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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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well for the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've. covered. reseed stronghold of gadhafi supporters in libya faces an assault by army linked publishes we'll look at why the country still gripped by chaos and fear after the western back with all. scuffles break out between police and protesters in london where tens of thousands marched in the latest show of anger against austerity that sweeping europe. and a day of rage in the levanon with gunshots reported and violent protests in the capital demanding the prime minister's resignation after friday's deadly car bomb.
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four am in moscow i matter as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story the libyan army and loyalist militias are readying for the last assault on the city of bani walid were supporters of the old regime have been under siege for more than two weeks now the deadly battle comes a year after the capture and death of longtime leader moammar gadhafi and the nato military campaign just to warn you some of the images in the upcoming report are disturbing more than a dozen people including children have been killed many more injured in attacks during the blockade residents say they're short on medicine food and water but the turmoil in bani walid see is just one side of continuing disarray that's reigned in that the assess the western backed revolt is our she's got it she reports. a year after the killing of warmer canal feet not only has the new government of libya made it illegal to criticize the february revolution of last year but a group of malicious affiliated with the country's defense ministry has be shelling parts of the country which were considered could not be strongholds that
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a bombing it from their home and rockets because many would need was one of the towns which stood against the intervention all the outside world in bani walid local media report that the strikes have killed around a dozen people in. looting children but apparently the people of bani walid are not the only ones persecuted by various militia groups in libya we saw the total wiping out of the thirty thousand strong town to want to go many are black libyans which the misrata brigades which are also laying siege to bani walid who call themselves the brigades for the black scheme it's such as they are wonderful humanitarian and freedom loving. and discourse that they wiped out the town they've been chasing the people toward the civil war has left libya shredded in pieces with radical islamists taking advantage of the chaos basically what's happening is that in different cities here we pointed out the main ones tripoli is in town misrata each of them has their own army of their loosely united is the so-called libyan national
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shoot at the same time they're not really under the control of the new defense ministry they're basically on their own according to various reports most of them are even suspicious of the new government in tripoli on top of that division we also have one hundred forty tribes in the country one hundred forty tribes many of them have long running grievances against each other and they're located very close to each other for example the town of bani walid that we mentioned in the report is not even two hours away from misrata so maybe all the food and lawlessness people in those places no anything can happen to them last year coalition forces armed libyans to the teeth in order to oust moammar gadhafi today the country is flooded with weapons of all kinds and estimated twenty million weapons are still freely circulating in libya that's in a country of six million people it's roughly three guns per person today there are
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multiple assassinations around benghazi different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes it's chaotic forces in libya well those are the weapons at the moment they have the agencies. not today just as even today i tried without all that background indeed politics despite the ongoing atrocities and chaos up until this september washington had the revolution in libya check because the foreign policy victory for president obama after all the us provided most of the foreign power which led to the capture and the killing of the libyan leader. yes we came we saw he died. but only after the tragic attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the murder of the american ambassador did lead to come back into the spotlight it raises the question for the administration why didn't you see this coming if there was intelligence about the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame
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for messing up the arab spring president obama's most recent remarks suggested that he said mr ation is not finished in libya we are going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly of some five hundred people who will allegedly be training counterterrorism forces in libya also there are anonymous reports that the cia is asking for more drones specifically for libya not of this sounds new drone strikes training forces in foreign nations but past experience has shown when the u.s. goes about cleaning up a mess it often gets even messier in washington i'm going to check on. middle east analyst dan glazebrook thinks even if the libyan army succeeds in the siege and gadhafi supporters are routed the country may still spiral into more chaos. bani
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walid has managed to keep the militias the armed gangs roaming around with impunity around the rest of libya they've managed to keep them out so far and as a result have been free from a lot of the the massacres and the terror around the rest of libya the involvement of these are militias if they do manage to storm into funny walid and take control there as well will actually represent the end of this relative period of stability and calm in bani walid and i was going to make that worse is the massive this this chaos has been used as cover to implement a massive program privatization even health education and public transport are all going to be sold off to the precisely the foreign interests who are responsible for the devastation of the country alongside the fact that we've still got these rival militias fighting it out and troll and that the central government clearly seems devoid of all of thirty. there have been scuffles between police and protesters in central london after a huge march against austerity tens of thousands took to the streets of the british
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capital in anger against the painful cuts they say are being forced on them prime minister cameron recently warned of more tough decisions to be made for the struggling economy ok sara for perhaps thousands of people have taken to the streets of london today and announce he'll start the much older lies by the trade unions. many people have turned out that message is against the cuts they say have flatlined the economy now there are people from all walks of life there are no us is worried about the n.h.s. there are police officers all feed the room worried about cuts the frontline services in amongst the people you see much in his day many many families all across the age range feel that they've been affected in some way by the continued cuts my parents rely on the n.h.s. you can see cancer getting worse my son to stephen he's paying the fees i work in the legal aid is being so we won't be three hundred people and i won't be able to
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get the same help for my next year they just protect their rights they protect the interests of the rich and they build out fear in the people who are it really marching against the cuts and she's marching for the future situations where you. know launching say my future is banks now because it's not just person that's been affected the start because if you're employed at the euro crisis rumbles always. taking great the specially in the last month in spain in greece across the year you say that people simply saying that they've had enough here in london that possibly into the hundreds and thousands maybe even more they've come out here today to march against the austerity. one of the organizers of saturday's massive protests is britain's decision makers are completely out of touch with the plight of ordinary. i just don't think the stuns the pain that the cult and their economic program have been in communities up and down the claim to have its public services
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that you use will buy you whether it's your job that you worried about the future living standards even those people who work a full on over the last two years people ahead and the cool to work in donuts even in the government's own tents they're not wiccan the deficit is go with it because more people are up with the benefits that bill is going to the only way to do the reduce the deficit is to get economic growth going again and the goodness austerity plan is failing to deliver economic growth we need to see people buffett with investments in jobs investments in communities and their government lease it swallow its pride and go for plan b. because plan a just isn't working and i think we're going to see lots of different forms of protest people come paying into local communities and down the contains some cases that will mean people taken in. and stay with us here on r t still to come a fail at sale the latest attempt to reach the blockade of gaza ends with multiple attempts to really force and seize a vessel bringing pro palestinian activists blocking their ships in port. now listen now. i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you
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some different treatment a chilling warning for some top white saw footballers sinister threats and paint ball rounds fired at russian premier league team members by masked men this and more after a break. homeland security now has robot tune as seriously robot fish the drones in the sky spying on you just weren't going enough if fact they've revealed that they're going to be using robotic hummingbird soon oh how cute these things can only see you though above the water now during the one percent or less of your life. that you spend swimming homeland security will be keeping you safe since nine eleven we've heard ad nauseum that we need to be kept safe so americans have given up their rights but
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have things gotten that much safer honestly has any of the stuff ushered in some sort of peaceful utopia no it hasn't the best terrorism prevention would be to not bomb secular regimes in other countries like libya some fanatical wackos come to power that would help way more than robotic spy fish i hear a lot of people talk about personal responsibility a lot of speeches and yes personal responsibility is a key component of the american way slit people provide for their own defense what is going to protect you more a shotgun under the bed or terminator two so homeland security can the two are right but i should my being. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images.
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from the streets of canada. showing up for a show to rule the day. the strangest attempt to take out. the president trying to overthrow a foreign country but his strategic. recognized defeat. if cuba managed to cope with. the cuban missile crisis games and.
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technology innovation. around russia. so choose your life stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch on t.v. any time. interesting with us here on our t.v. thirteen minutes past the hour now gunshots echoed in beirut where protests triggered by the death of a top security official in a friday car bombing in the capital rage on summer always have turned violent with two people reportedly injured after the army opened fire in one of the roads
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blocked with burning tires the opposition's called for an indefinite strike and for the prime minister to step down our correspondent in the region arena delusion go has more. and we have protests in lebanon all over the country essentially last night and they continued this afternoon there was a huge gathering at the capital beirut but that's of course not the only place where people are protesting the pros are thinking that other towns as well they're blocking roads they're burning tires now back to the reason that for the summer of all the people were killed on friday the top police official who was known for his severe and syrian stance two thousand workers are now on the streets saying that it was syria that will behind the blast in beirut something which the city hasn't seen in a for years now people are saying basically that they want the government to step down the entire government there is a sit in being organized in beirut in front of the parliament people are saying they're going to stay there until the government resigns however this is where it
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should be mentioned that the prime minister has filed a petition for his attention to the president by the. president refused it so we have these acts of protest we have thousands of people who are supporters off of me killed at his show who are saying that syria is to blame they're also calling for the un peacekeeping force to come in and line up on the border between syria and lebanon and a lot of people at this point already starting to express their worry that the conflict in syria inadvertently or purposefully of course there is some clear at the moment is being spilled into the neighboring country into lebanon some lebanese politicians blame syria for the deadly blast saying the security official killed was a hard line opponent of you assad regime political analyst sharmeen or why do you go in be rude says she's skeptical of the allegations for now. but it's not very feasible and it wasn't very feasible that. the president assad was responsible for
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the assassination of rafik hariri in two thousand and five either but in lebanon that's not how it plays out you know normal situations people would wait for an investigation to get at least a little bit of evidence on the way for making at these allegations in lebanon political parties jump on the bandwagon and start to use these things to their advantage even if it's one of their own figures who's gone down there doesn't seem to be any interest in in seeking truth it's all about political advantage and it's unfortunate because it's whipping out exactly these kind of reactions armed reactions on the streets that is not a positive sign for lebanon for more opinion on the possible connection between the lebanon blast and the conflict in syria head over to r t dot com where those more video coverage and there you can voice your opinion on who you think is to blame in our online discussion. the latest attempt to reach blockaded gaza by sea has failed as israeli forces detained thirty pro palestinian activists and seize their ship vessels now docked in israel in florida after the military claimed no humanitarian
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aid was found aboard none of the more than ten foreign boats attempting to reach palestinians in the israeli blockade on leave has succeeded over the last five years the most violent confrontation was in two thousand and ten when nine turkish activists who were killed by israeli naval forces victorious stratus both person for the scenes vessel says their main goal is to bring an international attention to what they see as the injustice of israel's occupation. didn't have an equality act a are not allowed to make and it telephone calls or contact to relatives we only got to information from the israelis from idea that today are now ashore after a long transportation because they were taking way back out on international waters and it has been said to us that if they don't scientists they are probably a paper of illegally entering israeli water or sore something like that
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then they will be taken to prison what we can achieve is that we can make the international community to focus on the fact that the blockade still is going all that it is a siege a go on and to get it is getting worse year by year and what we are doing is actually walk to w.h.o. nearly seth save the children and fifty other n.g.o.s are saying that just the blockade has to end it is now its sixth year and he also say that there are. to walter a situation fuel situation the health situation is deteriorating dettori ating all the time. after the step closer to becoming the world's biggest listed producer the firm's understood to be on the verge of getting the british share of the t.n. joint venture one of most expensive industrial deals ever archy's peter all for has
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more. votes a deal it's been a long time in the coming and it would seem according to the front page of russian newspaper comments on saturday that it caused being done now that deal will see role sniffed the buyouts b.p.'s fifty percent share of the company t n k b.p. just how much that's going to cost though well initially b.p. had said they wanted twenty eight billion dollars for their fifty percent share it seems that they've come to an agreement somewhere around the market seventeen billion dollars in cash and percent of gross nest stock now this is old politics rosettes plan to try and take over all of t.n. k b p they're currently indication with b.p.'s russian partners a ought to buy out the other half of the company if they can do that then real staff will become the largest publicly traded oil company in the world but this well no reward without risk in the risk what roles next is taking in buying out to be paid is that they willing could debts of upwards of sixty billion dollars to put
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that in a little context not says as much as some european nations have in debt nationally . so it's an awful lot of money their money in debt that they'll be taking on hoping that the oil price remains high so that they can get a good solid return on their investment in terms of b.p. and what that means to them here in russia it's certainly not the end for them they just they didn't want to be out of russia they just wanted an end to their partnership in t a k b p well they really want is to do business with rose nest and to get a slice of roads they have to be tension lucrative oil exploration rights for the arctic so this is all going to continue on for a little bit longer deals will be done between roles and have to be bob's in the future but when we get compensation if this is said we've gone through a bring it all here i'll say so a tough call is to hole when the u.s. presidential ballot in november so a lot hinges on monday's final t.v. debate parties resident in new york asked whether republican candidate mitt romney
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could poet key swing state out from under president obama. electronic voting machines owned by a company with strong republican ties are set to count the vote in ohio which very well could determine the outcome of the two thousand and twelve us presidential election so is there a chance that mitt romney could steal this election this week let's talk about that do you think it's possible that mitt romney could steal the election i think it's very possible i think it's close and it's going to come down to the last minute so it's going to be something a little like that that could sway it which is unfortunate yeah and a lot of people don't even know about it they just think oh well he won so that that yeah we want you to know about it want to make sure you go vote for brock. and i'll go tweet about her right now so most people on the street they talk about the i mean if mitt romney wins i'm moving to canada. it's that simple that simple one of my ficus houses one day they'd be
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a third party would win the election no it didn't matter it doesn't matter where the you know greedy libertarian conservative whatever just to break the halls of the two party system and if he's a she that wouldn't be bad either right so i want to magically state he says i used to do that does it concern you that there's things like best in our country in general are sure that kind of thing shouldn't shouldn't really happen. but i guess it does it happens a lot of places you would never find out about you know why don't we find out about this stuff why isn't there more transparency about what's really going on because like you say there's lots of money and whether or not you think romney is going to steal the election the bottom line is those evoluting machines in ohio are owned and operated by a company whose employees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the romney campaign so they very well could be determining who wins ohio a state that often determines who wins the election.
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are two special coverage of the battle for the white house starts monday bring you more expert analysis and dot com there's an up close section where you can find the latest events on the run up to the vote. will there be. so sensitive. u.s. election. to the secular. to some other stories making global headlines now at least twenty three have been killed in the recent outbreak of violence by the radical islam a second boko haram in nigeria the sect is accused of being responsible for the deaths of nearly seven hundred people this year the religious faction carrying out a bloody guerrilla fight against nigeria's government demanding the implementation of sharia law in the country. the prince of luxembourg europe's last bachelor in line to ascend the throne is finally tied the knot prince of yeoman his new wife belgian countess stephanie dillon oyo exchanged vows saturday in the country's main
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cathedral the wedding brought out international attention to the one of the world's smallest problems with both european royalty and tourists sharing in the celebration. but next a closer look at iran's nuclear ambitions and what the country's real intentions could be after a short break. which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that your soft as a horse breeder on the island of a horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green
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grass and horses what sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes big bites as well it's part of my everyday life. i holmes been home to it rats like you just saw for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish every evening local villagers place their nets and in the morning the catch is always good. we always have enough here. if by call is often called the pearl of siberia and horn is said to be the pearl of by call it's all end of fake forests. and vast staps. it's also
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a place of traditions respected by locals and travelers alike. an economist turned adventurer has crisscrossed by called shores and learned its customs well. you see pillars like this and thought to have supernatural powers every traveler who comes here asked. the spirits to make the journey easier give them strength and. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly become a magnet for nature lovers and you will see cars but those used to five star pampering may be in for a surprise the island's infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about it or even run in water for most people tent is the only real option but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for
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. a journey to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and again. iran's disputed nuclear program has managed to dominate headlines for years and today as u.s. officials continue debating over a potential strike against tehran a newly released court weighs the advantages and consequences of taking military
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action joining me now to talk more about this topic is dr alston long the associate professor of international public affairs at columbia university he's also the co-author of a new report titled weighing the benefits and costs of military action against iran thank you very much for joining me today thanks very much to. to be here dr long a bipartisan group of national security experts are the authors and signatories of this extensive report according to your findings is iran's nuclear program currently a threat to the u.s. president it's not a threat to united states iran's nuclear program is under our international atomic energy agency action. network that they had previously done according to the u.s. intelligence community on nuclear weapons it's been suspended so at present iran's nuclear program is not a major threat united states the concern is that it could very rapidly become one how rapidly in less than
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a year according to some estimates another estimates more than a year a lot depends on whether you're talking about the production of fissile material the highly enriched uranium for a bomb or an actual deliverable weapon deliverable weapon would take longer production of fissile material could you know within a few few months produce enough for for a bomb within a few months both in a few weeks americans will be heading to the polls to vote for a new u.s. president or keep the current one in the white house many believe that israel has seen this time as a window of opportunity to strike iran dragging the u.s. into a war is there still a threat that it would do so in the main remaining weeks i think the concern about a possible israeli strike was higher a few weeks ago the israelis are now dissolving their parliament and calling for new elections on january twenty second so this.


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