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paving the way for scotland to go it alone leader is prepared to put pen to paper to set up a referendum. by two thousand and fourteen. moscow says it's impossible to confirm whether damascus is using soviet era the bombs against rebels. the syrian government with new sanctions. on fresh on rest in bahrain with fierce clashes between police and protesters ahead of tuesday's appeal hearing for jailed a human rights activist a. global
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news live from moscow city center this is with me will receive shai the dream of independence that has lived in the hearts of many scottish people for centuries is now moving a step closer to reality of the u.k.'s prime minister and scotland's leader now meeting it. set to sign a deal paving the way for a referendum on breaking away by the end of two thousand and fourteen. reports. we're here on calton hill in edinburgh the city that for decades has been the scene of protest demanding scottish independence now the fils been a long time in the making and concessions have been made by size this natively alex salmond's gaining the rights to sixteen and seventeen year olds to participate in this late in the usa to ensure that this referendum will be legally binding the holy writ is going to be grown says the legal powers to draft up this referendum
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under what's known as a section thirty act i think it's very important this is one hundred years for this and i think she put it i think it's stupid to see that yeah i don't know because like they've been part of like. i think we need to work together i think is more. than just the case of the you know the return years ago for independence of the family except to accept the riches and go a bit more and there you go so the decision now was the poles mostly back up the fact that the majority of the scottish public the now are in support of remaining in the union it's around a quarter of the scottish public when the polls are carried out the say they want independence but of course that vote will be held to the end of twenty fourteen so it's all still to play for and there will be
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a massive campaign to tell the scottish public why the country should become an independent one some of the central issues will be the economy. capabilities these are all going to be a huge discussion point if scotland very said yes in that referendum yes to independence the united kingdom that's been in existence for three centuries and would lose a third of its land mass. it's nuclear deterrent and most of it will not to mention the impact it would have on its international standing it really would have very far reaching implications indeed and is why this is being described as the most important political decision day for the united kingdom the three hundred year is and today with the signing of that memorandum they'll be feeling the dail and kicking off that campaign to decide whether or not gotten gains independent. of
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the edinburgh scotland and a more calls for independence are being heard from other european regions as financial struggles given to separatists in belgium flemish nationalists as storage for the full gains see what that means for national unity just ahead in the program who are not see. now the e.u. has slapped the syrian government with fresh sanctions it comes as claims emerged that soviet era cluster bombs are being used by assad's forces and moscow says that cannot be confirmed because the region's being flooded with illegal weapons from abroad with details now to auntie's preterite of. human rights watch the new york based watchdog has said this following what they've seen in a online video that soviet era cluster bombs were being used by the syrian government against the civilian population in syria and the ongoing conflict
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there now russia has rebuffed these claims wholeheartedly with them during your there are plenty of weapons in the region right now with huge amounts being supplied illegally to syria and neighboring countries of which there are mercenaries and for in trainers in the conflict zone this is being confirmed by independent media the region is flooded with domes because it's very hard to determine where they're all coming from the alleged cluster bombs just said to be from the soviet era we can come to terms with some countries on regulating their production of soviet technology without a license so there's plenty of things that need to be sorted out also took a lover of was giving his address he reiterated russia's stance which hasn't changed since the conflict first started over a year ago which is that they want to see both sides lay down their weapons they want a peaceful solution through dialogue now that stance has been backed up by the current joint u.n. and arab league peace envoy lakhdar brahimi now he took over the job from from kofi
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annan you remember he's currently on a tour of the region trying to convince syria's neighbors to stop pushing for both sides to lay down arms and comes to the table and come to the table for talks all of this comes against the backdrop of a further round of sanctions that have just been signed off on by the european union on syria. pressure on her reporting right syrians caught in the crossfire fleeing the conflict zone an ever bigger numbers the u.n. has warned the figure could soon top half a million and they think it won't stop there either. a cuff in office details on this. the bekaa valley is one of the poorest regions in lebanon and resources are scarce living conditions visibly harsh but for syrian refugees with the fewest means this is now home we arrive to the town of all just thirty minutes after syrian shell hit the area the lebanese army wouldn't permit us to film the damage
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but even here at the official border crossing. sporadic gunfire serves as a reminder of the dangers on the other side hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled their country many coming right here to lebanon to seek refuge from the escalating violence but whether numbers are growing by the day and no end to the fighting in sight many find the prospects for their future are increasingly graham there are no camps for the refugees in lebanon most stay with host families mohamed not his real name isn't so lucky. we thought it would be safer here but bullets are still reaching us bombs are falling three or four hundred meters beyond our tents inside lebanese territories people here advise me to move my tents to protect my children which i did now i live there near those trees. we met this refugee at a nearby apple orchard where he and seventeen members of his family have been hiding after losing everything in the war he didn't feel safe showing his family on camera but describe the struggle of trying to survive when you're not wanted. yeah
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the situation is awfully miserable especially for us the syrians who come to walk outside this region it's safer in the situation is better everything is secured for the other refugees they have refrigerators food televisions everything here we have nothing at all we don't have work either it's a catastrophe. no help from lebanon he says and no way to return home. we're stuck in between we don't feel safe neither from the syrian army nor from the rebels. and lebanon has registered nearly seventy thousand syrian regime. but their number is set to soar the u.n. warns that the syrian refugee population could more than double before the end of the year today there are just under three hundred thousand syrian refugees in the form a boring countries and. provides for up to over seven hundred thousand this means is an additional four hundred thousand the question is whether syria's neighbors
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can absorb the incoming wave already cracks are showing riots erupted last week at the un runs atari refugee camp in jordan police fired tear gas to quell the uprising by syrians complaining about poor living conditions it was the worst violence since the facility opened in july. we can close the border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them. but help is hard to come by turkey sides refugee populations well to more than eighty seven thousand people over the past month prompting ancora to at least partially shut it's open door policy less than one hundred meters from its border makeshift camps like this one have sprung up were desperate hopefuls wait to be allowed to cross ravaged and dispossessed by war marginalized neglected in neighboring countries for syrian refugees like these hope in itself is a herculean feat to see catherine of lebanon. which are attention on about a block rain where fresh clashes have erupted between pro-democracy protesters and
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of course the riot police with demonstrators calling for the release of a prominent human rights activist from prison it was on choose to. but he will be appealing his three year sentence for organizing an authorised rallies online form . says authorities are simply afraid to lose. i do believe that the us city of. not enough sure to understand their people they are gambling on security solution. politics solution they are using power rather than their brain and logic the people in bahrain they have nothing in there have to challenge the authority but there are thirty they don't want to reach to the dialogue stage because if they teach the dialogue stage they will change all their agenda they will lose
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they are going to give the people more power they are thirty one two by the time against our interest we are paying a lot to some people are killed some people are in jail for reasons that we can't understand like you have the right job and hundreds of people they are jailed for justice they express their opinion two or three days back they are said the children for the friday last friday protestant fathers and my nana so this is and less a list of thirty day a match and to understand us save for one and no to go to their agendas. live from moscow this is the man who says that his search for evidence of little green men has left him fighting extradition to the u.s. but. the autopsy report on brittany gary mckinnon scase tuesday he finds out
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whether he's being shipped to america to face the consequences of hacking into the pentagon. also involves the records of huge rises and birth defects following an american led invasion that's what you are such plagues more than injustice. a texas mom was arrested and thrown in jail orange jumpsuit and all for neglecting her kids who were playing in front of her house for just a little while a concerned neighbor and sort of say walking across the street you know to talk to the unintended children to find out what's going on went to total sheep mode and immediately called nine one one because children playing it is truly an emergency worth the police's time but i guess it was worth their time because they showed up
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and slap the cuffs on the mother who claimed that she was there the whole time and of course to punish you for ignoring your children briefly while they play you'll get thrown behind bars because that makes sense where does this culture of fear come from if you leave your kids alone on your own property why does that mean that they are certainly going to die there are dangers out there believe me but living in constant fear abuses your children far worse that's just my opinion. mission free cretaceous free storage which is free. arrangement green. screen. free. food free brown video for your media project free media john darche dot com.
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wealthy british science it's time to. go. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our t.v. . thanks for joining us today here on arts here i'm rory sushi live in moscow a new study has been released showing about a staggering rise in birth defects among iraqi children conceived in the aftermath of the u.s. led war but the findings were published by the bulletin of environmental contamination
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and toxicology they claim america and britain used to i mean responsible for high rates of miscarriage in shoojit numbers of birth defects including in the heart and brain and let's not discuss this further with a professor christopher busby from the european committee on a radiation risk a great pleasure to see you today thank you becoming on the program let's address the issues here immediately overall the study finding that the number of babies in full lucia born with birth defects increased by more than sixty percent in past seven years very very big numbers indeed however no direct medical evidence has been given to you buying it. well we have that actually supports the work that we did and published about a month ago which did have formal evidence brought from the hospital from flu to general hospital so we really do welcome the fact that there's another team know interested in this this problem these these increases in congenital malformation
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have been reported generally from doctors in the area and also we see now from bad for a very long time but formal studies have been have been missing but we did we do we have found we have found about a fourteen fold excess in heart defects in the thirty two throat excess of nervous system defects so actually this supports all of the evidence that we have already presented and we're very pleased to see someone else is working on the problem but that we're also seeing in this report discussing the issues of toxic levels of lead and mercury being found as well where are these toxic levels coming from. well there are high levels of lead and mercury which we also found in the head of the mothers of the children with congenital malformation but i have to say that. are not associated with increased risks of congenital malformation so i think that as far as that is concerned the authors of this new study. are really moving in the wrong direction and i think it's almost certain that the cause of these affects is
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radiation from uranium or depleted uranium which i say that which it which of course that they do mention but there's no study that we know of and there's no mechanism no biological mechanism which says the exposure of lead and mercury to these kinds of congenital malformation is after all there was a lot of lead in petrol you know before they banned it and if it had been causing congenital malformations you would have seen increases in these rates along motorways it's very interesting how it's very interesting how you bring in that last point you were discussing the issues of radiation exposure possibly behind the birth defects as you say we heard reports say years ago all of during the invasion of iraq all the missiles and bullets attempt with depleted uranium being used in the warfare are you telling us here at r.t. that that's because that's the reason behind the majority of the ships not absolutely absolutely that's absolutely the cause in fact in our paper that we published last year we measured the levels of uranium in the hair of these mothers
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and we were able to look along the strand of hair you know as you know hair grows slowly and so if you look at the end of the you get a sort of historical view of what's happening in the uranium was increasing towards the end of the head so we believe quite strongly that it was a uranium weapons the new uranium weapons that were used in fallujah and of course they used an awful lot of depleted uranium in as well so so that's also probably the cause of that when you discuss it you discuss as you have or all of radiation exposure of missiles or bullets being tipped with depleted uranium being used by british and american forces in iraq the u.s. defense department has responded to this report by claiming there's no. official evidence indicating a connection between military action and birth defects in iraq this seems like a bit of a backhanded response to such a severe severe hit issue we're talking about here well of course of course they would say that and they would attempt to cover up anything that they've done but i have to say that it's getting increasingly difficult the more and more papers that are being brought out on this issue and i reported this whole issue about the
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uranium in the congenital malformation is the united nations human rights council last month and there was an awful lot of interest in it so we would hope that the united nations might actually put some pressure on the united states know to come clean about the kind of weaponry that they were using and i'm sure they were using a lot of experimental weaponry in fallujah which is why we see these enormous increases in congenital malformation increases which have never been seen after any war in the past i have to say and this really serious agents agent orange would be used and there's no evidence that anything like that was being used in iraq right professor christopher busby from the european committee on radiation risks many thanks for coming on our team today thank you. i was just twenty minutes past the hour moscow time british man who hacked into the pentagon ten years ago is set to find out his fate on tuesday washington has been seeking his extradition and if found guilty gary mckinnon who suffers from mild autism could spend sixty years behind bars artie's laura smith reports his family face he could take his life if
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indeed shipped off to the u.s. . gary mckinnon smothered janice who's been up all night working to get everything in order to convince the home secretary not to deport her mentally ill son for trial in america it's ten years since the u.s. demanded gary's extradition for hacking into the pentagon's computers from his north london bedroom he's mildly autistic and doctors say a very real suicide risk gary would not survive five minutes and that c agreed by so many top a psychiatrist and doctors do we really extra days only with a mental condition who is suicidal and his emotional age or a child does. civilized country do this surely not but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel the home secretary has until october the sixteenth to decide whether she'll block the extradition gary's mother has high hopes as does
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his lawyer who won't give up if the worst happens to be open to the supreme court twice we've been to the house of lords we've been to the high court so you know there's we've exhausted every possible because we challenge we can because as they will to all absolutely sure and convinced that if would commit suicide so we're talking about man's life or told no has built a successful practice on fighting water is seen as one sided extradition rules in the treaty with the us the americans must only show reasonable suspicion if they want to extradite to britain compared with probable cause going the other way the result nine times more britons have been extradited than americans it's a treaty that even david blunkett the home secretary here is signed it in two thousand and three admits was a mistake it's now under review but so far it's just words also just talk has
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been prime minister david cameron and his. deputy nick clegg the ports but gary mckinnon both were loudly on his side while in opposition but after two and a half years in power there's been no accident all the while the cases roll up to forty five year old gary of almost a quarter of his life and taken a potentially irreversible toll on his health is beginning to wonder who is real and who isn't he says it's like there's a view between him and the world and sometimes actually feels that it's just not real gary used to say collies to swim music he signed if gary had been tried in the u.k. at the start he would have served his sentence and been able to put all this behind him by now as it is he's stuck in limbo still liable to sixty years in an american jail and still insisting he was only looking for evidence of u.f.o.'s laura smith
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r.t. london. he is coming to live from moscow separatists in belgium and gain political control of the country's wealth the port city of and twirp of the party's leader the verver was voted in as mayor and called for more powers of self rule for the wealthy dutch speaking region of flanders in the short term he wants to end fiscal transfers to the poor french speaking wallonia the party's aim is to split belgium which are seen hostility between it's two deeply divided communities increased by the euro crisis belgian politician philip glass who's the euro m.p. for flanders says the outcome of the election illustrates just how our support of breaking away has been surging in the region in recent years. the idea is gaining ground that it's the most important thing because we are having a lot of problems now in belgium we see that france is the federal government doesn't have
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a majority on the flemish side in the federal parliament although the flemings make up the majority of the population in. belgium the federal government doesn't have the majority in flanders and that's of course is a big problem it's a problem of democratic deficits and this means this government doesn't have real democratic legitimacy in flounders voted for company something completely different that we are getting with this federal government and friends is an economic economically socially. prosperous region we have we are already if we have a flemish nation we have a from which people have to know that blow them is an artificial country that it's really two separate countries already within belgium and we see a completely different political consensus on the federation around the world. this would be perfect. to have to have an independent state and be
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a member of the you know european union. let's get some business news there full of it katie pilgrim good to see you today. is certainly on the way as our attempts to fend off the frost gas problems european customers now are trying to make some changes to their contract yeah precisely warrior we have got also hair that means we're going to talk about gas of course now heightened competition lower energy demand means gas problems european foreigners are asking for a discount i says and if you join any insists on counseling a key contact vision with the take or pay close now in its present irony is reportedly all strive moves the clause if he straight knew the expiring contracts now they take all pay principle means that any either takes a specified volume of gas from gas problem or pays a penalty to the fine could reach eighty five percent of the price last year any reported loss of six hundred million euro it has to pay one point five billion in
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the take or pay parity and lots of of that story to step to the markets now see what is happening with the european markets they are due. still managing to get in there with banks and drug makers leading the jet is that's what is investors digest a raft of data coming out of china today better than expected export numbers the euro gaming that's despite the italian prime minister voicing his concerns about the fragments he said let's see some occurrences shall we will also be up to check out the ruble wall where i will be i would say is in the game against the basket currencies the russian main indices on the rise with that we are yes i'm on my six managing to i mean most states economic regulators say that the country could see another no deficit budgets based yes so as you can see you go around half of the stuff about the artist on the my site so it's just that. so that is business of for this hour up next here on our t.v. we have the stuff we tell you i believe you are a. writer and director at the new york university the center of adorable goaltimate
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we reevaluating the results of the arab spring to stay with us. sigrid laboratory was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots which fortunately. tim's mission to teach me. this is why you should care only. for the. science technology innovation all the it's developments around russia. the future. i mean so familiar city in europe i'm the host of the twenty
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fourth when certificate. says. thank you. thank you. dr. friday's a. sit com. sudsy it's so true. mission free accreditation free. for charges free. agency free. free. free. download free blog plug in video for your media project a free media. dot com. it
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was a flat plane leave tunisian writer and also founder and director of the new york university version east center for dialogue so it's great to have you with us here today. tunisia has been caught up.


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