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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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let. me. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cell that no one wishes to feature in the me on the liberal and the christian public. can really go to.
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the guys today i want to talk to you about your tax dollars pacifically the ones that go toward national security i'm sure remember the secret service scandal involving the unpaid colombian escorts well this past week another secret service officer was found passed out drunk on a sidewalk yeah you guys sure know how to party and you guys hear about the team of security contractors in afghanistan who were outed for been drinking and using interview as narcotics take a look at this rage or. these are some of the men being paid by american taxpayers . to protect us to billions from terrorist twenty four seven as they work for the american government while maybe i'm in the wrong job yet guys these are our tax dollars hard at work or at play rather are you pissed off about what your hard earned money is going you should be come on let's break the set.
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ok so you probably have to be hiding under a rock in a cave to miss this latest health scare that's right i'm talking about the fungal meningitis outbreak take a look at how the mainstream. he is covering it he took the lead and joined us outbreak linked to tainted steroid shots from a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts overnight boxes of documents and evidence carried out of the framingham compound ing center blamed for hundreds of fungal meningitis cases growing national meningitis outbreak has now claimed the lives of nineteen people and it has made two hundred and fifty people sick across the united states has it believed that leads right look i'm in no way knocking the story is being covered but here's a thought let's not only talk about the fact that this is happening let's talk about why this is happening when you've probably heard so far is that it's causing one thousand deaths and infected hundreds more however that's only the half of it
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because the devil's in the details and what the details reveal is that this outbreak highlights the severe negligence of the f.d.a. to regulate and provide oversight of the pharmaceutical industry so let me quickly break it down the defective injections which have now been recalled by seventy six medical facilities were traced back to the massachusetts based and e.c.c. also known as the new england compound in center but there's a big the question what the hell is a compound in center well a compounding facility is essentially a privatized pharmacy that's authorized to prepare specific doses of approved medications based on guidance from a doctor here's the catch since a compound or a mix of drugs and don't actually make them these facilities fall into a gray area of regulation with little to no oversight from the f.d.a. so basically it's a giant loophole in fact right now the f.d.a. has no clear authority to examine records in a compound in facility that's exactly why the any c.d.c.
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has effectively been able to distribute mass quantities of drugs illegally yet despite state and federal laws that say that they can only prepare individual drugs to order this pharmacy was shipping out drones to pretty much any and all takers think all away. trick or treating but instead of candy it's true here's the real tragedy this case is just one of twenty incidents since one nine hundred ninety of recalls serious illnesses and deaths linked to faulty compound and practices in fact the institute for safe medication practices are the. here are just a few of the documented cases in two thousand and three in missouri nineteen thousand patients with chronic lung diseases were endangered by a bacterial contamination of a compound and solution doesn't five in maryland ten patients died after receiving contaminated medication used to stop the heart during surgery in two thousand and eleven nine patients died in one thousand sickened by contaminated i.v.
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nutrition solutions in california sixteen patients develop severe eye infections after contaminated ocular injections now in a newsletter regarding the meningitis scare michael cohen the president of the peace said this he said as we move forward and learn from the most recent outbreak congress must act quickly to address the need for laws on the federal level to fill in the current regulatory gaps these pharmacies must be registered with the f.d.a. and subject to periodic inspections. sure be nice to have periodic inspections homme folks the only thing more harrowing than the complete lack of f.d.a. oversight in these facilities is the suggestion that we have to depend on congress to fix the problem because you see congress is basically in bed with the pharmaceutical industry overtaken by the pharma lobby so forget about fixing the problem that's what created the problem but instead of the media providing a means to the solution by asking the right questions or by holding those in charge
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accountable they've decided it's more important and station alive the story after all it is more about high ratings and high morals. that the voters. in the words of free speech movement activist mario savio there's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious that you can't take part and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels upon the levers upon all the operad us and you've got to make it stop indeed nonviolent civil disobedience has always been the most effective way to halt the machine to garner attention from the establishment to change course and to change policy the occupy wall street encampments across the u.s. we're attempt to create something in opposition to the system a vision for sustainability and community cooperation and similarly dale farm in britain was another example of people taking action to hold down their rights and
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protect the interest of their community against all odds joins me now to talk about activism civil disobedience and his new documentary film grasp the nettle activists and documentary filmmaker dean dean thank you so much for coming on the show thank you for having me avi so let's let's first start off by talking about dale farm i don't think a lot of people know what it was as a traveler community in britain you change yourself to a concrete barrel talk about what this community was and the a vixen and why you chose to take this kind of direct action as a form of protest. was the largest travel of community of its kind in europe. what we have was a conservative government in this country and i love to conservative government that wanted to forty two to fifty families from the land. and to sincerely keep enough of this land that they are. in order to protect their most valuable asset which is around and the reason they want to do that is because they
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felt that they have the remit from the british public because there's a lot of negative stereotypes about travellers and the way they live and look misconceptions and ultimately bureaucratically there was a legal way that you could do this but when. the law and the cool backing something which is unjust the only course of action we have a citizens is to ask and you know i. the time i actually was a part of the resistance. for about six weeks and the reason i got involved is because when i went there i was very moved by the friendships and relationships i built up with some of the travelers that lived there and i felt compelled to try and help to defend them in their community unfortunately we failed now many of them are just living on the side of the road next to the place where they used to they used to live in striving community. and year anniversary of the eviction of down
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farm and many people are taking to the streets in london to morrow yeah i saw some photos of you know the area that the travelers were living and it just looks trashed and i mean what it says it's just unfortunate that they took over this land and didn't really do anything then let's move on to you know you were involved in this creation of the crisis of civilization a doctor's office i met an incredible documentary and you're almost completed with another documentary called grasp the nettle a film that follows the exploits of land activists in london as they try to create alternative communities outside the framework of consumer society let's take a quick look at that film. after making. a few people set up tents and actually democracy village square. piece. rate you know she just told us about. these tragedies.
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she was to the police. so similar to occupy wall street we see a lot of police altercation. dean what prompted you to make this film and what did you learn about the nature of freedom and activism in the process of the film. but essentially the documentary is about as you say has given rights activists that try to occupy this space in london and it as a reaction to highlight issues of land rights and the lack of sustainability in our modern societies and how became springboard for the democracy village in parliament square but much deeper than that it's about you know how we have to absorb the homeless and people who have drug and alcohol problems of a city which is reeling from the two thousand and eight banking collapse and what prompted me to make this film was just the fact that. i would go there on the first or three or four weeks and i would film people i felt i was getting was very much
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on the surface so i kind of made this bold choice and i decided to move into cuba eco village with my camera my tapes and kind of just see where this journey when you know i didn't make some big plan like i was going to make a specific kind of a film it just kind of on ravel in front of me and the things i learned about freedom and activism are very much a case of they're very very deep rooted in the experience in the experience of making a film out there which is that ultimately when you try to build things outside the framework of mainstream society you will have a very it will be very challenging so you'll have the state and big business up against you but then you'll also have your your own internal issues and the subs problems of the city in which you're trying to carry this out so i guess what i learnt was that we have to create. outside of these frameworks we have to do
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something askew is to try and work towards some kind of post capitalism some kind of close cut salissa communities and ultimately we're not these particular spaces work yet or whether we're you know and i think we are getting better at them is is irrelevant it's almost like something how. to happen something has to change and so i wanted to make a documentary which wasn't then sugarcoat the fact these communities didn't sugarcoat activism and in some ways try to demystify this idea of the activists because i think at some point we kind of upper rise this idea of the activists like the vanguard of so social change they're going to do the floors which is what i think you get from this film and what i got from the experience is that. really these stereotypes of eco warriors and anti capitalists as we see these crises converging in two thousand and twelve and beyond it's much more about people that used to have jobs used to have normal lives that are happy create spaces and lives
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outside of the current system through ideological reasons but also because they've been left on the outside of that system so ultimately i hope that these are the things in the ideas that the firm can cause forward and i think the lots of people that have been involved in things are occupied more recently they'll be things that they can relate to you know the challenges the ups and the downs of holding the space and then i think the thing that stuck out the most to me is mention of the trailers the struggle that these alternatives communities encounter is that they don't even have the freedom to live ecologically and you know the crisis of civilization really lays bare that we are based on a model of unsustainable growth and really these alternative communities these alternative lifestyles that really do involve direct activism and nonviolent civil disobedience is perhaps the only way that we can prevent this planet from its inevitable collapse dean pocket everyone check out grasp the nettle documentary
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film and contribute and thank you so much for coming on dino the pleasure to have you thank you very much abbi. so if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel youtube dot coms of breaking the set and subscribe to our facebook page at facebook dot com breaking the set if you're wondering what i'm doing or fiction about when i'm on air follow me on twitter abby martin oh you took a break my preaching for now stay tuned here about the chilling effect of the surveillance state next.
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guys i know a lot of talk a lot about the the surveillance. on the show but i wouldn't if there wasn't a real attack going on against our constitutional right to privacy and free speech right now our right to privacy is going to the dogs in the following news story is case in point. was a drugstore thank you kristoffer for miami dade police but it's a routine sniff the marijuana grow house five years ago they could make this chocolate lab the subject of a constitutional question in the u.s. supreme court. well there you have it see this month the u.s. supreme court revisiting two florida cases that test if a law enforcement drug sniffing dogs violate our fourth amendment right to privacy the first case examines how accurate a drug dog must be to establish probable cause for search of a vehicle now the story is making headlines with the decision that we expect to hear from the court on october thirty first when have
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a massive impact on our rights to privacy think about it the fourth amendment protects us citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures that is unless law enforcement happens to trespass your reasonable expectation of privacy what does that mean reasonable expectation of privacy is it not reasonable to expect that the government won't track your every move through your smartphone even if the device is turned off is it not reasonable to expect that our telephone conversations and private e-mails won't be monitored without a court issued warrant. these are the larger implications of what the supreme court will be arguing but check this out the second case refers to whether or not police can take drug sniffing dogs to the front porch of your home in search of a list of drugs yes you heard me right soon police might be able to legally bring drug dogs to your private residences in order to authorize searches of your personal property so what happens if the supreme court rules in favor of this
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completely agree just violation of your rights without not open the doors for police to set up drug sniffing stations pretty much anywhere and everywhere i mean what reasonable expectations of privacy would we have outside our homes like at the supermarket shopping mall or movie theater where does this end but drug dog training is expensive so high tech scanning devices would probably eventually take their place and that's a slippery slope because won't be long before law enforcement routinely scans our homes or our bodies the supreme court through the history of this country has respected the ancient adage that a man's house is his castle to the point that the poorest man made his cottage big defiance all forces of the crown well in this case the crown is replaced with the ever more expanded intrusive surveillance state think about that disturbing thought for just a moment if you have something as small as a gram of marijuana in your home it could get cops the justification they need to
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invade your space search your home and seize your property this is a question of privacy folks and how much we're willing to sit back and let our rights be squashed by the state. ok guys let's talk about the upcoming elections we're just weeks away from having the opportunity to exercise our right to choose who will lead the country forward or backwards for that matter it all depends but we live in a country where the political dynamic has become a narrow focus on just two corporate backed establishment candidates who are all too similar in the issues that affect the world the most this november majority of americans will choose between republican mitt romney and democrat barack obama and may never even hear about rocky anderson joel stein gary johnson virgil goode or pedal lindsey these are all completely legitimate and viable third party candidates most of whom will be listed on the ballot to vote for in almost every state but
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unfortunately amidst the twenty four seven media fervor of election coverage these candidates are completely ignored and their ideologies which are shared by a large percentage of american citizens are completely absent from the dialogue and talk about just that and more i'm joined now by russell baker editor of who what why dot com and author of family of secrets the bush dynasty reza thank you so much for coming in studio my pleasure so ross you just wrote a great article called in stacking the deck the status quo third parties and you you know in light of all the debates happening we saw the v.p. debate two of the presidential debates what do you take away from them and what do you think about the exclusion of the third party candidates in the conversation both to me the most striking thing is that rather than the candidates the sypher asli disagreeing about fundamentals they're both claiming to actually represent the same position and they're disputing whether their opponent is and i think this is
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the result of a whole bunch of institutional and structural factors it our country's political process that make it increasingly difficult for other and fresher ideas to be heard and russ you mentioned in your article that. didn't you used to be this way i mean is it just getting worse and worse with every election cycle. i mean i think what is happening is that the campaigns get more sophisticated the parties get more sophisticated and they're so focused on how to win and so what happens is the democrats pretty much negate the people who were on the left kind of a candidate like a george mcgovern could could never win any more even a moderate liberal and on the right the same thing i don't think you'll see as many stark choices and so you end up in situations where really quite astonishing you have a democratic president who who promised his base that he was going to be a much more of
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a reformer turned out to be much more of an establishment figure and a republican who is all over the map constantly contradicting everything he says to the point where you don't even know what he stands for that's really remarkable and i think fifty or a hundred years from now we're going to look back on this period unless it is continue to get worse is just a very bizarre stage in the country's development where there really were in many ways almost no choices at all yeah i like to call it a two party dictatorship because i really do feel exactly that way that i don't have vast differences between these two parties they're both backed by the same corporations i mean monsanto goldman sachs i mean is america unique in the world in this sense it seems like other countries have representation at least a little bit in their governance is i mean with socialism or far right i mean it just seems like america is completely bizarre and i respect for a country of three hundred eighty million people right well almost all the other so-called advanced countries and indeed most countries have
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a parliamentary system and so right away you have the prime minister coming out of that body and they answer to it if you watch on television for example the british parliamentary sessions are great fun because there's not all that decorum that we see with the president united states or in the united states. and where they say my esteemed friend who really go after each other there's the prime minister jumping off the bench to bellow back you know it's a very very sort of an active system also because of the way that our representatives are elected in single member districts only from two major parties but one of the things i talk about in that article on who what why. is that in most of the country there it's the districts are either dominated by the democrats or the republicans and if you want to play you've got to be not only from those two parties you got to be from that one that dominates and so if you're that huge swathes of the south of the midwest you have to be a republican to even get into the game and so i think we need to seriously look at
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whether this is a viable system a for representing what people really want and be for getting healthy and aggressive discussion about what the options are the options are tremendously broader i mean it's not really necessary that both democrats and republicans take their financial advisors and cabinet secretaries and fed chairman and so on from a tiny group of people who are protecting their and their friends interests and then going through that reason that a revolving door right back to the same jobs again i mean there are loads of i'm sure you have them on your show all the time professors. and why you and columbia u.c.l.a. what have you around the country really very bright very interesting and fresh ideas on the economy and you don't see those people even getting any consideration from from either of the parties yet and when we have i mean it takes millions of dollars sometimes to get on the ballot and to even get yourself in
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a system i mean if you wanted to be a viable third party candidate then out of money the extraordinary resources you need to even get yourself heard russ and the exclusion from the debates we just. arrested for simply wanting to be a part of these debates i mean it really is a charade but ross how can we take the system back i mean. we saw with the occupy wall street movement a lot of other movements that have a reason to use social media to try to get their message out can you know what can we use alternative media since the corporate media is clearly complicit in the blackout of these alternatives i mean what can we do to really get this system back on our side to get tangible changes for example to if we want to change the way that we elect members of congress there are other ways to do that to do it on a on a proportional basis and so let's say the the libertarian party in texas gets twenty percent of the vote they would have twenty percent of the seats in congress let's say the green party gets seventeen percent of the vote in california well
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then that's what they would get so that would be one step to take a hard look at the electoral college which we could talk about if you like a complex and very non-representative system created more than two hundred years ago in a very different country that we need to look at that changes things unfortunately this is where people really i think start tuning out when they should be tuning in is that we need to change the constitution now say well how the heck can i do that well that does start from the bottom and we see for example particularly up in new england massachusetts to some of those states they are starting an effort to get constitutional amendment to change the role of money in politics and then this would be sort of the third leg of this stool would be to get the money out of politics to to repeal the recent supreme court decision. treating an operations as people the citizens united decision and other things and so if we organize on
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a grassroots level so it's not enough just to get out and demonstrate a wave signs you have to actually participate in that kind of backbreaking labor starting from the bottom in figuring out how that whole process works to actually amend the constitution because that is amendable it's eminently doable and wanted more and deidre is a really well. the grassroots only in change can never come really from the top down thank you so much for coming on breaking down russ baker who what why dot com . this is much bigger than the electoral process guys this is about us taking back ownership of our lives our rights and actively engaging in our communities that's the only thing that's going to fix this the media blackout of every viable alternative to this perpetual system of war and corporatization is clear and if it isn't clear then you're watching the wrong network we're selling ourselves short time and time again by falling in line to support the establishment we deserve better than this false choice so let's demand better it's up to us to pave the way
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a big picture. more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are the day. please. please. please technology innovation all the rest of elements from around russia we've. covered.


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