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one building and we have a situation in syria where one hundred two hundred sometimes even three hundred people die per day. and all the world leaders come they meet in one building and they go away to their respective capitals. and very little or nothing was actually done i think quite on a just my personal opinion. it's a fairly or of my other mental proportions you know this is the best institution that we have the united nations it has many flaws it's got to be reformed it's got to be revitalized we're going to be very careful how we do it but because we must now break what we have because what we have right now is the best multilateral institution in the world with some kind of rules that in my opinion need to be respected human g to be it's actually probably the only time that you have all
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these powerful leaders in one building at one time it is rare occasion when delegations such as you know the u.s. delegation in the iranian delegation are able to speak directly if they want to do they or adversaries countries that don't necessarily get along seize the opportunity to its full potential who are insured you know. mary feeling is that this is just being used to its full potential. the doc with everybody and then when i. did you have a chance to talk to discern. what the core like that is very relevant and happens to be. true and forgiveness stick to their position. when i was trying to be nice and asking why the. opportunity because when are you going. i have another opportunity maybe next september actually there are political
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and i would say short term political consideration mostly drive by the mastic politics that are preventing those people from using the you know general assembly meeting for the full potential general assembly resolutions are not binding on states even less binding are on individuals from what i understand the jihad is going to be considering an anti blasphemy resolution a resolution proposed in the aftermath of the violent reaction to anti muslim film made in the us if adopted what can it cheap the insurgents from the general simply be curie. significant more away. and given the or reach in sinai the universal representation of the mankind i think they do carry a very very special message which currently going on with regard to blasphemy.
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something that in my opinion can seriously affect. stability in the entire world and it goes really to the heart of the civilization frictions. are in many ways coloring. this if you read the economic and geopolitical situation of today. there are a lot of people who have different points of view on this issue and its religious feelings meaning there are serious. versus the freedom of speech as president of the general assembly will do my best to work with all sides with all parties. to point. to this debate in the general assembly to make sure that the sixty seven session resolution. blasphemy does carry
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significant moral weight and has passed but i have asked which you have laid out many priorities for your presidency including revitalizing the general assembly there's many ways in which you plant that one specifically that set out to me is when you spoke of bridging this divide that you say exists within the ga the g one seventy three first the g. twenty can you elaborate on what that divide is and how you plan on bridging the g twenty is an informal group of countries that you know got themselves together and started working together in order to discuss how to improve the world economic governance the rest of the world the hundred seventy three countries. i know part of this debate there are a lot of suspicions there are a lot of tensions stemming out of this fact there are these twenty guys who are
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working together closely in order to change things and the way they decide actually influenced the entire mankind one deflection opinion should use of the serbian presidency of the general assembly is actually creation of a consultative mechanism. between the g twenty and the rest of the world so that on one side the one hundred seventy two three countries who are not part of the g twenty can contribute with their thoughts and ideas to the worst of the g twenty and that the g twenty can actually benefit from their insight the insight of one hundred seventy three and also in turn be able to better answer questions related to the legitimacy of the g twenty it will make the general assembly a place for economic discourse for a discourse of one of the most important topics in today's world and i very much
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will that certainly and russia can work closely together in making it happen because serbia is presiding over the general assembly this year and russia is presiding over the g. twenty you are youngest person to ever be elected to the position of president of the general assembly for i don't mind saying or thirty six years old what kind of message do you think this sunstein young people around the world but specifically also in serbia in a way i believe this was a. a vote of confidence. placed in the world twenty years ago our country was actually pushed out of the general assembly we were suspended from the membership in the general assembly almost exactly twenty years to the date when serbia took over presidency in two thousand and twelve we went through a lot of difficulties. we had in the last few years very complicated
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diplomacy to conduct at the plate at times confrontational but i think we did a good job in the end of the day we put in front of the world the vote of confidence in serbia as capability to be a constructive integral member of the international community we won this vote and we want to make the best out of it in order to show that serbia is capable. of contributing to world peace and stability and working very closely with the rest of the world in pushing the pruett is going great i want to ask you about an issue involving kosovo the european commissioner released its report on the e.u.'s in bargeman strategy twenty in two thousand and twelve with respect to serbia the european commission has called on serbia to respect the quote territorial integrity of kosovo now the report clearly implies the way in which i read it that kosovo is
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an independent state. now that is despite the fact that kosovo unilaterally declared independence in two thousand and still remains under the administration of the united nations what do you make of this report it is a report in the context of serbian. accession to the european union and of course it is down to the serbian government to decide how to deal with this these findings in these recommendations i'm no longer part of the serbian government have full trust in the serbian government that they are going to all treated. in the way that is in line with serbia's constitution and democratic will overwhelming democratic will of serbian people but when it comes to territorial integrity. as well as sovereignty. here in the u.s. we are worried about respecting severin team through total integrity of country.
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member states serbia's one such member states possibles. i don't expect ever to become one so my job is to worry about sovereignty and territorial integrity of u.n. member states including serbia course was an internal affair. serbia corroborated by disappeared the council's parameters set out in the supreme council resolution four forty four president the cameras thank you very much for your time thank you very much.
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the cuban missile crisis games and reality t.v. . will include a true science technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves. much problem but also among others involved in the monsoon and since i started working in amman i stated. to nationals. cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is an acceptable local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals in order to protect our
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lives mitt. families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups prices columbia going to pay. the modest effect on r.t. . if. brighton if you mean about sound from finest impressions. from stones on t.v. don't.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are old today. to build a new. mission to teach me. why you should.
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only. mission free accreditation the free transfer charges free arrangement free. three stooges side free. download free blogs just quality video for your media projects a free media oh god r t dot com. scotland's
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nationalist government has two years to convince the nation it's better off outside the u.k. the campaign is on after london and edinburgh sealed and stored agreement on a scottish independence referendum for twenty four team. president asa foreign enemies are arming as lawmakers stream is in syria who are poised to seize power if the regime falls according to u.s. officials they claim most weapons being smuggled into the compound sonar and the gap in the hands of radicals. have already court gets ready to hear the appeal of the village job jailed human rights activist who was sentenced to three years the saugus this s. clashes still go on between pro reform demonstrators demanding an end to wall rule and the country's security forces. that's the headlines here in our sports next
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weekend. thanks marina have you with the sporting headlines this tuesday morning in central . home hopes fabio capello and russia will seek to extend their perfect running qualifying for world cup twenty fourteen tonight against the other by john in moscow. staying putt liverpool owners decide to redevelop their on field stadium instead of building a new arena elsewhere in the city. matters the influx of talent into the concept of a hockey league from across the atlantic continues this time it's the case. russia's national football team will be seeking to extend their one hundred percent record in world cup twenty fourteen qualifying later on tuesday their take on
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azerbaijan and a game they're expected to win with something to spare. russia's world cup qualifying campaign is going from strength to strength nine points from three games and no goals conceded sees them sit top of the group capello saw and put in a very good battling performance against the portugal team run for from the world on supplies on a certainly not in the same class and almost one hundred places below the russians however the italian is expecting a tough game on tuesday. i know their head coach bertie votes very well and i played against him azerbaijan are a well organized side under disciplined i have noticed that they have a number of decent footballers who could cause problems and also have the potential to create something out of nothing capello has hinted that he may make one or two changes to the starting line up the plate against the portuguese did these crucial call from a replacement to face all in who was brought up at half time look i'm a cheap midfielder put in a good performance and he says he's expecting his side to be on the attack for long
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periods on tuesday. i'm pretty sure that as a boy john will look to defend the numbers when the game gets underway i'm expecting a tough game and it will be difficult to break them down russia really have a healthy goal difference and with azerbaijan being one of the weaker side to make group this game could be a good chance to score even more goals however captain eager to nice of says he'll be happy if russia win one nil and get all three points the main thing for me is that will win i'm prepared for us to play scrappy football and get to one nil victory but the most important thing is that we win i really want to play in a world cup as i haven't played in one yet in my career i'm more than prepared to win every game one nil as long as you make it to brazil. russia will start a strong favorites when they take on as a by john another healthy crowd is expected of illusion in the stadium and it seems as food they are getting the fans back onside after a disappointing campaign at the euros and of capello's men get over the points on
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tuesday better taken another small stride in their quest to qualify for the next world cup automatically fabio capello's enjoyed a dream start to his career is the head coach of the russian national football team as they proudly sit top of group path with maximum points so far what might stop azerbaijan where russia will be hot favorites to win as they look to continue very impressive record and make it four wins out of four pretty from portland r.t. to moscow. house where the pick of the fixtures this evening sees world champions spain tick on france both teams have a perfect record in group by although the spaniards have won their last three meetings with the blue including their euro two thousand and twelve quarterfinal clash last june. and then the day goes by that in football you always have to respect your rival for me france is one of the most dangerous teams spain has played against so we have to make the best of the great time our team is going through and to make a definite match if we don't have a great game it will be impossible to win them but meanwhile in group c.
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germany fresh from their six one mauling of ardent hosts sweden real madrid midfielder samik a deer is the team's only type of a hamstring injury. men who can boast a perfect record of qualifying so far over the man at the helm is well aware of this we can agree on a particular their big man up front. it's usually. stephanie the fence if player of the swedish team is focused on game of each he's a terrific player and able to find solutions in difficult situations and even more importantly he's able to score goals to. one of the most famous football stadiums in the world will be remaining just start feeling a little spiritual home this week given the go ahead for an expansion a decade after raising plans of building a brand new stadium at stanley park the reds have announced they would rather redevelop on field instead the grounds capacity is one of the main issues with fifteen thousand seats to be added to the forty five thousand there at the moment
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fans will also get the chance to stay at the stadium overnight with the club set to build a hotel on the site has been home to liverpool for one hundred twenty years. to tennis where the latest edition of the kremlin cup is picking up pace right here in the russian capital in the men's tournament just the two seeded players are not choose the argentinian carla spurlock will take one on the record yet solved all three time champion who will face fellow countryman alex vogel of junior. demands out of action there and women of action should say there's also just the two seed of players taking to the hard courts former french open semifinalist dominique it's a book but kicks things off you can see a company in the car of a in what could be a tricky test for her while later fifth seed money to travel into her classroom means simona halep as heavy favorite. brings us to the ice where there was a busy day in the kontinental hockey league on monday with eleven games taking
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place across europe the day started well for the home side and with a fine card up to mobilise the. course all recording wins then broke out run these into a four one win a new five. game of the day though was and doggedly the top team in the eastern conference truck tour versus the second rank squad in the west lockable t.v. on the heels of the rising the fifty one not after a shootout. elsewhere claimed their biggest win of the season on the expense of spartak nifty him it just defeated czech side live and. made it three wins from four with victory over server style high flying sky with their large n.h.l. contingent novokuznetsk on slovakia from slovakia age the polish on russian. so the n.h.l. lockout is still underway in north america but it's not only the stars of the game who are flocking to the cape shell youth players from across the u.s.
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have arrived in russia to take part in a training program between the two nations constantine to top off his more. well a lot of russia's hope is stories of playing in the cage kill during the initial look out they're also busy over the ice every fan dreams of having his picture taken with them and this aboard is i'm no different but to do so they'd made the very long trip from the united states to see the likes. before the ship out i had no idea i want to never expected that but i mean when i when i found out that we were going to meet. him. i wasn't expecting it all to me any proceed all i mean . i was super amazed to see him hold these youngsters are participating in an international program that supports efforts to strengthen relationships between the people of the united states and russia and as is often the case sports is proving to be the best means of diplomacy for evie it was still
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a shock to the russian kids to get to know them and how like it's like how fun it was our. relationship but. yeah she mentioned it's just a different. thing hey you know. these exchange system started back in two thousand and nine as a board to finland women between the two countries it's not only about playing hockey together my thought is just the medium it's what brings us together we all love the sport we all play it we play it you know a little differently but at the end of the day it's still i saw but it gets us all on the same page and then from there we start communicating and bring in our cultures together sport has often proved to be ineffective with schemes including changes bring people together in something they both enjoy each morning actually improves cultural understanding and so this experience may remain with the young players in ways even more memorable than ice hockey can send in by the party.
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and number future and fans there are no doubt that is your sport i'll see you in just under two hours time. well for the. money it's technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've dumped the future covered. the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves. but also among
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other involved in the monsoon and since i started working at the moment i stated. multinationals. cash cow to be milked dry i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals people in order to protect our lives our families and to work in piece of. news blog post that we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for prices colombia going to pay. the modest effect on r.t. .
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are all day. what's the strangest. president trying to overthrow a foreign country. recognized. the cuban missile crisis games and brianna.
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what's really happening to the global economy. headlines.
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