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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the battle for scotland begins referendum deal hammered out with london springboards two years of heavy pro and anti independence campaign. president assad's foreign enemies are. extremists in syria who are poised to seize power if the regime falls this according to u.s. officials. about any court is hearing the appeal of jailed human rights activist not real job continuing clashes between prover form demonstrators and the country's security forces.
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he is coming to you live from moscow city center with twenty four hour global news i'm showing centuries of unified britain may come to an end in two thousand and fourteen with a referendum on scottish independence and agreement giving the green light to the vote in two years time has been sealed in edinburgh by two of the top men in u.k. politics. now examines exactly what's at stake. firing the starting. with that pens and what's being dubbed the edge of red green it is signed it's being described as the most important political decision to face the united kingdom for three hundred years that prime minister david cameron the first minister alex salmond meeting to sign a historic deal on an independence referendum the battle for scotland begins after years of political rang. the face fighting will now commence based sides who want
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to put their arguments forward and some people who've already getting their claws out in his press conference alex salmond had to field a question asking why he wants to tear up the british flag. at the b.b.c. . we have developed a new relationship between the peoples of so i think. that's what we're trying to build points a focus of both sides will be the economy and if she's of defense whether scott then with the strong get going it alone really is better where it is and the referendum to be held to will see enda twenty fourteen will focus on a single question whether scotland becomes independent or not helping the much meted third option that would have seen more powers going to scotland last
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remaining inside the union this is now an all or nothing game with the polls have been consistent over the past decade if not longer the support for independents remains at about a third of the population it doesn't really get much higher than that because those in the pro union camp may seem outwardly confident as the pro and the pendants group are quick to point out the outcome of this fight is far from the given. that we were going to be very. hard. indeed the s.n.p. now hold sixty nine hundred twenty nine seats in parliament but the stake. the high
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many feel the first minister has bet his career for the worst scotland to vote for independence it would be said to lee's a third of its land mass and most of its oil and say with everything still to play for these were the first concrete steps on the way to possible scottish independence surf city edinburgh. and while london claims that edinburgh will not be able to cope on its own those against the nation's independence of bluffing and this according to scottish m.p.'s linda fabiani scotland has quite clearly couple of being a fine group it's very interesting that when the new parties to the conservatives the liberal plant in the democrats they are no longer seeing scotland couldn't make it i think a really interesting is a very very exciting time for scotland and that everyone has to lay out their style and maybe up to us those who believe in independence those who believe that
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scotland can be a better country if it's independent makes a sort of decisions we show. it to the scottish people and the such are the ones who want people to vote no the key is for staying in the union and by the thiel scotland and scots would be checked. in one thousand kingdom. this is our duty now most of the weapons being smuggled to the syrian rebels from abroad bolstering the strength of us law make it stream ists that's according to u.s. officials who say that radical elements are poised to take over syria if indeed assad falls. as the latest. the u.s. has admitted that the aid which they have been sending towards the syrian rebels actually does not end up in the hands of the groups which they were hoping it would end up in quite on the contrary the united states officials are now saying that in fact the money that they keep sending over which then goes towards the purchasing
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of arms which end up in the hands of the islamist extremist groups the arms are being purchased by qatar and saudi arabia which have a tendency to prefer the radical movements such as the sellers who then end up with these. extremely expensive weapons which they then use against the troops of president bashar also even. the secular opposition groups within syria itself are saying that they simply cannot afford to buy the same type of arms which are being used by the radicals neither do they can they afford the cameras which are being used by these radical groups such as the free syrian army who are then using it to broadcast their accomplishments or failures on you tube and the like of course the united states administration at this point is concerned that the arms are ending up in the hands of the extremist groups because they fear that may mean in the future that these groups will turn into insurgencies which then will retaliate against the
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united states of course there are also other diplomats within the middle eastern circuits were saying at this point a lot of people are being frustrated with the syrian opposition who have proven that they unfortunately cannot unite over one plan according to the something diplomats cited by various media sources. come to the conclusion that the syrian opposition is essentially a large conglomerate of smaller groups who spend their time bickering and cannot come to any one agreement and it's this very fact that there is no agreement or there is no clear cut plan which is also worrying to the united states now u.s. officials are saying that. it's because there is no plan as to what's going to happen in the future the fear that is president bush are all all said is ousted that will mean that in the turmoil which follows there will be a civil war in which the radical islamist groups will be much better armed and will be a lot better financed than the secular groups and that will just mean they play out
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all the libyan scenario all over again. it's ridiculous you're reporting right now a court. hearing an appeal from prominent human rights activist not bill job he's currently serving a three year sentence for organizing and participating in illegal protests sentence in august brought hundreds of pro-forma demonstrators onto the streets demanding his release but on rest and beyond ongoing now for more than twenty months of fights between police and demonstrators erupting almost daily around eighty people have been killed since the clashes began and thousands arrested in crackdowns by the sunni rules on the mostly shia campaigners the protesters are demanding more equal rights equal access to jobs and education opportunities for my boss or any m.p. side. who started off thought he is are simply afraid of losing their grip on power . i do believe that the our city of rain is still not enough
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choose to understand their people they are gambling on security solution. politics solution they are using power other than their brain and logic the people in bahrain they have nothing in their hand to challenge the authority but they are thirty they don't want to lead to the dialogue stage because they reached a dialogue stage and they will change their agenda they will lose the opportunity they are going to give the people more power they also if you will on to the time against our interest we are paying them well some people are killed some people are in jail for reasons that we can understand like not be a great job hundreds of people they are jailed for just they express their opinion
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two or three days back they are said the children. for the friday last friday a protestant protestant man or so this is and last a list of thirty take an action to understand us so late for work and not to go to their agendas. ten minutes past the hour moscow time this is on t.v. and in the program back to court five guantanamo bay detainees allegedly responsible for the nine eleven attacks face military tribunals and yet again raising fears the so-called transparent trial is halfway designed to hide the truth . about french quarter over a barrel as they claim the country's national treasure is slipping through their fingers about them plenty more stories just ahead.
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it's perched atop a jaw and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city to all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance siberian railway but the a spiritual center. scenes like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of worshippers themselves implicity water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighty s. the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies to ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time
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bringing in a third of the state revenue but the location had of the uses for the russians the russian heiress across a revolt against the eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here in droves. they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here and they lead a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leaving this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of a skate but within the year the czar and his family would be dead.
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which brightened. from still. teeth don't come. close to the. technology innovation. developments around russia we've. covered.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on our to today i'm wrong re sushi and the u.s. wants to cover up its torture of military detainees that's according to the lawyers of the five men allegedly responsible for nine eleven the self-proclaimed mastermind of the attacks and his accomplices went back before a military court at the guantanamo bay u.s. naval base on monday. now the case has raised international concern over washington's so-called interrogation techniques the detainees claiming they've been subjected to torture including waterboarding while in cia custody this week's pretrial hearing now has to determine whether to allow the men to speak in court about what happened during their years of custody live coverage from the courtroom will be subject to a forty second sound delay lawyer and retired air force colonel morris davis though
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he thinks this policy of is less about protecting the nation ultimately it's more about saving face. was really a very bizarre process has been used before really what the defense is asking to do here is to deviate from what has been the process in the past and to allow the public through the media to understand what took place but it's a very bizarre environment the spectators are seated behind a glass window where they can see the movement the animation in the from the lips moving in the courtroom but the sound lags thirty seconds or more behind that at times as blanked out entirely so the motions in the words never quite match which i guess at guantanamo is is a program i think by and large is the embarrassment over what we did in trying to keep that quiet i mean i was on a panel last week here in d.c. with one of the senior members of the prosecution team who said all these trials
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are going to be in transparency but as you've seen today i mean if transparency is a forty second sound allay and reporters tweeting from guantanamo and these are extraordinarily transparent but the public can attend and like you said you know the government can pick and choose what it wants to play couch and i think that's the purpose of the military commissions is to try to avoid embarrassment over things that we did in some cases a decade ago. the writer into the artsy world update we go starting with the former bosnian serb leader radovan carriage which has begun his defense of the hague tribunal today he faces ten charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity is also held responsible for the three and a half year long siege of sarajevo during the one thousand nine hundred balkan war which claimed the lives of over twelve thousand people. who was arrested in two thousand and eight denies all charges against him. fire was started as over a thousand protesters gathered outside the parliament building in the portuguese
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capital on monday night with the country's prime minister announced even more biting cuts in store for the austerity burdened country in two thousand and thirteen portugal continues to slide deeper into recession amid mass protests against the disintegrating economy and alarming unemployment. economic strife is also affecting israel where the country's parliament has unanimously voted to dissolve itself after failing to sustain a viable government and early general election has been called now for january two thousand and thirteen with prime minister netanyahu says the reason behind the move is parliament's inability to agree on a new budget this comes on the back of months of wide scale protests over the country's economic situation. i will have the business soon for now though french wine makers who are certainly sounding the alarm they claim the country's finest grapes are falling into foreign hands millionaires from abroad have already bought dozens of vineyards and don't plan on stopping very well paris is just shrugging
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his shoulders saying the deals are completely legal all nationalists warn the future of france will no longer lie in the hands of the french artie's briffa national reports. wind the pizza meal french culture pride and prestige but some see the country's national identity is now threatened by foreigners. hunting for bin years all across the country this shuttle we've just had to have to retain french burgundy region home to one a world famous wines made the headlines after it was purchased by china's entrepreneur former owners forced by financial troubles were forced to sell it and the merchant made an offer twice the market price and that has worried some in the hysteria that followed the front national france's far right party slender deal as emblematic of the danger threatening french heritage with much bigger chateaus already owned by japanese and russians just next door such
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a reaction to this particular sale could be taken as an eco or the so-called barrier join or yellow peril in the sixty's that paranoia of asian world dominance political economic and demographic that seems to be making this comeback these days but there is no smoke without fire michel the owner thirty half there is of shattered only grapes producing two hundred fifty thousand of bottles p. year says the reason problem but it's not that foreigners buy french family vineyards but that the owners have to sell them or put the course taxes are very high and the hardest thing is to cover in the arrogance tax of all many so part of their forms to overcome that and it's progressive every next generation has to pay more for those too michelle will likely sacrifice one head to toe tooth but he fears in fifty years time he'll have sold a lot of foreign investors could be playing a negative role here too taxes depend on the region's average sale prices but with
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some businessman from abroad paying twice or even three times market values the a force in high costs on the locals and that many are worried these investors don't care about the industry they're buying into. these people they come here and they buy land just like they buy a picasso or jewelry are the really good investors the taxes go up because of them but will they keep the wind quo. well we think there should be a state protectionism policy here. but some experts are skeptical of state support saying the french authorities are not only unhelpful but actually trouble making. a commune there are many regulations that impede development to be your brick great things every day enterprise chief has to prove with his lawyers and accountants about and then sent to different ministers or at least two people on social environmental or fiscal securities can you imagine how much effort. while it could
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be directed to really worthwhile things it's not wants and with the eurozone economies in such trouble risks a high these not twice could become too late the industry seems could well and truly be over borrow more if notion r.t. reporting from france. natasha shannon your standing by good to see you today are talking about your hourly business update and of course we've been hearing about this indian energy giant expanding here in russia absolutely right across nafta isn't biting this company called o.-n. g.c. to develop the shelf all the details in just a couple minutes but first let's go to the equity markets and we'll start with europe european equities are gaining maly on reports that spain is well on its way to a bailout plan u.s. futures remain unchanged as wall street prepares for q three reports from the big guys including the coca-cola company johnson and johnson and to goldman sachs here in russia the indices are raising some of its earlier days the my six has slipped
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into red over the past hour the country's biggest one does very bank is among the main movers on the news that it's taken out of one of the house a billion dollar syndicated on the currency market the ruble at the moment is mixed through the currency basket as you can see and the dollar at this hour is edging more work to the european currency. india's energy corporation and g c considers working on russia's shelf the country's oil major ross now has invited its indian counterparts to develop fields in the sea of beholds oh and you see is already working and russia and wants to expand here but it's not just the hydrocarbons but a fast growing middle class and the booming consumer market that's attracting foreign companies to russia and in the five years since the start of the crisis this trend is only getting stronger and that's helping. the middle class and russia
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has tripled over the last five years to more than ten million households not so many but each pulse of the hand has substantially moved buying power then the average in china brazil india a survey of a kitchen p.r. agency based on the opinions of three hundred for investment reveals it's these russian confused attracting investors to the contrary many people from outside think that the most attractive feature is the resources of the oil that's the third and has actually gone down slightly interactiveness the most important one though is the growing in the wealth of the middle class and so that move from second position to first and for the best is see the middle class in the growing middle classes being the most attractive feature of russia the service is showing much more positive enthusiasm for russia compared to five years ago before the crisis in two thousand and seven and so literally over seventy percent of the companies
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invested here feel good about their investment over seventy percent feel the country is on the right path those are really strong numbers russians who are not support is big spenders us to hitting the shops and there are the parts despite the global big story that compares favorably with zero growth rates in the west. if you look at the form of those that are thing off. well enterprises big and small across the globe are struggling to survive the downturn one business that's thriving is the mafia according to the united nations office on drugs and crime the international organized criminal groups are worth almost nine hundred billion dollars that's thirty percent more than the world's most valuable company out. and next on our t.v. we'll talk about how much clout the united nations really wheels in trying to solve various crises around the world our guest is
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a former serbian foreign minister now the president of the un general assembly book here which. downloads you for showing up location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from our time now t.v. is not required to watch arts all you need is your mobile device watch our t.v. any time.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style sign. on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on. the gold fever.
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turns thousands into slaves. must follow but also among other involved in the monsoon and since i started working at the moment i stated. to multinationals. to cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups what price is colombia going to pay. the people the modest effect on r.t. .
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more news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. the general assembly is the main deliberative organ of the united nations one hundred ninety three countries belong and the art of diplomacy is constantly tested the new president at the helm of this sixty seven session is thirty seven year old rick your image he spent the past five years as serbia's foreign minister today he deals with the world's problems sitting down exclusively now with r t mr president thank you very much for sitting down with our take thank you very much indeed my
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pleasure you have assumed the presidency position in a very difficult time these days many would argue that the un. is dealing with somewhat of a crisis in confidence many see the institution as a stage where disagreements are more often displayed rather than all parties seeking or coming to any kind of agreement or solution the most obvious example here is the crisis in syria is the un more about preventing international military interventions rather than resolving conflicts with what i would guess in the last few weeks was a deliberation after delegation and i had the chance to talk to almost everybody and the last couple weeks ninety one bilateral meetings there was ninety one bill actual meetings and then in a week it was it was a pretty tall order but i tried to put forward is the necessity to act swiftly and to the.


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