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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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russia denies claims that supply cluster bombs to syria which are now allegedly being used by damascus. this comes in response to claims for human rights watch that soviet era cluster bombs being dropped on civilian population. gets tough on iran again with a new batch of sanctions targeting metal and gas sales the aim is to pressure the state over its nuclear program after three rounds of talks yielded no results. and calls for an advantage in scotland have not fallen deaf ear is a british prime minister is set to sign a deal for historic referendum that could result in the breakup of great britain after three hundred years.
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today i am of the russian capital you're watching r t with me we're going to joshua welcome to the program russia maintains us not supplying cluster bombs to syria which are allegedly being used by the government in its fight against the rebels their human rights watch earlier claim decider munitions are being dropped on residential areas let's get the latest from our t.s.p. are all over those outside the russian foreign minister with us from paris so what are these claims based on and also how's moscow dispelling down. well human rights watch of basing these claims on a online video that's doing the rounds at the moment that apparently shows these these these cluster bombs away small kings from the soviet era on them though russia says that it hasn't sold any cluster bombs to syria and it all of it defends
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deals that it does with damascus so conducted to the the letter of international law and that all of them back to zero zero. well not just legally but also morally . also these cluster bombs i say the soviets he remarking on these cluster bombs well it's not just russia that was part of the soviet union it's not just russia that dates to still develops this type of technology it's a lot of the russian foreign minister saying that unfortunately russia doesn't have control over some of its former partners in the soviet union all the technology that they can develop. the these customs are bond however by over one hundred countries but nations such as russia such as the united states and such as syria did not sign the agreement the treaty that said they would not be used however russia maintains that they haven't provided any of these weapons to damascus and says that all of its arms trading done is done within the letter of the law. there
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are plenty of weapons in the region right now with huge amounts being supplied illegally to syria and neighboring countries they're immersed in reason for in trainers in the conflict zone this is being confirmed by independent media the region is flooded with domes it's very hard to determine where they're all coming from the alleged cluster bombs is said to be from the soviet era we can come to terms with some former soviet and warsaw pact countries on regulating their production of soviet technology without a license so there's plenty of things that need to be sorted out for them just. now this isn't the first serious allegations being made against russia regarding the dealing of weapons to syria in recent times just last week we saw a flight a commercial airliner that was bound from moscow to damascus stopped as soon as it entered turkish airspace at which point the turkish authority said that they were
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searching it and that they had found they found weapons that were being sent to the to the syrian authorities now. russia denies that they were they were sending weapons to that plane. and also turkey is yet to show any of the the evidence that they claim that they found so it does seem like there is a well it's certainly not the first time that we've seen rush's name tend to be drug through the mud whenever god's sending of weapons to syria. will moscow has been trying to mediate a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict since the last year or so how are these efforts progressing. well the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is really reiterated what's been russia's stance since the crisis in syria first started i thought is that they want both sides to lay down their weapons and they want a peaceful solution through dialogue. no this is being plucked up by the by the new. peace envoy to be sent to the region locked up or he made them out of
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course you took over from kofi annan he's also in the area at the in the region at the moment twenty two are trying to promote this style of peaceful solution it's only through both sides putting down their weapons that will find a positive solution to what's being obviously a horrific crisis in the middle eastern country. all right peter thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update all over reporting there. syrian civilians caught in the crossfire are increasingly flaying the conference zone where the number of refugees said to be rising exponentially the u.n. warns their number could soon top half a million now won't stop their parties lucic off enough reports in. the bekaa valley as one of the poorest regions in lebanon resources are scarce living conditions visibly harsh but for syrian refugees with the fewest means this is now
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home we arrive to the town of all cars just thirty minutes after syrian shell hit the area the lebanese army would and prime minister filmed the damage but even here at the official border crossing. sporadic gunfire serves as. reminder of the dangers on the other side hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled their country many coming right here to lebanon to seek refuge from the escalating violence but whether numbers are growing by the day and no end to the fighting in sight many find the prospects for their future are increasingly grim there are no camps for the refugees in lebanon most stay with host families mohamed not his real name isn't so lucky. here but. bombs are falling three hundred or four hundred meters beyond tents inside the lebanese territories people here advised me to move my tent from here to protect my children which i did neuer leave their those trees. we met this refugee at a nearby apple orchard where he and seventeen members of his family have been
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hiding after losing everything in the war he didn't feel safe showing his family on camera but describe the struggle of trying to survive where you're not wanted yeah that's a situation. especially for syrians who come to our outside this region it is safer and the situation is better everything is secured for other refuse they got refrigerators who television everything here we have nothing and told we don't have work it is catastrophic no help from lebanon he says and no way to return home . and because we don't feel safe neither from the syrian army nor from the rebels. lebanon has registered nearly seventy thousand syrian refugees but their number is set to soar the u.n. warns that the syrian refugee population could more than double before the end of the year today there are just under three hundred thousand syrian refugees in the
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form a boring countries and the prime provides for up to over seven hundred thousand this means is an additional four hundred thousand the question is whether syria's neighbors can absorb the incoming wave already cracks. showing riots erupted last week at the un runs attari refugee camp in jordan police fired tear gas to quell the uprising by syrians complaining about poor living conditions it was the worst violence since the facility opened in july. we can't border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them. but help is hard to come by turkey saw its refugee population swell to more than eighty seven thousand people over the past month. or two at least partially shut it's open door policy. less than a hundred meters from its border makeshift camps like this one have sprung up were desperate hopefuls wait to be allowed to cross ravaged and dispossessed by war marginalized in the collected in neighboring countries for syrian refugees like these hope in itself is
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a herculean feat. lebannon. the european union is about to ratchet up sanctions against iran a risk nuclear program the new measures will include a ban on e.u. metal sales to the country holds to imports of tehran's natural gas and various oil shipments restrictions the new sanctions marks one of the toughest lines against iran to date and mounting worries the state's making nuclear weapons iran has always denied this says it might consider limiting enrichment of higher grade uranium if it's allowed to have fuel for research reactor sanctions have been piling up on the country since two thousand and six when the un ban supplies heavy weaponry and arms exports after which more bans from the e.u. and the u.s. fall to iran university professor saad mohammad marandi says western restrictions have little to do with the nuclear program. the iranians are willing to be more open and allow more intrusive inspections and they're willing. to talk
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about enriching uranium at twenty percent under certain conditions but in general nothing has changed and increasing sanctions by the west will only make things more difficult because iranians see the sanctions that are being imposed by western governments in human intention is to make ordinary iranians suffer there is a consensus that this is not this doesn't have much to do with the nuclear program the issue is iran iran to independent iran is a country that not bow down to the western powers and the europeans and americans want to run to new like saudi arabia like most of the other countries in the region and that objective to make ordinary iranians suffer. thousands of scottish people who have been calling for the country's independence for years could see their dream become reality the british will today sign an
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agreement paving the way for twenty four thousand referendum but many fear the move will drive a stake through the heart of three hundred years of unity rob the kingdom of both its riches and power are just her first reports from. here on coutts and hill in edinburgh the city that for decades has been the scene of protests among scottish independence now the phil seen a long time in the making and concessions to be made by base size base naif the alex salmon for gaining the right to fix the seventeen year old was to take in this late in the usaf to ensure that the referendum would be legally binding the holy writ is going to be grown since the legal powers roughed up this referendum under what's known as the section that i think is very important this is one hundred years for this and i think she put it i think it's stupid. yeah i don't know
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because like they've been part of like britain. i think we need to work together i think. i just think it's about. you know the return years ago for independence of the family except except it makes you think go a bit more and you got to the decision now was the polls move back up the fact that the majority of the scottish public and now are in support of remaining in the union it's around. a quarter of the scottish public when the polls are carried out that they want independence but of course that will be how at the end of twenty fourteen so it's still to play for there will be a. campaigning to tell public why the country. become an independent one some of the central issues will be the economy the capabilities
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these are all going to be discussion point if. they said yes in that referendum yes to independence the united kingdom this being in existence this centuries would lose a third of its land mass this nucleus of terror and most of it will not to mention the impact it would have on its international standing it really would have very far reaching implications indeed and today with the signing of that memorandum they'll be feeling the dail and kicking off that campaign to decide whether or not gotten gains independence. the edinburgh scotland. and coming up a bit later here on our crunch decision. this. civilized country did this do we really today some good mental condition who is suicidal because it will lead to a child. will see britain dies as an artistic u.k.
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happy to be sent to american jazz days under an act made to run down terror suspects a story more after a short break. a texas mom was arrested and thrown in jail orange jumpsuit and all for neglecting her kids who are playing in front of her house for just a little while a concerned neighbor and sort of say walking across the street you know to talk to an attendant children to find out what's going on went to the total sheep mode and immediately called nine one one because children playing it is truly an emergency worth the police's time but i guess it was worth their time because they showed up and slap the cuffs on the mother who claimed that she was there the whole time and of course to punish you for ignoring your children briefly while they play you'll
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get thrown behind bars because that makes sense where does this culture of fear come from if you leave your kids alone on your own property why does that mean that they are certainly going to die. there are dangers out there believe me but living in constant fear abuses your children far worse that's just my opinion. is that so much of it. even if it really. again we are a global economy risk getting back into recession just three years feeling out of the previous. is flowing in. wealthy british style the stock.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds a report on our. world the true science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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download the official application. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch our team any time any. welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow now he claims he was just looking for us but could now face sixty years in a u.s. prison for almost a decade washington as been demanding the extradition of the autistic u.k. hacker gary mckinnon under a treaty designed to get hold of terrorists a final decisions expected on tuesday but as laura smith reports london could still
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step in. gary mckinnon it's mother janice who's been up all night working to get everything in order to convince the home secretary not to deport her mentally ill son to trial in america it's ten years since the u.s. demanded gary's extradition the hacking into the pentagon's computers from his north london bedroom he's mildly autistic and doctors say a very real suicide risk gary would not survive five minutes and that c agreed by so many top a psychiatrist and doctors do we really extra days suddenly with a mental condition who is suicidal and his emotional age or a child does. civilized country do this surely not but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel the home secretary has until october the sixteenth to decide whether she'll block the extradition gary's mother has high hopes as does
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his lawyer who would give up if the worst happens to be open to the supreme court twice we've been to the house of lords we've been to the high court so that you know there's we've exhausted every possible because we challenge we can because his legal team are all absolutely sure and convinced that if would commit suicide so we're talking about man's life we're told no has built a successful practice on fighting water is seen as one sided extradition rules in the treaty with the us the americans must only show reasonable suspicion if they want to extradite to britain compared with probable cause going the other way the result nine times more britons have been extradited than americans it's a treaty that even david blunkett the home secretary here is signed it in two thousand and three admits was a mistake it's now under review but so far it's just words also just talk has
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been prime minister david cameron. and his deputy nick clegg the ports but gary mckinnon both were loudly on his side while in opposition but after two and a half years in power there's been no action all the while the cases roll up to forty five year old gary almost a quarter of his life and taken a potentially irreversible toll on his health is beginning to wonder who is real and who isn't he says it's like there's a view between him and the world and sometimes actually feels that it's just not real gary used to cycle used to swim you know music he signed if gary had been tried in the u.k. at the start he would have served his sentence and been able to put all this behind him by now as it is he's stuck in limbo still liable to sixty years in an american jail and still insisting he was only looking for evidence of u.f.o.'s norris myth
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london. on our website right now going to absolute extremes an austrian skydiver becomes the first man to break the sound barrier without. all zeros feliks is every move. in the us a dangerous precedent in the making a lover's in the u.s. might be in for a bitter surprise copywriters for yet another legal battle going on to find out more. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage looking the around pushing. as occupy anger spreads to two parties still dictate their future to a selection close very close to beginning of july twenty second. now take a look at some other stories from around the world the long delayed trial of a self-proclaimed mastermind of nine eleven for kabul says is to begin on monday at
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the notorious u.s. naval base and one titled. the hearings have been delayed several times since the original start date in august the military court will consider twenty five motions from both the prosecution and defense relatives of victims from the terror attacks have been invited to attend the hearings. human rights advocate down has been elected as libya's new interim prime minister comes only a week after the ruling national general congress dismissed his predecessor for failing to form a cabinet down will now face a tough task of forming a government that libya's conflicting political factions can agree on country is still highly unstable after last year's uprising that led to the toppling death of its longtime leader one of the. brazilian marines out police have stormed two of rio de janeiro's most notorious slums the operation was aimed at wrestling control of the shantytowns away from drug gangs as part of the preparations for the twenty fourteen football world cup at least five suspected traffickers who attempted to
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flee were killed police are now planning to deploy specially trained agents to operate in the two areas on a permanent basis. time now for of business update was a natasha and gas bribes european customers are negotiating some changes to their contracts aren't they absolutely in fact in competition and the lower energy demand has gas drums european partners asking for a discount italy's energy giant to any insists on cancelling a key contract provision the so-called take or pay clause and he's president paula scrutiny is reportedly asking to remove the clause if he is to remove the expiring contract to take a pay principle means that any either takes this specified volume of gas from gazprom or pays a penalty the fine could reach eighty five percent of the price last year and he reported a loss of six hundred million euro and had to pay one and
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a half billion euro in the take up pay penalties. let's not check out the equity markets and we'll start with russia which opened less than twenty minutes ago here in moscow equities are shedding value in the first hour of trade over and asia what we're seeing is a mixed picture this hour of the make a is gaining the hang seng is lower mainland concerns about the growth prospects as corporates die in the end to the earnings season and wall street saw the worst trading week since june you're seeing friday's closing figures there and as despite some clear signs of economic recovery such as pretty upbeat unemployment figures for example now into the currency markets the euro as slumping to the u.s. dollar this hour and the russian ruble open mixed to the currency basket as you can see it's gaining to the euro and is shedding value to the u.s.
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dollar and now crude prices an important factor for russia and they'll lower this monday on reduced forecast for global demand. courtesy of the international energy agency. crude prices volatility threatens of russia's growth so says budget largely depends on oil revenues the country's former finance minister could write explains what to prepare for if this trend continues. it was the first scenario which is also the base one is the status quo given the current gold prices institutions and markets will improve but at a slow pace the second scenario involves a sharp drop in crude prices triggering a major cuts in infrastructure in education spending the third scenario is the most difficult one it involves the improvement of public institutions that compensates for falling oil prices this scenario requires white support to get implemented.
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and up next starting talks to move stuff at pollini a tunisian writer and director for the new york university for dialogue he reassesses the results of the arab spring. the music sigrid laboratory to mukherjee was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dog call. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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soon which brightened. soon from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. it was the strangest attempt of a military takeover. of. the us president trying to overthrow a foreign country's government but his strategic game was must. come to america recognized its defeat. the. question is if cuba managed to cope with its
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victory all going to go off to call god. i leave you think you are you go but the rajab either live via the cuban missile crisis games and reality t.v. . oh. please. egypt.
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it is. easy. to. to. little emily. was. just absolutely leave tunisian writer and i was so founder and director of the new york university's. center for dialogues it's great to have you with us here today. so i'm going to start up for the quote is.


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