who are starting to come clean and say actually this is great when we see that ordinary people are suffering in iran when we see the currency devaluation that's hurting the middle class and the reason they say this is great is because the same things are designed to address the nuclear issue essentially they're designed to topple the iranian government and they think that. toppling the iranian government starts with engineering suffering among the people and that somehow the u.s. is going to convince people to basically you know take up arms or rise up against the government because of these sanctions and iran's nuclear ambitions have become
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a point of contention between the u.s. and israel with washington trying to rein in the jewish state's military rhetoric are just false later found out how wide the division has become. over the years israeli leaders have been very careful in expressing a stance towards american politics until now with us elections less than a month away israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made no bones about who he favors and it is not barack obama that was basically. pushing obama in the united states around. pushing that not that forcing america to do anything that america doesn't want to do but forcing america to accept to shut up in the face of netanyahu is what netanyahu which obama obviously does not like and netanyahu has done that has melted do that because he knows that there is such that the republicans have told him netanyahu has had very public spats with the obama
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administration the most recent of which was sparked by his demand that the u.s. sit out a red lines for iran which if crossed would bring military action so far washington's refused prompting a tongue lashing from netanyahu. who. was. going the. wrong way is already working. at a recent united nations session netanyahu went further he produced the now famous bomb diagram while drawing a great line. american strength not apologies his outburst appears in an anti obama advertisement that will be broadcast on u.s. networks paid for by an organization called secure america now what it's come down to now in america is if american politician criticizes israel that translates into support for quote unquote terrorism traditionally israeli leaders have relied on
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broad bipartisan support in the united states but netanyahu has had a rocky relationship with obama from the start and is ready to take sides with the prime minister he is a republican and his board. and sol netanyahu also seems convinced republican contender mitt romney will take a harder line on iran but netanyahu is perceived strategy looks risky to israelis who fear they were alliance with the u.s. could be in trouble if the incumbent wins especially when it comes to recognizing a palestinian state i think it will come back through the u.n. if the vote on the recall commission and i think the room the american river will be there will not work against it as they worked last year. the result will be humiliating to a survey show that israelis are more worried about losing this strategic alliance with the united states then they are of war with iran however few observers believe
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there is a real threat of u.s. israeli relations becoming seriously damaged but it is highly likely that the abominate on yahoo relationship will become even more strained should both leaders be reelected. britain's prime minister david cameron has delivered closing remarks at the conservative party's annual conference in an effort to drum up support a made eroding public confidence the party is trailing behind the labor opposition in opinion polls as it takes fire for sweeping spending cuts david cameron has had to avoid even using the word all stony which helped popularize after power drill for laws leader of the u.k. independence party says that tory policies are not bringing any meaningful change to the country's economy. you know when david cameron talks about austerity what he fails to tell you is that we continue every year to run a massive budget deficit and by the end of his five years as prime minister the national debt in the u.k.
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will have increased by forty percent so i think we'll have an entirely false debate david cameron is calling the british public into thinking that he's actually really cutting back at the levels of debt in our country and it's not true i think that the david cameron and george osborne combination. put together a coalition telling us they were going to deal with debt in this country they have absolutely failed to do so they haven't dealt with the deficit they haven't got growth coming back into the british economy i don't think the thing is a dramatic failure unless things turn around that i think the conservative party is in for a really terrible result in twenty fifty that the next general election september's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya which killed the ambassador was an organized terror act not part of a mass protest that was the bottom line of wednesday's congress hearing on the incident officers responsible for the safety of u.s. ground in libya testified security had severely deplete since the ousting of
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moammar gadhafi retired cia officer ray mcgovern says the congressmen are trying to score points instead of getting through to the. well it was carnival this is represented trying to make political points now they're trying to get hillary clinton for a lack of understanding about security is needed that's not where they should try to cut. they should get hillary clinton because the words she and others did in libya the problem here is not getting to the bottom of the thing the bottom of the thing is the issue congressman ok they are the they forgot their constitutional duty in insisting that before we went to war in libya that there'd be a congressional vote they ducked and the result is that people like hillary clinton and others think they couldn't you know fix things boys and then bombers over a country. all right let's now have a look at some other international headlines masked gunmen have assassinated
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a yemeni worker at the u.s. embassy in the country's capital sanaa he was the head of the facility security attackers who were riding a motorcycle opened fire at. car while he was on his way to work now one has claimed responsibility for the attack though the operation allegedly as a mark of al qaida operation. the international monetary fund's chief christine legarde has called for greece to be given more time in order to meet stringent austerity deadlines it's thought that the i.m.f. has been prodding e.u. leaders to provide our friends with additional loans and write offs. it's currently awaiting the release of more bailout money from its creditors which it means to avoid bankruptcy. for financial matters now from our business desk when i take it away thank you very much more of course also follow in spain
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and greece and we've seen the european investors on no react in that badly i will get to that in a second first let's talk about russia and its capital as well because this is a major issue for the russian government and they're ready for the actions of forecasts for war. russia's economic leverage elaters are having a change of opinion their friends i should say russia has had zero on that inflows sense two thousand and eight and the losses have amounts it's almost three hundred sixty billion dollars now that's the number that was the g.d.p. of the united arab emirates now the finance ministry and the size of bank expect this year's outflow to be around sixty to sixty five billion dollars but the deputy minister of economic development believes it will be a last year's level of eighty four billion dollars. into the numbers suggest that flu is unfortunately continuing and accelerating this is due to a number of factors and ways related with favorable business climate because we are
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seeing an influx of foreign investment maybe it's not coming at the pace we would like but it is coming capital is leaving the country as everyone is consolidating revenues in the current environment and that should be joint think. this year the level of maybe just a little bit less. than that quick look at international markets as i mentioned european investors don't seem to be bothered by the spanish downgrade or the financial stability in spain or greece was that the. percentage of that's over a half a percent there were a negative territory earlier on in the session right now they're more focused on corporate earnings for later out this week moving on to the rushed. in markets a similar picture here is wall sawed off in the red and it's all back in positive territory although it's still quite close to the floor outlined by you will also have oil prices that are helping of their bounds five now gaining after falling
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down from a warm we call i and of course is something very important in the message here soon on currencies the euro is strengthen the against the u.s. dollar when it comes to their often currency it is makes this hour and that's how it all looks more analysis are to the call. for now by the city ok all right thank you marina up next our t. talks to john esposito former consultant to the u.s. state department discussing america's current foreign policy. download the official publication to cell phone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. now a t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch obscene any time it.
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will go to the. audience technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've gone to the future covered. while. kelly just offers an air show and an easy was a matter you. push the residents never profit from the performances you'll see of coming all sinners and there when you look up and there's one check in on you he's an alpha beta gamma he was always the final twin tree and he's letting a guy with out there know what's going on so they can pinpoint. the dirt right now . dug shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art. statistics and justice in making
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him from pretty. bombs and. on our team. by horse. by tractor. by car for the road ends. as a carpenter. as a still. setter. was a farmer. as an assistant. as a friend. as a relative. delivering post and delivering. i'm
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very pleased to introduce my guest today john. he's a professor of religion and international affairs and of islamic studies at georgetown university he has served as a consultant to the u.s. state department and other agencies doctors posit over a number of books on islam dr thank you very much for making yourself available glad to be here i was looking at poll numbers in different muslim countries and their opinion of the us now is either the same as under george w. bush or much worse as is the case in pakistan in egypt for example four years ago seventy five percent of egyptians had an unfavorable view of the u.s. now it's seventy nine percent in pakistan used to be around seventy percent now it's around ninety percent these figures have nothing to do with the infamous.


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