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tonight's nobel award winning harmony one zero years of violence over cuts unemployment and rising separatism get the e.u. wins the peace prize amid the it's worst crisis that's ever faced. the protesters back in cairo's tahrir square over the acquittal of people barack loyalists and president morsi the lack of reforms scuffles leaving dozens injured from both sides we've got the latest for you this hour. the protests that go unnoticed in the world media and i witness describes fierce clashes after fresh anti-government demos police tear gas crowds and make arrests tonight. and moscow rebuffed turkey's
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claims that there were russian made weapons on board the syrian passenger jet diverted to ankara insisting the cargo on board was totally legal. if you just joined us my name is kevin though and this is our t. live from moscow just after nine pm here now and first the nobel academy's decided the twenty twelve's best example of delivering peace and harmony is the e.u. its price is a million euros money it can certainly do with right now but it will be tough to swallow of course for the hundreds of thousands of europeans who've been angrily in violently protesting for years against governments forcing a harsh cuts and tougher living conditions on the equally surprises artie's finance an economy pundit. this is the rise of the machines this is
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a machine selection that chose a machine the e.u. as a tech knocker see governed by machines joined with the banking establishment to suck wealth from all of the citizens of the e.u. and send it to brussels as sent it to the banks hers and sent it to the world bank and the e.u. and the troika this is the rise of the machines this is the machine choice is as far as far as to call this is like giving the prize to frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past twelve months where they go from here or they're going to give it to next i mean they're going to give it to a genetically modified seed in india where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like monsanto give it to monsanto next year nobel committee i mean your track record for giving this prize to warmongers bank stars and corporate fascist is becoming quite impressive christine legarde i'm sure she'll get the nobel prize next year for having caused another one hundred million
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people to go into poverty and another few you know one hundred people committing suicide. well and in another sign of growing hardship within europe italian students and teachers have gathered for nationwide protests there are cuts to education spending which have already been imposed by the government ahead of prime minister mario monti their fears to the more belt tightening is to come thousands of people of much to ninety cities across its elite. internationally verstraete author james rogers says the e.u. may have got the prize for bringing nations together but it could all actually fall apart. i assure you next week or next month when people are out rioting in the streets again in parts of europe they're not going to care about this stuff. nobody's going to remember it except whoever gets the check but the checks going to be spent just like that but there's going to be a lot more pain and you're europe has been spending money they don't have that's going to have to stop and it's going to cause more riots in the streets more social
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unrest more governments failing and perhaps even countries failing and perhaps even people pulling out of the euro conceivably if you have huge amounts of tension in europe and the euro breaking up that could increase tension not diminish tension and could lead to war again in europe. before said to be a long way away but it could happen again if this causes if the present circumstances cause the euro to break up. spades catalonia is where calls to break among the loudest in the cause with feelings running high there among people fresh protests emerged in barcelona from both supporting an opposing the region to the president's approach separation protest to square the police will try to attack people taking part in a rival march attempting to seize a spanish flag that they were carrying their lives pictures that. there's more e.u. peace prize reaction later to in our tease business bulletin coming out.
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of all the e.u. has won a million euros a nobel prize money it still needs another three and a half trillion to stay afloat more on the face of the european financial system and other stories around fifty. gunshots have reportedly been heard on egypt's tahrir square scuffles erupted between supporters of president morsi and those dissolution with his leadership what's been dubbed accountability friday's become the most violent protest the country seen since he came to power just over one hundred days ago carol based journalist bel true as the latest from central cairo. what happened was there were two protest organized today one by the liberal forces who are complaining against these last one hundred days this plan that he said they would be able to to achieve significant changes to key social issues and egypt also going to the constituent
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assembly we're currently drafting egypt's national talk to which is being dropped in quite an islamist way so we had the liberals who were here to protest against that to the same time the brotherhood came down there was organized protests in the brotherhood and the brotherhood said political party of the f.t.p. the freedom and justice party against the recent ruling acquitting twenty five people who were involved in reports of involved in the back of the camel one of the bloodiest battles of the eighteen days last year when we had really was liberals and islamists in particular prove brotherhood supporters meeting on top here which then erupted in clashes this afternoon because just continue in hama mood street which is where we've seen many crashes before an event by december and kind of top street and just behind me as you can see by the museum i personally witnessed a lot of rock throwing several very heavy head injuries to talk throwing we have heard gunshots there's been no police presence whatsoever even though in more sees a hundred day plan he did say that he would be up security in the country and reassure people that they wouldn't see scenes like this which is what we're
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witnessing right now there is obviously a growing political islam happening in this country what we saw recently was the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood of course the president the organization and president calles from he made quite a contentious statement recently calling for jihad or holy war on jerusalem to wrestle it away from the jewish population and give it back to the muslims this is a very contentious statement made morsi himself the president hasn't affirmed it or distance himself from the statement but of course the spot many feel is in addition which is one of the reasons why liberals came to the square today we're seeing a massive. of the constitution which is obviously key at the moment key articles in the constitution like article two an article thirty six relating to the egyptian. penal code and those who really can see women's rights are really seeing a lot of islam ization in that people are saying that the egyptian law should not just derive from from islamic sharia but actually follow islamic sharia is one of the ongoing battles within the constituent assembly so basically what we're seeing
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is in a grassroots level the national level the political level going to head the islam isolation of egypt. true or correspond on the scene they just let you know as well the latest figures we've got of the number of minutes ago forty one injured on tahrir square tonight i'll keep you posted of course throughout the night let's get some live comment now and speak to jerusalem post journalist now called hi there thanks for being with us tonight clashes today there between liberals and islam islam tahrir square i just read out the toll so far how much do these polaroids protests reflect wider egyptian society and its attitude towards the government and the president you think. i think these clashes are very reflective if we look back to the results of the egyptian presidential elections we can see that morsi made one fifty two percent of the vote but forty percent of egyptians voted for his rival should be and therefore i think it's clear that a large section of egyptian society is concerned about the direction in which the
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muslim brotherhood is seeking to take egypt and they are worried about how egypt the new egyptian government is making power play after power play exploiting populist sentiments in order to reshuffle the deck and to get people their ideology into power i think this is causing concern among those forty eight percent of egyptians who never voted for mohamed morsi and how much concern. to the news of the head of the governing muslim brotherhood this week called for a holy war to liberate jerusalem from israeli rule how did that go down if they do you think there's any real danger of age of actually breaking the peace accord has long had with israel. i don't think that there is an immediate term or near term danger of that happening simply because the economic price of such a move would be too much for the egyptian economy to bear. but i think if we look in the longer term future there is a risk of that happening with ken's ignore it it's not surprising that shaikh
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mohammed these from leader of the muslim brotherhood made that comment because this has been the official muslim brotherhood position since day one if we look at muslim brotherhood election rallies that were held before the president presidential elections we had speakers there saying we are all we must really just war against israel this is what the muslim brotherhood believes in so although it is very concerning it is actually not a surprise to anybody who would be following the muslim brotherhood rhetoric and. present more says want to save us focus on him for a minute he hasn't commented much on his former fellow brotherhood members i do expect him to react i think he'll continue to further distance himself from the organization now. no i don't think so i'm quite confident that he will not distance himself in fact that elections really that i just referred to in which the speaker there rally the people with the extremist fundamentalists cries he was at the elections rally and he was nodding in a group will do you gyptian president believes in these things as well he will not
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publicly state them because of the diplomatic and economic costs should make no mistake he agrees with these ideas. being seeing in. tahrir square tonight following the publication of egypt's controversial draft constitution which is big criticize doesn't it as ditching the achievements of the revolution and letting the country slide into an islamist state how do you interpret it this constitution. i think if we look at some of the draft laws that are now up for debate some of the more very concerning for anybody who would like to see job to remain a secular democratic state for example there was a draft clause that would make all of the foremost sunni islamic alerting the institution some sort of body that would be able to decide whether he was are compatible or incompatible with islamic law and these are the basic steps that one would take if one wishes to. use longest state i think so long as a majority of people who are setting up the new constitution are his limits they
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will naturally seek to create an islamic state and at this stage i don't see how that could be avoided we appreciate your time and your thoughts on the program flap in there live from tel aviv jerusalem. this is r.t. it's now almost exactly it is exactly twelve minutes past nine at night moscow time ahead the unrest rolls on elsewhere in the region too but in what's been labeled a forgotten revolution police. brutally dispersed more pro-democracy protests we've . got an eyewitness story coming up in just a moment. it always amazes me the lengths that people go to for things that are pointless people
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camped out for a week waiting for a new i phone that will be archaic by next year when the next one comes out every black friday many thankfully not all americans celebrate this holiest of shopping days by waiting outside of a wal-mart in the early morning to fight over trendy plastic gifts for their children that they're too young to appreciate hey even i'm willing to sometimes wake up early in the morning to drive downtown and pay twenty five bucks for parking to watch a football game under cations but just imagine a world where we actually were willing to wake up early and stand a big crowd for something say more important than some stupid gizmo or the sake of our favorite sports team just imagine iraq and that world would be yeah maybe standing around at some protester collecting signatures won't do anything we can't be naive enough to think that big corporations will bow to ten people with signs spending days worshiping at the altar of the i phone gods certainly won't improve your country but that's just my.
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he watching out international from moscow projected turkish claims that there was illegal russian made military hardware on board that syrian passenger plane that was forced landed ankara two days ago russia's foreign minister earlier insisted that the confiscated cargo didn't violate any international regulations it's got to speed and it has more this ongoing diplomatic standoff what exactly did russia have to say about. that. yes kevin russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that the contents of the plane which was removed which was found to be equipment was totally legal the documents were checked in moscow as the syrian plane departed found to be illegal but the equipment was jule purpose equipment it wasn't designed to be sneakily smuggled into the syrian government and that it broke it no international laws all of that coming in response to earlier criticism
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of russia's role in the incident let's just have a listen to what he said. and you can use it we certainly know on this and they simply could not have the aircraft was carrying a cargo that was being shipped from russian supplier to legitimate customer in a legitimate way it was a cargo of electrical supplies for radar stations this is jewel purpose equipment but it is not barred by any international convention which is the issue of the shipping documents comply with all relevant requirements and delivering sensitize of cargo by a commercial air carrier is a perfectly standard practice. all of this comes as the latest twist in of an angry diplomatic to and fro between syria turkey and russia earlier on turkish prime minister tayyip erdogan said that said that russia. the equipment taken off the plane had originated in russia and this came in
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response to that russia in its turn says that turkey's actions in sending up fighter jets to escort the plane down was excessive and put passengers at risk and passengers on the plane themselves said that turkish authorities acted with excessive force the plane has now gone on towards damascus so the specifics are finished but there are concerns that this could further inflame tensions between turkey and syria our correspondent tom barr thank you for that. there's been a further violent crackdown on pope pro-democracy protesters in bahrain this car but on this friday security forces attacked demonstrators who crowded into a main street there in their ongoing calls for greater freedom for the sheer majority from the sunni rulers now hundreds of police officers said to have been deployed to a number streets there are reports the demonstrators provoked the police that's been strongly refuted by an eyewitness though from bahrain center for human rights who spoke to us. had close of. this hour we're just peacefully protesting
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it three different democracy and such determination as they were they were attacked trivially by the clothes they are especially over there is just. the protester it was just it was it was the flag of. and only the picture of stop of. the treetops frito peaceful peaceful and the chance to attack you all without the war pigs you just directed to the to the head forward the way the story bullet goes just let it go for having a child before we were to do what we want freedom to forward. well with the dharmic of a care from bahrain's justice development movement thanks for being with us dominic in the many months of protests we witnesses thought dozens have died in the crowd. is that what message does it send the right when countries like the u.s. like the u.k. export all that regime but i think obviously it doesn't send
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a particularly fantastic message when you're sending weapons to a country to seize using weapons against its people on a daily basis to kill to injure to crush protests to crush essentially democracy it doesn't send out of course the best message but i think. the reason why the why the u.s. and other countries do that is because they want to keep bahrain as an ally seen as an ally of western countries and therefore they want to try and keep that relationship but what these governments don't realize or they perhaps a few have to realize is they have a huge amount of leverage they have a lot of ability to convince about rain or to pressure them into reforms internally i claim and that's why on the it's a good question i think perhaps they misunderstand the strength they have or perhaps you know that they're scared that their interests which are tied up in that region could be damaged if they you know if there were a democratic change but the reality is the people of bahrain according for democracy they're calling for change i don't have to be against the west interests
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actually i could be very much in the interests of the west and i know the rest of the world to have a democratic and stable country. when your thoughts by the father but i recently joined the un human rights council advisory committee calling eight confirmation maybe of global confidence in the kingdom but what you know why do you think it was able to join up when the same time repressing democracy campaigners at home well part of the reason why i was able to join that committee was because actually no one else was not elected and contested election there was no candidate against them and that's part of the reason but we know the reason why her name stood for that position was to be able to use this as a p.r. opportunity to show to the world and say all of the train has been accepted by the human rights council when in reality nothing of the sort is true back in may and in september but her name came up a huge crowd pressure and scrutiny of the human rights count. member state after member state criticized the train's recent human rights record so i think this
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attempt to get on that council was a way to deflect that they should have been allowed on and we're continuing to pressure to try and you know get the council to reconsider but the fact is it was an uncontested election tony thank you for being on the program dominic kavakeb from bahrain the justice and development movement appreciated this is r.t. international if you stay with us business coming up next. welcome to the business update on r.t. as we've been reporting the e.u. has been awarded the nobel peace prize though the reaction has been mixed to it but chris we thought from burbank investment research says basically this means that the fears of the euro zone crash are going away at least for the time being. in the spring i think there was much more of a risk of the eurozone breaking up of greece leaving but i think you know through the summer politicians of how do you more of a reality check can see that the consequences are very dangerous of breaking up the euro of greece and now since then you know the effort is all towards or the focus
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is all towards keeping the euro zone intact keeping greece within it we probably will see a bigger band-aid being put on the problem over the next couple of weeks or the next month or so but i still think that we're going to run into perhaps even a more severe phase of the eurozone crisis probably next spring. or i very quickly with a time level secular growth happening in the markets the dow jones and nasdaq are still showing a negative dynamic however j.p. morgan is up on better than expected results and in russia the session on friday was quite depressing overall in the week last two point two percent with gazprom being one of the worst blue chip stocks down four point two percent on different worries and that's all we have time for this i'll be back in around fifty five minutes stay with. me terry appreciated now the rate cutting rates of the central banks and getting easier cash or access to it indeed capital. here couple of minutes from now.
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culture is that so much i know which of course is right on it comes of unity republicans and democrats alike tell the american people that they have a stark choice before them in this election year is this really the case. by horse. by tractor. by car for the road ends. as a carpenter. as a stove set or. does a farmer. as an assistant. as a friend. as a relative delivering post delivering goods. wealthy
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you do. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm laurin lister here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for october eleventh two thousand and twelve the latest in the global rate cutting contest central banks of brazil and south korea cut rates china has been easing to offset tight liquidity conditions we'll talk to dr stephen leeb about the impact on commodity prices plus he'll weigh in on the big picture resource and energy issues you are not likely to hear about in the u.s. vice presidential debates tonight and christine lagarde head of the i.m.f. and waded into the eurozone bailout for a saying greece should be given an extra two years to meet its budget target. what's driving high level leaders elected or not to really make sure greece stays in the euro zone and continues to service the debt no matter the pain domestically
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will discuss and will we see criminal charges for actions surrounding j.p. morgan's multibillion dollar trading losses will deal book reports federal authorities are using taped phone calls to build criminal cases here is what jamie dimon said of the london whale trading losses yesterday. was day which we are sure will be with the course of the world. really it doesn't cost us to subsidize a bank of your size running enormous risks and realizing huge losses whenever you feel like it we may have a little disagreement but we have a dime in mash up in banter of some of his best moments from yesterday's press event let's get to today's capital account.
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tonight is the first and last vice presidential debate of the two thousand and twelve presidential elections in the u.s. and as pundits talk about what's at stake tonight and candidates tell the american people what they think is most important for the nation is their dirty little secret that no one really talks about because for as long as i can remember citizens have been told that wars in the middle east in the persian gulf in oil rich countries are for their security they were told that bailing out the biggest banks was really about protecting the real economy protecting main street from a financial fallout on wall street they've been told that the fed buying mortgage backed securities will help homeowners homeowners and the economy creating jobs and then spurring employment but is any of this true if wars were driven even in part by a need to secure a depleting resource oil why wouldn't the government be spending that money on alternative energy at home if bailouts were about stemming the economic crisis why not bail out the holders of fraudulent.


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