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see refutes absolutely untrue claims that the intercepted damascus flight was used to carry a new nation with the departure airport also saying because there was legal. because it tends to assume the role of peacemaker in the region stunned and contrasts with reports that outcry is behind all the smuggling hard during the syrian war. also the sound its place nice american politics with vice presidential candidates facing off in a bitter spot towards ways to save in the absence. of
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the you know we're trying nobel committee prepares to announce the winner of the coveted peace prize we'll look at how much the award actually has to do with pizza . and welcome to all see twenty four hour news live from moscow volatile main story now damascus has lashed out at an car over allegations that this syrian passenger jet intercepted by turkey in mid-flight carried russian made munition see when our sources along with the moscow airport that displeasure the flight maintained there was no illegal congo on board but on this now from all he's moving the cultural he joins us live good morning that is so a lot of mixed messages and accusations that give us more details on. what the syrian calls are turkey should allegations that the syrian are plain was carrying out munition. and some other sort of military cargo as absolutely un troops
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stressing that the plane was not carrying anything illegal so far the tricky side hasn't provided any evidence proving this statement in response to see where garrioch uses a secret keys to turkey also piracy over the detention off its clean l.a. to on wednesday meanwhile a russian airport representatives from where the plane a initially departed to damascus was out that's of the customs and the security did not so find anything suspicious before the planes take off and now the documents coming from the airport have already been handed to officials for a further inspection meanwhile back in july this near moscow nouns that it had stopped old old military supplies that to syria again of this incident took place late on wednesday when having departed from one of the moscow airports syrian air passenger plane that was carrying thirty seven people on board was heading to
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damascus when as soon as it crossed the turkish border tricky style sixteen fighter jets forced the plane to elizondo and after the search that blasted for most of them the nine hours seven and later the people on board of this plane completely poor and at times to very aggressive to truth and treatment coming from the turkish security forces the plane's cargo was confiscated and only after that the plane could continue its route later syria cleaned about this tricky should be easy read yet again to proceed policy which is not aimed at keeping peace in the region. we in turkey only want peace and safety in this region that is our desire that we would never have an incentive to start a war the price of war is apparent in iraq and afghanistan and it is apparent in syria even within such as. as morning viewers.
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actions speak louder than words the proffer says if that is true then this statement from the turkish prime minister drowns in the evidence uncovered by a lebanese correspondent when she went to the border between turkey and syria and stumbled upon what seemed to be a weapons delivery spot yannick in the scene was surreal wire a dark plane filled with all of trees armed men and in flashing lights from trucks packed with weapons each syrian group takes its share in leaves i was asked not to film but the immensity of the scene moved the journalist in me. or was that was interrupted for days on end by turkish officers before being released to lebanon once she was released and her material returned to her she realized the pictures filmed on the turkish syrian border were erased while in the custody of turkish officials the free syrian army headquarters for months were located in southern
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turkey before they were moved back to syria in late september numerous reports far from the region pointed to turkey as the main gateway of military and financial support for the syrian rebels so when un karrar speaks of peace in the region few seem to believe its words they have proxies actually daring is number one how we have harbored in syria. is backing the rebels sending arms over it's played a very bad role in this whole complex along in this conflict with turkey show i guess you have the audacity to bring down a syrian civilian aircraft carrying her and. just stalling no very aggressive manner so they pocket absolutely appalling in the span of twenty four hours on kharaj ties to russia for supposedly delivering military equipment to the syrian government and struck a kurdish base in neighboring iraq again proving its talk of a common aber hood is just that nothing more than words by acting as a mean. between the rebel fighters and their supporters on the road does little in
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terms of putting an end to the bloodshed in syria it says it wants nothing but stability and calm in the region but its actions seem to only worsen the situation that's already highly explosive in tel aviv it in the gulf of skull r.t. and according to mark almond professor of international relations for turkey as bill cantlin of us to say the incident of this plane is part of ankara's proxy war games there sandra showing. a paraphrase called show me the contents of the cargo hold of any larger plane and i'll find something in it to cause a diplomatic incident and this is in a sense what the government. is very hostile to the government in syria it is supporting the rebels it's allowing as the b.b.c. showed earlier this week large quantities of ammunition and rockets and also. to enter syria from turkey and of course that's controversial into people so why is it right we are appearance a conduit to one side in
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a civil war when you know that it's just a war between democrats forces the dictator do you see the problem or some of these were already a formal way back into. tension is also in there over the israeli lebanon border has the law as it centered for that reached the three hundred kilometers into israel's tightly guarded airspace a message that experts say could signal its readiness for. a halt and hostile show from the two american vice presidential candidates as they faced each other for the first send only time but where obama and romney remained courteous and their debate here it was all about making a point accusing each other of lies disinformation and even ignorance they show that there's no love lost between republicans and democrats but california it's a professor paul sheldon food says veracity was obviously not a priority. after the first debate between obama and romney political cartoonists
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threw a picture of truth and don't kills fighting each other with their noses this is no different these band went out of their way to live throughout neither side would attack the other on things in which they were vulnerable and that's why you have to pick these tiny little issues are example biden was biden said correctly that. ryan had voted to of put iraq and afghanistan wars on the credit card helping to cause the deficit is actually right he was right about that he didn't bother to say the democrats will report right and of course he's one of the ones who says that the only way he says why total world domination by total military power. at the same time is claiming that he's a fiscal conservative and is going to save the country from budget deficits it's a total loss. and in a debate of our own crosstalk because a lot of his guests discuss just how different the candidates and their. agendas
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really are before shows coming your way later to say that he's a pretty. if romney wins if the republicans win the white house they will also probably keep the majority in the house and wins a majority in the senate and if the republicans control all the important political positions the white house the senate and see house then you will see a huge difference america has a huge dept more than sixteen billion dollars that is more than one hundred percent of g.d.p. and the next four years will be about who pays for that and i can tell you it will be a huge difference was obama controls the white house or mitt romney controlled or have been broke i think that misses the point he the fact is that you know you need the have any ideological debate to some degree during the campaign but when it comes to actually governing it's the same old story obama said lots of things during his campaign and any renounced virtually all of them when he became president and that's what you can expect with mitt romney romney's got five positions on every
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single issue that he's jumped forward in back. wealthy british style. markets why not canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. by horse. by tractor. by car for the road ends. as a carpenter. as a stove setter. as a farmer. as an assistant. as a friend. as a relative delivering post and delivering goods. sure is that so much i'm going to call him while i am severely ill republicans and democrats alike will be american people to bring up a stark choice before them in this election year this is really the case. little.
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this is all see welcome by the nato has a law has claimed responsibility for launching a college crowd into israel during the weekend and involve the sun and more according to the lebanese resistance kurd they are craft managed to reach sensitive locations including the dean more than nuclear facility and political analyst and i was in a says this means has the lies ready for war. the message to the israeli. prime minister not to now has been like putting
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a lot of pressure on the obama administration to draw a lot of red line today i think i was about la crosse one of those red line and then there were the israeli air a space for the first he didn't say for the first time he said not the first time and probably would not be the last time and the challenge of israeli security that israel actually violated lebanese airspace in the. five six years so i think hezbollah was able actually to make make the issue very challenging for the prime minister of israel actually wanted to send very strong message to the israeli that there are ready and gave them all and they have the means and the will to do what it takes if a war break out in the regional level the nobel prize season is in full swing and they had headline grabbing piece of what is yet to be given out on friday the prize
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it was conceived by alfred nobel to full staff or tentative it to a nation is an extra can report some recent winners have done more to fuel conflicts around the world than to combat. the decision on the nobel peace prize is often politically motivated for a simple reason it's mostly about war and peace and we know that it's those with power who can wage or stop wars but where there is politics there is room for argument here we have the nobel peace prize laureates from the last ten twelve years let's try and bring up some of those arguments kofi annan served as the u.n. secretary general from one thousand nine hundred seven to two thousand and six while in office is stood by the u.s. and supported the nato bombing of former yugoslavia essentially bypassing the u.n. security council the move set a precedent in the polls cold war war than in some sense paved the way for more unilateral interventions by the way as was the iraqi invasion so kofi annan received his prize in two thousand and one another you unofficial on the list
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mohamed el baradei who served as the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog for more than a decade until two thousand and nine he received the peace prize in two thousand and five years later mr el baradei announced that he regretted his silence over the u.s. invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at that time the un watchdog had no evidence of your iraq having weapons of mass destruction and maybe argued mr el baradei could have done more to stop the invasion on false grounds but he didn't back to our list several us politicians among the awarded including president jimmy carter . from nine hundred seventy seven to nine hundred eighty one his peace prize in two thousand and two shocked those who remembered how was it an inspiration helped indonesia slaughter tens of thousands of people in east timor then there was al gore a presidential nominee who received the prize in two thousand and seven for raising awareness on climate change there were some arguments about that win as well and in
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two thousand and nine the nobel peace prize went to president obama probably the most arguable choice of the price committee because at that time he was on. less than one year into his presidency he has just announced the surge in afghanistan yes he was pulling out if you rock good the deadline for withdrawal had already been set by the bush administration and it's worth noting that later the obama administration was working behind the scenes to persuade the iraqi government to ask for a certain number of american troops to stay on but the iraqis didn't go forward so there was only one known american head of state on the list king day jong awarded in the year two thousand the former president of south korea contributed to easing tensions with north korea and to the economic progress of his country whatever arguments for me have with regards to each of those laureates the nobel peace committee doesn't have to explain their toy such a process is known to be very secretive and they wouldn't even say who the other
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nominees were until fifty years after the prize was awarded in washington i'm going to. remember we've got plenty more lined up for you all to talk about here's a taste of all that for you right. you'll never want to look at your dr diamond ring the same way again astronomers have found a girl's new best friend a jump planet twice the size of a. class of thirty thousand dollar take it that's the fine for anyone hoping to make the fortune of reselling tickets for the sultry twenty four to win and that makes. it europe's financial superhero germany could be facing dark times itself now the country is saying times have slashed billions growth costs this comes as standard and poor's tore down spain's credit rating two notches stating its always drunk the
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country's unemployment is in a tree and its debt is twice as high as it was four years ago plunging spain to thirteen place in the global right. this investment advisor patrick young things european leaders just don't see the big picture. it's a terrible it's a damning indictment of everything that's wrong with the european union there's no leadership there's no organization and everybody is surviving on a wing of a prayer hoping that the tooth fairy or some other miraculous being is going to suddenly see of the euro currency the problem is that once the e.u. gets a dog well it tends to stick with that i mean somewhat like a dog with a stick really it put it into its might and chicks it all around the sides it won't let go of it unfortunately what we're not seeing is the problem is that the northern european politicians lead particularly by mrs merkel in germany have decided that they can't ultimately give too much more money because they're not allowed to politically because their voters are against it but at the same time
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effectively they're in a situation where they're going to demand that i completely floored the remedy is going to be used which is korea's austerity. the you has once again said said it is not ready to join the union a new report by the european commission demands belgrade to respect the territorial integrity of course once a province of the country which broke away unilaterally in two thousand and eight and what discuss they share with currently the president of the un general assembly and service former foreign minister so the full interview at around seven thirty g.m.t. this morning. when it comes to territorial integrity. as well. here in the you will we are worried about respecting server anything through to real and gritty of countries member states. one such member state constable's. i don't expect ever to work so my job is to worry
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about sovereignty and territorial integrity of your member states including serbia course was an internal fear. should be corroborative by disappeared council's parameters. the supreme council resolution four forty four. and some other stories making headlines around the world in cairo protesters how once again descended on top of square infuriated by that which who of mubarak loyalists a group of formosa shows has been charged with sending it mounted on demand to forcibly break up demonstrations last year president morsi has already removed the country's top prosecutor in reaction to public outrage activists have called for more protests on friday. around to during world war supposed to be a peaceful protest on the streets of tributes competent thousands of students run against the privatization of education riot police used tear gas and water cannon
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and clashes with protesters with the confrontation continuing well into the night the student movement evolve to keep up the pressure on the government despite the. time not for business updates marina is here and she is following the markets for us so has a day look at how low you level right now we can only speak about asia and there the sun summonses sort of a mix it was like a look at the numbers will see that the nikkei is falling but china isn't particularly well and banks are even better and also with all of the chinese sovereign wealth that it will buy for their shares in some of the lenders over the next year but one of them says ok oh it is flat so all in oh a mixed picture there. now let's move on and take a look at a company in asia the u.s. court of appeals has overturned now a sale was found on some songs galaxy nexus ruling comes as a blow to our pool of forests in the fierce battle between its giants earlier and u.s. courts awarded apple one the billion dollars on the grounds that its patents were
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infringed by samsung the korean electronics company challenge the word that and called for a retrial. at a city without a currencies when it comes to the year ever manes flying but now it is getting ever so slightly when it comes to the ruble this is from the previous session where the russian currency and good mix will have an updated updated figures for you in less than an hour from now when the russian markets will open now let's take a look what happened in the previous session what we saw and sentiment all across the board and this of course there are some markets as well the r.t.s. gained almost half a percent there let's move on to oil prices and they are makes right now we do know that there is concern over time in the middle east this supplies always a concern and also the u.s. jobless claims by the fed to drop to the lowest level in almost four years so this is what's helping them to gain the oil prices go higher now let's stay with oil and small store would like to call brawls enough likes that hawks russia's oil giants
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is now looking to help local african companies to buy gas pipeline from zimbabwe to mozambique the project is being reviewed by engineers and all the documents should be ready in time for the holidays the pipeline could be as long as seven hundred kilometers and costs around seven hundred million dollars also wants to build an oil storage terminal in zimbabwe and there you have it will see you next hour with hopefully more sentiment very now thank you very much so stay tuned for a special report. coming up next. the music secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the dog come.
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by horse. by tractor. by car where the road ends. as a carpenter. as a stove setter. as a farmer. as an assistant. as a friend. as a relative delivering post and delivering. wealthy british style aside it's best not on the title. of. markets why not.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from finest impressions. who threw stones on teen dot com.
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