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in the hands of why technocratic experts who wouldn't have to worry about public opinion would be able to take the tough decisions and of course you know there is no such person as the wise disinterested expert they all have their prejudices they all have their assumptions and freed from the constraints of public opinion they were able to get on with creating an almost autocratic system which has stayed in large measure in place to this day which is why you know when people vote against it that is seen as the beginning of the argument rather than as as it would be in a proper democracy the end of the argument you've recently released a book under the title a dim marriage which is about the relationship between the e.u. and the u.k. why did you decide to clear the subtitle is britain and europe is not a is not a marriage. piece although well it's an interesting one i read the review of a work by a marriage guidance counsellor i didn't read the book but the review said something fascinating. it said that a relationship can take a lot of arguing that raul's are not
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a bad thing because if you are arguing with your husband or wife it suggests that you care enough about his or her view that you want to change it it's when the rowels give way to contempt when the stormy sessions fall silent and give way to scorn the relationship is over and i think something similar has happened even in the time that i've been an m.e.p. when i was first elected constituents would write to me very angrily and say outrageous that the budget is on approved outrages that all the money is being spent on these agricultural and foreign aid boondoggles outrages that the system is so undemocratic and now. what you get much more often is a kind of you know what you expect the whole system is rushing and that's when you realize that the marriage is over and i think it's just a question of time and how we how we negotiate the most amicable divorce we have even gone as far as to cool the relationship between you're a craps and ordinary those is abusive yes in the sense that the ordinary voter if you like the voter i mean will not go in the order of the voter is seen as an
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inconvenience is seen as a problem you know when i think back to the way in which the french and dutch referendums were greeted six years ago. every single speaker with two exceptions in the entire european parliament stood up to say how do we get around this problem you know why did they get it wrong how do we how do we really educate voters you know i was reminded of those that eerie poem by bertold brecht where he says wouldn't it therefore be easier to dissolve the people and elect another in their place and that it didn't occur to anybody that the people have spoken and that therefore the politicians should listen talk to me about your assertion that it was brussels backed coups that toppled george papandreou in greece and still there is going in italy what proof do you have that well in two countries a elected prime minister was removed from office and replaced with a technocrat who had never stood for office in his life not just a technocrat for your account in greece it was the former head of the euro the
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former vice president of european central bank in italy it was a former european commissioner mario monti who as well as appointing yourself prime minister appointed self finance minister giving a whole new meaning to the phrase the full monty and didn't have a single elected doesn't have a single elected politician in the italian government now both in the case of the property most administration in greece and the monti administration initially we were told that these were national governments that was the phrase used and yet the whole purpose of these governments was to push through a program that would be rejected by the nation in the general election so if you like the the the last shreds of pretense were said to the velvet glove was taken off of the iron fist underneath which i'm sure you then had what was always implicit but is now explicit which is apparatchiks in brussels ruling directly through apparatchiks in rome and in athens with the people and their
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elected representatives cut out altogether i saw last week that mario monti said he might seek a second term to remove him seeking a first from your description it sounds terrifying easy for brussels today that. step see you're across have to take these were civilian jumpers ok it is true that the letter of constitutional propriety was observed in the sense that the parliament in both cases indorse the new government that's the case with every dictatorship starting from napoleon they always manage to get the parliamentary vote in their favor the reality is that we're dealing with administrations that have been imposed on countries because keeping those countries in the your was thought to be more important than allowing them to vote for the policies they want we do appear to be drawing nearer to a referendum on whether the u.k. should stay in the european union what would it take do you think for the government to take that final step well politicians in my experience feel the heat before they see the light i don't think any political party likes referendums to be honest because politicians are instinctively mistrustful of
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a process whose outcome they can't control nonetheless they all see that there is big public demand people want to be consulted they feel that it's a huge issue what country you want to put on to and that it's insulting and wrong not to allow people the referendum which all three parties were recently promising and all three have managed to draw back from i'll go so far as to say that the party which gets there first will probably win the next election the people who feel strongly about this may be a minority but they are not an insignificant minority and it's a vote determining issue for the chunk of the electorate. and so. it's almost like suppose like a kind of game theory like a prisoner's dilemma my the party desperately wants a referendum but neither can afford to let the other get there first what kind of referendum dean support is simple in or out or a more complex construct i think ultimately there will have to be an in out referendum i think it's the only one that makes sense you can't offer people something that you haven't yet negotiated or something that isn't in your gift to
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deliver i mean if you had a referendum and said wouldn't it be great if we opted out of all the following areas but remained in the free market will you know idea whether the e.u. is going to give you that and so you that that's a meaningless question unless the renegotiation has already been completed by then and that's how i think it it should happen let me be is generous as i can do people want to stay in despair about this is like. if the problem is timing and what is going to emerge from the eurozone crisis because that's what we're told no one now admits to being against the referendum in principle what they're all there now saying is now isn't the right time we've got to see what emerges fine if that's the case then pre-announce now and pretty legislate now for a referendum to take place in the say twenty sixteen ok that's plenty of time you've then got four years you supporters of membership to come back with a deal that you reckon you can sell to the british people. and the fact that you preannounced that referendum means that all of the other member states also understand that if you don't get the deal that you can sell to the country the
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alternative is that we leave and we negotiate something differently from the outside i think if you did that then it is even possible that you could succeed in getting something along the lines of the swiss deal without calling it leaving i mean if it then becomes a presentational question whether you call it associate membership or whatever but what is absolutely certain is that if our own civil servants and if the other member states do not understand that it is either a renegotiation or exit there will be no significant improvement in our terms of membership and what about was all three parties saying which is you know we've got this crisis going on our main priority should be to reduce the deficit we don't have the time with inclination now to talk about having me referendum is wonderful isn't it we were told for twenty years that now was not the right time for a referendum because europe wasn't an issue and now we're told now it's a wrong time because europe is an issue you know the eurozone crisis and all this i mean it's the ultimate yes minister argument you know perfectly good idea in
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principle minnesota perhaps now is not the most propitious occasion if not now when you know the eurozone crisis has wrecked the premise on which we joined it's falsified our membership terms europe is collapsing as a share of our exports the rest of the world is increasing almost by the minute as a share of our trade. the reason that we went in in the first place in the early seventy's in the argument has been deployed for nearly forty years has now been made redundant by the collapse of the eurozone economy and the militia insistence of the eurozone governments on accelerating all the policies that have created the crisis that now is the time for us to raise our eyes to more distant horizons and reimburse the wider world daniel had on thank you very much thank you. by horse. by tractor.
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the top stories and also global noise until stars is a monster a show that staged in dozens of countries across the world as x. was raised on briar's over the decision to of all the protests tricking the european union with the nobel peace prize. also syria. territory also on crime grounded a syrian passenger plane for allegedly carrying russian weapons but moscow says the congo contained great equipment which poses no threat and for then international. one of the three jailed members of the russian punk band pussy riot is released i
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peeled wild it to other women to continue to get prison sentences and it's into how the group became a lucrative international brand and plenty of action on its way and is called the latest for you. thanks for joining me and here's what's coming up scars. leads to a thrilling six five victory over the middle east in the k.h. . some like it hot ski legend joan claude killy looks forward to what could be the warmest winter olympics on record this sort she continues preparations for the next games and shanghai showdown andy murray gets ready to defend his masters title against novak djokovic in a repeat of the u.s. open final. start there with the ice hockey where the number moscow have made sure they stay top of the western conference with
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a three two win over metal yet squall scarse and petersburg are up to third after coming from two down to win a six five thriller bottom side after with the least well the home side with the out of the blocks storming to a two neil lead after eight minutes of play yourselves but i needed less than five minutes to school the first. then added the second but it soon provided for tikkun off to pull one back. before scoring himself late in the perry. saying. in front and only in the second couple shoot fed taken off ninety seconds to make it four see the game is far from over see quick go after will be released for roll midway through the second period c.c. mccall scoring by both sides then netted again to make it by five and with thirty minutes the guy swedish forward tony mortensen got scars when it was raining goes
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glowingly catherine the sky and i four points from top spot in the west with two games in hand. now there are just under sixteen months to go before the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympics get underway but it's already a safe bet that this will be a games to remember that is according to the former olympic skating champion john called kelly he's not part of the i.o.c. delegation i would be saying the city's development and spoke with are probably down yet. a great challenge for a big country in twenty fourteen this russian city of sochi will host the first winter olympics in the country's history. it used to be a well known seaside town but now with massive olympic preparations the future of the city itself is under construction benefits of having had the games will be there for ever in my opinion so it's a it's a it's a chance for this region today everyone in the world knows where searching is on
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the map i believe it's almost unique in the world because you have trees where the hockey tournament is going to be played and then twenty five minutes later by train you on a fabulous ski resort this is very specific it's the sounds of russia it's very comparable to a place like this in france where you swim in the morning you wear your skin the morning and swim in the afternoon after a one hour car drive and the world will know about it very soon holding the winter olympics in the southern climate is what makes the sochi games so special and so challenging three time olympic alpine ski jumping around and currently the chairman of the olympic ordination commission is uncle killie is sure winter will be there as soon as it's needed even despite the fact this could be the hottest winter olympics ever snow is going to be made whenever it's possible and
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dog and today you can stall keep the snow and the protection during the summer and then use it for example in ski jump you can use it whenever you you want or need it. obviously that's the lessons from vancouver the social games are also set to create some brand new experiences in olympic history something to make them through a year. the most compact games ever most athletes skills we could own out of the chalet put their skis on and they are hockey player will walk to the arena as skaters. which is incredible. i don't think we have we have ever had that before while the sochi twenty fourteen official slogan was also revealed only twenty fifth of september hot to us
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i think it is terrific absolutely terrific because it's. it's a winter summer. yours it's north south it's. snow ice and yours and it's. i think it's one way to say the rest of the world is going to be welcome. to searching yours that's a gift from russia to the rest of the world and the best present would be for russia to turn their first winter olympics into the best games ever robert brilliant r.t. . now let's give you an update on the formula one grand prix in korea which is approaching the halfway stage sebastian vettel leads from red bull team mate mark webber who started on pole victory would see vettel overtake financial along the top of the driver's standings meanwhile things are hotting up in moto g.p. championship race the spaniard dani pedrosa has claimed victory in japan and that
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puts him just twenty eight points behind the championship rings a second britain's cockroach complete the podium there are just all races left of this season although the reds i would be crowned champion if you finish each of them. meanwhile andy murray is preparing to defend his shanghai mass describing about djokovic in a repeat of the u.s. open final murray beat roger federer six four six four in the semis to continue his unblemished record at least championships the scot getting the better of the world number one just like he did to win the gold last summer my remaining unbeaten over three tournament in shanghai. so whether djokovic says he's ready to end murray's winning streak he triumphed in beijing last week and at last the midst of the public right to reach today's final it's. so far so good you know i haven't played many. long matches i haven't dropped the
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set. in this tournament so far and that's something that obviously helps me physically before before it's more. go for speeding the pressure a bit at the fry stop calm open in california the american remains on course for his maiden p.g.a. tour title but saw his four shot lead cut to tell you on the penultimate day milingo carded eight shots worse than this course record equalling sixty three the day before although the seven on the thirteenth was pretty impressive number less but breathing down his neck is sweet blixt he shot a sixty six to move him within two shots of the lead this is him here and just to finish right behind a charles. crack so all to play for which is crawling around remaining. voiced by showed a steady hand to move in front of the portugal masters he hit a six second successive sixty five to move the shot ahead of overnight lead to ross fisher being the man had a sixty nine and he's still without a win since his ryder cup debut two years ago.
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the kickboxing because moscow has hosted the seventy five fighter tour where despite one victory being. championed it was two female fighters he stole the show . reports. in for a treat as they go. of the international. it's a series with the first of the three main events beginning. as russian. demonstrated how to put on the show was. the far right. on point decision despite not fighting. i wasn't really focused on the fight so i didn't really push my limits i think it performed about fifty to eighty percent of what i can do i'm not very happy about it. but for
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whatever reason i didn't i just panicked because they didn't start the fight the way i was planning to was no i just lost. the. world and european champion you could see. as she also proved to dominance. against you a bunch. of russian was in control from the start but despite heavy pressure managed to hold on until the end of one one three rounds of. victory to her name fortune stroke it's really hard because i'm strictly might a fighter and that's why i have claimed all my wall in. space and this is why i can use my album as. i used to last me weeks you can please me. and there is still a lot of work to do. and in the last fight of the night for the world champion
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register for sure please don't touch me. who was saved by the bell in the first round to get three finish the job seeking inflicting first defeat in russia on his opponent while clingier competed sixty one ounce of to his visits to the country going to long in the first round i felt he was scared so i started to pick on him and also he didn't keep his own point i noticed it was dusk when i watched videos of his so i focused on and it seems to have wiped out. another victory for the twenty year old fighter the many were left waiting in anticipation for the next about what could possibly be called ladies' night michelangelo's faultiness course. so that's how the sport looks for the moment got the news headlines coming up here.
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