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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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nobel award winning harmony years of violence over cuts unemployment and rising separatism but the e.u. wins the peace prize amid the worst crisis it's ever faced. fresh peaceful anti-government protests in bahrain reportedly and in fierce clashes as police tear down the crowds another crackdown going on noticed among the world's media. meanwhile egyptians are back in top gear in protest at the acquittal of the mubarak loyalists and president morsi is failure is during his first hundred days in power
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but scuffles erupting on both sides. also british marines are arrested over the murder of an afghan man and the latest alleged violation by nato troops to emerge during the military campaign in afghanistan. hello and welcome to r t where we bring you the latest news from around the world i'm karen. well the nobel academy has decided that two thousand and twelve best example of delivering peace and harmony is you know it's prize is a million euros money it can certainly do with right now but it will be tough to swallow for the hundreds of thousands of europeans who have been angrily and violently protesting for years against governments forcing harsh cuts and tougher living conditions all of them equally surprised as artie's finance and economy pundit max caused. this is that rise of the machines this is
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a machine selection that chose a machine the e.u. is a tech knocker seeing governed by machines joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the e.u. and send it to brussels and senate to the banks hers and sent it to the world bank and the e.u. and the troika this is the rise of the machines this is a machine choice is as far as far as to call this is like giving the prize to frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past twelve months where they go from here or they're going to give it to next i mean they're going to give it to a genetically modified seed in india where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like monsanto give it to monsanto next year nobel committee i mean your track record for giving this prize to warmongers bank stars and corporate fascists is becoming quite impressive christine legarde i'm sure she'll get the nobel prize next year for having caused another one hundred million people to go into poverty and another few you know one hundred people committing
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suicide and in another sign of growing hardship within europe italian students and teachers have gathered for a nationwide protest they're outraged by cuts to education with the homeless by the government headed by prime minister mario monti and there are fears that more belt tightening just because thousands of people have marched in ninety cities across italy. international investor and author james rogers says the e.u. may have got the prize for bringing nations together but it could actually fall apart. i assure you next week or next month when people are out rioting in the streets again in parts of europe they're not going to care about the stope real peace prize nobody's going to remember it except whoever gets the check but the judge is going to be spent just like that but there's going to be a lot more pain in europe europe has been spending money they don't have that's going to have to stop it is going to call those who are riots in the streets more
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social. more governments failing and perhaps even countries that grabs you and people falling out of the euro conceivably if you have huge amounts of tension in europe and the euro breaking up that could create increased tension. and could lead to war given your. fish would be a long way away but it could happen if this causes if the present circumstances cause the euro to break up spain's catalonia is where calls to break away are among the loudest feelings running hollow among the people there fresh protests emerged in barcelona from those both supporting and opposing the regions and candidates separation squared up to police while trying to attack people taking part in a rival march attempting to seize the spanish flag they were carrying. a peace prize was conceived by alfred nobel's to foster a fraternity between nations but as you can reports some recent winners have done
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more to fuel conflicts around the world than to calm it. this isn't on the nobel peace prize is often politically motivated for a simple reason it's mostly about war and peace and we know that it's those with power who can wage or stop wars but where there is politics there is room for argument here we have the nobel peace prize laureates from the last twelve years let's bring up some of those arguments kofi annan served as the u.n. secretary general from one thousand nine hundred seven to do thousand and six while in office is stood by the u.s. and supported the nato bombing of former yugoslavia essentially bypassing the u.n. security council the move set a precedent in the poles cold war war that in some sense paved the way for more unilateral interventions by the way as was the iraqi invasion so kofi annan received peace prize in two thousand and one and now that you want official on the list mohamed el baradei who had served as the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog for. more than
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a decade until two thousand and nine he received the peace prize in two thousand and five years later mr el baradei announced that he regretted his silence over the u.s. invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at that time the un watchdog had no evidence of your iraq having weapons of mass destruction and maybe argued mr el baradei could have done more to stop the invasion on false grounds but he didn't back to our list several us politicians among the awarded including president jimmy carter . from nine hundred seventy seven to nine hundred eighty one his peace prize in two thousand and two to those who remember is that ministration helped indonesia slaughter tens of thousands of people in east timor then there was al gore a presidential nominee who received the prize in two thousand and seven for raising awareness on climate change there were some arguments about that win as well and in two thousand and nine the nobel peace prize went to president obama probably the
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most arguable choice of the prize committee because at that time he was on less than one year into his presidency he has just announced the surge in afghanistan yes he was pulling out if iraq could the deadline for withdrawal had already been set by the bush administration and it's worth noting that bleeder the obama administration was working behind the scene to persuade the iraqi government to ask for a certain number of american troops to stay on but the iraqis didn't go forward so there was only one known american head of state on the list king de jong awarded in the year two thousand the former president of south korea contributed to easing tensions with north korea and to the economic progress of this country whatever arguments will may have with regards to each of those laureates the nobel peace committee doesn't have to explain their choice of process is known to be very secretive and they wouldn't even say who the other nominees were until fifty years after the prize was awarded in washington i'm going to check them. there is more
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peace prize reaction later in r.t. business. while the e.u. has won a million euros a nobel prize money it still needs another three and a half trillion to stay afloat more on the face of the european financial system and other stories in around fifteen minutes. peaceful protests in bahrain have reportedly turned into vicious clashes to riot police use tear gas to disperse people in the capital it's not security forces attacked demonstrators after they crowded into a main street in their ongoing calls for greater freedoms for the shiite majority from the sunni rulers hundreds of police officers are said to have been deployed to minimize strengths months of demonstrations have seen heavy crackdowns geo political analyst patrick henning sense says that while rallies in syria and egypt draw much of the world's attention. thing into the background. there's been a kind of a mainstream media blackout in the west recording the situation in bahrain the
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reason washington has this policy with regards to bahrain is because bahrain is a key piece on the chess board obviously they're positioning themselves with the conflict with iran in two thousand and thirteen and the naval fifth fleet of the united states is stationed in bahrain obviously the amount of military assets that they've got in the country and they're relying on the bahraini royal family to support them in israel in the sort of isolation in. positioning to potentially track or at least minimize the influence of iran in the region. gunshots have reportedly been heard on egypt's tahrir square a scuffle zeroth during what's promised to be the first million man march since the presidential election what's been dubbed accountability friday is saying clashes between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and those backing a more liberal agenda carol based journalist bel true has more details. what we're seeing today is actually
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a double protest party quite conflicting ideas there's probably several thousand people on the night now basically that the national purpose was called two weeks ago by a coalition of liberal forces against the constitution and the constituent assembly and this carney drafting egypt's national charter at the moment which they believe to be two dominated by islamists i'm not sure causing major issues like for example impacting women's rights and also criminalizing blasphemy these kinds of issues the muslim brotherhood themselves called a separate protest over the recent acquittal of the defendants accused of basically managing and organizing the buckle of the camel which is one of the bloodiest battles we saw. in the eighteen day uprising last year when we got here is a mixture of islamist groups and liberal forces and she's seen scuffles between them as the islamist groups tore down the signs saying that demanding and you can see to essentially saying it was to his mind and at the same time the liberal forces that he would protesting fighting back i think there is obviously a growing
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a growing political islam happening in this country as you can probably tell by the fact that there was a majority in parliament. because you have an islamist president on the ground we're also seeing that happening quite a bit you know the fights over the constitution where the ultra conservative salafist groups want. to be based in sharia law women's rights movements have been staging massive demonstrations including second in the presidential palace against because the six of the proposed constitution which is basically saying that women will become on the ruling all islamic law in addition we had quite a controversial statement made by the supreme guide of the missing brotherhood which is of course is a misprint for the president hails from recently stating that in fact gyptian should. really war against jerusalem which they say is occupied by the jew so yes he was saying a lot of the sort of more conservative islamist ideals coming out both on a political level on a grass roots level which is up. people. let's discuss this protest in cairo with
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barak mikhail a senior researcher on the middle east and north africa at friday a european think tank he just recently has returned from egypt thank you so much for joining us now people are taking to talk were square for different reasons today let's start with those unhappy with the results of mohamed morsi first one hundred days in office what exactly has made them so disillusioned. well first of all thanks for having me. i think you are when it comes to the egyptian context and when you go to the country and you discuss with the people and the way things evolve throughout the last three months see i think there has been a growing frustration when it comes to evaluating the policies of the government and the actual president which means that i mean you just have to look at the different demands of the people that are in and that are on the square today to
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just understand that what they were expecting was much more respect for human rights much more accountability for the people that have been responsible for death when it comes when it came to the to their revolution as they call it in the beginning of two thousand and eleven they also asked for better prospects when it comes to economic perspectives when it comes to two to having a power of power of piracy and so on and this is why we can see that this is the first accountability that they're asking for and i would say that the most interesting thing is that both the part of the muslim brotherhood and other movements including the so-called progressive and liberal movements are all have all gathered though or have all agreed on going together on the square so they doesn't mean that doesn't mean that they agree on everything and we've seen that there have been some struggles or some some clashes between the ones and the others but that said i think that there is a growing frustration that has been growing in it when it comes to the average
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citizen and citizen you just mentioned the muslim brotherhood and their decision to join the protest it was organized by liberal forces do you think they were trying to hijack the anti morsi rally or do they also have something to complain about. no i would i wouldn't talk about the new hijacking of whatever stance or whatever but it's a leader i think that what we can see today and what you can see when you go to egypt is that there are regular demonstrations and regular of demands for better prospects once again in egypt and this is why i think that of course we can't exclude the fact that the liberals and the progressives are kind and side a muslim brotherhood or anti islamist oriented orientation and that's why they are trying to just show or prove that they could do better if they came to power but at the same time i think that none of the political leader is easy either is that mr a liberal or progressive or whatever really hold the direct or the short term
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solution for egypt's problems we shouldn't forget that there are a lot of problems that prevail in egypt that it is a country that holds more than eighty million people three million inhabitants now and this is why i think that the protests are much more a protest against what is going on since people don't really feel the difference between what the cure under former president was the word and what is going on no but at the same time hijacking would be an exaggerated by mr mcconnell and very briefly there the protest comes on the heels of egypt's new draft constitution which was released yesterday it has faced a lot of criticism for liking many of the reforms called for during the revolution what do you make of the document is there really a danger of egypt becoming an islamic country. no honestly i wouldn't talk about any danger when it comes through egypt global reorganization of social and political aspects so we haven't we haven't got the clear picture of both what could
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cure in the future but what we know you that the new way whenever the constitution will be definitely drafted it will also be submitted to a vote and this is why i think that there is no real threat on the future a fugitive when it comes to stating about it's going through an authoritarian regime or a dictatorship or whatever but at the same time i think that whatever results with the constitution we will still have a growing frustration among the egyptian population live on our t. bar mikhail senior researcher on middle eastern issues at the fried think tank live from madrid thank you. thank you. russia wants turkey to come clean about its claims its after a damascus bound plane was forced to stop in on car over suspicions it was carrying russian made arms to the syrian army. plus has been admits it sent the drone caught spying over israel's tightly controlled airspace experts say it signals a writing us for war details after
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a short break. it always amazes me the lengths that people go to for things that are pointless people camped out for a week waiting for a new i phone that will be archaic by next year when the next one comes out every black friday many thankfully not all americans celebrate this holiest of shopping days by waiting outside of a wal-mart in the early morning to fight over trendy plastic gifts for their children that they're too young to appreciate hey even i'm willing to sometimes wake up early in the morning to drive downtown and pay twenty five bucks for parking to watch a football game under cations but just imagine a world where we actually were willing to wake up early and stand a big crowd for something say more important than some stupid gizmo or the sake of
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our favorite sports team just imagine iraq and that world would be yeah maybe standing around some protester collecting signatures won't do anything we can't be naive enough to think that big corporations will bow to ten people with signs bought spending days worshiping at the altar of the i phone gods certainly won't improve your country but that's just my. sure is that so much of it which of course you want to hear republicans and democrats alike will be american people that they have a stark choice before them in this election year this is really the case. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build most sophisticated robots which doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach creation and why it should care about humans
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in the world this is why you should care only. welcome back you're watching r t with me. while russia is demanding information from turkey on its claims there are russian made munitions on board the syrian passenger plane that was forced to land and the turkish premier says the cargo was destined for the syrian armed forces but provided no details as to what exactly it contained or who was responsible for it are. following the story. syrian called the statement made by the turkish prime minister absolutely true again that turkish officials insist that the plane coming from moscow to syria was
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carrying russian made technological equipment and munitions the airport origin in moscow was absolutely adamant in saying that every cargo which leaves is being checked for security and they did not find anything illegal or questionable about this particular cargo for the plane of course the plane on route from damascus was or was essentially told to land in turkey in fact the pilots have described the entire experience as horrifying because they have seen turkish f. sixteen jet fighters are really close to the jet they said that this whole situation endangered the lives of the passengers now when the plane actually landed in turkey the people who were in board the plane say they were mistreated or rather treated rather brutally by the turkish officials by the turkish police on the ground the cargo was confiscated the plane then left for damascus where it is yet unclear what exactly was on board the plane and what was the origin all this cargo
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but a lot of analysts are saying that turkey while blaming russia in syria for contributing to the instability in the region itself isn't quite so innocent it is well it is a rather well fact that in for all we're turkey rather is the major smuggling or the arms for the syrian rebel fighters in fact it's one of the main sources where this free syrian army is getting its financial aid from course the free syrian army also a hot air base located in turkey gentle september off this year a lot of analysts are saying that that in fact points to the turkey as being the main destabilizer in the region. turkey is reportedly sending more finer jets and tanks to its border with syria after parliament gave the green light to call supporter military action anti-war activist ken stone believes turkey is pursuing a why did with saber rattling. it's part of a larger campaign on the part of turkey recklessly to raise tensions in the middle
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east with you to preparing the ground for a western military intervention in syria turkey here is acting as a carrot for nato turkey is trying to curry favor with those powers because it's looking for two things turkey is what it wants to get in desperately to the e.u. and turkey also wants to become the hub of a proposed new oil and gas pipeline running from the middle east into southern europe turkey has everything to gain by antagonizing syria a dangerous game and when you on leash the dogs of war you never know if those dogs are going to by the enemy or come back to bite you to other international news now the japanese company which owns the fukushima nuclear power plant has admitted for the first time that the meltdown could have been avoided tepco said that the
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facility needed safety improvements long before last year's to sasser which was triggered by a huge earthquake and tsunami it added that concerns of political economic and legal consequences were behind the inaction and also fear provoking strong anti-nuclear sentiment. for people saudis are for your own actuary want more people signed up for medicare advantage what they're saying you know what is this right i don't know this this right this is i know you're under a lot of duress to make up. but i think it will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other well if we don't tell you before minutes that american vice presidential candidates joe biden and paul ryan have traded tough words and that's only head to head t.v. debate ahead we next month's election republican hopeful ryan attacked the democrats for the death of america's ambassador to libya citing security failures for his part biden accused his rival double standards on tax and an overeager attitude to waging war in iraq. lebanon's president has backed hezbollah's sending
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of a spine drone over israel saying the group could help boost the country's security it had reached sensitive nuclear facilities during the rare breach of israeli air space before being shot down and has been as leaders valuing to send more regional analysts say it shows the group's ready for war. the message to the is really a message to the prime minister not to know who's been like but in a lot of pressure on the obama administration to draw a lot of road lie and today i think i was about la crosse one of those red line and then there were the israeli air space for the first he didn't say for the first time he said that it's not the first time and probably would not be the last time i mean challenge is the really security israel actually violated lebanese airspace in the. five six years so i think as well law i was able actually to
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make make the issue very challenging for the prime minister of israel actually wanted to send very strong message to the israeli that there are ready and capable and they have the means and the will to do what it takes if a war break out in the regional level. do stay with us demetrius back at the business in a couple of minutes. it sounds like a dragon crashing through the forest but it is in fact technology versus trees and would you believe it this machine can file and strip hundreds of them each day when building this facility we wanted to use advanced technology that would increase efficiency and allow us not to use manual labor also this provides for better quality goods as
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a result we were able to conquer western markets the demand for corrina birchwood is high since our production line is quite efficient where i will to work for higher wages to our employees the trunks end up here where they turned into planks which branch off for all manner of uses greenies would exploit and large but not all of it goes with gold. here in the museum island of traditional methods they used to build and maintain churches and dwellings dating back hundreds of years in this whole what careers use of what. is highest complexity these planks are about to become part of something which exemplifies the combination of tradition and technology. here at the valley on both viking boat makers what is fashioned into their souls new and old they range from small private boats to replicas used in the historical t.v. series hornblower. my books are all special they're like children to me
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we have to design and build them from scratch it's always sad when we have to part ways every time we sail away while we remain after dark and pavel gets much of his timber from karelia same customers pine for its high quality wood. which brings us to the first six million cubic meters of wood is cut down in careers forests every year it goes to make everything from. farmhouse is the final word and we could really use proximity to europe and the baltic it's big forests green big business. hello and welcome to the business updates on art see as we've been reporting earlier the e.u. has won the nobel peace prize now the reactions have been different in the financial world chris we first says however that the this reflects the fact that
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fears of a euro collapse are going away at least for the time. in the spring i think there was much more of a risk of the eurozone breaking up of greece leaving but i think you know through the summer politicians of how do you know more of a reality check can see to the consequences are very dangerous of breaking up the euro of greece and now since then you know the effort is all torture to focus all towards keeping the eurozone intact keeping greece within if we probably will see a bigger band-aid been put on the problem over the next couple of weeks or the next month or so but i still think that we're going to run into perhaps even a more severe phase of the eurozone crisis probably next spring. all right let's take a look at what's happening in the markets today first to the united states which kicked off not so long ago and we're seeing a mildly positive session now i j.p. morgan is gaining around half a percent after reporting surprising reports beating expectations that profit going
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up thirty four percent. over to europe has been quite boring and flat as you can see there with the footsie dragged down by mining stocks like cows like misson under for gas well frankfurt is pushing ahead just not sure driven by commerce bank which is up more than two percent. now in greece so every second young person. failing to find a job as the jobless rate has hit a record twenty five percent in july one point three million greeks are unemployed more than a one thousand jobs have been cut every day over the past year tough austerity measures are likely to push the country into another year of recession and jobless rate could rise even further. than our cyclical what's happening in the currencies markets where we're seeing the euro gaining slightly against the dollar this is a continuation of what you saw in the previous.


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