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the rule of law among other things resent what they see as an intrusive foreign policy as a foreign policy when it comes to the promotion of democracy and human rights based on double standards now what happened was that when president obama gave his speech in cairo then his numbers really spiked up countries like egypt and others but what's happened throughout the obama administration is that you had rising expectations those expectations not fulfilled and then the numbers start really going down one of the risks that you have when you are it seems to me a president or anyone is that if you raise the bar you'll be judged by that and obama had the genius and the insight to present a vision that was significantly different and claimed to be significantly different from that of george w. bush on a variety of issues whether it was palestine in israel whether it was the use of military force etc but the reality of it is that in many ways
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a fair number of the obama policies are so are similar to the bush administration's i was listening to a conversation on fox lately yeah and it was about whether the u.s. should stop meddling in the affairs of the region in the world was divorced from the region and the anchor at the question that he was that he was asking but what if we divorce what if russia and china come in and then it will end up in boldly ran so that there was like in a very conversational manner very short question and i thought that that phrase might have spelled out the complex that washington had when it comes to interventions after the vietnam war there was a sense that and you could see it in our culture in our news everything was more local than global that americans were sick of war and didn't want to invest any more in terms of our human beings that number of people were killed in terms of ever. domestic you know economy and development well and that's why i mean one of
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the influences when george bush was elected he wasn't interested and made it clear he was going to be dealing it initially it was ok to deal domestically that's what the american people want with global terrorism if you're a global terrorism you then develop a policy which is very complex it's not just going to have to global terrorism but a complex of really going into a dangerous and intervention place and also you know occupation etc it's clear that the american people are sick of the carnage. in iraq and afghanistan i don't mean the american people i mean the conflicts in the heads of the policy may well put the policy makers are concerned about being elected and reelected and they know that the american people many of them are saying we don't want more intervention simply because we don't want to see more americans dying because we have a real economic problems at home so why are we going to be you know. spending so much on going to you know going to war i want to get get. if you could help me to
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the bottom of this complex is it that is it is it the sense that if if we don't intervene someone else you know we're going to lose influence someone else was going to cold war mentality i don't know potentially i don't i don't think so i think that there are people who exaggerate me for example desire to have more influence to forge better alliances which could be in benefit if you know they're in favor of the u.s. that's what i mean i think that you know the u.s. is path. it has to be to ford's better alliances with the peoples of the region it cannot simply be motivated by simply saying well there are alternative emerging powers here you know or reemerging powers depending on how you view things with regard to russia let's say as compared to china we can't we can't
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simply develop almost a new cold war mentality here and say well you know if we don't play it quite right they're ready to sweep in and take everything off i think that what you're going to have and what we have is a competition over spheres of influence ok we see that already oh i think china certainly china's china is very present in many parts of the world from sudan as the world we're talking about from sudan to pakistan you know developing its foreign diplomacy and its fears of influence i think clearly feel for russia. there's a concern about you know it's fears of influence in the region and for the u.s. they will that's what will keep us in the region i mean i don't see how how we could ever talk about divorcing selves from the region if a no other reason given the push in u.s. policy you still have two primary drivers in terms of national interest and that is oil and israel. you know given given american politics you see it's not
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a matter of an intellectual thing american politicians the majority of american politicians we've seen this time and time again are absolutely convinced that these are to negotiate will priorities not only as a matter of principle but as a matter of being reelected oil and israel meaning guess prices and the law be. concerned if you look at american politics the concern of most politicians in congress ok the concern is not only out of a commitment to save israel but also in terms of you know the ability to be reelected and you also see it in our campaign now look at how me and obama ok have been courting the jewish vote and it concerned about it obama has to be concerned about losing what is a you know a long time tradition of american jews voting democratic obama what happens with obama in the last two years the administration has backed away
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from it's putting pressure on the netanyahu government remember after the cairo speech obama went toe to toe head to head with netanyahu on the settlements wouldn't back off and went back and forth back and forth but then you know look at what happened the last time netanyahu was here he speaks before congress and congress gives him what was a twenty seven twenty nine standing ovations plus a lot of sitting ovations what's the message there the u.s. congress on a previous visit of netanyahu as netanyahu was coming in a confrontational situation with with the american president the u.s. congress the majority drafted. a letter to netanyahu expressing its support not only for the state of israel but for the netanyahu government so they know the politics when the convention came up the democratic convention what did they tried out all of a sudden the democrats were talking about movement of the embassy to jerusalem so they know that that is a reality and so all politic. regardless of parties have believed this for decades
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and will continue so for the foreseeable future that's not going to change much obama was the guy who gave the impression with his cairo speech and others that he was willing to begin to renegotiate america's policy on. you know on israel and palestine but in fact when it came down to hard political realities has backed off do you think there's a crack between the white house and tell me over iran or is it just like good cop bad cop mad a game that they're playing out it is complicated i mean the same place i think that i think that. netanyahu who's. from my point of view netanyahu who's arrogance which he's always had. has been enhanced as enormously by the kinds of things we were just discussing his ability to take obama on. his duty to come to the united states regularly and. and how many situations would you have
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a foreign representative in effect coming in and saying i don't care what the president thinks i'm going to go to the congress and try to get what i want and now he is pushing the u.s. to war that's right and netanyahu that you had lecturing or this administration say the red lines are not drawn strongly enough when it comes to a military attack. what other leader could be dictating to the president united states who feel that he could do it. i believe that obama has been working it very carefully because of elections ok but that obama has older really tried to communicate yeah we're going to be strong on iran and we will be even stronger and stronger if iran doesn't. back away but but he's made very clear that he's not willing to talk about and put on the table significant threat of military intervention and that's what's bothering netanyahu netanyahu would like to be able
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to communicate to the world that. the israelis are ready which he has to attack and that it will be done with the full support of the united states and he's not getting that he'd like to believe we've had enough instances in the past where israel could go in and raid a country we have seen it from when it went into iraq when it went into lebanon etc and the u.s. would sit on its hands you know or into gaza and i think what he wants to do i want to do is create a context for that you know where you keep laying the groundwork you keep painting iran as this evil empire that you're going after and you keep putting pressure on the united states because what you're doing is saying we're going to have to do this because israel faces extinction and you're hoping therefore to put pressure from within the country from both the hard line christian zionist right from from apac the jewish lobby and also from from our congress but i think the ultimate the
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ultimate potential goal is that there is a danger that you may need rhetoric is not helping and i know do you really think that there is that a bigger threat to israel's existence coming from i think i think that israel is is exaggerating the imminence of that threat there's no doubt about it and there is that yeah i mean there is a point that can be made but then as you said this a long time long time ago when he makes these threats he also when he came to the u.n. had a private meeting at the u.n. that a number of us attended and it's not that i believe anything that he said but he did say something that was pretty logical at the time which was look if we engaged in any kind of nuclear attack we would be inviting the decimation of our country because they would be a counter attack and just the other day in the american press it wasn't that was saying it but somebody else that was sort of saying well if the iranians were to do this obviously iran would be the one that was really suffer so when. when netanyahu
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axis if it's israel that faces such a degree of a threat and extinction that it would justify a preemptive strike it's just hard to believe that he really thinks that the rains would risk that because they know what would be a lose situation suicidal that's right thank you ok. looking at some docs you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can wrong. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as
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a strength in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like a laska and so i felt at home the first sled dog was brought here from australia now must come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top. grazing who set the trail of place but a nun and for those who brought their idea to life. five years ago. bill to dog kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three
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hours training their full legged friends but smother purse cable also encourages her kids to become depth hands on the computer and internet the boys regularly updated their website and they're in touch with the busy mother twenty four seven on the phone itself but children are the most important thing my only interests not play any rule any more and regardless of whether parsky has huskies window race or not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the winning but actually just the taking part that counts. gold fever. times thousands into slaves. but also my brother
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involved in the mines and since i started working in the mine i stayed here. to multinationals. to the cash cow to be bilked dry if i think that in this country gold medal that she has an environmental cost which is an accepted local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups what price is colombia going to pay. the bill. the modest effect on r.t. . wealthy british style stock.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. are no holds barred the global financial headlines kaiser reports. for inaction living in africa. military intervention in mali to tighten extremists criticism of. the crisis. for more protests and a holy war against the u.s. while egypt one of washington's longtime allies in the region see signs of growing islam is a ship. to gas and stun grenades again directed by peaceful protesters and that makes. most international news. the family of working with the russian media in syria tells
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me she was kidnapped. between the government and the rebels. sports coming up with kate. hello welcome to the sports and here health headlines. cattle grid mark webber beats teammate sebastian vettel to pole position as the red bull sweeps the front row into the korean grown cre. wild title fight double defending champion andy murray beat roger federer in straight sets to set up a final against you know i just have it at the shanghai losses. and history makers russia portugal for the first time with a one zero victory in moscow to take the right lead in the world cup qualifying group. but first let's go straight to my just port where mark webber has picked for
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me the one champion sebastian vettel to pole position as the red bull team closed out the front row for sunday's crunch korean grand prix that will seem to have all but secure the top spot after dominating the session early on but what about enjoyed a flying finish to his run to edge out the german by seven hundred the second lewis hamilton was third fastest among the ones of ferrari will complete the second row on the grid the spaniard is top of the overall stand this but his lead has been trimmed to just four points by vettel who won the last two races weather is also in with an outside chance of making the australian is this sixty points behind vettel with five races to go. most qualified person since you have been very tart here very very happy to. get the job done today get the pole position and it was a reasonable lap where you did when it counted obviously so well that's what color form is all about and it's been
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a tricky last few wins for me but really happy to start on pole. while elsewhere moto g.p. leader jorge lorenzo has broken a lot records to secure pole for the japanese grand prix as the two man race for the title heats up yamaha. edged out his honda rival dani pedrosa with a blistering late lap at the mo take the track britain's cal crutchlow will stop and third spot won't hold a case he started it could only manage the second fastest time this trail and is third overall but a third world title is now out of his reach in his last season but could drive the trials he runs out by just thirty three points with one hundred up for grabs in the last four outings. moving on to tennis where andy murray has beaten world number one roger federer for the second straight time to line up a repeat of the u.s. open final in a title showdown against novak djokovic at the shanghai masters the two exchange breaks in the opening two games before we broke federer two more times to play i deserved six four six zero victory as even
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a rain delay to close the roof late in the second set didn't rob the u.s. open and then picked champion these moments in america also beat federer in my previous meeting in the final of the london games in august and the two time defending champion is now i have beaten in all of his twelve months of the three tournaments in shanghai. so standing in the way next the second seed novak djokovic the serbian outmuscled tamasha burdick of the czech republic six three six four to coast into his tenth final of the season it was also novak's toy leading sixty ninth victory of the year and the australian open champion who also triumphed in beijing last week is confident ahead of the final following his benefit. you know so far so good i haven't played many. long matches so i haven't dropped the said. in this tournament so far and
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that's something that obviously helps me physically before before it's more show. now moving on to football and russia's goal hero alexander golf has hailed his side's defensive qualities following their one zero win over portugal here in moscow on friday night it's the first time the russians have ever beaten the portuguese and the victory gives them the outright lead in the world cup qualifying group path because it all scored the decisive goal off just six minutes coolly firing on the king after being seen through by as the nice teammates well i'm sure i'll call that fabio capello has now won all three of his competitive games in charge and despite all three points clear at the top of their group well they say israel trying six million luxembourg in the other game but as richard corsi reports it was a memorable night that the stadium in. russia produced an excellent defense of performance to take control of group half of the time being anyway as baby portugal by goal so now. dominated possession but it didn't really manage to create too many
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chances and that was due to russia's back three really being marshalled while really denied the portuguese in the space of twenty three shots and really russia's defense deserve a lot of praise for things being managed where they come from under the portuguese certainly had a lot of possession but that is their style of play all their dominance with the ball they hardly managed to create any opportunities i think they had one chance right at the start of the game and that was it but then again we made it hard for them to create. russia were more than likely to try and that is you could say demand really gave the players a little support was really very very grateful to watch the russians even managed to create too many chances with cells and how much the session did not many opportunities really to attack the portuguese goal but the one opportunity they did have in the six minute was taken perfectly by alexander because a call of his own scored three goals in the free qualifier so far. i really relieved to have taken the chance it was presented to me but i don't think the
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portuguese had many opportunities themselves and a lot of possession and they were dangerous from so. but that's all they managed to create fun being honest what is part of the portuguese control of most of the game and brit dominated possession they did manage to create too many chances and apart from one incident in the first half we go out of favor it was a spectator for most of a game while the talk had been about christiane an hour ago but the real madrid midfielder really did struggle to get into games he's very well marshall by russia's back line and nani just said. which could create a new opportunity as much as i don't think we did well on this speech normally we don't use to play on this kind of basis but i think all the players did well. it was a good performance of. the game but. that's football when one chance there they score but we still have. we still believe one team have a chance to win a game that's what's important. now old is one of the best players in the world and
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it's always difficult to play against him but i don't think he was at his best today i think looking very good for fun you capello's side travel group after the free games average the grandstand much conceded the goal they were very very good defensively this evening and that really does bode well for russia going into the rest of this world cup qualifying campaign in their bid to reach the world cup finals in brazil in two thousand and fourteen or so and sickly. dancey moscow. now meanwhile in minsk basket on his petro netted a hat trick as world and european champions spain east to a four no when either bellerose to go joint top of group by. men after twelve minutes i. can't go soon netted his first to make it to know. the boss a forward then added to the two second half minutes to wrap up comprehensive the
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spell second victory from two. was. so the defending champions and now top of the group with france with both teams on six points and they will face each other in madrid on tuesday while in the other game a fearless june one one with georgia the main one italy remain unbeaten and top of off the best three one win in armenia although they were made to fight for the three points in your divan i'm great people had scored from the spot to levels with thirty on however in the second half italy found another gear and grab the victory . that aussie. has vowed though. in the other games in group b. both gary a stay second after drawing one one with denmark out of the czech republic and did that for much gold racked with a three one win over malta with path to check the saving a last minute penalty. while a much fancied young belgian team claimed
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a space victory in belgrade and that this is one three know against serbia who enjoyed their first home defeat in a decade aston villa's kristen opened ten minutes before the interval second top spot from vertebrae mr kevin the bruno car the chelsea and a last minute effort from evidence had been made i asked sealed the comfortable when. i'm not when it's belgium top of group a on goal difference croatia also have seven points after winning two one in macedonia garris bio sport and late race for wales who came back to stun scotland two one. however well run as the netherlands went on group d. on goal difference following a three no defeat about dora maybe our second also with a perfect record off to beating turkey in istanbul while hungary also once in estonia. crucially to germany kept their one hundred percent record and start a thrashing out in six one in dublin while sweden survived
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a scared to come back and beat the faroe islands two one and kazakstan austria both secured. points with this fool paul group usually doesn't even stay top of the wayne rooney side track part time assignment and five minute when played on against ukraine finished goalless. run further afield captain level messi scored twice as argentina beat your guy three will in their south american world cup qualifier all goals came in the second half the boss man went back to his first in sixty six minutes so here i go out to benefit time just a few minutes later before messing swiftly blasted home a no free kick to complete the right argentina now atop the qualification group a power high stage colombia ecuador and uruguay make up the top four positions which will qualify automatically for rio twenty fourteen. and that's all sports news bison.
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