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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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because what happened since then through certainly through democratic means through elections. we have seen the islamist parties the muslim brotherhood in egypt. another tunisia taking more an attempt to hold back. most of the freedoms and attempt to impose an interpretation or based. on a very secular society the community and society if that happens and if that happens in egypt. i think the metaphor of oil and. terrorism might have significance beyond simply its status as a metaphor but so what we're talking about two separate things here is you're saying in your general feeling an overview of what has happened after the arab
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spring and in your opinion as i understand correctly the whole the that the the revolutions that underwent in the countries radicalized those countries rather than liberated them and i correct. the elections that took place took place in a context in which there were hopes by people who were suffering from the probation from social should be left out and they voted certainly in a. democratic way to lose who were also in. a hymn of solutions to the moment which was the problems they did not vote for them to transform the company to religious state of what we are seeing scenes that were then egypt or tunisia is precisely a shift. the islamist part is the took over from real
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focus on economic and social matters to. patients mostly identity or rich values islamic values respect one religion what from the latest news because we know that the new government in tunisia. is with an islamic tent. tunisia has been caught up in their wave of anti western protests where protesters were actually tearing down that flex from the embassy four people died some buildings were looted and now we hear that some of the government members one people who took part in this protest executed now if that is true that's a very bold decision ok if that is to happen do you thing that could actually put an end in the future to an extremist way of protest or in a country that would steer more anti-american and anti western feelings in tunisia
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. i think if that happens it will be an opportunistic way or the problem why it's going to stick simply because the present government and particularly the islamist majority in the government they lead the government does these things it is because the pressure of the united states has been such that they have no other choice. i remind you of what happened this the united states government hillary clinton called the president to please you to tell him. if the same thing that happened in libya the best thing would happen. you would be responsible to your get a sponsor to the president of tunisia had to send the presidential guard to exfiltrate the ambassador and his staff to bring them to safety and so there was
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a void now. they have to do something in order to somehow example but well they got sequences exactly what yes they the consequences the consequences i think that would inflame more feelings among the groups that are in fact part of the now that they're not outside of it you see what you have here what you haven't really is a slumber party that speaks with the language that speaks a double discourse speaks in a discourse to its internal. groups and the discourse outside outside they have to show they need to show that meaning america and the west the way or just the rest of the world is the rest of the world and including tunisian society two million secular society they see all we are very moderate we are very modern we are very open to what we want to respect the freedoms and so and then inside they said
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different things for instance i give an example two days ago and this is a big debate no two leading. videos discovered. going back to this book talk and other words about the time these things were happening and the trolls he cannot deny that it could see it's him his speaking mr newton the head of the islamist party. not just ahead of the islamist party there is also you know his head over he acts like a khomeini somehow ok he doesn't keep high area but he is that we are but he is really the source of authority just as he is the source of authority without him nothing will happen now the video shows him in constant use in a discussion with a chief islamist in his office what was he telling them he was telling them well look you have to be patient we both you and i we have the same objectives to
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the contrary you have to be patient we have the same objectives now. this is of course a big school with music and what does he say once we said we have to be british because the army is. not against the administration we do not have the administration or ones let's first have the army let's work to have the police let's have the government because it's structure with us then we can. do it in other words do objectives of the extent of the so-called moderates exactly but isn't that ironic though that we would see islamic government come to power in tunisia not only in tunis in egypt in every other state that has been swept by the revolution in the arab spring and then at the same time they were been helped with the united states and that's not a secret for anyone how does that really go together the islamist government and the united states i mean it's almost as if like the united states are making the
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same mistakes they did in afghanistan in the eighty's you know when they created a headings and then they turned against them i would agree with you over there you do in fact this is what they say publicly what happened is that the u.s. had no choice they had to deal with this and that does not mean that they are. there. as a result of what happened. with her museum i believe the assessment of the position of them they were concerned for the american side what exactly do you mean by reassessing because joe well hillary clinton came out and said after last year was killed in libya that how could this happen in a country that we have helped to liberate. exactly where instant missing puzzle because when i started with edward saeed quote in the beginning saying that you know he thinks he thought that american approach towards arabs is so simplistic
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that they only see arabs as terrorists or oil suppliers. maybe the oversimplistic approach may be the stereotypes archer blamed for the fact that americans creating the same traps and obstacles for themselves as far as the arab world good you know what i mean where is that why don't they get the arab mentality i think the problem here is the lack of knowledge of the arab world how does the lack of knowledge american lack of biology of islam and the arab world reflect on the decision stare making in syria right now. i think the same the same mistakes and the same approach . here. i think hillary clinton. almost you just you were just at the beginning of the. first in syria and said well. that's a girl like a dismissive way it's like we decide who should be president. instead of that of
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those. of trying to find consensus among groups or with the government with the. two somehow. the new beginning for syria instead of that we went from one is collusion or another this commission and now it's probably too late should he go there at this point because or how could he really reconcile with his people after everything there has happened how could he ruled syria even if he was to win which is very unlikely it is up to the syrian people to decide. the syrian people are simply on both sides. still think it's if you don't then cheat well we don't know how would you decide this fifty fifty if you do not have elections just last question so having experienced libya egypt pakistan now syria afghanistan what are the lessons that the americans have learned in your opinion and once again talking about the reassessment of their policies how would
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they reassess in your opinion i think what we have learned is. that you should not get into any situation that you do not know you have first to listen to the experts second to be modest and to have a sense of humility you cannot to all of the world today you have to listen because you cannot decide who should go to. that is very important so they didn't a mushroom rock there is security council there is the united nations general assembly there is the international community you cannot go your own way to solve problems so force this is over that time is over that is number three number four you have to be careful about those whom you spouse today as your friends they might turn against you one day you have seen afghanistan you might see that now with this coziness with the islamist parties so what is the final conclusion that you
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have to stick to your values you have to stick to red lines you have to say clearly since you deal with these leaderships with these new partners there are red lines and there is an avalanche because freedom of expression freedom of religion take egypt the coptic minority is leaving egypt the coptic minority is leaving lebanon the coptic mentality is that the a christian minority is leaving iraq if we do not take the necessary action to reassure these minorities. the reduced which was rich because of all these minorities did because. it is to begin with separately thank you very much for this interview thank you.
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in japan the average height for men is one hundred eighty two centimeters ten centimeters shorter because of that some employers refused to hire me one of them even told me directly that i was too short to deal with the client's computers already spent three months in this hospital and plans to stay for another four to add the coveted seven santa majors to his stature invented by the famed soviet orthopedic is good for you is there a for the nineteen fifties these frames were initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them apart and therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was out of was able to receive arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life be sent to the other patients shattered bones and in many cases their shattered lives with the main goal when professor of design his first frame using bicycle parts sixty years later his invention is increasingly being used to help people quite eager to fracture their legs to become a few centimeters taller than the ultimate goal is still the same fixing somebodies
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lives both literally and figuratively about a third of patients admitted to be always out of center nowadays seeking serious jury focused magic reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novikov who operated on many of them says it usually comes down to a man's pride some of the first patient to turn to us with a leg like them in a quest to meet his fifteen centimeters to be still want to surgery because panos to than him we like to say that we need to break the law. it all just fix that it may be nothing wrong with them from an orthopedic point of view but there is something psychological that prevents them from living below is fully being happy and we fix it like lengthening surgeries a band in many countries and even the out there pretty expensive in russia the entire course costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package
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in the united states financial considerations for one of the reasons that brought this washington state native to western siberia his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in the others in america average height is one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so one eight centimeters would have brought me right to average users wanted to be average for women height isn't so important you know i think girl can be short and it's not a big deal like your guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter a russian girl who found he's a regional hide quite endearing yet he still want to have had the surgery adding seven more centimeters to the self-confidence she took to told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or should i call you so what a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations.
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and calls for independence in scotland have not fallen on deaf ears as the british prime minister is set to sign a deal for an historic referendum that could result in the breakup of great britain after three hundred years zapper thousands have demonstrated in favor of the country's independence. russia says there is no confirmation that saudi air cluster bombs are being used against civilians in syria. come from feeling rights watch and spam from amateur footage posted online by the rebels. in the slats and sanctions on iran over the state's nuclear program after three rounds of fruitless talks since april this year ron says it wouldn't go she'd holding higher grade enrichment only if it retains the right to produce atomic fuel. thus we have lines here in our
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teens parts next with. thanks for nothing great to have you with us this is indeed sport today place your head next to. charge in china and novak djokovic see his folly match points before ending on the murray's two year roma shanghai masters champion . during our precious football team prefer to put their one hundred percent record in twenty fourteen world cup qualifying on the line against azerbaijan. take your pick the highlights came thick and fast in the continental hockey league this week check out our best moments. tennis first where novak djokovic was forced to dig deep before overcoming twice the finding champion in the final of the shanghai masters on sunday last month murray prevailed in an epic u.s.
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open final between the jew this time of the scotsman also took at sea salt for six seven five minutes regain his composure to force a nail biting time break in the second the service taking it. to eleven murray himself then fought off a couple of much points in the side there before losing our six three almost three and a half hours on court those new champion in shanghai australian open winner joke which left to celebrate a fifth trophy of the season on second row east after the twenty five year old won in beijing last. there could have gone either way really i cannot say i. have dominated the match because all three says were very close and he had so many match points and opportunities to all finish the match seoul could have easily been a runner up today but. i'm very proud of my fights and believing and you know coming back from from match points down and winning this match. it's taken
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a while but sebastian vettel is once again on top of the formula one standings but offending champion dominating proceedings at the korean grand prix to overtake ferrari's fernando alonso at the summit the german began from seconds on the table behind red bull teammate work webber but he soon secured the lead before storming to victory with a full eight seconds to spare. thirdly in a row meaning he's also become the first driver to win four races this season webber was second longer to third with internet sensation singer signed we having the checkered flag battle is now six points clear of a long two in the drivers' championship with four races left to go in this season he was last on top of the standings way back in may one hundred points are now available in the remaining events in india the u.s. and brazil meaning the red bull driver still has plenty of work to do if he's the swap his third consecutive time. football defender of silly ski has been preaching caution ahead of his side's next world cup twenty fourteen
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qualifier a well rested azerbaijan squad lie in wait at the luzhniki stadium on tuesday evening russia held in open training session in moscow over the weekend now a manager fabio capello he'll be striving to maintain his one hundred percent competitive record in charge of the country the squad have won all three of their qualifying matches so far scoring seven goals and conceding not once left the top of group f. three point christiane all those portugal whom they beat one nil in moscow on friday but russia's next opponents azerbaijan didn't play this week on the all somalis to keep portugal at bay for over an hour before leaking three goals in their three nil defeat and bragging rights. apart from the clash by john have only played against israel on home soil a point in a one one draw in baquba but said time would northern ireland in luxembourg the bottom of the group the azerbaijanis have led russia twice before both time. times
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in the previous world cup qualification campaign a two no home victory for crusading side was then followed by a draw in the return fixture. ok let's they were a selection of russia's former footballing greats turned out in force for a charity clash on sunday sports like vs sask. which speaks for itself at any level off larry karp and on his off just some of the icons who shipped russian on even salvi football those are many more big names playing at the luzhniki to aid people who've suffered hundreds of terrorism on the performances were not a bonus or you're on demonstrating spartak some bishan just three minutes and again this little. corner will cough then equals three minutes after the break from the penalty spot here. but the red lights weren't done yet captain to call off sending the ball to the net so used to do on numerous occasions during is a cure spell with the mosque invites to one. let's talk goal for it was
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a weekend to remember for shane laurie on the greens the irishman winning his first event as a professional in portugal laurie started sunday's final round for shots off the top but took over control of the leaderboard from burned by spurrier after this eagle on the eleventh the twenty five year old would trade the leader ross fisher and indeed it was the englishman who looked favorite to claim the masters title heading into the last couple of holes but a bogey on the eighteenth would harm the crying to the delighted awfully native it's a second european tour win but first as a pro after winning the irish open while still. it's hard to explain our figure and. it's early it's a dream. son and here. portuguese masters champion. it's all a practice of their own and all the people. know it as. well since the very really brings on the basketball where the l.a.
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clippers have rick. a ninety nine eighty nine win over the reigning n.b.a. champions miami heat in an exhibition game in shanghai a miami stars doing way to le bron james the players everybody wanted a glimpse of in particular during the chinese pre season tour but things started spectacular fashion at this hour. then the clippers led by dandridge jordan woods to a fifty seven forty three lead into the break a hefty lead on the second half solely stick to the script but miami just been able to run wade and james providing only eighteen points in total by the end the same of mine to us clipper center jordan so a ten point win for the clippers their first pre-season. finally to i saw few where the n.h.l. is a lock god was once again the kontinental hockey league's game this week a plethora of recent arrivals from the north american league producing some of the best moments from the past seven days it is gold school or on ice time. leg
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length . leg. leg
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. length lens.
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there and that is all your support i'll be back in just under two hours time with. well into the. science technology innovation all the eastern bell amends from around russia we've dumped those huge earth covered.
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eaves it's. just means. the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves my father but also among brother are involved in the monsoon and since i started working in the mine i stated i look at it and feel multinationals. make it a cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our
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families and to work in peace. most book almost but we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for prices colombia going to pay for. the modest effect on our t.v. . it was the strangest attempt of a military takeover of. the us president trying to overthrow a foreign country's government but his strategic game was lost. and america recognized its defeat. the. question is if cuba managed to cope with its victory in all don't. forget autumn if i leave you think you are you go but the rajab either live via the cuban missile crisis games and reality t.v.
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. world or the. science technology innovation hall the list of belem inst from around russia we've got the future covered. to be soon which brightened. about soon from phones to impressions.
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from stunts on t.v. don't come. it's a little.


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