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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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bides barack obama and republican opponent mitt romney trade blows in the penultimate presidential t.v. debate but the rest of the green party candidate outside fails to make the mainstream headlines. human rights watch claims sixty seven gadhafi fighters and possibly the late libyan dictator himself were executed by rebel militias who are still clinging to power today. and russia is ready to welcome pop diva madonna back this time she's wanted in the courtroom rather than on the stage.
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from a new center here in central moscow international news and comment live on r.t. barack obama narrowly edged his republican challenger mitt romney in the second installment of what's been dubbed america's most popular reality show the latest televised presidential debate saw the men clash ahead of next month's crucial poll but one item was missing from the mainstream coverage of the event the arrest of a presidential candidate outside the venue. reports now from washington. by all accounts this debate was thought to be crucial for the president and and his chances of getting reelected especially after the first debate two weeks ago when the president looked less and less competitive then governor romney this time around he was on the offensive which got the media and his supporters very excited according to television audience polls the president came out as the winner in this debate they kept arguing the tax plan is going to add more to the country's gigantic dad true will be better at competing with china and the rest of the world in terms of economic growth and it was very it was very little on foreign policy
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there was one more debate coming out before the election that one specifically on foreign policy where there was one question about leave and the murder of the american ambassador there and the president did come up with a. punch line to that he said this was up we were going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them as far as leave yeah the administration would want to present the mission of toppling qaddafi as a huge success as they had before the tragic attack this september in benghazi but now it's hard to cover up the fact that libya is very far from that success story that it's a mess with radical forces on the rise but again these debates are not about discussions they're more about who's going to deliver a better punchline who will provide for a better show essentially and it says the news cycle here where you can see entirely around the debates has been like one big reality t.v.
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show with all these never ending discussions on the body language of the candidates all the channels do that by experts to analyze the candidates smile their world body potion as they stand up where they sit down during the debate they are of course have this cardio ground with the viewers reaction to what they are saying so there is a very skilled pool of build up of excitement here which makes great reality t.v. but it's a big question whether americans really have a choice something that has gone cool. please unnoticed uncovered by the mainstream media here by this nonstop reality t.v. was the arrest the arrest of a presidential candidate in this election jule styne nominee from the green party she was arrested shortly before the debate right outside the town hall where this debate was being held she and her running mate were protesting their exclusion from these presidential debates they were asked to leave they refused to do so and they were arrested for blocking the traffic the fact that there are other candidates in
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this presidential election outside these two parties very few americans know anything about that is because as jule styne told me when we sat down for an interview a few months ago they're being pushed out of the debates by those who are interested in keeping a two horse race she was referring to special interests take a listen what they really have is the support of the one percent and then they have a propaganda campaign going on and intensive public relations and psychological warfare that's intended to convince people that they don't have any options the american system is designed to eliminate political opposition like some of the. you know dictatorships that we criticize the rigged political systems in many ways the american system is also rigged but in ways that are not as straightforward jill stein will be on ballots although not in all states she was also telling me how hard it is for an independent candidate to get on those ballots in the u.s. that every state has its own intricate rules centrally designed to keep it
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a two party race as far as these big televised presidential debates there are organized by the democratic and republican parties through the commission on presidential debates so there's not much enthusiasm on part of that commission to add a third party but you would think the media that's somewhere between discussing the body language of the candidates the chemistry on stage the addresses of the wives that somewhere between all those things they would mention the arrest of a presidential candidate but no it's being completely ignored. well as she said going to church can spoke to the green party's presidential candidate jill stein and you can watch the full interview in around twenty five minutes from here on r.t. . well as we've been hearing the candidates from the green libertarian and constitution parties have been excluded from those t.v. debates and largely ignored by the media politics professor stephen zunes says it's america's electoral system that's robbing people of
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a genuine choice. unfortunately the choice is not as great as many of us would like to see. so one problem with the american political system is that we don't have apportion representation so it's a winner take all system by state through the electoral college pretty much realistically anyway the only choices are these two main parties combined affect the head nor to get elected specially the president you need to raise in millions and millions of dollars and you have to of course go to people who have that kind of money and many americans myself included with both preferred of the political system where we could get our conscience vote our ideals for what we believe in instead we seem to be naturally stuck in this cycle every four years according to freud the lesser evil in many respects. but well frustrated as i am that there
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is not more differences between the candidates at the same time i do know they recognize. it. and even these small differences fit have major major repercussions what will change when america picks its pressed it amid muslim rage working the iran tight rope pushing china russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate will their. u.s. election close they are to beginning october twenty second. libyan rebels executed sixty seven gadhafi fighters and possibly the dictator himself a year ago that's according to a new report by human rights watch the findings also imply the very same militias that toppled the connell still play a major role in libyan politics. president of the arab law's association says the revelation was already common law mich. i think churchill said that the first victim of war is the truth. looks at the government in libya saying what the rebels
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have said well they don't indeed even the major powers that the u.s. and britain are all telling a lie to say the least this is this revelation is not. does now document it but it is not new everybody expected the number i've attended a number of hearings in the human rights council where people were questioning the number of civilians who were killed by nato but i venue of the day nato and the u.s. and western powers. got themselves involved in removing the regime without knowing who with whom they are going and that they have not looked at what is the possibility that after any any attempt to try and say that the revolution was led with some sort of a policy libya this is just not correct the people revolted nato jumped on board and that's the result of it so of course the human rights abuses were done by of
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their feet by the revolution and by nato to iran says it's working with new delhi to find ways to settle payments for iranian oil currently about half of india's payments are made in euros but the latest essentials ban all dealings with iranian banks iran's been on a consistent pressure over its nuclear program and it fears it might be off to an atomic bomb went off of the oil embargo financial and trade sanctions nineteen reigning in t.v. and radio stations were taken off air in europe but energy hungry asian countries refused to comply with the european the restrictions with india saying it won't reduce the amount of oil it buys from iran political analyst charlie says that the e.u. cannot dictate to the rest of the won't. the indian government is very firm that we are not going to. any more iranian oil imports we will continue buying from them and therefore the financial arrangements and we won't know. but i think now that there is a time for a regional currencies to gain ground and for trading to happen in our terms of
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currencies apart from the euros and the dollars i think the longer the traders who go on and the sanctions will not impact india's ability to have relations with iran europe is in a state of decline i need to be becoming gracie's i think they are punching above their weight in trying to impose a solution on the iranian question and i think it is fanciful to imagine that you're up against a whole be the decisive factor in trying to force iran onto its nice i think the west unfortunately is not interested in a solution they want to keep this part modeling short of war i mean the real solution is no sanctions no more we want better luck here in india most of us feel the same and i mean this is totally unreasonable the kind of pressure that's being exerted on a country where the allegation that it's developing nuclear weapons is not going through and this impasse has been going on for years now and we would like to see how we could more view from the terms of region change and this kind of warfare or
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solutions. the material girl is what did back here in russia done a staged prayers could cost have millions of dollars a moral damages for gay propaganda that's another story just ahead. looking at some dogs you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can run oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as australia canada and the us they come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like alaska and so i felt at home the first black dog was brought here from what's truly analysis try and come
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to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's not surprising they love it this thing and trail are amazing. but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here a toll it wasn't the tough mushers of sled dog racing who set the trail ablaze but a nun and for all friends who brought their idea to life. five years ago. bill to duck kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed to the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training that full legged friends but smother purse kibble also encourages her kids to become depth hands on the computer and internet the boys who regularly updates their websites and they're in touch with the busy ma the twenty four seven on the phone. but children are the most important thing my own interests not play
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any rule any more and regardless of whether parsky has hoskins window race or not she hopes the composition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the weaning but truly just the taking part that counts.
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for news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing operation. welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow the turkish military has fired back at syria after a mortar landed in the hatay province the two sides have been involved in a number of cross border showings recently in ankara was also started intercepting
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syria bound flights and fighting between turkey's army and the kurdistan workers party has also increased kurdish rebels say they will retaliate against any turkish attacks on them inside syria urging ankara to stay away from the conflict last week suspected kurd militants attacked a number of turkish schools leaving several students injured a group of master salience being linked to the p.k. k. through molotov cocktails this security video you see now shows a teacher trying to prevent one of them entering a classroom professor hussein but chief from the middle east technical university has told me earlier that the kurds will get even more aggressive. it looks like a study ron if you were wrong it's very difficult to understand why. schools children. last sunday they were demanding from turkish car monks if you want to know me so this is a new situation it is not anymore the want to have the language or the culture they
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want to get now outearn on the one step further in the pronounce it will be. a big conflict for the future how were the. turkey of syria. wrong they are not interested to know why their lands. so that there is a crude stand to this troops will be divided among the four powers in terms of turkey. will continue but the government is not going to give i think. autonomy in the sense of political freedom. criminal investigations being opened against prominent opposition figures. he's accused of plotting mass riots in russia that comes after a recent documentary claimed to receive millions of dollars and orders from georgia to cause mass on the rest of it has the details the investigative committee has called. has been released following questioning he hasn't been charged with any
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offenses however travel restrictions have been placed upon him he won't be allowed to leave russia this is all part of an ongoing probe by the investigative committee into allegations that individuals organizing a riot proposing on rest and violence across russia the roots of this in a documentary that aired on russian television documentary it made these allegations this. was involved in this ha. parenti appeared to show him meeting with a georgian citizen who apparently has a prominent ties with the government in tbilisi now the investigative committee of said. house said that yes he did meet with georgian citizens however he was doing so in order to try and drum up donations political donations for his party left
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front so no charges brought against. has been released however these all of this is a very serious investigation the the charges that are being investigated bring with them a very severe penalty anybody convicted of looking to organize riots or this type of mass unrest could face up to ten years in prison and the investigation continues . germany finds we needs on the path to a green a future find out how turning away from the dangers of atomic energy might be a step too far on its neighbors build nuclear power stations on the doorstep. also online reports suggest the boots of american troops may want to stop the deadline date that they promise to leave afghanistan their stories and plenty of others at r.t. dot com. six russian sailors and one estonian crew member being kidnapped by pirates off the southern coast of nigeria the incident took
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place on monday but the french shipping company operating the vessel only released the details today none of the crew members managed to escape the kidnappers have successfully docked at the nigerian port of on the ship's operators said it had set up an emergency group to liberate the sailors a soon as possible russia's embassy in the african country confirmed the abduction adding that no sailors were injured during the assault the gulf of guinea is the second most dangerous region after somalia for pirate attacks. well other news now in brief making headlines this. area at least thirty people mainly women and children have been slaughtered by muslim herdsman who burned their village the attack is the latest in ongoing sectarian learn clashes between christians and muslims all those cool belonged to the country's largest christian minority who had fought the herdsman for control of land in the region. have used pepper spray on protesters are angry at the privatization of the region's electricity distribution
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network critics describe the twenty six million euro deal with the turkish consortium as underselling the public's world. come to public scrutiny some of the demonstrators were trying to scale the gates of the main government building. one of europe's poorest regions and the government hopes privatisation could boost its . thousands of students of more angry at the government's growing austerity and education cuts of spaniards on the twenty five are out of work for some twenty seven percent of the country's population living in poverty public anger is rising with deciding whether to ask for a failing finances in the next few weeks. the pop diva madonna is wanted back here in russia although this time it's to appear before prosecutors. always do she coming off explains the material girl herself is unlikely to materialize but that hasn't stopped a russian court in russia second city of st petersburg from agreeing to hear
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a case a lawsuit against her for more than ten million dollars in damages by anti-gay groups they have suffered quote moral damages for a performance that she held recently in that city in august now the reason we're talking about the story today is the plaintiffs happy firm to the media that they have found. to be address and have sent there for her to she will show up to the st petersburg court they've also sent a summons for her to a health fitness club the hard candy club here in ma. go in there basically trying to get her into the court room again in order to hear this case which alleges that madonna essentially promoted so-called homosexual propaganda during her concert there she asked people to sort of raise their hands and support and handed out t. shirts and banners and whatnot but st petersburg unlike the rest of russia had recently passed a law that bans the so-called promotion of homosexuality bisexual ism transgenderism so these groups allege that what madonna did effectively trampled on
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that law violated the law and supposedly psychologically damage the conscious and the feelings of the residents who were exposed to that madonna is no stranger to controversy from burning crosses in a music video in the us to exposing a nipple in istanbul to speaking out picking a fight with the national front in paris by screening a video of their leader with the swastika on her head and a first controversy here in russia also by speaking out in defense of the punk band group pussy riot she's no stranger to controversy the question is whether she'll actually appear in this court room and as of now especially if they don't get the summons translated it doesn't really seem likely we'll of course keep following the story for you. coming your way in just a few minutes. question is that so much time in which of course he was going to come down so here's
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a mission to put all of us what kind of foreign policy could the world expect from a romney administration his supporters claim he would restore america's army. if. soon which brightened. soon from funds to impressions. his friends totty don't come. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. mission and free cretaceous and free transport charges free coming from and free risk free studio type free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media oh god r.t. dot com you. will see the true science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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hello there welcome to business elvis but more revelations were filled about the russian british oil firm t. in k b pay now since its existence. by rumors of separation and there's always been saw this and debacle is going on and it's now thought that both b.p. ad and i said to sell their stake in the company to russian state and giant ross now it's equal search in the rust if chief executive is jus to meet bob dudley his b.p. counterpart at the british company is headquarters in london tonight to negotiate a deal now by our ross staff have reportedly signed an outline agreement what twenty eight billion dollars last night. now the claim it is not final and it could
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be revised apparently now alice a saying that if more staff was to buy both hall of the tank a beef pay as we are hearing it could become the biggest oil producer in the world. is known as b.p. will come for the no longer have interest in this joint venture i think next year for rules and there will be two bio to the p.d.p. completely rules new being the company we have a major shill for in the face of the is the key and enjoy your loans including from largest banks like to burbank so i don't think the experiencing it just will sort. so as we're hearing they are meeting right now so i'll give you the latest update let's check out the markets in the meantime because wall street is posting a mixed performance right now that's after disappointing results for some massive tech companies including i.b.m.
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and intel but there was some good news because housing starts raise fifty percent. in september they chica european markets down because spain was given a little respite today from moody's investors service they chose not to drop spain's right junk status. in the exchange rate said because we'll be able to see the euro is still heading north now at its highest level against the us dollar and as for the ruble the spanish trading it was a mixed performance the russian x. the markets they draw the well today at last because the risk appetite has been ignited because of a potential spanish bailout coming up next hey on all t. we've got an interview with the us presidential candidate from the green policy philistine who was arrested in new york for trying to end the debate between barack obama and mitt romney.
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my guest today is joel stein nominee for president of the united states with the green party thank you very much for joining me dr stein it's great to be with you can really really appreciate it thanks for coming i read you said you'd be the underdog candidate for the underdog voters who are these on the it certainly most of the american public people are losing their jobs wages are declining millions have lost their home another million are in the pipeline to lose their homes this year the cost of health care is skyrocketing public higher education is increasingly out of reach we have thirty six million young people who are students or recent graduates who are effectively indentured servants because they don't have the jobs or the wages to repay these unforgiving and the political establishment is not doing anything about.


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