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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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nobel award winning harmony years of violence over cuts unemployment and rising separatism but the e.u. wins the peace prize amid the worst crisis it's ever faced. fresh anti-government protests in bahrain reportedly end in fierce clashes as police tear gas crowds and make arrests and another crackdown that's going on noticed in the world's media. meanwhile egyptians are back in top gear in protest that the acquittal of keen will barak loyalists and president morsi is failure stirring his first hundred days of power with scuffles erupting on both sides.
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thank you for joining our to you with me. first we have some breaking news r t russia's foreign minister says there was no illegal cargo on board the syrian passenger plane that was forced to land on al qaida two days ago earlier turkey claimed the jet i said that no illegal or excuse me if i did misunderstand that son so no illegal cargo on board now the jet which was carrying a russian made weapons for the syrian armed forces we have a live report with more details in just a few minutes. now on to other news the nobel academy's decided that the two thousand and twelve best example of delivering peace and harmony is the e.u. its prize is a million euros money can certainly do well with right now but it will certainly be
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tough to swallow for the hundreds of thousands of europeans who've been angrily and violently protesting for years against governments forcing harsh cuts and tougher living conditions on the equally surprised as artie's financing commie pundit max kaiser. this is that rise of the machines this is a machine selection that chose a machine the e.u. is a tech knocker see governed by machines joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the e.u. and send it to brussels and senate to the banks hers and sent it to the world bank and the e.u. and the troika this is the rise of the machines this is the machine choice is as far as far as to call this is like giving the prize to frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past twelve months where they go from here or they're going to give it to next i mean they're going to give it to a genetically modified seed in india where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like monsanto give it to months out till next year
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nobel committee i mean your track record for giving this prize to warmongers bank stars and corporate fascists is becoming quite impressive christine lagarde i'm sure she'll get the nobel prize next year for having caused another one hundred million people to go into poverty and another few you know one hundred people committing suicide. and another sign of growing hardship within europe talian students and teachers have gathered for a nationwide protest they're outraged by cuts to education spending which have already been imposed minister mario monti's elected government and there are fears that more belt tightening is to come thousands of people marched in ninety cities across italy. there are also fresh tensions in spain's kava long nowhere separatism callers are among the loudest and you protest emerged in barcelona from both supporting and opposing the regions and the pundit's. protesters squared up to
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police trying to attack people taking part in a rival march attempting to seize the spanish flag they were carrying for more on the troubles the e.u. is facing as a collects its nobel peace prize i'm joined from germany by peter a boeing or an independent blogger on the economy peter thank you for taking the time to join our team today now i want to talk to you about the leader of jose manuel barroso who has said it's justified recognition for a unique project which works for the benefit of its citizens is that i mean what do you think about that. you know my. well thank you for asking but. i just can't go along with the girls on this one and i'm pretty sure it's going to hear your. comments in the. hours that ninety five or ninety nine percent are all coming. back and it's just a joke you have to start with you was awarded the prize.
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and it would be awarded to five million europeans who are peaceful and happy for decades most of them make sense to some extent but. i want you to five hundred million people. since it's well going to give meaning to the e.u. which is really. so far away from. citizens so far away from everything from all those foundations on which the. economic community was founded the e.u. is only twenty years old don't forget about that so you cannot claim to have. thought about peace for sixty years this is nonsensical from the very beginning and the e.u. has abandoned anything which the european union stood for which was founded after the war. democracy they have abandoned everything they have ignored referendum
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european treaty constitutional treaty they have abandoned. the law actually. samples that they don't bring their own goals and so there are to some extent i must say don't warm. and. nobody ninety five percent of people are insulted by a decision like this one. peter i want to know how should people now since street i mean they have been saying protesters are nazi flags to meet german chancellor angela merkel what about the reaction there. it's not only afghans it's all over europe basically every nation every citizen has their own right. position. it's not just the protests. in greece. they are suffering for unfortunate decisions that were made especially the
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introduction of the euro currency which is the main reason why they are suffering these days because they couldn't currency for a hundred years of. misery whether they understand it or not i don't know but every nation has since because. you have completely forgotten the security and. peoples can tend to themselves as far as possible that's the premise the was initially found on at least the european community. and. is a man who is going to central a socialist. bureaucratic state and that's the main reason why people are actually angry. at the central planning economy which they're actually introducing because the euro currency is nothing else but a central currency this is the main reason for them and it's really a joke it's ludicrous and it's insulting our intellects. through the intellects.
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should have peace prize all right peter i do want to ask you what what do you make of the timing of the piece of war that's been given i we've seen many states that have been military and militarily involved in libya in afghanistan and iraq and elsewhere what why now. the timing i'm not so sure it's very hard to determine the timing of the timing was determined by a growing resistance i can see it every day whenever i can see it in colleagues i can see the mainstream media resistance is growing and centralists and. project called you. know what you can follow the euro currency is wreaking havoc in. economies all over europe and resistance is growing and they have. brussels they have beginning to recognize it or have seen it
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for years now actually it's really escalated now so they need something to basically. stop the resistance because and to keep it has the noble peace prize. obviously almost sacrosanct you can hardly criticize it any longer even though it's really a decision from now on it will be all right. in the history records in the history books and so sure there are others that we can all say we we and we will say we are no peace prize. award here they will say that and how can you criticize them if you will automatically. be called a warmonger you're something it's really. all right economy where peter bell ringer in germany thank you for your time. international investor and author james rogers says the e.u. may have got the prize for bringing nations together but it could actually fall apart i assure you next week or next month when people are out rioting in the
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streets again in parts of europe they're not going to care about the stoke up peace prize nobody's going to remember it except whoever gets the check it's a check it's going to be spent just like that but there's going to be a lot more pain in europe europe has been spending money they don't have that's going to have to stop and it's going to cause more riots in the streets more social unrest more governments failing and perhaps even countries failing and perhaps even people falling out of the euro conceivably if you have huge amounts of tension in europe and the euro breaking up that could increase tension that many change and and could lead to war again in europe five months before the fed should be a long way away but it could happen again if this causes if the present circumstances cause the euro to break up the peace prize was conceived by alfred nobel to foster fraternity between nations but as such a can report some recent winners have done more to fuel conflicts around the world
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than to comment. this is an on the nobel peace prize is often politically motivated for a simple reason it's mostly about war and peace and we know that it's those with power who can wage or stop wars but where there is politics there is room for argument here we have the nobel peace prize laureates from the last ten twelve years let's try and bring up some of those arguments kofi annan served as the u.i. secretary general from one thousand nine hundred seven to do thousand and six while in office is stood by the u.s. and supported the nato bombing of former yugoslavia essentially bypassing the un security council the move set a precedent in the poles cold war war that in some sense paved the way for more unilateral interventions by the way as was the iraqi invasion so kofi annan received his prize in two thousand and one another you want official on the list mohamed el baradei who served as head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog for more than
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a decade until two thousand and nine he received the peace prize in two thousand and five years later mr el baradei announced that he regretted his silence over the u.s. invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at that time the un watchdog had no evidence of your iraq having weapons of mass destruction and maybe argued mr el baradei could have done more to stop the invasion on false grounds but he didn't back to our list several us politicians among the awarded including president jimmy carter . from nine hundred seventy seven to nine hundred eighty one his peace prize in two thousand and two shocked those who remember is that ministration helped indonesia slaughter tens of thousands of people in east timor then there was al gore a presidential nominee who received the prize in two thousand and seven for raising awareness on climate change there were some arguments about that when as well and in two thousand and nine the nobel peace prize went to president obama probably the
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most arguable choice of the prize committee because at that time he was. less than one year into his presidency he has just announced the surge in afghanistan yes he was pulling out if iraq but the deadline for withdrawal had already been set by the bush administration and it's worth noting that later the obama administration was working behind the scene to persuade the iraqi government to ask for a certain number of american troops to stay on but the iraqis didn't go forward so there was only one known american head of state on the list king de jong awarded in the year two thousand the former president of south korea contributed to easing tensions with north korea and to the economic progress of his country whatever arguments one may have with regards to each of those laureates the nobel peace committee doesn't have to explain their choice of process is known to be very secretive and they wouldn't even say who the other nominees were until fifty years after the prize was awarded in washington i'm going to check that. there's more in
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peace prize reaction later an hour to business. while the e.u. has won a million euros of nobel prize money it still needs another four you know really to stay afloat more on the fate of the european financial system one of the stories around fifty. returning to our breaking news this hour russia's foreign minister says there was no illegal cargo on board the syrian passenger plane that was forced to land on al qaeda two days ago artie's dumbarton joins me now. please bring us up to date. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that the cargo taken off the syrian airliner on wednesday evening was completely legal but the equipment was dual use was not intended to be a crafty supply of the syrian government with weapons components but its documents
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were checked to be legal and that it broke no international laws we heard him speak a little earlier. and you could see what was it you can use as you know them saluting you were absolutely no weapons on syrians are no rules nor there could be any cargo that was dear he's perfectly legal stand by a russian company through legal eagles groups of the two your legal contributor to these scribbled which is some electrical equipment korea radar images that shows a dual purpose technology but not prohibited by. complying with all the requirements. for transportation this is a search for transportation it is no world nation it's common practice and is just the latest the latest turn in this very twisting argument that brood over this plane that was forced to land when it entered turkish airspace it follows
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a statement yesterday by turkish prime minister tayyip erdogan saying that an earlier russian claim that there was no military component of origin from russia on board but in fact there were components on board that were of russian military origin angry words exchanged between syria russia and turkey. russia saying that turkey's move sending fighter jets to escort the plane to the ground endangered passenger safety and witnesses on the plane saying that turkish forces boarded the plane handcuffed the crew and began their search using what some described as excessive force the plane was eventually allowed to continue its journey on after several hours of searches but this diplomatic route and its consequences for the increased tensions between syria and turkey after last week's artillery chain exchanges across the border means that the consequences of this
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latest chapter on not finished yet. and of course we'll be keeping you updated and we have more analysis coming in the few coming hours along with more stories from around the world that's all coming up after this short break. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the suckling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to visit is now the speech u.s. place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction.
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treaty has been exploring the deaths of the world sees for several decades but it's here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali but mine are on top of my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the islands nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost unnecessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit
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. and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe. question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. hello welcome back to our tea with me karen tara chain there's been a further violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in bahrain is capital this friday security forces attacked demonstrators who had crowded into
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a main street in their ongoing calls for greater freedoms from the shiite majority from the sunni rulers hundreds of police officers are said to have been deployed to monogamous streets let's now talk to side yusuf from the center for human rights in bahrain he joins us by phone saeed a what's going on at the city in the city at the moment. if there were had clips of the pope but there is no way of just peacefully protesting demanding to freedom and democracy and just because of a shape as they were they were at their activity by. the clothes and they are very old and it is just heart beating the protesters they were just it's really old big flag of behavior and i don't believe a picture of stubble to be did. we do it for you don't peaceful peaceful and. just attack people without the war big to just directed to the to the head should big deal. it's so good that we did you made twenty. good better put this to me just
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by the by this year we just did a short take two guys. called it directly to the head. like what they did today but over but thanks to the capital what but we did commit the behaviors that the volatile but many good to the kids because of now saeed i just want to reiterate because it wasn't very clear there are there are conflicting reports as to whether police attacked the peaceful protesters or if activists threw petrol bombs at the security forces can you tell us a little more about that. it was the order to do it but it was also a peaceful lot of all the people who were getting at the protest there with kelly behaved like through it all over the cook dinner and it was witnessed by but if you want to the killers issue and maybe a church or just two different. groups they just would know what the way the stoics but it does just go ahead and i just think if we want to free do what we want
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freedom should know what. all right that is a side used to from the center for human rights in bahrain by phone thank you saeed . to political analyst patrick henningsen says that while rallies in syria and egypt draw much of the world's attention is slipping into the background there's been a kind of a mainstream media blackout in the west regarding the situation in bahrain the reason washington has this policy with regards to bahrain is because bahrain is a key piece on the chess board obviously they're positioning themselves with the conflict with iran in two thousand and thirteen and the naval fifth fleet of the united states is stationed in bahrain obviously the amount of military assets that they've got in that country and they're relying on the bahraini royal family to support them in israel in the sort of isolation in. positioning to
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potentially track or at least minimize the influence of iran in the region gunshots have reportedly been horrid on egypt's tahrir square shuffles erupted between supporters of president morsi and those disillusioned with his role what's been dubbed accountability friday has become the most violent protest the country has seen since he came to power just over one hundred days ago cairo based journalist bel true has the details. what we seeing today is actually a double process of actually quite conflicting ideas there's probably several thousand people on the night now basically that the initial purchase was called two weeks ago by a coalition of liberal forces against the constitution and the constituent assembly and this carney drafting egypt's national charter at the moment which they believe to be too dominated by islamists i'm not she causing major issues like for example impacting women's rights and also criminalizing blasphemy these kinds of a she's the most brotherhood themselves called a separate protest over the recent acquittal of the defendants accused of basically
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managing and organizing the battle of the camel which is one of the bloodiest battles we saw in. the eighteen day uprising last year when we got here is a mixture of islamist groups and liberal forces and got she seemed scuffles between them as the islamist groups tore down the signs saying the demanding a new constituent assembly saying it was to his mind at the same time that the liberal forces that he would protesting fighting back i think there is obviously a growing political islam happening in this country as you can probably tell by the fact that there was a majority of parliament. because you have an islamist president on the ground we're also seeing that happening quite a bit you know it's a fight to the constitution where the ultra conservative salafist groups egyptian people claim to be based in sharia law women's rights movements have been staging massive demonstrations including circling the presidential palace because the six of the proposed constitution which is basically saying that women will become under
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the ruling all islamic law in addition we had quite a controversial statement made by the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood which is of course islam is the president hails from recently stating that in fact gyptian should. really war against jerusalem which they say is occupied by the jews so yes he was seeing a lot of the sort of more conservative islamist ideals coming out both on a political level i'm on a grass roots level which is upsetting people but only in north africa expert mikhail says people in egypt are driven to the streets by the fact that the new government brought the change they expected. there has been a growing frustration when it comes to evaluating the policies of the government and the actual president which means that i mean you just have to look at the different demands of the people that are into and that are on the square today to just understand that what they were expecting was much more respect for human
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rights much more accountability for the people that have been responsible for death when it comes when it came to the to the revolution they call it in the beginning of two thousand and eleven they also asked for better process prospects when it comes to economic perspectives when it comes to two to having a power of power of perseus and so on and this is why we can see that this is the first accountability that they're asking for since people don't really feel the difference between what the curate under former president hosni mubarak. meter is next with business news that's me trying now how your reaction now was earlier today how is the financial world taking that the e.u. won the nobel peace prize well there's been a mixed set of reactions really but there's one interesting one from chris we've achieved just burbank investment research he says that basically this indicates that fears of the euro collapse are going away at least for the time being. in the
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spring i think there was much more of a risk of the eurozone breaking up of greece leaving but i think you know through the summer politicians of how do you you know more of a reality check can see the consequences are very dangerous of breaking up the euro of greece and now since then you know the effort is all torture to focus all towards keeping the euro zone intact keeping greece within it we probably will see bigger band-aid being put on the problem over the next couple of weeks or the next month or so but i still think that we're going to run into perhaps even a more severe phase of the eurozone crisis probably next spring all right let's go quickly frew the market starting with the united states where it's all come down to square one dowagers nasdaq mixed and flat so you can see that j.p. morgan is gaining however on the back of its unexpected profit results for example the four percent let's move over to the you also pretty boring session coming down a third of a percent led by mining stocks and over in russia we're also seeing
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a negative end to this session with the my stocks on the r.t.s. down one point two percent no positive news coming over even the oil which is pretty high is not really providing much support and that's all they have time for this sell be back next hour all right thank you to me. now more insight on the way into the u.s. presidential race peril asks if any of the candidates will be able to make a difference at all. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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