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when i think back to the way in which the french and dutch referendums were greeted six years ago every single speaker with two exceptions and in the entire european parliament stood up to say how do we get around this problem you know why did they get it wrong how do we how do we really educate voters you know i was reminded of those that eerie poem by bertold brecht where he says wouldn't it therefore be easier to dissolve the people and elect another in that place you know that it didn't occur to anybody that the people have spoken and that therefore the politicians should listen talk to me about your assertion that it was brussels backed coups that toppled george papandreou in greece and silvio berlusconi in italy what proof do you have of that well in two countries a an elected prime minister was removed from office and replaced with a technocrat who had never stood for office in his life not just a technocrat pretty or country in greece it was the former head of the euro at the former vice president of european central bank in italy it was
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a former european commission mario monti who as well as appointing yourself this prime minister appoint himself finance minister giving a whole new meaning to the phrase the full monty and didn't have a single elected doesn't have a single elected politician in the italian government now both in the case of the property most administration in greece and the monti administration initially we were told that these were national governments that was the phrase used and yet the whole purpose of these governments was to push through a program that would be rejected by the nation in a general election so if you like the the the last shreds of pretense were said to the velvet glove was taken off of the iron fist underneath which i'm sure you then have what was always implicit but is now explicit which is apparatchiks in brussels ruling directly. through apparatchiks in rome and in athens with the people and their elected representatives cut out altogether i saw last week that mario monti said he might seek a second term to remove him seeking
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a first from your description it sounds terrifying easy for brussels to do that what steps see your across have to take these were civilian jumps is ok it is true that the letter of constitutional propriety was observed in the sense that parliament in both cases indorse the new government that's the case with every dictatorship starting from the podium they always manage to get the parliamentary vote in their favor the reality is that we're dealing with administrations that have been imposed on countries because keeping those countries in the your was thought to be more important than allowing them to vote for the policies they want we do appear to be drawing nearer to a referendum on whether the u.k. should stay in the european union what would it take do you think for the government to take that final step well politicians in my experience feel the heat before they see the light i don't think any political party likes referendums to be honest because politicians are instinctively mistrustful of a process whose outcome they can't control nonetheless they all see that there is
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big public demand people want to be consulted they feel that it's a huge issue in what country they want to belong to and that it's insulting and wrong not to allow people the referendum which all three parties were recently promising and all three have managed to crawl back home i'll go so far as to say that the party which gets there first will probably win the next election. the people who feel strongly about this may be a minority but they are not an insignificant minority and it's a vote determining issue for a chunk of the electorate. and so. it's almost i suppose like a kind of game theory like a prisoner's dilemma my the party desperately wants a referendum but neither can afford to let the other get there first what kind of referendum dean supporters simple in or out or a more complex construct i think ultimately there will have to be an in out referendum i think it's the only one that makes sense you can't offer people something that you haven't yet negotiated or something that isn't in your gift to deliver i mean if you had
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a referendum and said wouldn't it be great if we opted out of all the following areas but remained in the free market will you know idea whether the e.u. is going to give you that and so you that that's a meaningless question unless the renegotiation is already being completed by then and that's how i think it should happen let me be is generous as i can to the people want to stay in and it's fair about this is like and if the problem is timing and what is going to emerge from the eurozone crisis because that's what we're told no one now admits to being against a referendum in principle what they're all there now saying is now isn't the right time we've got to see what emerges fine if that's the case then pre-announce now and pre-legislative now for a referendum to take place in the say twenty sixteen ok that's plenty of time you've then got four years you supporters of membership to come back with a deal that you reckon you can sell to the british people. and the fact that you preannounced that referendum means that all of the other member states also understand that if you don't get the deal that you can sell to the country the
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alternative is that we leave and we negotiate something different from the outside i think if you did that then it is even possible that you could succeed in getting something along the lines of a swiss deal without calling it leaving i mean if it then becomes a presentational question whether you call it associate membership or whatever but what is absolutely certain is that if our own civil servants and if the other member states do not understand that is either a renegotiation or exit there will be no significant improvement in our terms of membership the result of a referendum is by no means a done deal is it was if people vote to remain in the e.u. or perhaps worse still if they don't face a tool as has happened in the past in european elections i have absolutely no idea how people would vote i mean having just been excoriated in the european union for its lack of democracy would then be rather hypocritical of me to say well i only want a referendum if i think i'm going to win it you know the point is almost everybody in public life approaches this question by guessing at the outcome and then trying
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to work back you know ok if you think people are going to vote to stay in and you want to stay in your forty's surely somebody should stand back and say is this right in principle on an issue of this magnitude isn't it just the right thing to do to let the country decide i mean if we if we pestered everybody with a vote on the precise method by which they return the members of parliament how can we now turn around and say that they're not allowed to vote on whether those members of parliament get to run the country what about was all three parties saying it and they which is you know we've got this crisis going on our main priority should be to reduce the deficit we don't have the time with inclination now to talk about having me referendum is wonderful isn't it we were told for twenty years that now was not the right time for a referendum because europe wasn't an issue and now we're told that it's a wrong time because europe is an issue you know the eurozone crisis and all this i mean it's the ultimate. yes minister argument you know a perfectly good idea in principle minnesota perhaps now is not the most propitious occasion if not now when you know the eurozone crisis has wrecked the premise on
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which we joined it's falsified our membership terms europe is collapsing as a share of our exports the rest of the world is increasing almost by the minute as a share of our trade. the reason that we went in in the first place in the early seventy's in the argument has been deployed for nearly forty years has now been made redundant by the collapse of the eurozone economy and the mulish insistence of the euro zone governments on accelerating all the policies that have created the crisis that now is the time for us to raise our eyes to more distant horizons and reimburse the wider world daniel had on thank you very much thank you. even in the autumn of the years. it's never too late to start over.
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in japan the average height for men is one hundred eighty two centimeters ten centimeters shorter because of that some employers refused to hire me one of them even told me directly that i was too short to deal with the clients computers already spent three months in this hospital and plans to stay for another four to add the coveted seven santa majors to his stature invented by the famed soviet orthopedic. in the nineteenth fifty's these frames were initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them up or therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was off was able to receive arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life be sent to the other patients. since their shattered lives. when professing designed his first brain. parts sixty years later his invention is increasingly being used to help people who are
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eager to fracture their legs to become a few centimeters taller than the ultimate goal is still the same six thing somebody is alive both literally and figuratively about a third of patients admitted to the center now days seeking series three focus medical reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novikov who operated on many of them says it usually comes down to a man's pride. the first patient to turn to us with a leg length in the request to meet his fifteen centimeters to still want to surgery because panos to than him we like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head maybe nothing wrong with them from an orthopedic point of view but there is something psychological that prevents them from living their lives fully being happy and we fix it like lengthening surgeries are banned in many countries and even the out they're pretty expensive in russia the entire course
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costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package in the united states. financial considerations were one of the reasons that brought this washington state native to western siberia yet his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in the auditors in america average height is one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so one eight centimeters would have brought me right to average users wanted to be average for women height isn't so important you know i think girl can be short and it's not a big deal i think a guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter a russian girl who found he's a regional hide quite in dealing yet he still want to have had the surgery adding seven more centimeters to the self-confidence she took told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or so they call you so what
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a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations.
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the top stories on all see syria refused says absolutely untrue turkish claims that the moscow damascus flight was used to carry out munition with the departure board also saying that congo was in the. fight night in american politics with vice presidential candidates facing off in a pothole wars a waste and seemingly at each other. and has been lost on the message the war ii zero by admitting it's penetrated hundreds of kilometers into a tightly guarded. on mon discount that. i'm not under his hand x. with all the latest news from the world of sport.
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i know that thanks for joining me and here's what's coming up over the next few minutes skip the study's drops and midfielder igor denice old remains rush recounted his fabio capello's side to side prepared to host polish school in friday's world cup qualifier in moscow. plus to be on the top side in the eastern conference lose five three to most of the yet so we would go and catch me if you can sebastian vettel sets the pace in practice ahead of this weekend's curried grand prix. the first russian football captain igor denise of manager fabio capello for showing faith in him that any midfielder has been called up to skipper his country in tonight's world cup qualifier against portugal even though he hasn't played for his club for almost
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a month over pay richard paul fleet has the story. this is russia's hardest test so far it's called by two thousand cup in brazil to massively however preparations for the game of portugal haven't been ideal for the goodness of serrano but he needs making all the headlines the twenty eight year old has been training with his elite reserves for the last three weeks of refusing to play in a league magic and screen disappeared of due to him want to go higher salary however busy with the other says he is in excellent physical shape and would be ready to take on the portuguese. if it all again i would like to thank fabio capello for calling me up to the national team squad and i'll try to do everything to repay his faith in me in terms of zinnias i have read a lot of the president me and i think a lot of what they're saying is incorrect my mind isn't helping russia at the moment and after these internationals i'll go back to st petersburg and sort
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everything out there capello confirmed the decertify is a key player for the russian national team and will remain as captain and even despite his problems the midfielder will have his national team's head coaches backing. i've been in contact with the nation and luciano's by letting about the situation with me go to lease or leave and i've known for a long time that i would call up to the south as he is a very important player for the russian national team and my main thoughts are about doing the best for the team if i had any concerns about his fitness then i would have sent him home russia will not have four memories about their last meeting with portugal as they were humbled by seven goals to one almost eight years ago today because she's have an already of attacking options in particular christiane the rinaldo italian has been paying special attention to the team's tank takes and he's positive his side will be well prepared good potential threat they will face. we'll have a team meeting later that's where we will discuss our tactics and how we will approach the game and everyone is aware of the potential threat that christiane
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a relative poses of course will be trying to stop him with the one. no way it's that easy when he picked up an injury in his last game against barcelona because i was hoping it would be more serious and it was i would have made our task much easier to. compose when i have to go stance control g.'s a very slight injury concern to hide robert schalk of alexander catcher call and signal shave each body been training individually to try to leave the trio easy feat for the apollo has enjoyed a dream start as the head coach of a russian national team six point six goals scored among conceded after two competitive games however tyrion will face a stiff this task yet has faced the group players portugal and russia can get a win from bank game state bear intentions they're trying qualify automatically for the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil richard on porfiry dancey moscow well christiane are now i did get a taste of the stadium during a short training session with his portugal team mate his left shoulder not
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appearing to hand by him too much after falling heavily on it last week star is also expected to be fit for a covering from a thigh problem elsewhere running world and european champions spain face better race. for a crucial crucial clash with france and tuesday that could go some way to deciding which team or be the eventual group winner spain carries the san diego boss kate insists his focus is on tonight's day as victory would say psycho level on points with france at the top of the table very little going to be just how the match will go with think about how it will turn out we find the solutions that we'd like to have what you can be sure of is that we're going to go against lyrics that are offensive and we're going to try to take the initiative of the game and we have to prepare against possible attacks from them and imagine imagine like that and therefore we'll have players who can score goals. there's been
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a major upset in ice hockey with metal yet stunning eastern conference they disobey a five three novice a b s m s a in the scoring early in the second peered through alexei yes him off and all those to be the same caliber of the school shortly afterwards it seemed to their opponents some with method gone to school for unanswered goals. see have to visit his again then alexander. at target twice and alexander misty and gave his team a five one advantage before the closing period to be a good fight back and school twice thanks to jonas and or for sheila but by three to measure that is how it finished the spies in the states to be a stay on top of the eastern conference although they are only two points ahead of pride you have three games in hand metal fish. and thursdays are they going to also grab the road when claiming
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a five four victory at dome vast thanks to team elaine's brice and slow of a net to make that an issue tacked after the sides had finished tied at forty four times. let's switch to basketball weightiest mosco have survived a scare to make a winning start to this year a leak the muscovites the finish line is out last season. rita seventy five points to seventy three seventy wings top school for the home side with fourteen points and his contribution was vital to small skyward down sixty seven seventy one but the former n.b.a. player scored five points in a row and gave his side the feels to ditch then added a couple of free price but it was still tight right until the death and the heat is even had the last possession and a chance to win the guy that mr three points out on the buzzer so a winning start prettiest in the russian capital. should be allowed to me is going to be the best when it we have the blue bird we
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could easily see since one of course is almost we have a heart and we have a good dog. the current tour de france champion bradley wiggins says he's shocked at the scale of evidence produced by the u.s. anti-doping agency against lance armstrong but believes cycling has now moved on from the dark days of doping usada produced a thousand page dossier detailing how armstrong took banned substances to few of his seven tour de france victories with eleven of his former teammates coming forward to testify against him we can says it's now his responsibility is the current course champion to defend the sport which he believes has things itself up . to has on me is the current winner of the tour de france and so i've got to the questions pick up the pieces expect to be the voice of everyone else beyond me. which i'm not happy about doing rude boy understand why or to do it my focus is always on trying to be better and compete next to you again. you know almost kind
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of showing from the rooftops well look why did you really hear about is the future of so i can this country and that is the future of our sport. that's where it moves forward really and obviously a lot of this stuff happened nearly fifteen years ago so it's the sport has changed considerably and we're a big part of changing that. now it's called a finals day the shanghai masters with five see joe will free to song the going out of the tournament after losing to foresee thomas burdick character tsonga dawson straight says they're six three seven six later on the world number one more to federer will take a chill each veteran guaranteed himself a record three hundredth week at the top of the rankings by getting this far novak djokovic andy murray will also be in that she is. a world golf final in turkey englishman lee westwood and just i'm rosa battling for the first prize of one and a half million dollars and it's westwood who has a one shot lead at the turn meanwhile because herman is in front at the frys dot com open in california strain equalled the course record on thursday with
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a nine under par sixty two quarterback that gives him a three shot lead over john and vegas and nicholas cole starts with a tied to second he has missed the cut five times in his last seven tallman but does seem to be finding form here. and in formula one red bull sebastian vettel has topped the time sheets in friday's practice for the korean grand prix he's won the last two races to go within four points of champing shipley the financial along the ferrari man was third fastest behind red boss mark webber meanwhile another formula one used test driving media has made her first public appearance since her life threatening crash she lost an eye wall test driving for the anglo russia team in england last july but the thirty two year old spaniard told a news conference in madrid she has now gained a new perspective on life even though she read further surgery in the future.
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time goes by and suddenly realised. what it is given. and then you realise this is something that really means that you then i realise i see now more than ever and you can only see one it would only see myself competing inside a car i didn't see what is really important to me right now she has been able to say well i'm her life. i'm to her so that is all the sport for moments we're back with more in the cup about. world. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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even in the autumn of the years. it's never too late to start over. again. try extreme paragliding. one a bar a lifting championship. or become a poem. old boy. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. by horse. by tractor.
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