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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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the global noise to say no to austerity mass protests kick off the day with thirty countries with europa among the loudest and angriest financial struggles also give a boost to separate some belgium. turkey closes this is basically syrian civilians lives in a tit for tat move to the grounding of the syrian jet was on for a suspected of carrying russian weapons into damascus. and one of the pows the ride home group members was freed but had to bend may continue their two years in prison begins doing it with a cathedral stocked. you're
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watching the weekly with me to bang with say the global noise is underway a worldwide protest in some thirty countries in which kraals are calling for an end to all star team the biggest demonstrations so far have been in spain just follows after the e.u. won this year's nobel peace prize and as alexia shuster reports from madrid to things aren't looking too peaceful right now in europe. the union needs skorgen nudists have over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation democracy on human rights in europe but is this the peace they're talking about tear gas fascist flags and massive furious crowds of the most common sites across the award winning continent lately protests like this will add coal in
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thirty five countries across the world over the next several weeks the global hands ios terry to voice only in spain alone hundreds of thousands have been voicing their anger ever since the government announced more painful budget cuts for next year everything with spending are is now unemployed and this grim story is pretty much the same for portugal and greece is one of the leaders of the protest movement in madrid he says people have just about had enough behind it the crises and capitalist system right now in spain transfer private debt into public that and these causes huge cuts public spending and health system and it took a shit and it's affecting millions of poor people it's producing a huge upset employment and it's producing and whole social best composition of the whole society with so many going against the system across europe at times clashing violently with the police the decision to award the e.u.
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with a peace prize has raised many eyebrows this is like giving the prize to frankenstein for being the best monster created during the past twelve months there's only one contender for the peace prize this year and that's julian a solid the fact that he did not win this prize is will be an eternal stain on the nobel committee no one has done more to push peace than julian assange should be getting the so war from this committee the fact that they turn to a bunch of machines and technocrats and the a hero is an embarrassment they should go back to making dynamite. this is a war it is even more questionable to some because of the e.u. is rather dubious peacemaking record and that moreover the current financial turmoil is the biggest danger to peace europe has been bombing libya of europe going bombing syria europe is going bombing afghanistan or iraq yugoslavia a few years ago yes it's because they're trying to say ok guys we're giving you a whole year together europe has been spending money they don't have that's going
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to have to stop that is going to cause more riots in the streets more social unrest more governments failing perhaps even countries failing and perhaps even people pulling out of the euro could lead to war again in europe in two thousand and nine barack obama won the same award having been in office for only two weeks that was before he sent more troops to afghanistan and waged war in libya but as the latest nobel peace prize award is debated worldwide protesters in spain seem to care little about the prestige than their own survival calls for independence are heard loud and clear in the country's largest and wealthiest region cut the lumia a clear indication the continent is losing that unity which the nobel committee has decided to. see reporting from madrid in spain. separatists in belgium other king to gain control of the wealthy port of ont web early results in sunday's local elections to suggest the flemish nationalist leader
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is leading the race to become the city's mayor the elections are seen as a breakthrough for supporters of flemish independence something that's been long time coming since belgian enough politician philip clos. the idea is gaining ground that's the most important thing because we are having a lot of problems now in belgium we see that france is the federal government doesn't have. the on the flemish side in the federal parliament although the flemings make up the majority of the population in belgium the federal government doesn't have a majority in flanders and that's of course is a big problem it's a problem of their credit deficits and this means this government doesn't have a real democratic legitimacy in flounders voted for come something completely different that we are getting now with this federal government and friends is an economic economically socially powerful a prosperous region we have we are already if we have a flemish nation we have
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a french people you have to know that belgium is an artificial country it's really two separate countries already within belgium we see a completely different political consensus on the federation around the world. flanders would be perfectly able to have to have an independent state and be a member of the you know european union turkey is not very easy it's a space just syrian civilian flights echoing a similar me by damascus earlier this week turkey intercepted a syrian passenger plane claiming it carried russian made munitions for government forces muster says the cargo was only electronic equipment for radio stations and all of it legal we know the reports. they pointed their guns at those hungover put those on the ground then they drove us back to the plane into vehicles . bruised arms and better dignity with an international scandal thrown in on top
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all in the name of peace at least that's the stance taken by the turkish authorities when they tried to justify force for the grounding a syrian plane on route from moscow to damascus us. we in turkey only want peace and safety in this region that is our desire but we would never have an incentive to start a war hasn't revealed exactly what was in the cargo of that plane though they do insist it was russian made ammunition and technical equipment something moscow the mentally denies. you can use it was certainly no armaments on this plane and they simply could not have been any ideals the aircraft was carrying a cargo that was being shipped from a legitimate russian supplier to a legitimate customer in a legitimate way there was a cargo of electrical supplies for radar stations this is jewel purpose equipment but it is not barred by any international conventions surely neither do turkish
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officials say where they received the tipoff about the suppose it weapons on board some of those have their suspicions this is washington telling prime minister early one who says he's so independent to go in and go for it down the use the f. sixteen s for all its peace mongering talk and righteous outrage over russia's supposed on willingness to help out in peace efforts on karrar peers to be surprisingly open when it comes to supporting one side in the syrian conflict the rebel fighters it is supporting the rebels it's allowing the. large quantities of ammunition. to enter syria. lebanese journalist uniform was described what she believed to be an arms delivery on the border between turkey and syria yet. the scene was surreal barbed wire a dark clean field with all of trees armed men and flashing lights from the trucks packed with weapons each syrian group takes its share in leaves i was down to film
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the immensity of the scene with a journalist you know was interrogated for days by turkish officials before being released when she was back in lebannon should realize the incriminating pictures she'd filmed on the turkish syrian border had been wiped while she was in custody some believe turkey still ety towards president assad has little to do with the situation in syria and everything to do with iran's ambitions was devilish in this country as a major political player turkey is preparing itself for its one hundredth anniversary twenty twenty three it was the whole campaign of a very ambitious platform of how turkey is being self-reliance is going to position itself as a global power on cries establishing itself as a regional boss threatening a whole lot worse with syria and openly violating iraqi sovereignty by bombing kurdish space is not exactly what bonbon call feats of diplomacy so in turkish officials to speak of peace and stability in the region their words are drowned out
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by the sound of an exchange of fire with their neighbors in tel aviv r.t. . the pentagon confirmed on thursday that it had sent its troops to jordan with some hundred fifty u.s. officers now stationed near the border with the rest of syria washington claims it's to bolster jordan's military capabilities if its neighbors conflict escalate political analysts alou rockwell believes america is trying to intimidate damascus . jordan has long been a better call it a satellite the us is not actually an ally it's a province of the us and so why is the us putting in these troops are first of all to imply that some of syria is threatening jordan which of course is not true syria's got their hands full with the us inspired rebels who were trained by the way in turkey at a us air force base for the last past several years before this all started so this is just a way to juge gin up the tension to bring on more trouble i don't know i think it's
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true the u.s. will not use its troops to invade syria but will they try a libyan strategy of simply bombing people endlessly from the air very possible. i had this. security forces a once again less shot a peaceful protest of the magic bullet it will be full of the morning you reinforce his ties with its palm to the truth that great britain. and does one of the pussy riot protest this is freedom i feel we look at what's behind the decision that's just. it always amazes me the lengths that people go to for things that are pointless people camped out for a week waiting for a new i phone that will be archaic by next year when the next one comes out every
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black friday many thankfully not all americans celebrate this holiest of shopping days by waiting outside of a wal-mart in the early morning to fight over trendy plastic gifts for their children that they're too young to appreciate hey even i'm willing to sometimes wake up early in the morning to drive downtown and pay twenty five bucks for parking to watch a football game on rare occasions but just imagine a world where we actually were willing to wake up early and stand a big crowd for something say more important than some stupid gizmo or the sake of our favorite sports team just imagine iraq and that world would be yet maybe standing around some protester collecting signatures won't do anything we can't be naive enough to think that big corporations will bow to ten people with signs point spending days worshiping at the altar of the i phone it's certainly won't improve your country but that's just my opinion.
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today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world. can. charge more for asians through today. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging welcome to the big picture. mission in free cretaceous free. for charges free. range month
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three. three. types free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media and r.t. dot com. wealthy british scientists on. the tires on the. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on. today's
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news and this week's a major headlines a live from r.t.e. in moscow wednesday saw a turning point for the pussy riot protesters when one of the group was freed on probation although had to band mates will stay in prison they've been jailed for religiously motivated hooliganism in olga's top of the anti bijan performance and russia has made all the deals cathedral. has the story. a media frenzy one that breaks out any pussy riot court hearing the same old faces as supporters and critics gathered for the herring after emerging from her successful appeal everyone wanted a piece of the one band member released on probation but you could be in a somewhat savage remain tight lipped even when you lawyers to do the talking. about the story i am very happy that i managed to help a person but i just did my job. last week the now freed band member fired her original legal team her new defense change strategy arguing in court that their
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client didn't take part in the now notorious punk prayer in more main orthodox cathedral she was in fact chewed out by gods before she got the chance to join have bandmates and their so-called protest start that argument was accepted by the court some trial observers believe that the strategy of the original pussy riot defense team wasn't to reduce the women sentences but rather to expose flaws in russia's judicial system for all the world to see by switching to lawyers that focused on her personal case some might say that she walked out of court for a while her fellow band members went back to jail so. i think she decided to get some real lawyers the won't be fighting in order to humiliate russia in the face of the worst but actually free her one major russian concert organizers says they've been flooded with calls from foreign promoters offering to organize
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a pussy riot world tour that could earn up to six hundred million euros western and russian celebrities have called for the women's release international considers them prisoners of conscience free pussy riot t. shirts are all the rage. that's the way you attract attention. they always looked at the. famous pop stars around the world look at the way but i was dressed look at adele look at all the other. world we can do as well is that all we could do something different and they hated the idea of going to the cathedral and seeing their blasphemous show because that. would in fact be something i reduce with the media circus in full swing and the concert requests pouring in brand pussy riot isn't set to go away any time soon paulie boyko r t moscow the arab autumn is under way in bahrain after protesters clashed with police on
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friday in a french anti government rally in the capital despite the tear gas and stun grenades hundreds of peaceful protesters are refusing to back down in their calls for democracy. at least ten people were arrested in the latest rally op risings of began in february of twenty eleven when the country's shiite majority demanded that the longstanding sunni leaders a step britain though has signed a military treaty with the kingdom seen as a sign of support for the under fire regime. cover kaberle from bahrain the justice and development we've been believes western nations have too much to lose from the forms. obviously it doesn't send a particularly fantastic message when you are sending weapons to a country that is using weapons against its people on a daily basis to kill to injure to crush protests to crush essentially democracy
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but i think. the reason why the why the u.s. and other countries do that is because they want to keep bahrain as an ally iran is seen as an ally of western countries and therefore they want to try and keep that relationship what these governments don't realize or they obviously have to realize they have a huge amount of leverage they have a lot of ability to convince about rain or to pressure them into reform and perhaps they may misunderstand the strength they have or perhaps you know they're scared that their interests which are tied up in that region could be damaged if they you know if there were a democratic change but the reality is the people of bahrain of calling for democracy they're calling for change i don't have to be against the western interests actually i could be very much in the interests of the west and i know the rest of the world have a democratic and stable country iran says it might consider limiting its enrichment of higher grade uranium if is allowed to have fuel for research reactor that's a revival of a previous offer to try and break the talks deadlock over the country's nuclear
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program but germany wants to continue getting tough aging the e.u. to heighten the already crippling sanctions but as i say it mohammad marandi from tehran university says iran's policy hasn't changed. the iranians are willing to be more open and allow more intrusive inspections and they're willing. to talk about enriching uranium at twenty percent under certain conditions but in general nothing has changed and increasing sanctions by the west will only make things more difficult because the iranians see the sanctions that are being imposed by western governments as inhuman the intention is to make ordinary iranians suffer there is a consensus that this is not this doesn't have much to do with the nuclear program the issue is iran iran's independent iran is a country that will not bow down to the western powers and the europeans and
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americans want to run to near like saudi arabia like most of the other countries in the region and that the objective to make ordinary iranians suffer. buffel knows them best already check out ukraine's latest military attachment also this former marine corps the country's training a dog is an reviving an old soviet project to patrol the seas for the military model. to watch a live a streaming coverage online off realize the felix who's literally just landed back on earth and is not the first human to break the sound barrier without a vehicle completing the highest level freefall from thirty seven kilometers up in the sky. polling stations of close across russia as the nation decides on condit is a raging from regional heads to local officials and for the first time in ages of
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urges good to directly choose their governors now our g.'s marina is of following the voting and from moscow live for us marina medina good to see you there what's happening. while the single voting day in russia has answers and now the polling stations across the country are close overall more than twenty two million russians had an opportunity to arrive at the polling stations and choose from an unprecedented number of candidates or regional elections have taken place in russia for the first time in eight years and what is so special and interesting about this day is that it was introduced following last december's ways of opposition protests which were the biggest in russia's recent history a return to direct regional elections was one of the demands of the protesters people also wanted to see more opposition in parliament so at that moment than president dmitry medvedev scrapped the old system which the regional officials and
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regional governance handpicked by the government and he also made it easier for new political parties to be aged and to emerge on the political arena. by giving a more competitive complection to the local elections and this day we saw thirty two different political parties are taking place and this alone shows across the country now we have just started to receive some early results and as we know prime minister dmitry medvedev has much with the members of the united russia party and he emphasized that the results are that the united trash surprise the results of this regional elections so we're better than we want the results died so we know that the results that we saw during a these day do well actions that didn't play so into somebody's last yeah so the contours of the vote still continues and as i said before the single voting day has it taking place in russia for the first time in the last eight years. right
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direction is medina a question of in moscow thank you very much for that will follow you and the results as they come up. but also more headlines from around the world today gunmen have opened fire at a mosque in a remote nigerian village killing at least twenty people the attackers targeted the worshippers as they left after prayers muslim extremist boko haram are suspected of the massacre they are known for targeting fellow brazilians who do not follow their strict form of islam. here's i would miss is a video from china well fireworks show when tragically wrong leaving over a hundred people injured rockets miswired and exploded into a crowd of onlookers numbers of wounded have life threatening injuries but five people have to stay in hospital thousands were tending the show to mark the opening of an international industrial exhibition. moreton years president
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has been injured after his own patrol shots at him by mistake troops opened fire at the presidential motorcade as he was returning home from the trip the leader was slightly injured but later appeared on t.v. to say he's fine after the incident the friendly fire as the government called it sparked a cessation rumors was the president's refute it. and of human events all with the e.u.'s a peace prize drowned out by protests one i mean he explained what's going wrong with the system. was his day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of st hundred sheep in the mountains in panes of t.v. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but he dition and familial duty dictated that he would take on the care of these
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animals after his father. he's just made camp at their winter farms did setting up his ute the traditional two fenian round tent made of diskin. he's pleased to be back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving extremes of plus to minus forty degrees celsius it's just that i'm with them there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and i spend a lot of time here probably most of us is simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but
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they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their hearts they hurt the cattle dogs. with more people leaving than coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of a herd and more attractive than promising largest subsidies for produce and livestock and organizing cooperatives for the sale of day products to ensure the herd it gets a high at fair price i asked sympathizes with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life they in their publics capital because ill but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life and looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm but more time on his hands he says matter of fact we can start to look for a new wife. by horse. by tractor.
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today i'm talking to daniel how about who's a conservative member of the european parliament he's about to bring his euro skepticism to the heart of brussels mr houghton thanks for talking to us now apparently doing the rounds in brussels is a popular joke which says that if the european union was a country applying to join itself it would be rejected for not being democratic enough it's an amazing thing and we've stopped being amazed by it simply because of familiarity but we should be shocked by it that the only body that can propose new legislation in the european you is the unelected european commission if any country were run by if supreme power wielded by twenty seven people were immune to the ballot box that would be regarded as an outrage and yet the people who talk most fervently about turning the e.u. into something like a super state are remarkably relaxed about the undemocratic nature of it and for.


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