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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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nobel award winning harmony years of violence over cuts unemployment and rising separatism but the e.u. wins the peace prize amid the worst crisis it's ever things. looking at live pictures now taking to darfur this time a gyptian star protesting over the acquittal of prominent mubarak loyalists and president morsi is failure stirring his first hundred days in power. and british marines are arrested over the murder of an afghan man in the latest alleged
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violation by nato troops during a military campaign in afghanistan. hello and welcome to our t.v. broadcasting to you live from moscow i'm karen tara while the nobel academy's decided that two thousand and twelve is best example of delivering peace and harmony is that you it's prize is a million euro money it can certainly do with right now but it will be a tough it will be tough to swallow for the hundreds of thousands of europeans who have been angrily and violently protesting for years against governments forcing harsh cuts and tougher living conditions on them equally surprised as artie's finance and economy pundit max kaiser. this is that rise of the machines this is a machine selection that chose a machine the e.u.
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is a tech knocker see governed by machines joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the e.u. and send it to brussels as set it to the banks hers and sent it to the world bank and the e.u. and the troika this is the rise of the machines this is the machine choice is as far as far as to call this is like giving the prize to frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past twelve months where they go from here or they're going to give it to next i mean they're going to give it to a genetically modified seed in india where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like monsanto give it to monsanto next year nobel committee i mean your track record for giving this prize to warmongers bank stars and corporate fascists is becoming quite impressive christine lagarde i'm sure she'll get the nobel prize next year for having caused another one hundred million people to go into poverty and another few you know one hundred people committing suicide the peace prize was conceived by alfred nobel to foster fraternity between
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nations but as you can reports some recent winners have done more to fuel conflicts around the world than to comment. this is an on the nobel peace prize is often politically motivated for a simple reason it's mostly about war and peace and we know that it's those with power who can wage or stop wars but where there is politics there is room for argument here we have the nobel peace prize laureates from the last ten twelve years let's try and bring up some of those arguments kofi annan served as the you want to secretary general from one thousand nine hundred seven to do thousand and six while in office is stood by the u.s. and supported the nato bombing of former yugoslavia essentially bypassing the u.n. security council the move set a precedent in the polls cold war war than in some sense paved the way for more unilateral interventions by the way as was the iraqi invasion so kofi annan received peace prize in two thousand and one another you unofficial on the list
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mohamed el baradei who had served as the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog for more than a decade until two thousand and nine he received the peace prize in two thousand and five years later mr el baradei announced that he regretted his silence over the u.s. invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at that time the u.n. watchdog had no evidence of your iraq having weapons of mass destruction and many argued mr el baradei could have done more to stop the invasion on false grounds but he didn't back to our list several us politicians among the awarded including president jimmy carter. from nine hundred seventy seven to nine hundred eighty one his peace prize in two thousand and two to those who remember that ministration helped indonesia slaughter tens of thousands of people in east timor then there was al gore a presidential nominee who received the prize in two thousand and seven for raising awareness on climate change there were some arguments about that win as well and in
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two thousand and nine the nobel peace prize went to president obama probably the most arguable choice of the prize committee because at that time he was on. less than one year into his presidency he has just announced the surge in afghanistan yes he was pulling out if iraq but the deadline for withdrawal had already been set by the bush administration and it's worth noting that later the obama administration was working behind the scene to persuade the iraqi government to ask for a certain number of american troops to stay on but the records didn't go forward so there was only one known american head of state on the list king day jong awarded in the year two thousand the former president of south korea contributed to easing tensions with north korea and to the economic progress of his country whatever arguments will may have with regards to each of those laureates the nobel peace committee doesn't have to explain their toy such a process is known to be very secretive and they wouldn't even say who the other nominees were until fifty years after the prize was awarded in washington i'm going
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to check out. alright let's now get the thoughts of international investor james rogers author of a gift to my children thank you so much for joining us now the e.u. is awarded for bringing together nations while some member states are seeing separatism calls from with then intensify how close is the economic crisis coming to breaking the e.u. apart. well the as we know it may well not survive because of because of the euro and the economic problems they're having it is start on the year record and washington did a very good job of going down how what a farce the nobel peace process but problem and this is almost embarrassing now james why is it do you think that the award has been given now when we have witnessed years of violent social unrest in so many countries. here i couldn't agree more and europe has been bombing libya and europe has been bombing syria
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europe isn't bombing afghanistan or iraq yugoslavia a few years ago i mean i kind of figure this out i guess is norway well first of all remember norway refuses to join the e.u. they voted it down twice i guess is because they're trying to say ok guys we're giving you a boost to hold you together but i say they seem to become gorani you know not always a very small country about five million people so this would be like if the the state of missouri which is a small american state got together and started giving a if it's legislators started giving a peace prize he wouldn't pay any attention to it i'm not sure why the peace prize has become so prestigious certainly not after what's been going on in the past few years now that's a small boost as you call it it's really that isn't it it would just be a small boost this prize money. very small boost but even the prestige the quote so-called prestige is not very much because i assure you next week or next month when people are out rising in the streets again in parts of europe they're not
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going to care about the peace prize nobody's going to remember except whoever gets the check but the checks going to be spent just like that now e.u. members got involved in interventions in really beyond with troops on the ground in iraq and afghanistan all while supporting serious armed opposition why isn't that taken into account in the peace process. that's what i just got to say i mean this is the same quote institution or nation or group of nations which has been going to war right left and center in the last few years if you going to do something like this why did they give it to the u.s.s.r. the u.s.s.r. was a group of nations suppose a group of nations that didn't go to war with anybody and maintain peace through kazakhstan uzbekistan and cetera and this is ludicrous now why give it to want to give it to germany that merge the east and west germany to maintain peace in germany james this is from so many a point to a crisis of democracy in the e.u. with painful measures being imposed on struggling citizens we're seeing that even
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today where does that fit into the nobel peace prize that those well known are those going to be a lot more pain in europe europe has been spending money they don't have that's going to have to stop and it's going to cause more riots in the streets more social unrest more governments failing and perhaps even countries failing and perhaps even people pulling out of the euro conceivably if you have a huge amounts of tension in europe and the euro breaking up that could create increased tension and not diminish tension and could lead to war again in europe. before especially a long way away but it could happen again if this causes if the present circumstances cause the year old to break up all right thoughts and analysis live from singapore james rogers international investor and author of a gift to my children book thank you for joining r.t. . mark closure. now egypt is bracing itself
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for what's promised to be the first truly million man march since the presidential election more than twenty political groups have called on their supporters to descend on tucker square for what they called accountability friday marking president morsy first one hundred days and office let's get more on this now by talking to kabul based journalist bell true bell so how big is the turnout i mean we have a lot of pictures coming through what exactly has brought these people out to protest. what we're seeing today is actually a double process quite conflicting ideas there's probably several thousand people in power now and we've actually seen scuffles in the last hour or so because of these confusing grievances that these two different protests. according to basically that the initial purchase was called two weeks ago by a coalition of liberal forces against the constitution and the constituent assembly and this carney draft in egypt. in which they believe to be to dominated by islamists and actually causing major issues like for example impacting women's
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rights and also criminalizing blasphemy these kinds of issues that was called two weeks ago the muslim brotherhood themselves called a separate protest over the recent acquittal of the defendants accused of basically managing organizing the battle of the camel which was one of the bloodiest battles we saw. in the eighteen day uprising last year when we got here is a mixture of islamist groups and liberal forces and got you seen scuffles between them as the islamist groups tore down signs saying the demanding a new constituent assembly saying it was to his mind and at the same time the liberal forces that he would protesting fighting back things are a little bit more peaceful now but they still quite high tensions that some human rights activists have expressed alarm at what they say is growing islamization that all of the country during the early stages of mohamed morsi is raul we've been. looking at live pictures coming out of karma right now are there many signs of that actually happening. i think there is obviously
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a growing political islam happening in this country as you can probably tell by the fact that there was a majority of parliament groups who have an islamist president on the ground we're also seeing that happening quite a bit for example recently there were two coptic children who were detained for several days because it was supposedly desecrated wrong to some kind of attacks on the christian groups and in addition as we know the fights over the constitution where the ultra conservative some of his groups want. to be based in sharia law women's rights movements to be staging massive demonstrations including second the presidential comments because he's six of the proposed constitution which is basically saying that women will become under the ruling all islamic law and basically have to reconcile with their contribution to the country with their gymnastic responsibilities which isn't an equivalent for men implying that women basically have to look after their home so yes we're seeing a lot of the sort of more conservative islamist ideals coming out both on
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a political level i'm going to grassroots level which is upsetting people all right live from colorado for our chief journalist tell truth thank you. russia wants turkey to come clean about its claims it's after a damascus bound plane was forced to stop a nakata over especially as it was carrying russian made arms for the syrian army the details are just ahead. well the e.u. one of millions of euros the nobel prize money still needs pre-natal trillion this is a lot more in the fights multi-use financial system one of the stories of your short break here and. talked in between the russian mainland japan and the saw coming island is the island of mine you don't. named after a french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin
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region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to visit to know this picture rest place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. to be has been exploring the deaths of the world seas for several decades but it's here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the eye on the ball. on tops my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the
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tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar and necessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . at a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination.
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hello welcome back to our team karen tara seven elite british soldiers have been arrested in the u.k. on suspicion of murder in afghanistan last year an afghan man was killed in the incident with royal marines who are being investigated over whether they breached the rules of combat r t sarah ferguson london reports on the secrecy surrounding the case. well there's very little in the way of details from the ministry of defense at the moment we know that seven marines have been arrested on suspicion of the murder of an afghan insurgent and this incident took place in helmand province in afghanistan last year now they're being questioned at the moment they haven't yet being charged to the suspicion of murder and it's sort of that investigation that was launched after the code of silence is very typical amongst a very infamous break and now that investigated and is going to be now carried out
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by the service justice and it's going to focus around the rules of engagement that treats operate under very very strict rules and if they get it wrong then they can be prosecuted now the ministry of defense been very clear that this is an insurgent but certainly as we said very disciplined in the way of detail a lot of questions that need to be answered at the moment of a very very serious allegations indeed but of course this you know this isn't an isolated incident at the end of last year we saw a british soldier a jail for eighteen months after he stabbed a ten year old afghan boy was he was drunk on vodka we've also seen the us to it sparked widespread protest of the burning we have the very shocking details of us keep your relating on the ball it bodies of taliban fighters of course it is just the it is that we know about at the moment that code of silence that is so common amongst the marines amongst the chiefs that are out there as they very rarely do these types of stories make it very this is just another one that actually has and
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that we're hearing about now. americans are being warned to accept bribes limiting cyber security or face an online pearl harbor that are to dot com right now how the u.s. defense secretary is trying to convince the senate to vote for internet policing which has been banned for army people's online liberty. and shot getting. just in case power rolls out its enormous navy and regular review amid the hot water around the islands just with china. russia is demanding information from turkey on its claims there were russian made
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munitions on board the syrian passenger plane that was forced to land. the turkish primary says the cargo was destined for the syrian armed forces but provided no details as to what exactly it contained or who was responsible for it archies medina question of us following the story. syria calls it turkey should allegations that the syrian no plane was carrying out munition and some other sort of military cargo was absolutely on true stressing that the plane was not carrying anything illegal so far the tricky side hasn't provided any of a dense proving this statement in response syracuse to turkey also piracy over the detention off its clean late on wednesday meanwhile a russian airport representatives from where the plane a initially departed to damascus has out of the customs and the security did not so find anything suspicious before the planes take off and now the documents coming
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from the airport have already been handed to officials for further inspection again of this incident took place at leeds on wednesday when having departed from one of the moscow airports syrian air passenger plane that was carrying thirty seven people on board was having to damascus when as soon as it crossed the turkish border turkey style sixteen fighter jets forced the plane to a land and off through the search that lasted for more will then the ninth hour worser and later the people onboard of this plane completely poor and at times to very aggressive to truth and treatment coming from the turkish security forces the planes cargo was confiscated in only after we found the plane could continue through to syria claims that this turkey should be heaver yet again proves its policy which is not aimed at keeping peace in the area turkey is reportedly something more fighter jets and tanks to its border with syria after parliament
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gave the green light to cross border military action until more of us can stone believes turkey is pursuing a wide agenda with its saber rattling. it's part of a larger campaign on the part of turkey recklessly to raise tensions in the middle east with the e.u. to preparing the ground for western military intervention in syria turkey here is acting as a cast for a nato turkey is trying to curry favor with those powers because it's looking for two things turkey is what it wants to get in desperately to the e.u. and turkey also wants to become the hub of a proposed new oil and gas pipeline running from the middle east into southern europe turkey has everything to gain by antagonizing syria a dangerous game and when you on leash the dogs of war you never know if those dogs are going to by the enemy or come back to bite you. to other international news now
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the japanese company which owns the fukushima nuclear power plant has admitted for the first time that the meltdown could have been a four that tepco said that the facility needed safety improvements long before last year's disaster which was triggered by a huge earthquake and tsunami it added that concerns of political economic and legal consequences were behind the inaction and also fear provoking strong anti-nuclear sentiment. for people saudis or for your own actuary more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change what they're saying you know what is this right guys are i don't know this is progress this is i know you're under a lot of duress to make up. but i think it will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other well if we don't show you all four minutes that american vice presidential candidates joe biden and paul ryan have traded tough words and their only head to head t.v. debate ahead of next month's election republican hopeful ryan attacked the
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democrats for the death of america's ambassador to libya citing security failures for his part biden accused his rival of double standards on tax and over attitudes to waging war. some fired up debate of our own in cross talk later this hour peter lavelle and his guests look at just how different the candidates and their agendas really are. if romney wins if the republicans win the white house they will also probably keep the majority in the howards wins a majority in the senate and if the republicans control all the important political positions the white house the senate and see how it's then you will see a huge difference america has a huge depth and the next four years will be about who pays for that and i can tell you it will be a huge difference was obama controls the white house or mitt romney control going to jump in but i think it misses the point he the fact is that you know you need the have any ideological debate to some degree during the campaign but when it
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comes to actually governing it's the same old story obama said lots of things during his campaign in any renounced virtually all of them when he became president and that's what you can expect with mitt romney romney's god five positions on every single issue he's jumped forward in back. lebanon's president has backed hezbollah is sending of a spy a drone over israel saying the group could help boost the country's security it had reached sensitive nuclear facilities during a rare breach of israeli air space before being shot down and has been as leaders rallying to send more regional analysts say it shows the groups ready for war. the message to the is really a message to prime minister netanyahu has been like putting a lot of pressure on the obama administration to draw a lot of the rug lie in today i think has about a law cross one of those red line and the end of the israeli air
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a space for the first he didn't say for the first time he said that it's not the first time and probably would not be the last time and the challenge israeli security after israel actually violated lebanese airspace in the. five six years so i think hezbollah. was able actually to make make the issue very challenging for the prime minister of israel and actually wanted to send very strong message to those israeli that there are ready and capable and they have the means and the well to do what it takes if a war break out in a regional level. is next with the business news said to me terry why did you think when you found out that you got the nobel peace prize well i think it made everyone giggle because it's just ridiculous the whole idea but you know my facebook and my twitter feed are just flooded with jokes about the issue so that
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just shows the attitude and unfortunately i for example cannot put this on my c.v. that i've won the nobel peace prize as well while some can some of our correspondents even on r.t. another popular one is that the e.u. is receiving one million euros in prize money and that will not be apparently enough to come out of the crisis the e.u. indeed needs free and a half trillion euros just to keep the banking system afloat and we caught up with paul boss of from bank on his thoughts. ultimately i think the eurozone will break i think will see a hardcore euro and then a sort of euro light as i would turn it the hard core euro be largely germany and so therefore will be a proxy to each one. it will be comparatively strong and then you have a satellite group of comparatively weak currencies. well let's take a look at the mark your reaction if there is one it's absolutely flat what we're seeing right now the picture in london the markets are down point one percent
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they're led by miners and the dax is up by just that much less focus now on greece every second young person in greece is failing to find a job as the jobless rate hits a record twenty five percent in july one point three million greeks were unemployed in july more than one thousand jobs have been hard every day over the post year tough austerity measures are likely to push the country into another year of recession and job or could rise even further. but when it comes to the euro again as i was saying yesterday as paradoxical as it may sound any anything which comes out of the euro zone until we see spain actually applying for a sovereign bailout is going to be good news for the euro so it's up fifty one points against the dollar while the russian ruble is continuing to strengthen is going to pretty good week for the russian ruble going into inch by strengthening
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against both currency. over on the russian market so you have to another day of the pressure with your tears in my six exactly point eight percent down and gas problem is probably the worst stock of the week it's down another one point two percent all together the drop for this week has been around six percent and that's all on worries that its dividends for next year will be lower. that's what i have for you this hour thank you to me. more insight on the way the u.s. presidential race peter lavelle's panel asks if any of the candidates will be able to make a difference at all. even
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in the autumn of the years. it's never too late to start over. try extreme pairing like. when a bar lifting championship. or become a part. of the old.


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