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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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both take a look at how the markets are reacting the u.s. is pretty positive about it although i must say the hype is kind of coming down with the dow jones and nasdaq now gaining just one three percent and that's also despite what's happening in europe where time of course has once again downgraded spain to with just a notch above junk status but so europe is pretty much also ignoring this news and let's take it what's happening in russia the closing picture shows the r.t.s. m i six also gaining moderately seems investors are really waiting for some kind of positive macroeconomic signal in order to continue buying russian stocks but when it comes to selling signals they're taken in the u.s. and they add on the currencies markets as paradox so as it may sound the euro is gaining massively against the dollar despite the bad news from spain any bad news coming from spain until it takes out as sovereign bailout is good for the near term . and that's all we have time for this hour after the break r.t.
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talks to a former u.s. state department consultant about america's current world views. i'm very pleased to introduce my guest today john it's positive oh he's a professor of religion and international affairs and islamic studies at georgetown university he has served as a consultant to the u.s. state department and other agencies dr sponsored over a number of books on islam dr thank you very much for making yourself available glad to be here i was looking at poll numbers in different muslim countries and their opinion of the us now is either the same as under george w. bush or much worse as is the case in pakistan in egypt for example four years ago seventy five percent of egyptians had an unfavorable view of the u.s. now it's seventy nine percent in pakistan used to be around seventy percent now it's around ninety percent these figures have nothing to do with the infamous anti
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islamic film where do they come from in your opinion well i think if you actually take a look at you know data from the muslim world i'm associated with the gallup organization and gallup did a world poll of and that included thirty five muslim countries from all over north africa to southeast asia and what we discovered was that majorities of muslims. while they admire. america's economic and technological development its freedoms the rule of law among other things resent with they see as an intrusive foreign policy as a foreign policy when it comes to the promotion of democracy and human rights based on double standards now what happened was that when president obama gave his speech in cairo then his numbers really spiked up in countries like egypt and others but what's happened throughout the obama administration is that right rising
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expectations those expectations not so in the numbers start really going down one of the risks that you have the year it seems to be president. anyone is that if you raise the bar you'll be judged by that and obama had the genius and insight to present a vision that was significantly different and claimed to be significantly different from that of george w. bush on a variety of issues whether it was palestine and israel whether it was the use of military force etc but the reality of it is that in many ways of a fair number of the obama policies arse are similar to the bush administration's i was listening to a conversation on fox lately and it was about whether the u.s. should stop meddling in the affairs of the region in the world was divorced from the region and the anchor at the question that he was that he was asking but what if we divorce what if russia and china come in and then it will end up in boldly ran so that that was like in
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a very conversational manner very short question and i thought that that phrase might have spelled out the complex that washington has when it comes to interventions after the vietnam war there was a sense that you could see it in our culture in our news everything was more local than global the americans were sick of war and didn't want to invest any more in terms of our our human beings the number of people were killed in terms and want to emphasize domestic you know economy and development well and that's why i mean one of the influences when george bush was elected he wasn't interested and made it clear he was going to be dealing internationally it was ok to deal domestically that's what the american people want with global terrorism if you're global terrorism you then develop a policy which is very complex it's not just going after global terrorism but a complex of really going into a very personal and intervention place and also you know occupation etc it's clear
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that the american people are sick of the carnage. in iraq and i've got to. i don't mean the american people i mean the conflicts in the heads of the policy may well the policy makers are concerned about being elected and reelected and they know that the american people many of them are say we don't want more intervention simply because we don't want to see more americans dying because we have a real economic problems at home so why are we going to be you know. spending so much on going to you know going to war but i want to i want to get get. if you could help me to the bottom of this complex is it that is it is it the sense that if if we don't intervene someone else you know we're going to lose influence someone else will it's almost like a new court cold war mentality i don't know potentially i don't i don't think so i think that there are people who exaggerate me for example desire to have more influence to forge better alliances which could be in benefit if you know
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they're in favor of the u.s. that's what i mean i think that you know the u.s. is path. it has to be to ford's better alliances with the peoples of the region it cannot simply be motivated by simply saying well there are alternative emerging powers here you know or reemerging powers depending on how you view things with regard to russia let's say as compared to china we can't we can't simply develop almost a new cold war mentality here and say well you know if we don't play it quite right they're ready to sweep in and take everything off i think that what you're going to have and what we have is a competition over spheres of influence ok we see that all that ill oh i think china certainly china's china is very present in many parts of the world from sudan as the world we're talking about from sudan to pakistan you know developing its
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foreign diplomacy and its fears of influence i think clearly feel for russia. there's a concern about you know it's fears of influence in the region and for the u.s. they will that's what will keep us in the region i mean i don't see how how we could ever talk about divorcing selves from the region if a no other reason given the push in u.s. policy you still have two primary drivers in terms of national interest and that is oil and israel. you know given given american politics you see it's not a matter of an intellectual thing american politicians the majority of american politicians we've seen this time and time again are absolutely convinced that these are two non-negotiable priorities not only as a matter of principle but as a matter of being reelected oil and israel meaning guess prices and a lobby. concern if you look at american politics the concern of most politicians
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in congress ok the concern is not only out of commitment to the state of israel but also in terms of you know the ability to be reelected and you also see it in our campaign now look at how and obama ok have been courting the jewish vote and concerned about it obama has to be concerned about losing what is a you know a long time tradition of american jews voting democratic obama. what happens with obama in the last two years the administration has backed away from it's putting pressure on the netanyahu government remember after the cairo speech obama went toe to toe head to head with netanyahu on the settlements wouldn't back off and went back and forth back and forth but then you know look at what happened the last time netanyahu was here he speaks before congress and congress gives him what was a twenty seven twenty nine standing ovations plus a lot of sitting ovations what's the message that the u.s.
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congress on a previous visit of netanyahu as that's a guy was coming in a confrontation situation with with the american president the u.s. congress the majority drafted. a letter to netanyahu expressing its support not only for the state of israel but for the netanyahu government so they know the politics when the convention came up the democratic convention what did they try to out all of a sudden the democrats were talking about movement of the embassy to jerusalem so they know that that is a reality and so all politic. regardless of parties have believed this for decades and will continue so for the foreseeable future that's not going to change much obama was the guy who gave the impression with his cairo speech and others that he was willing to begin to renegotiate america's policy. on israel and palestine but in fact when it came down to hard political realities has backed off here with the eventual was do you think there's
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a crack between the white house and tell me over iran or is it just like good cop bad cop i came at a game that they're playing i believe that obama has been working it very carefully because of elections ok but that obama has alternately tried to communicate yet we're going to be strong on iran and we will be even stronger and stronger if iran doesn't back away but but he's made very clear that he's not willing to talk about and put on the table significant threat of military intervention and that's what's bothering netanyahu thank you ok.
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a sacred place rising out of the waters of the lake the lawn ministry is home to one hundred fifty orthodox monks mostly younger than thirty five and they've come from many different places and backgrounds to live in isolation here spiritual life it takes up many hours on the road to becoming a monk requires both hard work and religious tele cation. salem's to become and herds cattle as part of this preparation. however these beasts get a musical accompaniment of what they can remember sound sequences you know from there into the sound signals the flutes the herders had in the old days they needed them it wasn't just a fun thing but these matters didn't come naturally requiring decades of composting to bring the soil up to farming standard this island is mostly rock. the soil here is very thin on the monks can't just get more of it because they're surrounded by the lake so they have to work very hard in order to provide whatever
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food they need. they grow their own crops found their own fish and repair their own churches. but the central purpose of the lawn has always been religious the main ministry surrounded by smaller primaries spread through the many archipelago the monks who know their existence is a little different from that of other ministries here we are out of the way and we do have. bill creams and song times tourists as well but only. tranquility use. the. combination of high religion and down to earth hard work that motivates these men.
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news an hour to the south turkey reaffirms the syrian plane intercepted on route from moscow it was carrying russian made the mission despite russian's denial of any involvement in flights alleged supply. they pointed their guns at the time cup those put the ground. those on board that plane tell us they were threatened and humiliated by turkey's authorities during the stop in ankara. and the yemeni security official working for u.s. embassies assassinated in the capital in the latest incident signaled his on the rise in the future i'll update you on the developing news story in fifteen minutes for the news returns in full with me kevin though in the sport now with kate.
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well welcome to the sport with paul big days of international football coming up here the headlines. dropped in the field the ego did the software man's russia captain is probably ok palace signed prepared to host in friday's well cup qualifier here in moscow. while serial cheat seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong is accused of using found drugs to fuel his victories in a damning report by the u.s. don't be agencies. three hundred weeks and counting well number one roger federer stays fresh from his last bring in shanghai to set a new milestone at the top of the record. first a football and with the next round of well cup qualifiers set to kick off on friday
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manager fabio capello has confirmed igor denise off will remain captain as russia host portugal for their third time at the luzhniki stadium there's a need to midfielder hasn't played for his club for almost two months after a dispute over pay with head coach leach honest plenty rich of on port reports. this is russia's hardest test so far it's caused by the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil to magically however preparations for the game portugal haven't been ideal for the goodness of serrano but you need to make your headlines the twenty eight year old has been training with his elite reserves for the last three weeks of refusing to play in a league match against previous severe tone due to him want to go higher salary however busy meet with the other says he is in excellent physical shape and would be ready to take on the portuguese. if it's for love and i would like to thank fabio capello for calling me up to the national tennis squad and i'll try to do everything to repay his faith in me in terms of his in needs i have read a lot of the president me and i think
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a lot of what they're seeing is incorrect my mind isn't helping russia at the moment and after these internationals i'll go back to st petersburg and sort everything out there capello confirm a decertify is a key player for the russian national team and will remain as captain and even despite his problems the midfielder will have his national team's head coach's full backing. i've been in contact with sen and luciano splatting about the situation with a good east or league i've known for a long time that i would call up to the south as he's a very important player for the russian national team my main thoughts are about doing the best for the team if i had any concerns about his fitness then i would have sent him home russia will not have four memories about their last meeting with portugal as they were humbled by seven goals to one almost eight years ago today the portuguese have an array of attacking options in particular christiane the rinaldo italian has been paying special attention to the team's tactics and he's positive his side will be well prepared for potential threat they will face. we'll
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have a team meeting later where we will discuss our tactics and how we will approach the game and everyone is aware of the potential threat that christiana ranallo poses of course will be trying to stop him with that but that. isn't always that easy when he picked up an injury in his last game against barcelona of course i was hoping it would be more serious because i would have made our task much easier if. capello is aware of who will stand against georgia he's a very slight injury concern tonight really chirac of alexander kids are calm and signa shoot each believing training individually so it's likely that the trio be fit to be a capello has enjoyed a dream start to head coach of the russian national team six point six goals scored and none conceded after two competitive games however tyrion will face a stiff this task yeah it has been a face the group favors portugal and it russia can get a win from there and game state bear intentions it's one call for automatically for the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil richard onboard fully dancey
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moscow. well meanwhile manchester united striker wayne rooney will wear the captain's armband for england for the first time competitively when the three lions host minnows sunday reno at wembley on friday roy hodgson's men are the overwhelming favorites against the team that has only one professional player in their ranks however the england manager will have to do without chelsea joe frank lampard and ryan virtual who respectively miss out through a knee injury and illness while steven gerrard is suspended and former skipper john terry retired from international football last month england are second in group h. behind wanting a go on goal difference. now into cycling in the reputation of seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong lies in turn says after the us on the diving agency has released a report detailing how the american took drugs on a wide scale to secure his victories and accuses him of being the ringleader in the most sophisticated doping conspiracy in sporting history the forty one year old is
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accused of using a cocktail of banned substances including the blood boosting e.p.o. as well as not transfusions the american is also said to have threatened fellow riders with the sack if they didn't follow a similar doping program for the eleven is this former teammates testifying against him is also alleged armstrong aided and abetted a wide scale cover up between one nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand and five when he won his seven tour titles and according to the u.s. anti-doping agency's chief executive the proof is conclusive and undeniable. just overwhelming evidence in the different categories of evidence whether it's eyewitness testimony whether it's firsthand direct admissions that lance armstrong said in the others on the conspiracy said the scientific documents that are there the financial records the e-mails it paints an undeniable well of unfortunately the deepest and the most sophisticated professionalised drug program that we've ever seen a team run well the agency has now sent its report to the sport's governing body
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the international cycling union and they have twenty one days to appeal or comply with the agency's decision to strip on the strength of his seven tour de france titles the scientist has always denied taking performance enhancing drugs but chose not to contest these latest allegations which his lawyers have dismissed. the process is completely rigged i don't care what travis tiger is you can choose only from usada approved arbitrator's number one so you know that you're going to get at least two against you and as i told judge barks at the time the christians dealing with the lions in rome had a better record than athletes when they arbitrate with usada. well known to tennis and world number one roger federer survived a scare to out last fellow swiss astonished last about brinker in shanghai and ensure he stays at the top of the rankings for a very poor three hundred twenty eight federer drops the opening secs only to gain
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the upper hand in a close second set on a time break to take the decided to love and next up to the seventeen time grand slam winner is krotz murray in chile but whatever the result of that match the thirty one year old scripts will remain top of the world rankings on monday while the u.s. open and libby champion andy murray had a much easier time of the scotsman not clash alexander gold with pollard who claimed six two six two in just under an hour. while second seed novak djokovic also agreed into the last eight years straight and open champion never faced a break going to see drop just two points on the zone first and smashed a dozen aces to cruise past brain's ability on a low birth six three six three in just over an hour the twenty five year old is searching for his maiden title in shanghai and his second straight crown after also prevailing in beijing last week. while joe will preach song though will go up
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against thomas burdick in a top ten clash the french went out last cypriot marcos baghdatis six two seven six while burdick endured seventeen aces in a hard fought win over some querrey of the usa six two six seven six four times scoring a spot. now there be an all english world goal finally in turkey after justin rose hold an eagle to tiger woods by a single shot and line of a showdown against lee westwood rose pulled off his best stroke of the day on the paul four fourteenth to finish with a two under par sixty nine and not that second round tiger woods by the standards of margins but next up for rosie is on fire westward of the world number four set a course record of eight ten on the par sixty one to beat south africa's charles i six shots. round including two eagles and bird is to make up for a double bogey on the fourth hole on the overall champion will take home a one point five million dollars check with the runner up picking up one million.
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and finally at going at moto g.p. champion casey stand as says he feels good and fresh as the australian returns for sunday's japanese call gray after breaking his ankle in august while start his fellow riders have been showing their artistic side by drawing my finger portraits of themselves in the taking but all the talk was about the holder twenty seven next week and hopes to finish his last season in style the injury he picked up in qualifying for the indianapolis great events the one the rider has missed the last three races and he's out of contention for the title but he's teammate dani pedrosa is thirty three points behind me to jorge lorenzo with four races to go. so it's actually really good to be back you know it's not the way i wanted to to finish my last season you know with with the injury and having the city at some races and then i have a shot of the championship so it was definitely you know pretty disappointing for it to get the result that we did but you know we're here to do the best job we can from now until the end of the season and you know i feel good and fresh and
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everything's good just have to see how we get on with the black tomorrow and you know having this much time off it'll be a little bit tricky for the first day and the whole sport bison. well for the. science technology innovation all the rest of melamine from around russia we've gone to the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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