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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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paving the way for scotland to go it alone leaders put pen to paper setting up a referendum for independence by twenty fourteen. moscow says it's impossible to confirm whether damascus is using soviet era plaster bombs against rebels while the e.u. slaps the syrian government with new sanctions. and one man stuck in the seizure of the libyan opposition is last stronghold tells r t supplies of bani walid are running out.
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alone welcome to r.t. where we bring in the latest news from around the world i'm karen tara. well the u.k.'s prime minister and scotland's leader have signed a historic deal paving the way for a referendum on breaking away by the end of two thousand and fourteen or to sarah ferguson and burg. prime minister david cameron met here in edinburgh today with first minister alex salmond they signed that memorandum of understanding ahead of the referendum for scotland's independence it will be held in the autumn of twenty fourteen now that's going to focus around a single question as a prime minister said today is that the biggest question of all will be settled a separate scotland all united kingdom now that this is being used in the coming lots of wrangling lots of consultations but now all sides are going to be able to gay forward and they're going to be wanting to set forth their arguments to the scottish public about whether or not scotland should indeed be independent of polls
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often around a third quarter of people actually for independence but you know it really is two years until that actual vote will be held it's an incredibly turbulent economic climate is the moment they campaign for keeping scotland within the union will say they said west is to say there's nothing to worry about the majority in scotland want to remain within the union but you know it is all still to play for here and maybe was missing taking a bit of a gamble because they dropped that little option the devolution max the options that perhaps more powers to be had to scotland that we struck there's no middle ground here it really is one question it's all or nothing and you know possibly there'll be a lot of people here in scotland who are maybe on the fence he will say well ok we might not have wanted all of it we might have wanted to remain within the union but actually we don't want to be left with nothing if we vote the school than to remain you can see a very interesting couple of years of fist fighting at the back of the school and
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begun a minister david cameron haas trust he believes the u.k. and scotland would benefit from sticking together but scottish your m.p. alan smith says london is harming edinburgh financially and socially. scotland pays in more to the u.k. than we get by with a more into the e.u. than we get back but it is not just about the money but a dime of salute glee absolutely one hundred percent certain scotland will be rich or independent will be able to spend money on the priorities of the people of scotland will be able to get rid of nuclear weapons so there's a saving rate there will be able to stop sending in peace to westminster at all save a fair bit of money as well we can actually put the money of scotland to work for the people of scotland domestically within the u.k. there's the london government on the scottish government and the people of scotland who are several day that passes are increasingly looking at the scottish government saying yeah you know you guys are actually representing us you could do with more powers which is where the u.k.
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government ditching the second question in terms of we were open to the discussion so you've got the bizarre proposition of its independence or the status quo so the status quo is not working for scotland we could do better as a direct democracy in five and a bit million people within the european union to get two years to actually run through all those discussions and debates and i feel very very confident that we're looking at a yes vote at the end of. the e.u. has slapped the syrian government with fresh sanctions tons of claims emerge that soviet era cluster bombs are being used by us forces moscow says that cannot be confirmed because the region is being flooded with illegal weapons from abroad artie's peter oliver has the details. human rights watch the new york based watchdog has said this following what they've seen in a online video. that soviet era cluster bombs were being used by the syrian government against the civilian population in syria and the ongoing conflict
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there now russia has rebuffed these claims wholeheartedly. there are plenty of weapons in the region right now with huge amounts being supplied illegally to syria and neighboring countries in which they're immersed in reason for in trainers in the conflict zone human this is being confirmed by independent media through the region is flooded with domes reproduce it's very hard to determine where they're all coming from the alleged cluster bombs are said to be from the soviet era we can come to terms with some countries on regulating their production of soviet technology without a license for so there's plenty of things that need to be sorted out which together if you also took a lover of was giving his address he reiterated russia's stance which hasn't changed since the conflict first started over a year ago which is that they want to see both sides lay down their weapons they want a peaceful solution through dialogue so that stance is being backed up by the current joint u.n. arab league peace envoy lakhdar brahimi now he took over the job from kofi annan
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you'll remember he's currently on a tour of the region trying to to convince syria's neighbors to stop pushing for both sides to lay down arms and comes to the table and come to the table for talks all of this comes against the backdrop of a further round of sanctions that have just been signed off on by the european union on syria. syrians caught in the crossfire are fleeing the conflict zone and even bigger numbers the u.n. has warned the figure could soon top half a million and won't stop there as artist lucy coffin of reports. the bekaa valley is one of the poorest regions in lebanon resources are scarce living conditions visibly harsh but for syrian refugees with the fewest means this is now home we arrive to the town of all just thirty minutes after syrian shell hit the area the lebanese army wouldn't permit us to film the damage but even here at the official border crossing. sporadic gunfire serves as
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a reminder of the dangers on the other side hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled their country many coming right here to lebanon to seek refuge from the escalating violence but whether numbers are growing by the day and no end to the fighting in sight many find the prospects for their future are increasingly grim there are no camps for the refugees in lebanon most stay with host families mohamed not his real name isn't so lucky. we thought it would be safer here but bullets are still reaching us bombs are falling three or four hundred meters beyond our tents inside lebanese territories people here advise me to move my tents to protect my children which i did now i live there near those trees. we met this refugee at a nearby apple orchard where he and seventeen members of his family have been hiding after losing everything in the war he didn't feel safe showing his family on camera but describe the struggle of trying to survive where you're not wanted. yeah
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the situation is awfully miserable especially for us the syrians who come to a car outside this region it's safer in the situation is better everything is secured for the other refugees they have refrigerators food televisions everything here we have nothing at all we don't have work either it's a catastrophe. no help from lebanon he says and no way to return home. we're stuck in between we don't feel safe neither from the syrian army nor from the rebels. lebanon has registered nearly seventy thousand syrian refugees but their number is set to soar the u.n. warns that the syrian refugee population could more than double before the end of the year today there are just under three hundred thousand syrian refugees in the form a boring countries and the prime provides for up to over seven hundred thousand this means is an additional four hundred thousand the question is whether syria's neighbors can absorb the incoming wave already cracks are showing riots erupted
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last week at the un runs attari refugee camp in jordan police fired tear gas to quell the uprising by syrians complaining about poor living conditions it was the worst violence since the facility opened in july. we can't close our border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them. but help is hard to come by turkey saw its refugee population swell to more than eighty seven thousand people over the past month prompting ancora to at least partially shut it's open door policy less than one hundred meters from its border makeshift camps like this one have sprung up were desperate hopefuls wait to be allowed to cross ravaged and dispossessed by war marginalized in the collected in neighboring countries for syrian refugees like these hope in itself is a herculean feat to see captain of lebanon a british man who hacked into the pentagon ten years ago is set to find out his fate on tuesday washington has been seeking his extradition and if found guilty
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gary mckinnon who suffers from mild autism could spend sixty years behind bars as artie's laura smith reports his family fears he could take his life if he's shipped off to the u.s. . gary mckinnon the mother janice has been up all night working to get everything in order to convince the home secretary not to deport her mentally ill son to trial in america it's ten years since the u.s. demanded gary's extradition for hacking into the pentagon's computers from his north london bedroom he's mildly autistic and doctors say a very real suicide risk gary would not survive five minutes and that c agreed by so many top a psychiatrist and doctors do we really extra days only with a mental condition who is suicidal and his emotional age or a child does. civilized country do this surely not but there may be
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a light at the end of the tunnel the home secretary has until october the sixteenth to decide whether she'll block the extradition gary's mother has high hopes as does his lawyer who won't give up if the worst happens to have been to the supreme court twice we've been to the house of lords we've been to the high court so you know there's we've exhausted every possible nickel charming challenge we can because as they got him all absolutely sure and convinced that if would commit suicide so we're talking about man's life we're told now has built a successful practice on fighting water is seen as one sided extradition rules in the treaty with the us the americans must only show reasonable suspicion if they want to extradite a briton compared with probable cause going the other way the result nine times more britons have been extradited than americans it's a treaty that even david blunkett the home secretary here is signed it in two
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thousand and three admits was a mistake it's now under review but so far it's just words also just talk has been prime minister david cameron and his. deputy nick clegg's supports but gary mckinnon both were loudly on his side while in opposition but after two and a half years in power there's been no action all the while the cases roll up to forty five year old gary of almost a quarter of his life and taken a potentially irreversible toll on his health is beginning to wonder who is real and who isn't he says it's like there's a veil between him and the world and sometimes actually feels that it's just not real gary used to cycle used to swim music a sign if gary had been tried in the u.k. at the start he would have served his sentence and been able to put all this behind him by now as it is he's stuck in limbo still liable to sixty years in an american
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jail and still insisting he was only looking for evidence of u.f.o.'s laura smith r.t. london. iran is facing a fresh round of sanctions over its nuclear program the e.q. bans gas exports and bank transfers from the islamic republic top ranks of parents with willingness to compromise more on that in a few moments. a texas mom was arrested and thrown in jail orange jumpsuit and all for neglecting her kids who were playing in front of her house for just a little while a concerned neighbor and sort of say walking across the street you know to talk to the unintended children to find out what's going on went to the total sheep mode
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and immediately called nine one one because children playing it is truly an emergency worth the police's time but i guess it was worth their time because they showed up and slap the cuffs on the mother who claimed that she was there the whole time and of course to punish you for ignoring your children briefly while they play you'll get thrown behind bars because that makes sense where does this culture of fear come from if you leave your kids alone on your own property why does that mean that they are certainly going to die there are dangers out there believe me but living in constant fear abuses your children far worse that's just my opinion. wealthy british scientists on. the.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global. anime with my scars are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on r.g.p. . mission. critical three. three . three. three. three. three blocks. for your media project free media r.t. dot com. and welcome back to our team with me karen terrill a libyan opposition stronghold is facing an ongoing sea usual with residents calling for international help the conflict in bani walid is already killed ten
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people in a series of armed confrontations last week they seized began when the national congress tried to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who captured crocodile three but residents refused to hand them over dr abdul hamid all sean dorney a from the bani walid council is stuck in the middle of the battle but the boys had a. lot of credit out of thirty three piece north but i had no food no fuel no can not sorry i don't know you are all too little bit what do you fall off the fuel and the current. but i want to get all the malaysians of british fighting if you want them to fire you would want to do what's convenient pretty how to be good i don't know who did it but ministers were starting to get a body what do you do if i don't go put it in before. i think they are there for the work you do or do you are there and work there and we're. not going to
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contribute that we've got a government that we. know about the people that come through but do you. the e.u. has imposed fresh sanctions on iran the measures targeting the banking sector and gas exports are aimed at forcing to curb its nuclear program amid fears after an atomic bomb on sunday around said it might consider limiting the enrichment of higher grade uranium if it's allowed to have fuel for a research reactor let's discuss this now with professor hamas f.l. up from the campaign against sanctions and military intervention in iran thank you so much professor for joining r.t. now that says it while sanctions to get iran back to the negotiating table but talk ron has never refused to talk and is even now suggesting that it may curb uranium enrichment after all so why all the new sanctions. well actually the u.s. policies against iran have always been designed by the new conservatives and these
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are already lobby so that the negotiations with iran faded rather than succeed in fact are absolutely no justification for any kind of sanctions against iraq including the original u.n. sections because it won't has a lot of that version of its nuclear nuclear program into a bit as a shim program. or your reports have always poorly to always confirm this there's absolutely no evidence that iran has had any military studies in the past so all of this is designed to negotiations fail because the u.s. and the e.u. . all interested in a regime change they want so they want the iranian people to hurt so much so that there is less discontent in the country roads so that they can pave the road for a regime change in iraq in the same way that brought about the regime change and you are now professor at the at iran's foreign minister says fresh sanctions won't
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do any damage to the country but the iranian currency has been losing value over the past few months do you think is just putting on a brave face. well actually it's obvious that the sanctions hurt people but the same time it's. increasingly weigh the people against the west because even some sectors of the middle classes in iran who have been traditionally pro-west know are quite hostile to the united states and the e.u. and all the hawkish policies against iran because they see that it is not a war on who is not trying to negotiate in good faith it is the united states and e.u. who fail to negotiate in good faith and that's remember that all opinion polls and you want to show that the majority of. more hardline that the iranian government when it comes to a civilian nuclear program. now israel has been threatening to bomb iran's nuclear facilities how do you see iran responding to such threats. i don't think israel
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is able to wage a military strike against iran be active collaboration and cooperation with the united states but if there is this crazy act of a military strike against iran either by israel or by the united states or both of them i think there would be strafed very very severe response by a wall and this will shoot the price of oil very high it would bring down the economy into a deep depression this is actually what the leader of the i.m.f. has said the tensions in the persian gulf bring about a deep depression like to the thirty's in europe and therefore he wants every television against any kind of military strike is going to be swift very very severe and they have repeatedly said that is would not survive this hour on live
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from london from the campaign against sanctions and military intervention and iran professor abbas of a lot thank you for your time on r.t. thank you. and your study has revealed a staggering rise in birth defects among among iraqi children conceived in the aftermath of the u.s. led war the findings were published monday bulletins of environmental contamination and toxicology it suggested american and british ammunition has cost high rates of miscarriages and birth defects professor christopher busby from the european committee on radiation risks believes the invading nations should take responsibility for what they did. it actually supports the work that we did and published about a month ago which did have formal evidence brought from the flu to general hospital there are high levels of lead and mercury which we also found in the head of the mothers of the children with congenital malformation we believe quite strongly that it was a uranium weapons the new uranium weapons that were used in fallujah and of course
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they used an awful lot of depleted uranium in as well and i reported this whole issue about the uranium in the head and the congenital malformation at the united nations human rights council last month and there was an awful lot of interest in it there so we would hope that the united nations might actually put some pressure on the united states now to come clean about the kind of weaponry that they were using and i'm sure they were using a lot of experimental weaponry in fallujah which is why we see these enormous increases in congenital malformation. chain reaction posi riots style protests go international the latest copycat stunt took place in london same paul's cathedral four women from the occupy movement chained themselves during sunday service in protest at the wealthy church ling's to break banks. plus why heading into the red light district may no longer be anonymous police in the us have decided the most effective method to combat prostitution is just to name and shame
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the punters. now into some more news making international headlines today the turkish army has killed eight kurdish militants in the southeast of the country during a raid on their compound the years old conflict with the kurdistan workers party has grown increasingly violent over the summer turkey has syria army and the kurds . more than three hundred taliban militants attacked a small police chopper post in northwest pakistan really seven people including a senior police official insurgents armed with heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenade stormed the post late on sunday two of the dead were big headed and the building and police vehicles burn areas on the outskirts of peshawar help witness a string of ambushes over the past few months. right across the border two boys and a girl were killed in southern afghanistan by nato air strike targeting the taliban
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the united states confirmed it had killed two insurgents who were planting mines along the road as well as three children walking nearby civilian casualties and nato and taliban raids have severely tested relations between washington and kabul and sparked anti-u.s. protests all right katie will be here with all the latest business in just a few moments. download the official application cellphone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch on t.v. any time and the.
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culture is the same up and taxpayers' money coming in to one hundred zero zero zero m. a real training again we are told the global economy risk getting back into recession just three years after pulling out of the previous growth is slowing in. i'm in sochi the latest city in europe on the host of the twenty fourteen winter the pick a. sunset. thank you. tsotsi. thank you the. dog days of. the fridays it. picks come out of the. sun sea it's so true.
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to business now low energy to cross the globe an increased competition means that russia's gas major gas problem is now getting requests from the european partners for a discount on their contracts that we've got it's lose energy giant any insisting
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on counseling a key contract provision the take or pay clause now at is present palos got only is reportedly also true moves the clause if he's to renew the expiring contract now the take all pay presence of all means that any either takes a specified volume of gas from gazprom all pays a penalty on the fine could reach eighty five percent of the price loss to any reported a loss of six hundred twenty. one point five really euros in the take a. symbolic action in the us stocks they are due to holding on to the gains will be able to see around half a percent of the dow jones and the nasdaq around the course does that us off the american retail sales ounces or groups hope the estimates are too big news releases that positive action will also stay with us this is nobel prize in economics has
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been given to two american game theorist that alvin brought lloyd play they were awarded the prize to studies in the matchmaking taking place the daughters of coupled with hospitals students with schools and human organs with patients in need of the. will be able to see as you can see it was danes as well they had a reason to get in the us because china was a few wearing the sentiment of the inflation dropped in the us giving hopes of that policy easing measures for the economy to that use while you're there let's see how the common currency is getting all the is losing out to the u.s. dollar. the same can be said for the robot as well these are actually the closing figures for the russian cars the last of the way about but it did i don't think you're either of us in may and this is a lost moment so at the end of the day that's as oil continues to struggle that.
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would also be getting some comments as well because the. finance minister couldn't he said they said that the volatility of all prices is stressing russia's growth as its budget last year depends on oil revenues as i was saying the former finance minister explains what for in case the trend continues. the first scenario which is also the base one is the status quo given the current gold prices institutions and markets will improve but at a slow pace the second scenario involves a sharp drop in crude prices triggering a major cuts in infrastructure and education spending the third scenario is the most difficult one it involves the improvement of public institutions that compensates for falling oil prices this requires white support to get implemented. next i was talking to a staff at silly a citizen writer and director of the new york unit.


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