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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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brakes are violent shake the syrian lebanese border as president assad's troops tried to clear out rebels from one of the key spots for arms smuggling. strikes triggered by deepening cuts wrong troubled european countries as leaders are to stage yet another and a crisis summit in brussels. was deadly attacks on a stronghold of the former regime in libya amid accusations the country's new words turned a blind eye to the massacre of water gadhafi and his loyalists a year ago. this
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r.t. coming to live from moscow was. residents on the syrian lebanese border have been forced from their homes by a series of violent clashes armed militia in lebanon apparently used machine guns to attack the syrian army across the frontier triggering a tough response are reports from the region. here in the golan heights residents have been reporting fire overnight coming straight from the syrian lebanon border you have to understand that their supporters really close to this village right here syria in fact is right behind me if you can see it there has been an exchange of fire between the syrian armed forces and lebanese armed forces on the border a group of several identified men have opened fire from lebanese towards syria and the syrian army has responded that fighting is not heard at the moment but of course the situation in syria continues to be highly unstable despite the efforts by the international community to broker some sort of ceasefire between syrian
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government forces and the opposition groups and the situation is being intensified by the fact that the various fighting groups in syria continue to receive financial aid as well as shipments of arms coming in from across the border not with just turkey which was reported earlier but also with lebanon. training for war getting ready for battle and possibly. these young recruits are preparing for what their instructors called a campaign to rid syria of tyranny. some of these student to be fighters haven't even held a gun until now. this is the first time i use weapons there was no need for them before the revolution now we carry weapons to get rid of the. weapons have yet to topple the government of president bashar al assad but they're flowing into the country with ease it's a trend that has some officials worried. for
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the majority and the risk of unintended consequences porous borders with its neighbors to make the flow of arms almost impossible to stop and lebanon's town of is one of the main gate. behind me is the way to one of the illegal border crossings between lebanon and syria weapons fighters. and supplies go in to syria while refugees fleeing the violence come out but by no means a safe or easy journey frequent shelling as well as a large minefield on the syrian side of the border crossings like being a deadly gamble a gamble that lebanese sympathizers of syria's opposition are more than willing to make. this is five thousand dollars thirteen hundred eighteen hundred and two thousand in tripoli r.t. spoke to this arms dealer whose business was booming. people come more contact me every day we have a revolution next door for sure we are with them will help them topple assad will
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be doing. the weapons may be easy to come by the harder part is understanding exactly where they go a classified report uncovered in the new york times reveals that many of the arms sent to syrian rebels are ending up in the hands of hardline islamic jihad one of the leaders of the f.s.a. said yeah we admit that we. infiltrated the jihadi jihad is a coming. from all over the muslim world but we don't know exactly who they are back in syria both in the training camps and in the battlefield rebels talk of high hopes for a bright future. i hope that there will be free elections that the syrian people will be able to choose the officials they want and that we will win back our rights freedom of expression and political freedom exactly what that freedom looks like may depend on who's getting the guns. you see caffein of lebanon. will be syria's northern border with turkey has also become
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a regular scene of deadly crossfire in the latest incident anchor off fired back in response to a mortar shell which landed in its type problems kurdish rebels are also causing a headache for turkey threatening to retaliate to any attacks on current in syria a facet of the same bochy from the middle east technical university says turkey is further engaged. the syrian conflict isn't bowling kurdish rebels it is related to of course. the kurds have now much more money of the room they control certain parts and. in the history in the last thirty years the kurds have never been strong peculiar i mean has never been those strong to harm the turkish government and turkish army and also get such a large space where they can move together with the other to this group so be it in syria or in northern iraq. coming up for you later this hour freedom of speech gets
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a new meaning in your world iran learns a lesson in censorship from the e.u.'s satellite providers gal goals two dozen of its state t.v. and radio stations. leaders are to hold yet another crisis summit in brussels while the country's worst hit by a canonic troubles witness a wave of fresh strikes triggered by harsh spending cuts thousands of spanish students marched in cities across the country wrapping up three days of industrial action against the slashing of the budgets for education that is dritte prepares to pass e.u. for another aid package to save its economy expected to come with further a steady conditions in greece a nationwide general strike against yet another town million euro ten billion rather you are all caught has gripped the country euro m.p. mario andris and believes that brussels one size fits all stare he approached is
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further complicating the crisis it may be that he's enough cash to bail out spraying but that is not enough to bail out all the countries that are in trouble and all the countries that will be in trouble because they will not and we spray in greece and portugal you know many more countries are coming up with problems we have now poland we have cyprus we have malta i mean it's not going to end here because it's a general economic crises so we need to see what is the problem for the different members say this is the year that the the european union is having what they propose one solution one size fits all or one solution fits all and this is this will not work because the problems are very different in greece the problem was not having a huge. a safe public service is free now it's about the property bubble and the list angela merkel understands these then. would be no solution possible as
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protests surgeon you were to be american occupy movement is having to evolve to stay afloat after police crackdowns force of from city squares activist are now trying to soften the impact of the economic crisis ideas are among the lindo imports on one group helping citizens keep their homes from the threat of foreclosure. was. was. more than a year after it kicked off its movement in los angeles occupy l.a. is alive and well but in much smaller numbers my god the tents which once dominated the landscape of downtown are gone but it popped up in backyards of struggling homeowners with their keep a woman has done for me is going to keep me in my home for thirty four days he had known this family was swept up in the mortgage crisis and is now facing eviction occupiers have set up barricades around the house for now and this the going to
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defend their home while the family battles with bank of america bush over the meaning of people power the law enforcement is not on our side as well so if you have if you have people power and you have community support. you should you should reach out to them you should reach out to them and get it together from the lawn in front of l.a. city hall to this foreclosed home in the san fernando valley the face of occupy and so then california has greatly transformed in the past year but the spirit of resistance remains strong among those who say they're still fighting for the ninety nine percent this is a comic war like that's what drives me to be here is not just about the one house. with. occupy l.a. started in a manner and was unique in how protesters had a cozy relationship with police. was
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a way for local politicians who tie. out of the demonstration and showed they were willing to use a massive police response to shut down the peaceful movement the military style raid on occupy allays encampment drove away protesters but radicalized others who are determined more than never to fight repressive forces when you have that kind of systematic institutionalized abuse of people expressing their first amendment rights it doesn't shut it down it fuels a sense slow because an independent journalist who has been documenting occupy l.a. throughout he observed how the movement's inclusiveness allowed elements in which cause conflict while occupy l.a. is broken up into several community entities it still celebrates small victories this again is the current evolution this is the edge of it this is a foreclosure resistance action and it's supported by occupy l.a. as the movement evolves the nun this family is determined to keep their american
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dream from fading no way you should and i would to have been there you can always show you these things. i want you. to know in los angeles ramon the lindo r t. the f.b.i. has arrested a man who allegedly planned to blow up the federal reserve building in new york the twenty one year old bangladeshi national was detained as he apparently tried to trigger what he thought were explosives stored in a car the man who was in the united states on a student visa caught the attention of authorities when he was searching for al qaida contacts they supplied him with a thousand pounds of fake explosives through on the ground operatives the federal reserve is also high as a response here today he and stacy look at the surface that its financial policies create as an around twenty minutes from now. we know this is a well known gag bible but the clown so. these are the schools.
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accounting that these. ten. they go. there and barnum belly clown school where they learn. where funny beards and you know pretend that they have mastery over policies that they clearly don't and they support each other with seltzer bottle that you see that's their monetary policy they sell to bottles and they go i'll here's your quantitative easing. you know and they do this to each other and they say see or all wet and wet means liquidity and the quality is good we're making a market so it's goldman sachs and we're adding liquidity says j.p. morgan you're just sprinting each other was also a bottles in front and clowns. if you're passing through rushes to beer region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoilt countryside make up an area where it's still
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possible to live off the land such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of the a lot of times which can leave young animals orphans and unable to survive the heart of just u.s. forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a time it's taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them. these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then
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after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called wolf island a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as pasta parents for the next generation will come here using the old walls as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolfs reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that we foil and remains a place where visitors can truly understand the call of the wild. michoud
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free cretaceous free in-store charges three. three. three. two types free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a freebie deodato r.t. dot com. what's the strangest attempt of a true take on. the us president trying to overthrow the foreign country's government but his strategic game. and america recognized its defeat. but you keep cuba to cope with the expectorant all don't talk to. me i leave you think you are you go but the rajab i believe. the cuban missile crisis games agreed. to.
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at least eleven people have been reported killed as libyan forces shelled bani walid a stronghold of the country's late. reports suggest there were no direct clashes between the two groups but fighters from the besieged city later responded with mortar rounds the attack on bani walid comes amid a report from human rights watch that dozens of khadafi loyalists were massacred following his capture and killing a year ago well while phone footage filmed by one of the militants shows a large group of detainees being abused more photos indicate man. of those people were later executed the findings revealing the alleged war crime also implied the very same fighters that topple gadhafi still play a major role in levy in politics is who are these have failed to investigate the deaths with analysts saying it's hardly surprising. i think churchill said that the
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first victim of war is the truth if one looks at what the government in libya saying what the rebels have sad well they don't said indeed even the major powers that the us and britain there were all telling a lie to say the least this is this revelation is not. does not document it but it is not new everybody expected the number i've attended a number of hearings in the human rights council whereby people who were questioning the number of civilians who were killed by nato but i venue of the day nato and the us and the western powers. themselves involved in removing the regime without knowing to who with whom they are going and that they have not looked at what is the possibility that after any any attempt to try and say that the revolution what she did is lead with some sort of a policy within libya this is just not correct the people revolted nato jumped on
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board and that's the result of it so of course the human rights abuses were done by of the feet by the revolution and by nato now more on the aftermath of the libyan conflict at our team dot com also online blind justice police in northern england taser and handcuff a blind man who can barely walk the cops say they thought his behavior was suspicious and the scheme was a sound right sort of. call something our website hungry for help fifteen million americans signed up for food stamps during the four years of broccoli promised time in office and got the numbers at a t. dot com. now the european commission has denied it ordered a ban on iranian state channels saying that two providers acted independently previously tehran slammed the e.u. for completely jamming its nine thousand nine hundred am radio stations which broadcast across europe the ban coincides with a further tithing. sanctions against the country mostly targeting its financial
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interests sectors in a panel filmmaker and media analyst danny schachter thinks the e.u. simply doesn't want to hear a contrary point of view. i find it very troubling that television channels have been removed from the air suppressing the arends ability to tell its side of the story iran is under attack not only with the oil sanctions but financial sanctions there's a whole campaign underway to discredit its proposals in the goshi that are coming up on the nuclear issue even before iran gets to make those proposals kind of a preemptive strike and now this just a few days after the european union received the nobel peace prize one of its first acts seems to have been to suppress freedom of the press and freedom of speech that is not very encouraging if you silence one side of that debate and don't even allow
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its voice to be heard at all clearly it was political you know it taking us one step closer to war and this is what the seems to be about the british did this first through their off common regulator removing press t.v. from the air in england and now the e.u. is followed through with a similar ban. we discussed iran's relationship with western nations with the academic austin long as well as if its nuclear activities are and who are as dangerous as the are presented well here's a preview of what's coming up for you in about ten minutes time. there's a pretty good read on what iran's capabilities in terms of uranium enrichment are the big question which i don't think anyone can give a highly confident answer to with does iran want of what people refer to as a threshold capability you have the words its ability to produce a nuclear weapon quickly or do they want an actual deployed weapon according to u.s. intelligence community and the observers iran just hasn't made that decision in part
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because they don't need to they want to get to that threshold capability before they make any decisions about whether to go to go farther than that threshold because there's no point making that decision early in fact it might be detected by western intelligence and so you could tip your hand before you get to that threshold so i think that decision has been made. now let's take a look at some of the stories from around the world yemeni official has at least seven suspects have been killed in the latest u.s. drone attack in the country's south this follows a statement by pakistan's interior minister who said that eighty percent of the victims of american airstrikes were civilians washington disputes this massive anti-u.s. sentiment has been growing in the country after a similar drone attack claimed the lives of twenty four pakistani soldiers in the van last year. anger has been mounting around the u.s.
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embassy and believe us thousands of people rallied against washington's refusal to extradite their former president is wanted by the supreme court on charges of causing the deaths of sixty seven protesters during an army crackdown on riots in two thousand and three asked president had to resign asked to by the unrest and political crisis and believe. am from avoidable crisis let's switch to the financial crisis and talk to arena business desk somewhere in a housing training session knowing their hello marina will basically we're soon very paused to figures everyone as well and that summits and brussels but when it comes to russian investors they are looking for ross they have because the oil major here could become the biggest oil producer in the world and that's because the company could buy all of a b.p. says well for all the latest updates on that's was a very complicated affair that's across the neck paul there you go ahead low neck
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now can you tell us what does this all mean and can roll stuff actually afford to buy all of the shares. it looks unlikely that rosneft can afford it all at once it is quite a big deal on the b.b.c. it is going to be twenty eight billion and only a all saw it as well it's twenty eight billion what was there was to do is looks like this is the case at least with still going really just on reports. is buying out the. holding of. is good but it might be said by for. instance with a twenty eight billion dollars a week. in other words from london that this will be done in cash in the shares for b b. and the discussions are taking place today the head of b.p. with the section chief executive of growth. if that goes through clearly that's
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going to stand. down and it will be able to pay the other bit for the billion dollar memorandum of understanding with a bank state that some day. if this thing goes through with one country that you may be dealing with multiples of the front rank. well the world would be pretty good about it. which produces two point three million barrels a day and. the expanded would give you three point one million barrels a day considerably but i should stress that at the moment be the b.p. . have made any comment about the final disposition of the three companies and what the deal is going to be right so the guessing game continues thank you very much that's our teams and their call their reporting live and that's all we have time for in this at this in of business but stay tuned with
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our team because coming up shortly our two will be talking about iran's nuclear ambitions and the country's real intentions with academic dr austin long stay with us for that. mission free cretaceous and free zones for charges free. range mentioned free risk free studio time free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog hearty dot com. gold fever. turns out since into slaves. much problems but also among other involved in the monsoon and since i started working at the moment i stated i
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look at it. this multinationals. cash cow to be milked dry just i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace . most dog almost but we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for prices colombia going to pay. the modest effect on our t.v. . picture. occupied. two parties still. there.
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are take beginning of. the official. tour. to build a new. mission to teach music. only.
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with. technology.
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iran's disputed nuclear program has managed to dominate headlines for years and today as u.s. officials continue debating over a potential strike against tehran a newly released report weighs the advantages and consequences of taking military action joining me now to talk more about this topic is dr austin long the associate professor of international public affairs at columbia university he's also the co-author of a new report titled weighing the benefits and costs of military action against iran thank you very much for joining me today thanks very much it's a pleasure to be here dr long a bipartisan group of national security experts are the authors and signatories of this extensive report according to your findings is iran's nuclear program currently a threat to the u.s. at present it's not a threat to the united states iran's nuclear program is under.


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