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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2012 10:00am-10:29am EDT

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bites barack obama and republican opponent mitt romney trade blows in the penultimate presidential t.v. debate but the arrest of the green party candidate outside fails to make the mainstream headlines. iran looks to turn a profit despite the e.u. sanctions by allowing india to settle its oil payments in rupees after transactions in euros were blocked. and russia is ready to welcome pump diva madonna back only this time she's wanted in the courtroom not on stage.
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twenty four hours a day seven days a week this is artsy global news with me rory solution live in moscow barack obama narrowly edged his republican challenger mitt romney in the second installment of what's been dubbed america's most popular reality show the latest televised presidential debate it's all the man class just ahead of next month's crucial poll but one item was missing from the mainstream coverage of the event that of the arrest of a presidential candidate just outside the venue his guy nature can reports from washington. by all accounts this debate was thought to be crucial for the president and and his chances of getting reelected especially after the first debate two weeks ago when the president looked less and less competitive then governor romney this time around he was on the offensive which got the media and his supporters very excited according to television audience polls the president came out as the winner in this debate they kept arguing the tax plan is going to add more to the
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country's gigantic dad true will be better at competing with china and the rest of the world in terms of economic growth and it was very it was very little on foreign policy there was one more debate coming up for the election that one specifically on foreign policy where there was one question about lead and the murder of the american ambassador there and the president did come up with. punchline to that he said this was up we were going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them well as far as leave yeah the administration would want to present the mission of toppling qaddafi as a huge success as they had before the tragic attack this september in benghazi but now it's hard to cover up the fact that libya is very far from that success story that it's a mess with radical forces on the rise but again these debates are not about discussions they're more about who's going to deliver a better punchline who will provide for a better show essentially and this is the news cycle here where you focus entirely
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on around the debates has been like one big reality t.v. show with all these never ending discussions on the body language of the candidates all the channels do that by experts to analyze the candidates smile with body potion as they stand up where they sit down during the debate they are of course have this cardiogram with the viewers reaction to what they're saying so there is a very skilled pool guild out of excitement here which makes great reality t.v. but it's a big question whether americans really have a choice something that has gotten cool. please unnoticed uncovered by the mainstream media here by this nonstop reality t.v. was the arrest the arrest of a presidential candidate in this election jule styne nominee from the green party she was arrested shortly before the debate right outside the town hall where this debate was being held that she and her running mate were protesting their exclusion from these presidential debates they were asked to leave they refused to do so and
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they were arrested for blocking the traffic the fact that there are other candidates in this presidential election outside these two parties very few americans know anything about that is because as jule styne told me when we set down for an interview a few months ago they're being pushed out of the debates by those who are interested in keeping a two horse race she was referring to special interests take a listen what they really have is the support of the one percent and then they have a propaganda campaign going on and intensive public relations and psychological warfare that's intended to convince people that they don't have any options the american system is designed to eliminate political opposition like some of the. you know dictatorships that we criticize the rigged political systems in many ways the american system is also rigged but in ways that are not as straightforward will be on ballots although not in all states she was also telling me how hard it is for
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an independent candidate to get on those ballots in the u.s. that every state has its own intricate rules centrally designed to keep it a two party race as far as the big televised presidential debates there are organized by the democratic and republican parties through the commission on presidential debates so there's not much enthusiasm on part of that commission to let a third party in but you would think the media that's somewhere between discussing the body language of the candidates the chemistry on stage the dresses of the wives that somewhere between all those things they would meant. in the arrest of a presidential candidate but no it's being completely ignored. you can reporting right there and as she said a guy and i did speak to the green party's presidential candidate jill stein you can watch the interview in full in approximately a twenty five minutes from now right here of course on our team. now the candidates from the green libertarian and constitution parties have been excluded from t.v.
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debates and largely ignored by the media politics professor stephen zunes says it's america's a tour or system that ultimately robbing people of a genuine choice. unfortunately the choice is not as great as many of us would like to see. so one problem with the american political system is that we don't have apportion representation we have so it's a winner take all system by state through the electoral college pretty much realistically anyway the only choices are these two main parties combine the fact they have more to get elected specially the president you need to raise millions and millions of dollars and you have to of course go to people who have that kind of money and many americans myself included with both refer to the political system where we could get our conscience vote our ideals vote for what we believe in and said we seem to be naturally stuck in this cycle every four years or so of voting
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story the lesser evil many respects. but well frustrated as i am that there is not more differences between the candidates at the same time i do i do recognize. that you can even these small differences fit have major major repercussions what will change when america picks is pressed it amid muslim rage working the iran tight rope pushing china russia as occupy hunger spreads the two parties still dictate will there be. a selection of clothes when they are beginning october twenty second. it's good to have you with us here on our t.v. today libyan rebels executed sixty seven khadafi fighters and possibly the dictator himself a year ago that's according to a new report by human rights watch and the loyalists of the regime are said to have been abused and the findings also imply the very same militias that toppled the
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colonel still play a major role in libyan politics let's not talk of the president of the arab boys association joining us live here on our t.v. today good to see you the group's findings call into question the whole official line that moammar gadhafi was killed in crossfire what do you make of it well i think churchill said that the first big to move forward is the truth. of the government in libya saying well the rebels have sad nato has indeed even the major powers that the u.s. and britain are all telling a lie to say the least this is this revelation is not. does not document it but it is not new everybody expected that the number i've attended a number of hearings in the human rights council whereby people who are questioning the number of civilians who have killed by nato when i venue of the day nato and the u.s. and western powers. themselves involved in removing the regime without knowing who
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with whom they are going to bed they have not looked at what is the possibility that after any any attempt to try and say that the pollution won't lead with some sort of a policy within libya this is just not correct the people revolted nato jumped on board and that's the result of it so of course the human rights abuses were my feet by the revolution and my nato and nato plays and. to be growth and a full responsibility it's very embarrassing this revelation. to the western powers i was i was going to say some id call it embarrassing that he we have the issues that libyan. executed sixty seven khadafi fighters and of course the leader of self and of course they were being backed by nato the entire time the report appears though just days before libya celebrates the anniversary of a sort of fall qaddafi's hometown since then the country's new leaders have depended heavily on.
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when the government is taking very hard line on for instance benny with heat they're using. their bombing it from the air and rockets because really when he was one of the towns which stood against the intervention of the outside world you have the factions between the islamists. so these all these factions are. taking the law into their own because it's totally in control they're trying to paper on the tracks by this process which is going on the political one i hope they succeed but this is again it reminds of the situation what they have done in iraq for instance when they create these various factions within one against the each other and then at the end of the day with them in the same uniform and they called the army well the allegiance does not lie with the nation so that the armed forces in libya well those are the weapons at the moment there and legions is not
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to libya their allegiance is either to their tribe or their town or their background or indeed their politics when you talk about these tribal factions you know having no legions here and you you know we bring up the issue of the government and you mentioned moments ago the government has no control over what's truly happening in libya do you think libya how does it come to a point of benefiting since that gadhafi regime was ousted. well i wouldn't expect revolutions to produce results positive results for the people but what we have the disturbing thing is that everything in libya at the moment is going bad that. the western powers. whatever their motives were democracy and all that really at the end of the day it is just the financial interest you're italy in france and britain and america. falling over each other each one of them is macky one group or another whoever can get them the business the people are certainly suffering at the moment more than they did and duffy that he was a dictator he was
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a madman he was doing all the bad things for the people but that is funny when the people who are against him at the present moment we have a situation where the libyans pitched against each other the government is some of them the tribes one against each other the only thing that is going is the oil and that's as long as. the world will not remember libya we're not think about it human rights watch and other. human rights organizations are raising beach issue quite rightly so. they are dealing with this issue when they know that in fact you know one man looks at chris stevens the u.s. ambassador who actually he's a u.s. ambassador and he goes there and take a picture a photograph with the body of qaddafi showing the thumbs up signal now isn't that an abuse of human rights is that what the geneva convention says about people who want to kill is this the respect of human rights but that is
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a different issue what we come out so this is an activity in this aspect on the politicians not on the side of the human eye sore going to all of the other organizations those people are doing their job what has happened there is contrary to the human or national law it's first it's you it's war crimes and people should be on setting for that. but does that include nato people are talking of does india does that does it include nato and does it include any members of nato actually being held to account in the international criminal court at the hague that i wish we had more time for this we don't have the president of the arab lawyers association many thanks for coming on our to you today. the material girl is wanted back in russia madonna's stage presence could cost millions of dollars in moral damages for gay propaganda that and other stories just ahead for.
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its perched atop a jaw drop and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city to all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance siberian railway but the poles cremains a spiritual center. things like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of also docks worshippers themselves implicity water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of
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its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the balls committed location head of the uses for the russians the russian the crowd a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here in droves. they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also serves up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office where the guard nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they had a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves. ordinary normal countryside life style they even have a state but within the year the czar and the family would be dead.
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worldwide news live from moscow this is r.t. with me rory sushi and a prominent of russian opposition sort of soft as been arrested in a criminal investigation opened against him he was accused of plotting mass riots in russia by a recent documentary which claimed he received millions of dollars and orders from georgia to course on rest of the now joins me live for more on this developing story here in ohio peter good to see you can you bring us up to speed. but we're hearing from the left front the party which. is the leader of and also some of his supporters on twitter that he has been arrested and will be held for the next forty eight hours with further questioning by the investigative committee now this is in
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connection with an ongoing probe by the investigative committee into proposed organization of riots here in russia you know this all comes off the back of a documentary the second part of a documentary called the nazi me a protest which i just recently here in russia now following that documentary going to the investigative committee decided to look into what was described as shown in the film and investigate the facts there now that resulted in them searching this. apartment as well as the father and said homes of those who supported it following nazi was brought. questioning we're now hearing that he has been arrested and will remain in custody for at least the next forty eight hours for further questioning now this documentary shows you. having a conversation with a georgian national who we understand has very prominent connections with the government in glee seat. says that yes he did have
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a conversation with georgian citizen and they were discussing financing for his for his policy left front however he denies that he ever discussed the organization of demonstrations or all protests with not certain about that said a gentleman no. he's just been brought to the investigative committee for further questioning what we've seen is a group of around fifty of. supporters coming out to the front of the investigative committee headquarters which is just behind me over there they've been showing their support for him where police are on the scene and we are hearing that around two people behave as a few more have been detained by police now the reasons for that to still unknown however as you can see this is a very busy intersection and those demonstrated those people who came out in support of. had been spilling out onto the road some of them wouldn't willing to get back on to the pavements when they were asked by police now concerning these charges that the criminal investigation
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a good thing this criminal investigation that's been opened by the investigative committee that brings about a potential sentence should in this to be charged to become victim of up to ten years so these are a very serious charges indeed should they be brought against him of course we'll bring you all the latest here on r.t. as it comes in. all of our life in central moscow thank you. well for now germany finds a weeds on the path to a green a future find out how turning away from the dangers of atomic energy might actually be a step too far i want its neighbors build nuclear. power stations are right on its doorstep. also online for you reports suggest the boots of american troops may well overstep the deadline day that they promise to leave afghanistan. for twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital tehran says it's working with new delhi to find ways to settle payments for iranian oil currently about half of india's payments are made in euros the latest e.u.
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sanctions buying all dealings with iranian banks iran's have been under consistent pressure over its nuclear program amid fears it might be after an atomic bomb on top of the e.u. or embargo financial and trade sanctions nineteen iranian t.v. and radio stations have been taken off the air in europe but energy hungry asian countries refuse to comply with the european restrictions with india saying it won't reduce the amount of oil it buys from iran political analyst ceramic charlier says the e.u. just cannot dictate to the rest of the world the indian government is going for that we're not going to cut down on any more our iranian oil imports and then we will continue buying from them and therefore the financial arrangements and we will know what i think now that there is a time for a regional currencies to gain ground and for training to happen in alternative currencies far from the euros and the dollars i've seen the longer the train go on
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and the sanctions will not impact india's ability to have relations with iran european astutely. grace it's i think they are punching above the are we in trying to impose a solution on the iranian question and i think it is fanciful to imagine that you're up against a whole. screen actor in trying to force iran onto its nice i think the west unfortunately is not interested in a solution they want to keep this part morally short of war i mean the real solution is no sanctions no war we want better luck here. really you know most of us feel a seemingly i mean this is totally unreasonable the kind of pressure that's being exerted on a country when the allegation that it's developing nuclear weapons is not even brewing this impasse has been going on for years not and we would like to see how we could more leave from the three hundred you change and these kind of warfare toward solutions six russian sailors and one estonian crew member have been kidnapped by armed pirates off the southern coast of nigeria the incident took
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place on monday but the french shipping company operating the vessel only released the details today and nine other crew members managed to escape the kidnappers and have successfully docked with a nigerian port of on board the ships operators said it set up an emergency group to liberate the sailors as soon as possible russia's embassy in the african country has confirmed the abduction adding that no sailors were injured during the assault of the gulf of guinea is the second most dangerous region after somalia for pirate attacks. well the pop diva madonna is wanted back in russia this time it's not to appear on stage as to appear before prosecutors they are seeking material compensation from the material girl insisting parts of her recent concert left people morally obtuse a couple explains the material girl herself is unlikely to materialize but that hasn't stopped a russian court in russia's second city of st petersburg from agreeing to hear
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a case a lawsuit against her for more than ten million dollars in damages by anti-gay groups who allege they have suffered quote moral damages from a performance that she held recently in that city in august now the reason we're talking about the story today is the plaintiffs have confirmed to the media that they have found madonna's new york city address and have sent a summons in there for her to she will show up to the st petersburg court they've also sent a summons for her to a health fitness club the hard candy club here in moscow and they're basically trying to get her into the court room again in order to hear this case which alleges that madonna essentially promoted so-called homosexual propaganda during her concert there she asked people to sort of raise their hands and support and handed out t. shirts and banners and whatnot but st petersburg unlike the rest of russia had recently passed a law that bans the so-called promotion of homosexuality bisexual ism transgenderism so these groups allege that what madonna did effectively trampled on
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that law violated the law and supposedly psychologically damage the conscious and the feelings of the residents who were exposed to that madonna is no stranger to controversy from burning crosses in a music video in the u.s. to exposing a nipple in istanbul to speaking out picking a fight with a national front in paris by screening a video of their leader with the swastika on her head and of course controversy here in russia also by speaking out in defense of the punk band group pussy riot she's no stranger to controversy the question is whether she'll actually appear. in this courtroom and as of now us specially if they don't get a summons translated it doesn't receive likely will course keep following the story for you thought he should cut off according right i want to know just a few a few moments it is the latest alley business update with artie's katie. culture is that so much as i know in which of course he's right on it all of them
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so here is a mention overall what kind of foreign policy could the world expect from a romney administration his supporters claim he would restore america's army. is the. elite. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the iran tightrope pushing china and russia as occupying hunger spreads the two parties still dictate will there be a change to a selection of clothes guard every monday april fourteenth beginning of october
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twenty second.
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lol. welcome to business the own growing dispute in the russian british. pay has taken yet another twist according to the latest reports the russian co-owners consortium a are now selling their half in the venture to state all major rosneft other companies have reportedly signed an outline a grave of what twenty eight billion dollars that was last night however the agreement is not final and could be revised apparently b.p. wanted to quit its russian venture for a year is and that was due to very a shareholder dispute until now it was the british partners who were looking for buyers for their health in the company and many saw so much rosneft as a likely a buy now as say russia's oil major could fly both of the ten k.
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be paid and that would mean becoming the biggest oil producer in the world is luna's b.p. will come for the no longer have interest in this joint venture i think next year for rules and there will be two boyo to the g.d.p. completely rules new being the bigger company with a major shill pool in the face of the is the jury looms including from the largest banks like burbank so i don't think the experiencing history. moving on us stocks are down assaults and disappointing tech results from the lie of i.b.m. and intel as well offsetting a job and housing starts as well as the good news of bodies as far as a wall street is concerned european source is still managing to get a house off to moody's investor service kept its investment grade debt rating on
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spain avoiding dog status of fed now let's move on to the currencies will be able to see that the year is indeed continuing north as a result this is what the ruble looks set to. an issue like today we'll have the closing figures in the next hour same goes for the equities we're all looking at again and a lot of that is because oil prices are doing a rather well today adding a little bit of momentum giving some support to the mosque their markets so let's check out with my sex in the l.c.s. and see whats going on there now coming up next here on our team got an interview with the u.s. presidential candidate from the green party steve who was arrested in new york for trying to enter the debate between barack obama and mitt romney.
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