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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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paving the way for scotland to go it alone leaders put pen to paper setting up a referendum for independence by two thousand and fourteen. moscow says it's impossible to confirm whether damascus is using soviet era cluster bombs against rebels while the e.u. slaps the syrian government with new sanctions. and one man stuck in the siege of the libyan opposition's last stronghold tells us here at r t the supplies in bani walid simply running out.
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worldwide news to live from moscow this is artsy with me rule research showing the u.k. is a prime minister and scotland's leader have signed an historic deal paving the way for a referendum on breaking away by the end of two thousand and fourteen details now from r.t. sarah. prime minister david cameron met here in edinburgh today with first minister alex salmond they signed the memorandum of understanding ahead of the referendum for scotland's independence to be held in the autumn of twenty forty now that is going to focus around a single question is the prime minister said today is that the biggest question of all will be settled a set for scotland or a united kingdom now that this is being used in the coming long wrangling lots of consultations but now all sides are going to be able to get a food and they're going to be wanting to set forth their arguments to the scottish public about whether or not scotland should indeed be independent the polls often
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around a quarter of people actually full independence but you know it really is two years until that actual vote will be held it's an incredibly hard via an economic climate is the moment they campaign for the key thing still in within the union will say they said wes is to say there's nothing to worry about the majority in scotland one should remain within the union but you know it is old still to play for here and maybe witness it taking a bit of a gamble because they drop that little option the devaluation max the options that perhaps more powers to be had to stall and that was to look there's no middle ground here it really is one question it's all or nothing and you know possibly there'll be a lot of people here in scotland who are maybe on the fence he will say well i k we might not have wanted that we might have wanted to remain within the hour but actually we don't want to be left with nothing if we going to remain you can see a very interesting couple of years of fierce fighting at the back of the school and
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the gun part of sort of scotus rather hereditary with your m.p. alan smith from the scottish national party joining us now live from brussels or good to see you today thanks for coming on the program how the referendum house being announced but it's a long way ahead we've got the the pro would. anti independence campaigns are ready to go to war how do you see the whole battle playing out. well the main thing to get across to your viewers is that nobody's going to war and nobody is out and about this is an energizing discussion about the future is go and i hope best we can interact with the modern world we can be a region of the u.k. represented by an increasingly dysfunctional u.k. government doing all sorts of silly stuff in our relationship with europe and even today in getting itself and tied into knots of both are we in the north in the skull and we have a different way of doing politics and today it gives us a start and government of national debate which will get two years to actually run
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through all those discussions and debates and i feel very very confident that we're looking at a yes vote at the end of the now but you are discussing issues i mean is it more to do with concerns of the e.u. or is it more to do with historic national pride. by so far as you have lots of different things and without our history we wouldn't be the nation we are today but to say it's not about things in the past it's of a future right no scotland is governed by three different parliaments the european parliament where i am a confederal gathering of member states of the working together the u.k. parliament the scottish parliament no domestically within the u.k. there's a lot of them government the scottish government and the people of scotland with every day that passes are increasingly looking at the scottish government's in the eye you know you guys are actually representing us you could do with more votes which is where the u.k. government ditching the second question in terms of we were open to the discussion so if somebody was able to come up with something short of independence well then we were open to the discussion but our preference was always independence in the
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modern world within the european union the other parties were not able to come up with anything to actually intellectually count of us so you've got the bizarre proposition of its independence or the status quo so the status quo is not working for scotland we could do better as a direct democracy if either. a bit million people within the european union and more lucas we look at but mostly i mean you you say you can do better you say you can do better with an independent scotland of course as you said a moment ago this is all about the future of scotland but do you truly think the scotland will be able to support itself on its own. if i didn't i wouldn't be doing this ruler i am a commercial lawyer webber groaned so i spend a lot of its own with business people it is absolutely crystal clear scotland pays in more to the u.k. than we get by with a more into the e.u. than we get back but it is not jobs or both the money our salute glee our salute glee one hundred percent scotland will be richer independent will be able to spend money on the grow it is the people who's going to be able to get rid of nuclear
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weapons so there's a saving rate there will be able to stop sending in peace to westminster or save a fair bit of money as well we can actually put the money of scotland to work for the people of scotland this will be an energizing discussion for the next two years so so also keep some of the money keep some of the money in scotland as you say but it's not all about money but certainly some people are suggesting that as scotland leaving the u.k. that would impact the whole of britain not only those living in scotland should vote in the referendum do you think that perhaps all of the u.k. should be able to decide. well no because the people who care most of the future of scotland of the people who live in scotland which is with our definition of nationalism that you are scottish if you live in scotland full store we don't get into any other discussions equally that means the world my dear in some other way to the moment so that means they're not scots at the moment so i suspect there will be the most scope of their listening to make sure they can hold but it is quite clear that the people of scotland and most of the future of scotland so to stand
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the franchise to anywhere other than scotland would be pretty counter-intuitive alan smith a year m.p. from the scottish national party thanks for joining us on r.t. today a pleasure. now the e.u.'s slapped the syrian government with fresh sanctions and comes as claims emerged that soviet era cluster bombs are being used by assad's forces moscow says that cannot be confirmed because the region is being flooded with illegal weapons from abroad artie's pitter all of our investigations. human rights watch the new york based watchdog has said this following what they've seen in a online video that dates soviet era cluster bombs were being used by the syrian government against the civilian population in the in syria and the ongoing conflict there now russia has rebuffed these claims wholeheartedly. there are plenty of weapons in the region right now with huge amounts being supplied illegally to syria and neighboring countries of which there immersed in reason for
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in trainers in the conflict zone you this is being confirmed by independent media the region is flooded with domes produce it's very hard to determine where they're all coming from the alleged cluster bombs the said to be from the soviet era and we can come to terms with some countries on regulating their production of soviet technology without a license so there's plenty of things that need to be sorted out that if you also take a level of was giving his address he reiterated russia's stance which hasn't changed since the conflict first started over a year ago which is that they want to see both sides lay down their weapons they want a peaceful solution through dialogue no that stance has been backed up by the current joint u.n. and arab league peace envoy lakhdar brahimi now he took over the job from from kofi annan you remember he's currently on the to the region trying to to convince syria's neighbors to stop pushing for both sides to lay down arms and comes to the
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table and come to the table for talks all of this comes against the backdrop of a further round of sanctions that have just been signed off on by the european union on syria. syrians caught in the crossfire fleeing the conflict zone in ever big numbers at the u.n. as one the figure could soon top half a million and probably won't stop there. the story. the bekaa valley is one of the poorest regions in lebanon the resources are scarce living conditions visibly harsh but for syrian refugees with the fewest means this is now home we arrive to the town of all cause just thirty minutes after syrian shell hit the area the lebanese army wouldn't permit us to film the damage but even here at the official border crossing. sporadic gunfire serves as a reminder of the dangers on the other side hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled their country many coming right here to lebanon to seek refuge from the escalating violence but with their number is growing by the day and no end to the
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fighting in sight many find the prospects for their future are increasingly grim there are no camps for the refugees in lebanon most stay with host families mohamed not his real name isn't so lucky. we thought it would be safer here but bullets are still reaching us bombs are falling three or four hundred meters beyond our tents inside lebanese territories people here advise me to move my tents to protect my children which i did now i live there near those trees. we met this refugee at a nearby apple orchard where he and seventeen members of his family have been hiding after losing everything in the war he didn't feel safe showing his family on camera but describe the struggle of trying to survive where you're not wanted. yeah the situation is awfully miserable especially for us the syrians so come to the outside this region it's safer in the situation is better everything is secured for the other refugees they have refrigerators food televisions everything here we have
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nothing at all we don't have work either it's a catastrophe but you know there's. no help from lebanon he says. and no way to return home. we are stuck in between we don't feel safe neither from the syrian army nor from the arabs sort of in the. lebanon has registered nearly seventy thousand syrian refugees but their number is set to soar the un warns that the syrian refugee population could more than double before the end of the year today they're just under three hundred thousand syrian refugees in the form a boring countries and the prime provides for up to over seven hundred thousand this means is an additional four hundred thousand the question is whether syria's neighbors can absorb the incoming wave already cracks are showing riots erupted last week at the un runs attari refugee camp in jordan police fired tear gas to quell the uprising by syrians complaining about poor living conditions it was the
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worst violence since the facility opened in july. we can close the border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them. but help is hard to come by turkey sides refugee populations well to more than eighty seven thousand people over the past month prompting ancora to at least partially shut it's open door policy less than one hundred meters from its border makeshift camps like this one have sprung up were desperate hopefuls wait to be allowed to cross ravaged and dispossessed by war marginalized in the collected in neighboring countries for syrian refugees like these hope in itself is a herculean feat to see catherine of lebanon this is r.t. the man who says his search for evidence of aliens has left him fighting extradition to the u.s. for ten years shortly on r t we report on britain gary mckinnon scase on tuesday he'll find out whether he's being shipped to america to face the consequences of hacking into the pentagon. also in iraq a record a shooter rises
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a birth defects following an american led invasion new research claims of more of that and all of our other stories in just a few moments. a texas mom was arrested and thrown in jail orange jumpsuit and all for neglecting her kids who were playing in front of her house for just a little while a concerned neighbor and sort of say walking across the street you know to talk to the unintended children to find out what's going on went to the total sheep mode and immediately called nine one one because children playing it is truly an emergency worth the police's time but i guess it was worth their time because they showed up and slap the cuffs on the mother who claimed that she was there the whole time and of course to punish you for ignoring your children briefly while they play
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you'll get thrown behind bars because that makes sense where does this culture of fear come from if you leave your kids alone on your own property why does that mean that they are certainly going to die there are dangers out there believe me but living in constant fear abuses your children far worse that's just my opinion. the issue is that so much of it me i mean when i say if it will. again be on the global economy risk getting back into recession just three years i'm pulling out of the previous growth is slowing in your.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you. something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom are looking for the big picture. ok our six fifteen pm on monday here in moscow this is our team and a libyan opposition stronghold is facing an ongoing sea each with residents calling for international help the conflict in bani walid it's already killed ten people in a series of bomb confrontations last week the siege began when the national congress tried to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who captured colonel qaddafi but the residents refused to hand them over dr abdul hamid archambault lee
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from the bunny will lead counsel is stuck in the middle of the battle. but the boys had a. hundred poll result of peace not that i had no food no you can not sorry i don't know you allowed to. go off the fuel and the can't get there are going to go round the mini series of firing the fire on one of the words can be pretty heavy god i don't know who the minister's words are you go but what do you do if i don't go out and. i think that they were. going to. be the week of the government the week of you know you thought about the people that come through but what do you. a british man who worked into the pentagon ten years ago is set to
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find out his fate on tuesday washington has been seeking his extradition and if found guilty gary mckinnon who suffers from mild autism could spend sixty years behind bars as artist laura smith reports his family fears he could take his own life if indeed he is shipped off to america. gary mckinnon its mother janice has been our all night working to get everything in order to convince the home secretary not to deport her mentally ill son to trial in america it's ten years since the u.s. demanded gary's extradition the hacking into the pentagon's computers from his north london bedroom he's mildly autistic and doctors say a very real suicide risk gary would not survive five minutes and that c agreed by so many top a psychiatrist and doctors do we really extra days suddenly with a mental condition who is suicidal and his emotional age or
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a child does. a civilized country do this surely not but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel the home secretary has until october the sixteenth to decide whether she'll block the extradition gary's mother has high hopes as does his lawyer who would give up if the worst happens we've been to the supreme court twice we've been to the house of lords we've been to the high court so you know there's we've exhausted every possible because we challenge we can because as they became all absolutely sure and convinced that if order to he would commit suicide so we're talking about man's life we're told no has built a successful practice on fighting water is seen as one sided extradition rules in the treaty with the us the americans must only show reasonable suspicion if they want to extradite a briton compared with probable cause go. all the way the result nine times more
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britons have been extradited than americans it's a treaty that even david blunkett the home secretary who signed it in two thousand and three admits was a mistake it's now under review but so far it's just words also just talk has been prime minister david cameron and his deputy nick clegg the ports but gary mckinnon both were loudly on his side while in opposition but after two and a half years in power there's been no action all the while the cases roll up to forty five year old gary of almost a quarter of his life and taken a potentially irreversible toll on his health is beginning to wonder who is real and who isn't he says it's like there's a view between him and the world and sometimes actually feels that it's just not real gary used to say collies to swim music he signed if gary had been tried in the u.k.
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at the start he would have served his sentence and been able to put all this behind him by now as it is he's stuck in limbo still liable to sixty years in an american jail and still insisting he was only looking for evidence of u.f.o.'s you're a smith arty london twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow has imposed fresh sanctions on iran for the measures targeting the banking sector and gas exports forcing to iran to curb your a new enrichment it fears the country's developing nuclear weapons iran has always denied this says it might consider limiting the enrichment of high grade uranium if it's allowed to have fuel for research reactor but iran university professor mohammad marandi says the penalties are not about the nuclear program matter. the iranians are willing to be more open and allow more intrusive inspection. and they're willing. to talk about enriching uranium at twenty percent
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under certain conditions but in general nothing has changed and increasing sanctions by the west will only make things more difficult because the iranians see the sanctions that are being imposed by western governments as inhuman the intention is to make ordinary iranians supper there is a consensus that this is not this doesn't have much to do with the nuclear program the issue is iran iran's independent iran is a country that not bow down to the western powers and the europeans and americans want to run to near like saudi arabia like most of the other countries in the region and that objective to make ordinary iranian tougher. then you study has revealed a staggering rise in birth defects among iraqi children convey conceived in the aftermath of the u.s. led war and the findings were published by the bulletin of environmental
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contamination and toxicology it's adjusted that american and british army nation has caused high rates of miscarriages and birth defects professor christopher busby from the european committee on radiation risks believes that washington should ultimately take responsibility for the legacy it's left behind. it actually supports the work that we did and published about a month ago which did have four more evidence brought from the general hospital there are high levels of lead and mercury which we also found in the head of the mothers of the children with congenital malformation we believe quite strongly that it was the ukrainian weapons the new range of weapons that were used to pollute and of course they used an awful lot of depleted uranium in as well and i reported this whole issue about the uranium in the congenital malformation at the united nations human rights council last month and there was an awful lot of interest in it so we would hope that the united nations might actually put some pressure on the united
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states not to come clean about the kind of weaponry that they were using and i'm sure they were using a lot of experimental weaponry in fallujah which is why we see these enormous increases in congenital malformation. chain reaction pussy riot style protests go international for the latest copycat stunt took place in london's ascent paul's cathedral for women from the occupy movement chained themselves to the pulpit during sunday service sold in protest at the wealthy churches links to big banks. plus why heading into the red light district may no longer be an anonymous police in the us have decided the most effective method to combat prostitution is just to name and shame the punters. so it's go into it now the r.t. world updating water start with a turkish troops which ever shot dead eight kurdish militants in southeastern turkey during an antiterrorism raid and the insurgents were reportedly from the kurdistan workers party which is linked to recent attacks on military targets there
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twenty eight year old insurgency has been stepped up in recent months and kurds are believed to be active in the ongoing syrian conflict and turkey has accused syria of funding the militants in the past. more than three hundred taliban militants attacked a small police check post in northwest pakistan killing seven including a senior police official but insurgents armed with heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenades stormed the post late on sunday the militants beheaded two of the dead burned the building and police vehicles before escaping areas on the outskirts of peshawar witnessed a string of bombings and militant attacks over the past few months. two boys and a girl were killed in southern afghanistan by a nato air strike targeting taliban militants the united states confirmed it had killed two insurgents who were planting mines along the road as well as three children walking nearby civilian casualties in nato and the taliban raids have
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severely tested relations between washington and kabul and sparked anti u.s. protests across the country. u.s. military judge is deciding whether revelations about alleged torture in guantanamo bay during upcoming nine eleven trials should be kept secret five people including the self professed mastermind of the september the eleventh attacks and for co-plotting us will face a pretrial hearing on monday human rights advocates and the media are insisting on complete transparency. all right interesting few minutes here it's a pain and the business.
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which brightened. from. the start time don't. well the. serious technology innovations all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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wealthy british style. the tireless. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. that
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will come to business low energy demands combined with increased competition means that russia is getting results i'm a quest from the european pond as a. why discount on their contracts with this is energy giants any insisting on counseling a key contract vision the take all clause now and this president polos got only is reportedly asked to remove the clause if he's to renew the expiring contract now the take or pay presence of all is that any even takes a specified volume of gas gas problem or pays a penalty on the fine could reach eighty five percent of the last year any report of a loss of six hundred million a year i have to pay one point five really hero in the take or pay penalties let's get over this is a market share and see how it is getting on in the first hour of trade as we can see that so well american retail sales citigroup's earnings topped estimates this
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year's nobel prize in economics has given to two american gave there is a role that they got it for findings of the best possible way to allocate resources on examples of school admissions organs to patients who need. already deserves a european markets as well that's because if we're now looking at moderate to play our games at us in the latter part of the trading day the us has inflation dropped and china giving hopes of policy easing measures this circuit some exchange rate is a must see the euro is actually now losing out to the u.s. dollar as you can see just that meanwhile the ruble is down because of worry about the holding on to gains against the euro and the russian main indices are now down not as for prices take a nosedive meanwhile states economic regulators say the country could see another no deficit budget the share the recent volatility of oil prices a threatens russians that grosses a budget.


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